Xen users - Feb 2012

Wednesday February 29 2012
10:45PM 7 Need to migrate a centos image from xen source to xenserver
7:26PM 2 kexec crashes on DOM0
2:59PM 1 pvgrub, ext4 boot partitions and grub2 config files
11:32AM 5 Getting the bridged network running on Debian Squeeze with Xen 4.0.1
10:44AM 0 remus / kernel 3.2 / xen / debian squeeze
8:46AM 1 Mainline Kernel
5:54AM 7 Need technical support on Xen migration development
Tuesday February 28 2012
9:33PM 3 XCP
7:51PM 0 xen unstable hvm time
6:40PM 12 XCP & Openstack
2:03PM 2 Passthrough and pci_iomul
8:11AM 0 Re: remove me from xen mailing list.
2:23AM 0 hvm with no network config and how to boot up
Monday February 27 2012
11:01PM 2 Two monitors with VGA Passthrough
9:26PM 0 Experience with Xen & AMD Opteron 4200 series?
4:01PM 3 Last pachs for Xen VGA PAssthrough NVIIDA (revision >=24798)
2:53PM 11 Xen questions (Be kind)
2:05PM 0 segfaulting tapdisk2 process leads to kernel oops
1:41PM 2 socket error
12:38PM 2 Xen PV Memory counting issues
12:14PM 6 Virtual Build a Cloud Day Tomorrow
9:08AM 0 the confused log file of qemu-dm-clientvm.log
Sunday February 26 2012
3:53PM 0 xl and missing memory
Saturday February 25 2012
5:39PM 0 [RFC]Some questions about xen-4.1.1
9:18AM 0 Error in xentrace
Friday February 24 2012
9:10PM 0 Re: [XCP] XCP 1.5 Beta XCP 1.1 upgrade
6:15PM 0 Sound on HVM, OSS problem
4:14PM 0 XCP 1.1 Snapshot failure
3:30PM 0 Xen Howtos (was Re: Unable to download XEN)
10:12AM 2 Re: GPU Pass Through Comment - DomU GPU Performance Regression after Reboot - Workaround
10:12AM 0 Re: GPU Pass Through Comment - DomU GPU Performance Regression after Reboot - Workaround
7:43AM 5 Save options for XFS over ISCSI ~ 17TB (for backup)
4:04AM 1 qemu in hvm domain
Thursday February 23 2012
8:25PM 0 XCP Instalation Problem
8:15PM 0 PCI Front/Back and HVM Passthru
6:58PM 5 [XEN]tap-err happens to me
5:29PM 14 [Xen]Do some stuffs for xen
4:29PM 5 Pls help: netfront tx ring frozen (any clues appreciated)
11:31AM 0 Re: XEN Error Please help
10:50AM 2 read from FC lun under Xen 4 - very strange behavior
9:28AM 23 Server purchase pointers
3:00AM 0 hvm with qemu-dm
1:18AM 0 grub2 and DomU issues
12:39AM 4 GPU Pass Through Comment
Wednesday February 22 2012
4:19PM 0 xm shutdown is same as destroy
11:28AM 12 Separate kernel on domU's
6:07AM 0 xen vm_gen_counter unknow device
2:44AM 1 Xen Net Device Driver
Tuesday February 21 2012
11:47PM 4 [XCP] XCP 1.5 Beta Create Local SR
10:23PM 0 AM2 motherboards with HVM support
11:58AM 0 XCP 1.5BETA template/snapshot creation
5:14AM 3 does anyone know how to communicate between domUs on xen?
2:18AM 3 How to merge the Xen kernel with modules into one single file ?
12:28AM 0 XCP 1.5 beta disk question
Monday February 20 2012
11:41PM 0 XCP ovs and xencenter
9:49PM 0 Dom0 ram usage
4:10PM 0 xl and memory
9:18AM 0 No Bootable Device
Sunday February 19 2012
11:25PM 1 Creating a Guest from an ISO
10:56PM 2 Xen PV warning messages on boot
10:29PM 0 XCP and IPv6 in a routed environment
4:48PM 5 Xen 3 to 4 upgrade network problem
1:42PM 1 xvd Device Performance
1:17PM 0 kernel panic with 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 alignment check: 0000 [#1] SMP
6:34AM 3 Server Compatibility Advice Request
12:34AM 1 How to Configure XCP 1.5 beta Installation
Saturday February 18 2012
4:15PM 8 xl no network
4:01PM 1 grub.cfg for Xen 3.3 on Ubuntu 10.04
4:37AM 6 How to Install XCP 1.5 beta
Friday February 17 2012
9:07PM 3 xm or xl?
7:43PM 2 kernel is not a bzImage
7:38PM 1 Are stubdoms still useful for HVM guests that have PV drivers installed?
2:37PM 1 Boot loader didn't return any data!
1:26PM 0 Anyone need some hardware?
9:29AM 10 Xen 3 vs Xen 4
5:52AM 0 Charging for intergrating Xen-3.2.0 source code in commercial product?
Thursday February 16 2012
6:06PM 2 Re: Remus crashes only with Windows Server 2003 - tap2 issue
5:13PM 3 Next Xen Document Day : Feb 27
10:11AM 11 Problems with stubdoms, and xl
3:41AM 1 how to use multi-layer image files to create VMs
Wednesday February 15 2012
10:50PM 1 any tutorial to install xen on Centos 6.2 x86_64 Architecture
7:56PM 10 any recent experience combining GlusterFS w/ Xen?
6:17PM 0 [XCP] VM Journal aborts with NFS SRs
4:01PM 0 Xen mailing lists, hostname change to xen.org
3:41PM 3 trouble assigning scsi device
1:58PM 2 a problem with using qcow2 format image files as virtual disks
11:26AM 2 Unable to do run httperf with VM as server.
10:34AM 0 Dynamically adding / removing IPs for a domU
7:40AM 1 Is there a maximum limit for the domU memory ?
6:49AM 0 Xen Installation Issue
12:00AM 2 Graphics Pass-Through and domU Memory
Tuesday February 14 2012
4:09PM 0 xcp storage repository problems.
9:38AM 1 About virtual disk image files
8:53AM 2 How to configure so as to use the blktap/blktap2 module in XEN
8:25AM 3 how to install xen hypervisor
7:44AM 2 How do I build Xen 4.1.2 from source
3:44AM 4 Increase Domain 0 memory
2:18AM 8 Xen domU Timekeeping
1:09AM 8 crashkernel doesn't work with linux-2.6.32-dom0
Monday February 13 2012
8:45PM 0 error getting socket: invalid argument
5:05PM 1 Multiple servers
3:24PM 0 [XCP] Xen Xsconsole - Opensource GPL'd?
12:00PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 84, Issue 19
10:04AM 2 xcp : vm installation
8:32AM 5 Cannot create domU on Xen 4.1.2
12:04AM 1 Announcement: Xen Cloud Control System
Sunday February 12 2012
7:40PM 0 Loadbalanced NFS as disk for VMs
11:19AM 0 kernel 3.x and Intel SRCSASPH16I a. k. a. LSI Megaraid SAS 84016E
6:14AM 6 Memory offset in domU
Saturday February 11 2012
7:00PM 32 Announcing XenMaster
4:55PM 3 9.0-RELEASE PV from scratch on XCP v1.1.0
10:34AM 0 where printk() output?
2:03AM 2 Memory offset in domU's
Friday February 10 2012
2:52PM 2 Query - Issue creating VMs when not using bridge that Xen created, but using ovswitch.
6:25AM 7 entry-level XCP server using Intel desktop components
5:05AM 3 Resource Usage
4:32AM 2 xm create xenguest.cfg -c hangs
4:28AM 1 xen blurey drive
Thursday February 9 2012
7:20PM 0 Mising features from xl/lib xl in Xen 4.1
2:12PM 2 XL toolstack and drbd
9:34AM 0 Post Migration Check
2:38AM 3 Auto revertable disk
Wednesday February 8 2012
8:35PM 9 Any tmem documentation out there?
7:41PM 1 Memory offset in DomUs
4:19PM 8 [XCP] Install to Flash Media
8:36AM 1 Creating network bridge without IP address
2:41AM 0 [resend] getting X to work, GPU lockups on dom0
Tuesday February 7 2012
11:58PM 1 Degraded performance after upgrade to xen 4.1.3 and kernel 3.2.4
9:51PM 0 getting X to work, GPU lockups on dom0
9:25PM 2 Network issue after a live migration
8:44PM 1 [XCP] XCP NFS Root
8:18PM 3 [XCP] xe cd-list not working
12:55PM 0 blocked domain
12:49PM 1 software as service
12:37PM 7 GPLPV, RDP and network latency
11:08AM 1 Grub options for dom0
6:41AM 0 Xen on Fedora 16
Monday February 6 2012
11:29PM 1 Do I have GPL-PV Installed right?
3:44PM 0 reasign cd rom and usb
3:17AM 3 Intel CPU Comparison
Sunday February 5 2012
3:35PM 11 Routed Network with Xen
Saturday February 4 2012
12:01PM 1 Changes bettween 4.0.1 and 4.0.3(2)
5:25AM 9 XEN 4.1.2+Centos 6.2+Kernel 3.X
3:28AM 0 How to Support Multiple GUIs
2:52AM 0 Wha are Valid Choices for
Friday February 3 2012
5:53PM 6 Spectacularly disappointing disk throughput
3:21PM 0 [XCP] Fail to export OVF format
1:42PM 1 Give us feedback for the new Xen.org site
12:45PM 0 Virtual machine with more than 256 Gb memory
11:18AM 2 Terribad "file:" performance (vs reasonable "phy:" perf)
10:57AM 2 Problem with Appletalk - Xen related ?
4:13AM 7 what's wrong with you people
3:37AM 2 MCE logs and CPU issue
Thursday February 2 2012
9:34PM 0 qemu-dm & strange disk access
8:25AM 1 how to install xen hypervisor for opennebulla on centos 6
8:09AM 0 Xen cloud platform 1.1 reboot unexpectedly
1:07AM 1 Xenserver Manual VM Creation
Wednesday February 1 2012
5:40PM 1 Reminder: Xen Hackathon hosted by Oracle, March 6-8, Santa Clara, CA, USA
11:14AM 2 [xcp] problem in running xcp-networkd in ubuntu 11.10
9:52AM 0 Xen dom compilation & rpmlint issues (special intends to Michael Young)
8:11AM 0 (no subject)
7:13AM 0 XCP could not install through PXE Server