Xen users - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
6:57PM 0 XenSummit 2012: Dates, Location, PMC & CFP
6:36PM 2 [XCP] No networking in XCP-XAPI on Debian 6
Monday January 30 2012
2:25PM 3 Remusa + GUI, WebManagement
2:02PM 1 xcp installing problems
6:13AM 1 One more VGA passthrough success story
Saturday January 28 2012
5:37PM 7 Vm instead a real desktop.
Friday January 27 2012
6:28PM 0 Xen 3.4.4 released
4:31PM 1 PV DomU clock runs fast
3:53AM 1 CentOS 6.2 XEN 4.1.2 Serial console
Thursday January 26 2012
11:16PM 1 VDI metadata corruption
11:48AM 1 Translation of XenStore
9:28AM 1 Scaling Memory at WIndows
Wednesday January 25 2012
11:03PM 2 Stubdom in Xen4.1.2
6:22PM 3 cannot ping vms created on ubuntu oneiric (11.10) dom0 + natty vm
5:50PM 1 Xen on a laptop
5:17PM 1 Contacts for Xen-arm
3:11PM 0 Install Xen in Centos 6.2 64 bits
7:44AM 2 RFH: Xen crash behaviour Reboot → Stop?
Tuesday January 24 2012
5:22PM 2 First Time User, Networking Issue
2:17PM 5 Graphic acceleration on pv domU linux
1:17PM 1 [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working
Monday January 23 2012
7:44PM 0 DDK for XCP 1.1? igb driver issue, XCP 1.5?
5:13PM 1 Re: [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working
4:41PM 2 [XCP] iSCSI Install/Boot
10:24AM 1 xen clock and ntp issue
Sunday January 22 2012
8:39PM 1 Does xl still use vif?
8:05PM 1 multiple network interface
6:05PM 1 Re: [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working
Saturday January 21 2012
7:20PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working
6:13PM 0 What is best platform to install xen
6:04PM 3 Restrict disk I/O per domain
5:19PM 3 debugging system crashes
2:20AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] VGA passthough still not working
Friday January 20 2012
1:05PM 69 VGA passthough still not working
10:34AM 2 How to find we are in Dom0 or DomU from a driver
10:08AM 0 Different network traffic values from dom0 and from domU
7:50AM 2 Upstream Qemu With Xen
2:39AM 0 Xen on Ubuntu 11.10 fails to start guests
Thursday January 19 2012
10:29PM 0 Issue while adding new host to Pool having VLANs on Bonded network
6:55PM 0 Domain U very slow performance on disk write
4:59PM 0 PCI passthru limitations?
9:38AM 0 the [watchdog] thread
5:14AM 6 xen + openvswitch
3:49AM 1 PCI-passthru limitations
Wednesday January 18 2012
10:30PM 2 Can not boot linux domUs on new SAN
6:54PM 1 (no subject)
5:35PM 15 Does xen on debian squeeze work at all?
5:12PM 5 Where is my CPU going?
2:31PM 0 Xenstore data not getting updated in running VM
1:35PM 0 Xen 4.2 VGA PassThrough Nvidia crash for revision 24492:6c104b46ef89 and higher
4:27AM 7 Windows GPLPV xenvbd.sys BSOD
1:04AM 3 Weird issue with Xen network interfaces
Tuesday January 17 2012
9:29PM 2 Kernel panic on Xen dom0 vanilla kernel: No init found.
9:09PM 3 problems with intel S5000VSA board and hvm
6:14PM 3 DVD burner virtualization
2:05PM 2 test
2:03PM 1 Xenmon -- I/OCount
1:53PM 0 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
10:10AM 3 Available PCIe lanes for VGA passthrough
3:26AM 0 Auto revert domU disk on restart?
2:21AM 0 Attaching GDB to Tapdisk for Debugging
Monday January 16 2012
6:59PM 6 Xen Document Days for Jan, Feb & March : Looking for input on dates and a couple volunteers
3:11PM 0 VGAPassthru- how to?
2:41PM 0 Ubuntu (Pangolin) HVMs become unpingable when migrated back to box where they were created
10:29AM 0 XCP templates and thin provisioning
10:01AM 0 storage recommendation
8:27AM 10 making scsi disks visible to RHEL 5 guest
Sunday January 15 2012
7:56PM 0 Can someone offer hints on how to take a xen domu based on redhat and make it a aws/ec2 instance?
10:37AM 4 Problems with serial IO PCI card in DomU
Saturday January 14 2012
5:47PM 28 Clean deleted space in linux diks?
Friday January 13 2012
5:46PM 3 [XCP] install questions not answered in Wiki
5:35PM 3 Measuring domU traffic with vnstat
3:05PM 0 iscsi throughput in DomU
8:15AM 5 CentOS 6.2 & xl mem-set
5:36AM 1 Re: Xen Live Migration Networking Problem
Thursday January 12 2012
9:00PM 6 blktap on top of partition?
8:42PM 0 How can I ask a question?
4:13AM 2 Are there similar tool like the Linode Shell?
Wednesday January 11 2012
10:49PM 9 Remus crashes only with Windows Server 2003
7:10PM 1 pci-passthrough NIC works as expected @ PV DomU -- until shutdown/restart. then, 'device not available'. Dom0 restart required. ??
4:13PM 0 [XCP] Driver development kit XCP 1.1
4:09PM 2 Ubuntu Oneiric network problem
2:22PM 2 how to determine if the convertion from hvm to pv succeeds?
9:55AM 1 Management application on dom0 or domU
9:13AM 0 kexec: "Crash kernel" no longer in /proc/iomem on 2.6.32?
7:16AM 2 VLANs in guest VMs
12:48AM 0 Questions about mounting tap:qcow images in Xen 4.1.1/Ubuntu 11.10 dom0
Tuesday January 10 2012
11:12PM 1 Some VLAN ideas for discussion
8:11PM 0 Basic questions about xen and it's configuration
4:59PM 1 XCP: Modifying XCP sources
3:06PM 7 Looking for GUI tools
2:12PM 1 FOSDEM: Virtualization and Cloud Devroom agenda up
4:53AM 3 Multiple tagged VLAN's in Xenserver
Monday January 9 2012
9:30PM 5 Features and bug-fixes that went in Linux 3.2
6:33PM 3 Features and bug fixes for Linux kernel 3.3
9:15AM 0 Dom0 networking bridge setup DomU not accesible from Dom0 network
Sunday January 8 2012
4:03PM 1 Networking Ubuntu 11.10 PV, Linux >=3.1 and Xen 4.1.2
Saturday January 7 2012
8:54PM 2 dom0 memory limitation not working in Debian sid install of XCP
Friday January 6 2012
5:12PM 0 DomU memory update?
4:48PM 1 Convert ubuntu 11.10 HVM guest to PV mode
2:57PM 16 PVUSB - how to?
2:31PM 0 Not started DomU
7:57AM 3 upagrde to 4.1.2
Thursday January 5 2012
9:39PM 2 Xen 3.4.3 don't work with HP DL360 G7
4:46PM 0 Oracle hosted Xen Hackathon, March 6-8, 2012, Santa Clara, CA
Wednesday January 4 2012
7:58PM 1 Packets stuck in the ethernet tx queue
6:11PM 2 Xen Ubuntu Pangolin HVMs not recreating properly
2:27PM 0 XCP 1.1 on Via P830
12:10AM 0 [kronos] [XCP] [BUG] Wrong xapi socket path in /usr/lib/xen-common/xapi/libexec/create_templates
Tuesday January 3 2012
6:21PM 3 Problem with DomU, gentoo, xen-4.1.1
Monday January 2 2012
11:46PM 0 Migrate from Xen 4.0 to Xen 4.1
5:42PM 1 Installing Xen on Ubuntu 11.10
2:50PM 13 Which kernel may I compile ?