Xen devel - Dec 2004

Friday December 31 2004
6:19PM 1 [PATCH] minor changes to fix build with debug=y debugger=y perfc=y trace=y
5:17PM 5 problems with xen-br0
3:43PM 2 (no subject)
Thursday December 30 2004
7:05PM 2 HD DMA
6:54PM 0 Minor tail-related build error
6:26PM 3 bk bug? 3.0 in 2.0
3:35PM 4 can''t start domU via NFS
10:49AM 7 bug in starting xen machines - expectation of /dev/sda1 existing on *host*
8:38AM 5 isa_bus_to_virt_needs_PRIVILEGED_BUILD
3:16AM 2 enabling pci on other domains
12:12AM 15 Porting of Guest OS
Wednesday December 29 2004
5:27AM 3 inclusion of figlet source
1:16AM 1 Xen and Kexec
Tuesday December 28 2004
10:56PM 2 Problems with networking
5:51PM 1 Xen Newbie ....
2:58PM 4 error: (XEN) Not enough memory for DOM0 memory reservation.
11:06AM 6 Kernel 2.6.10, reiser4, kernel 2.4.27 cpu load, and mailing list reply-to
Monday December 27 2004
11:30PM 1 2.0.2 "secretly" released?
7:58PM 5 Troubles with 2.6-booting and xend
7:25PM 7 Compile me own kernel ....
4:00PM 0 domain setmaxmen in KB or bytes?
Sunday December 26 2004
4:23PM 4 intel-agp Card support
Friday December 24 2004
2:14PM 2 xen0 in VMware
2:10AM 1 xen compile failed on em64t machine
Thursday December 23 2004
7:23PM 2 Newbie Question...
4:48PM 2 Multiple Kernel .....
1:36PM 2 booting state of the virtual machine
8:55AM 18 AFS-based VBD backend
4:35AM 2 where is Xen''s name from?
Wednesday December 22 2004
11:28PM 4 "out of memory" error when starting Domain 0
10:41PM 0 xen/ia64 pre-alpha release
5:11PM 2 xenU wont boot, cannot open root device
2:45PM 3 [PATCH] domain.c idle_loop declaration (take 2)
1:52PM 4 About block device mapping for guests
1:26PM 1 Question about /lib/tls
12:37PM 4 failed startup caused by unpriveledged domain device nodes not present in priviledged domain
5:43AM 1 RE: xen and pci
4:14AM 0 other architectures and JIT translation
2:50AM 5 Cannot connect to console?
12:15AM 2 Cannot create domain with lvm rootfs
Tuesday December 21 2004
11:40PM 3 XEN 2.0.1/Xenolinux 2.6.9 domain0 not booting on Debian Sarge / P4 Xeon
11:24PM 12 seeking help for xen0/U .config
11:04PM 1 details on /proc/interrupts
9:57PM 1 kernel-patch-xen debian package on terrabox
8:14PM 7 uClibc
4:03PM 15 Porting Xen
9:16AM 2 xen make aborts because of /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile
9:06AM 9 ask help on booting Xen
9:03AM 7 Xen kernel diy not working
Monday December 20 2004
10:46PM 2 xen-2.0.1-src.tgz
4:56PM 0 Xen/ia64 to-do list
3:45PM 0 [Fwd: Re: debian packages on terrabox as at Dec12]
Sunday December 19 2004
5:39PM 2 start xen-ia64-devel or just use xen-devel?
12:21PM 0 debian packages on terrabox as at Dec12
5:52AM 8 Multiple priviliged domains
Friday December 17 2004
10:49PM 2 Oops on NULL pointer with three disks mapped in to dom1
8:52PM 3 BAD gzip hdr on all 2.0 trees?
5:22AM 2 Riel''s xen RPMs and agpgart
Thursday December 16 2004
5:29PM 0 sorry for not top posting
12:20PM 4 Xen-NetBSD question
2:53AM 8 help adding extended text modes in Hypervisor
Wednesday December 15 2004
11:25PM 8 SMP guest support in unstable tree.
11:12PM 1 /proc/interrupts on unprivileged domains
8:40PM 17 Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
6:56PM 21 Re: Xen and reiser4
6:47PM 3 Can''t get a VM to use more than ~900M
5:17PM 3 XenCD deprecation?
4:10PM 2 Problem when booting
3:55PM 8 FreeBSD/Xen kernel
7:18AM 3 VMWare patents?
5:40AM 1 netbsd problems
2:04AM 6 Running Xen at a colo
Tuesday December 14 2004
10:21PM 2 A question on how interrupts work
1:50PM 6 xen-unstable.bk
3:34AM 0 "CD identity" for vbd''s
2:38AM 4 Problem: "short write" while starting domain
Monday December 13 2004
7:30PM 7 Installation trouble on Dell Poweredge SC420
5:58PM 3 Avoid crash dump
3:37PM 3 Problem: Apache on Xen
3:35AM 0 ISDN card in xenu domain
Sunday December 12 2004
9:56PM 3 Timer ISR Errors?
8:34PM 13 network dropouts
8:27PM 0 *-dev deb packages fixups coming.....
7:52PM 8 suggested domain0 memory size
12:44PM 12 Xen crash
9:39AM 4 Problem when making a domain
5:45AM 0 ARCH=xen
5:41AM 4 debian
5:32AM 8 Installing Fedora Core 2 inside an unprivileged domain
Saturday December 11 2004
3:04PM 2 rebuild xen kernel ?
1:57PM 2 PCMCIA WLAN success after patching xen
5:00AM 2 How to get a domU''s ctrl_if_evtchn number in xen0?
4:55AM 0 RE: Unofficial debian packages
Friday December 10 2004
9:34PM 0 [PATCH] trivial libxc portability patch
5:13PM 8 x86_64 progress?
3:53PM 4 Xen packages for SUSE Linux
3:33PM 0 export DISPLAY from Dom0
8:38AM 2 kernel module in Xen?
Thursday December 9 2004
10:54PM 0 Call for papers embedded track Fosdem 2005 (26-27 feb, Brussels)
7:46PM 4 Xen/ia64 status (and solicitation for alpha testers and developers)
5:37PM 1 FC3 problem using 2.0.1
5:07PM 0 Réf. : Re: "Bounties" on XEN to Windows2000 support
2:21PM 1 Xen source code for IA-64
12:14PM 2 Réf. : Re: "Bounties" on XEN to Windows2000 support
11:44AM 1 PATCH: ability to send sysrqs to Linux domains
8:52AM 11 "Bounties" on XEN to Windows2000 support
Wednesday December 8 2004
11:01PM 0 Xen 2.0 and VIA Samuel 2 stepping 03
5:52PM 2 PATCH: fix compiler warning on noirqdebug_setup
12:46PM 1 Xensv status -- create domain wizard fails
12:11AM 3 eth interrupts unavailable under xen
Tuesday December 7 2004
11:13PM 4 HELP! how to export symbols in DomU?
11:07PM 0 when xen will do callback?
9:50PM 5 xen is stalled when do untar
5:33PM 0 simple communication channel between domains
3:07PM 2 Dead domains don''t disappear from xm list
10:47AM 0 Xen / Cost of Windows developpement
10:40AM 4 Problems with dom0 and low memory
7:12AM 0 bzip2 dependency mention in README
1:24AM 2 ''Interrupted system call'' booting domains
Monday December 6 2004
10:54PM 0 plan 9 now self-hosting on xen
8:52PM 1 how xen inject a virtual irq to a domain when a msg is available for this domain?
4:08PM 3 can several guest OS be bound to their own ports on multiport Ethernet NIC?
1:31PM 0 How to do "/etc/init.d/xend restart" without destroying domains?
5:00AM 8 Binary install suggestions
1:58AM 0 Toy scripts to graph domain CPU usage with rrdtool
12:33AM 19 xenning gentoo
Sunday December 5 2004
7:19PM 4 Introduction and questions
2:39PM 3 potentially nasty oops on startup
5:19AM 1 Plan 9 running on xen native!
Saturday December 4 2004
6:23PM 0 Xen still won''t keep time on 2.0 on my T41
6:04PM 0 plan 9 is up and working under xen 2.0
6:02PM 0 xen.terrabox.com Wiki update
4:07PM 5 what does this mean in 2.0
Friday December 3 2004
9:04PM 0 just fyi on Plan 9 and xen 2.0
8:25PM 5 xen 2.0/2.0.1 reboots silently on via C3-cpu
8:03PM 3 What XendProtocol.xendPost do?
3:22PM 14 xen problem with save/restore
2:30PM 2 Shutdown questions / correct way of sending sysrq to Linux domains?
1:48PM 2 httpd persormance in Xen environment.
Thursday December 2 2004
5:31PM 1 Honorable mention
4:45PM 3 Revised balloon driver
3:37PM 0 SATA lockup
1:46PM 2 first split out RPMs
7:04AM 0 Kernel panic - not syncing : Question from Xen newbie
6:08AM 1 where is the xend code that is used to communicate with blkfront and blkback?
3:04AM 0 xen compile problem
12:14AM 5 how to use the xen functions
Wednesday December 1 2004
11:39PM 0 PATCH: separate install_* targets, for package building
9:07PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Header and EXPORT_SYMBOL() fixes so that more stuff builds.
8:37PM 2 nFroce SATA lockup - problem location tracked down
7:15PM 1 Ethernet bridges + udev problem?
6:25PM 2 Unexpected blkif status disconnected