Xen users - Apr 2012

Monday April 30 2012
6:25PM 1 no templates on debian unstable
1:58PM 0 pci usb controler
11:37AM 1 Recommendations setting up shared storage for a build-farm for our software
9:00AM 19 Firewall in domU, networking in XEN
Sunday April 29 2012
8:10PM 1 pygrub questions from domU viewpoint
4:02PM 3 LSI SAS 2008 controller in a pv domu
1:36PM 0 VM performance counters
Saturday April 28 2012
12:07PM 0 Xen VGA PassThrough NVIDIA: include pci-stub case for changeset 25240
3:28AM 2 Segmentation Fault when Starting domUs
Friday April 27 2012
5:28PM 0 Correlation between cpu load and time offsets
6:01AM 0 Regarding persistennce of VM's after live migration
Thursday April 26 2012
2:58PM 2 What's the different between XAPI and Xenopsd ?
12:44PM 0 Changes to mailing lists (i.e. archiving of old lists)
Wednesday April 25 2012
6:58PM 1 PCI Hotplugging - Could I juggle a video card and other devices between running DomUs?
6:48PM 1 XCP graphical display on VM
1:10PM 4 latest 4.1.2 RPMs for RHEL 5.8?
12:31PM 0 kern.log
12:16PM 0 [XCP] enabling gfx_passthrough for XCP
10:09AM 0 Regarding persistent of VM's after live migration
6:13AM 1 "undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4" xen4.1 installation on OpenSuse 12
Tuesday April 24 2012
5:52PM 0 PVOPS VM Faster Than Fully Paravirtualized?
3:15PM 3 GPU Passthrough Howto in Xen Wiki
10:29AM 11 Where does PyGrub run?
Monday April 23 2012
7:10PM 1 pci passthrough and usb add on card
8:20AM 0 Re: [XenARM] Xen Document Day Today
7:48AM 1 the problen about saving a running domain
7:46AM 0 Xen Document Day Today
12:44AM 2 Problem Bridging Connections
Sunday April 22 2012
7:21PM 12 Xen doesn't boot on grub2 or xend doesn't start
5:38PM 2 Vm does not start after rebooting
1:18PM 1 Is it possible to do PCI pass-through without VT-d?
8:19AM 1 Migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit hypervisor
Friday April 20 2012
9:08PM 1 Using host network interface
8:54PM 2 GUI frontend for Xen
7:44PM 0 resize of iscsi LVM storage
5:02PM 0 Error when starting iso for installing firewall
3:00PM 26 xl doesn't honour the parameter cpu_weight from my config file while xm does honour it
10:25AM 0 Performance problems on DELL r815 (AMD CPUs)
10:16AM 2 VGA Passthrough for a HVM linux guest
9:40AM 0 Xen Documentation Day : April 23rd
9:38AM 7 Physical disk problem
8:56AM 2 [XCP] Authenticty of XCP installation image.
12:46AM 1 10G network performance xen-4.1.2
12:20AM 3 xe CLI: Error code: MEMORY_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION - trial XenServer 6.0.2 image has a bug
Thursday April 19 2012
7:48PM 4 reboot needed to increase vcpus??
2:19PM 2 [XEN] API's vm-install with different storage name
12:07PM 5 Xen on EC2 | Debian Squeeze AMD 64
11:22AM 3 VGA Passthrough of Radeon 6990? Crossfire in general?
7:55AM 1 VPS Dom U cannot ping from Dom0
Wednesday April 18 2012
7:37PM 0 CfP 7th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC'12)
11:38AM 0 x86_64 generic cpuid
10:21AM 1 Xen 3.1.2 source code
9:28AM 3 not to create domain
8:31AM 0 Cannot map memory using grant table
Tuesday April 17 2012
11:47PM 0 failure("Storage_access failed with: SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_47: [ ; The SR is not available
11:00PM 2 Help Debugging a Crash on PV DomU Creation
4:07PM 1 Installing PVMs from local iso image (ubuntu-server) on XCP 1.5 host
2:57PM 5 How to use lvm stripe with xen?
8:25AM 0 xen live migration is doing but with problems
Monday April 16 2012
1:36PM 0 How can I switch off vtpm ?
1:00PM 5 Hyper V with Xen
9:57AM 13 Is Xen really a Type 1 Hypervisor?
Sunday April 15 2012
5:58PM 2 Callback scripts on VM lifecycle
1:42PM 3 Trying to install openindiana 151a
Saturday April 14 2012
6:19PM 1 guest boot randomly fails to load sky2 kernel module? restart usually clears it up.
6:15PM 4 Mounting *.img file
5:27PM 3 How to set up 1GBit NIC for "Other template" on XCP 1.5
12:32PM 4 Operational System for Storage (DomUs)
9:07AM 4 Doubt on XEN memory management: please clarify
7:18AM 2 running xcp (or xenserver) from usb driver or SD card
3:12AM 5 vif-bridge script is called even configured to use NAT
Friday April 13 2012
7:03PM 3 is there a best dom0?
6:40PM 1 Linux 3.2.14+ with Xen 4.1.2 gives kernel panic
1:29PM 18 iSCSI disk disappears at boot (no boot device)
8:24AM 0 remus on kernel 3.2
Thursday April 12 2012
2:59PM 0 converting from VirtualBox to Xen
2:35PM 3 pygrub question
1:54PM 2 domU NAT network cannot connect
1:42PM 0 Anyone use xen 4.x root on nfsv4
1:35PM 0 Test of XCP 1.5: xe vm-install / xe vm-add-disk CLI options for VDI (sm-config:type=raw)
1:31PM 0 Re: Re : No NICs with Ubuntu 11.10 in domU and RHEL5.7 dom0
1:26PM 0 Re: Re : No NICs with Ubuntu 11.10 in domU and RHEL5.7 dom0
12:20PM 1 Anyone use xen 4.x root on nfsv4?
10:41AM 3 gPXE use​r class
10:18AM 0 gplpv_Vista2008x64_signed_0.11.0.356.msi stuck during installation
9:35AM 0 Xen-4.1 : Serial port from domU ?
9:10AM 4 Backup a DomU
8:26AM 0 How to bind an irq_handler to an event channel?
7:35AM 7 10gig in domU
Wednesday April 11 2012
8:48PM 6 No NICs with Ubuntu 11.10 in domU and RHEL5.7 dom0
3:53PM 31 Xen timekeeping best practices
10:18AM 2 (no subject)
10:05AM 4 kernel panic on Gentoo kernel 3.3.1
8:44AM 4 (no subject)
Tuesday April 10 2012
5:52PM 0 VT-d BIOS problem with DMAR/ACPI tables | Sabertooth X58
4:32PM 0 [Fedora-xen] Xen Fedora Virtualization Test Day Planning
2:24PM 0 How can i get DomU information as much as possible?
12:14PM 0 what is pci-stub/new_id?
6:12AM 24 24TB redundant storage
Monday April 9 2012
11:52PM 0 XCP - re-roll ISO image
6:58PM 0 Project Zeus
5:16PM 2 PVUSB driver stops during install on windows 7
3:51PM 7 xen-pciback cause my system hang
6:30AM 4 guest os time drift wild
Saturday April 7 2012
4:12PM 3 xenstored cannot start
4:05PM 2 What am I Missing, Part 1
Friday April 6 2012
5:44PM 0 Re: [Xen-tools] How to enable grub2 support when manually compiling xen-4.1.2?
5:16PM 1 Calling all Fedora Xen users, testers, and developers
10:15AM 5 Disk-I/O Performance DomU vs Dom0
1:44AM 0 What is the purpose of the xend process in 4.1.2?
12:36AM 1 XCP Host CPU masking
12:36AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday April 5 2012
10:16PM 1 i686 and not i386
7:35AM 0 ha-always-run changes if vm state changed
Wednesday April 4 2012
6:13PM 1 xenpm on 3.2 kernel
3:35PM 2 diff between XP on iron and a fully virt-XP
3:00PM 10 Unable to boot installation ISO
Tuesday April 3 2012
8:41PM 0 Re: Reg PV-HVM templates
5:40PM 1 Creating a new domain from a cd
1:42PM 8 PXE + XEN
Sunday April 1 2012
6:16PM 9 [ANNOUNCE] Prebuilt Xen PV-HVM templates.