samba - Mar 2014

Monday March 31 2014
8:05PM 1 Unix Password Sync
4:07PM 0 SAMBA4 idmap growingwhen using sid-to-uid of not existing SIDs
1:44PM 2 help with default setting from samba4 to RATS user mananager
10:09AM 1 backup / restore question
10:04AM 0 KSM activation on samba internal DNS
9:09AM 0 ctdb issue: existing header for db_id 0xf2a58948 has larger RSN 1 than new RSN 1 in ctdb_persistent_store
Sunday March 30 2014
8:05PM 0 Need Help regarding Samba on Win 7
4:11PM 1 Share Permissions - 3.6.9
Saturday March 29 2014
4:09PM 2 one day AD use -> samba-tool dbcheck reports "Normalisation error for attribute 'objectClass'"
3:16PM 0 Additional Domain controller settings
Friday March 28 2014
8:16PM 1 small dns question
4:44PM 1 shadow_copy2 not working
1:46PM 0 Samba 4 slower file transfer under AD DC mode
11:09AM 4 Update3: easy - automated setup : Debian Wheezy with sernet samba 4.1 : sysvol replication with unison.
10:34AM 0 FW: Update1: easy - automated setup : Debian Wheezy with sernet samba 4.1 : join a domain
10:30AM 0 Samba 4 Internal Backend DNS vs Bind9
9:06AM 0 Update1: easy - automated setup : Debian Wheezy with sernet samba 4.1 : join a domain
Thursday March 27 2014
11:49PM 0 Help with winbind getusersids across forests
9:42PM 0 Re submition of NetAPP Samba Problem
7:23PM 0 AD DC, winbind and Domain Local type groups
6:58PM 0 Samba 4 Slow when getfacl
3:54PM 1 virusscan vfs module
2:42PM 0 Samba 4 Fileshare directly over domain
7:12AM 0 Samba4 Domain Account Lockout
1:51AM 0 does samba need heimdal or something else
12:16AM 0 FreeBSD winbind UID/GID mapping weirdness
Wednesday March 26 2014
6:36PM 0 Use same mandatory profile for many users
5:39PM 0 startsmbfilepwent_internal: unable to open file ... smbpasswd
5:14PM 2 Samba across multiple subnets
4:58PM 1 DNS, which one?
4:23PM 0 Samba and NetApp problems binding
4:00PM 2 easy - automated setup : Debian Wheezy with sernet samba 4.1
3:27PM 0 Sites And Services / Unable to Move Server
1:13PM 1 Managing Samba4 shares from Windows "Security Tab Missing"
9:50AM 0 Python3 bindings for Samba4
Tuesday March 25 2014
4:59PM 0 Behavior of cifsacl
3:16PM 0 Just stuck
12:00PM 1 Error joining Domain - after first try failed
9:00AM 1 Failover
7:14AM 4 suggestions for a "fast" fileserver - 1G / 10G - focus on smb.conf/samba
Monday March 24 2014
10:34PM 1 certain users can't map home directories
5:29PM 1 samba4.0.16 smbd internal error
5:24PM 1 mount.cifs permissions for non-root user via sudo
3:47PM 1 REPOST: Winbind logins failing after upgrade from Samba3 to Samba4
3:43PM 0 bug in join samba DC ( debian package )
3:27PM 0 Cannot list directory with smbclient
3:21PM 0 Winbind logins failing after upgrade from Samba 3 to Samba 4
3:12PM 0 Samba documentation feedback: installation guide for AD join
12:56PM 0 DNS Troubles in Windows Server 2003 Migration
11:58AM 1 Domain demote fails
11:16AM 0 ADS data crippled after joining Samba into active MS domain
Sunday March 23 2014
2:26PM 1 Win 8 explorer.exe hangs randomly
8:46AM 1 Samba_backup for TDB files
Saturday March 22 2014
5:22PM 5 Samba documentation team
11:37AM 4 suggestions for a "fast" fileserver - 1G / 10G
Friday March 21 2014
4:32PM 0 Samba4 Ldap server
1:02PM 0 idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
9:53AM 3 Local account login failed when samba join to LDAP
8:10AM 1 "Preparing Your Desktop" on every logon
6:01AM 1 How to post my question to samba
Thursday March 20 2014
8:05PM 2 Administrator uid is 3000000 not 0 as root
4:10PM 1 Do _kpasswd DNS entries determine server used for pasword changes
3:38PM 1 Citrix roaming profile
2:13PM 1 Password change via samba-tool: encoding issue
12:00PM 1 Samba3 to Samba4 Group Migration during classicupgrade
11:24AM 1 Account Lockout policies are not working in samba 4.1.5
9:01AM 1 Windows Search Protocol (WSP)
9:01AM 2 Running an NT4 PDC and an ADC side by side
8:02AM 0 Samba 4.1.6 can not read from share
7:25AM 1 net time for non domain member, is it possible?
Wednesday March 19 2014
9:01PM 0 Feature request: Samba4 acts as multi domain master browsers or multi local master browsers for multi groups !
6:36PM 0 Issues joining to windows server 2012 r2 to samba 4 domain
1:07PM 2 Issue on DEBUG statement
12:23PM 0 Linux ACL mapping problem.
10:39AM 2 multiple dns forwarders
10:03AM 1 adjust DC name after classicupgrade
Tuesday March 18 2014
10:07PM 1 samba Digest, Vol 130, Issue 24
6:18PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 4.5 with Oracle databases and enhanced password self reset
2:48PM 2 Linux machine to join Samba Domain
2:23PM 0 help with DNS issues with dynamic updates
11:24AM 1 Samba 4.1.5 memory consumption - again
8:19AM 1 A record packet with illegal version was received.
8:00AM 2 samba-tool illegal instruction setting up Kerberos auth for http
12:02AM 2 DNS error on startup Samba4 ADS mode DC
Monday March 17 2014
9:38PM 2 Samba 4.1.6 + RPC Problem + DNS + RSAT
7:19PM 1 Command To Display Authenticated User Status
6:54PM 1 sambaLMPassword needed?
5:21PM 2 'document has been locked for editing by another user' - medium latency / limited bw connection issues?
3:19PM 1 Additional indexes in Samba4
2:25PM 1 samba4 - force ssl/tls for incoming ldap queries
8:15AM 0 Samba on AIX
6:18AM 1 Domain DNS zones file corrupted
5:51AM 1 Samba 4.1 Active Directory and Windows 2012 Standard Evaluation
Sunday March 16 2014
1:54AM 2 Samba4 Users can not change their password using ctrl + alt + del
12:52AM 1 How does one "look at AD" in Samba4.1?
Saturday March 15 2014
12:04AM 1 Upgrading from 4.1.4 to 4.1.6 on FreeBSD 9.2
Friday March 14 2014
8:27PM 0 Samba4 and muli workgroup or browsing lists for all group supporting !
11:48AM 1 outbound replication of newly added DC not working
10:53AM 2 Modifying the AD scheme, how?
8:22AM 0 Samba3.6 + LDAP Backend upgrade to Samba4
3:13AM 0 Samba4 DC does not claim master browser role
Thursday March 13 2014
11:04PM 0 mapping folders in AD DC
8:13PM 1 Mount of Windows 2012 share
7:46PM 1 smbcontrol smbd reload-config or service smbd reload doesn't reload include files
4:54PM 0 Help with Possible Bug in Samba 4.1.5 on Connection Close
2:55PM 3 any way to stop named.conf.update from updating ( bind9_dlz )
2:35PM 1 Windows user unable to change password over VPN with samba 3.6.20
1:58PM 0 possible to change samba4 databases location?
1:06PM 2 things that break with unix extensions = yes, samba 4.1.5 and osx 10.9 clients?
12:45PM 1 samba - what happens if I say local master = No for samba 3
10:18AM 1 migrating from samba 3 to samba 4
Wednesday March 12 2014
11:48PM 2 sysvol replication with glusterfs?
11:29PM 0 Problem joining 3.6.22 domain when a service connects to a share before logon
10:56PM 4 Wiki should have Readme First
9:54PM 0 kerberos tickets and AD integration
7:49PM 1 Strange GID and UID with winbindd + Samba AD DC
5:59PM 1 Upgrading from Samba 4.0.1 to 4.1.6
4:07PM 1 samba 4 as a pdc and /etc/passwd
3:34PM 1 AD-Integration of Samba4 AD DC machine itself?
3:22PM 0 SWAT: Non privileged user cannot access secrets.tdb
9:10AM 4 samba4 registry
7:32AM 0 "could not open file /var/lock/samba/unexpected.tdb"
7:21AM 1 Shares
4:50AM 1 Which windows admin tools work with samba 4.1?
2:46AM 2 zfs permissions
Tuesday March 11 2014
8:32PM 1 connect windwos 7 to linux homes
6:11PM 1 [Announce] Samba 4.1.6, 4.0.16 and 3.6.23 Security Releases Available
5:25PM 1 Active Directory share strange issue
6:43AM 0 Remove Win2k8 R2 AD DC from the AD DC
3:12AM 1 some users can't access Samba Share
Monday March 10 2014
8:57PM 1 NT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES - but only from Samba - works for Windows?
5:49PM 2 Newbie difficulties on Samba4/Documentation
12:20PM 1 LDAP Queries
10:28AM 0 other question. nsupdate samba_update
10:17AM 1 BIND 9.9 setup with samba
10:08AM 1 question : dns.keytab and named.conf.update
10:05AM 1 Group Policy Management from Windows 8.1
8:41AM 0 high latency with geo-samba4 and ctdb cluster
8:20AM 0 Samba4 LDAP extended rule 1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941 LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_IN_CHAIN
8:19AM 1 samba4 and dsadd command
Sunday March 9 2014
2:13PM 1 Access shares from DNS alias
Friday March 7 2014
10:50PM 0 win8.1 join samba NT domain
Thursday March 6 2014
11:32PM 1 CTDB and NFS4
9:09PM 1 Home drive and logon scripts intermitently not applied
5:04PM 1 looking for recommendations
3:10PM 0 How stable are DNS records
1:06PM 1 deny new connections
10:37AM 0 Strange things with [template homedir] on samba 4.2.0pre1-GIT-9869358
8:53AM 0 string_to_sid: SID @groupname is not in a valid format
Wednesday March 5 2014
11:29PM 1 Trouble Joining Windows 2008R2 Domain with Error 'failed to lookup DC info for domain 'FULLY.QUALIFIED.DOMAIN' over rpc: Access denied'
10:31PM 1 Possible small bug discovered in Samba4 dc sernet + bind9 (Debian)
8:16PM 1 One way replication
5:29PM 1 Compiling samba 4.1.2 with new KRB5 1.12 library
3:27PM 1 AD+DFS+Samba flakiness
3:06PM 1 A and/or PTR record deleted after pc wake-up
2:30PM 1 following wide links on a Mac
2:19PM 0 Using ZFS Case insensitive filesystems with Samba
11:50AM 1 DFS
11:44AM 1 Mandatory 1 uppercase alphabet for all user passwords
10:44AM 0 Does samba support IDN (Internationalized domain name) ?
9:26AM 1 Abysmal performance with Samba 4 and Windows Explorer
9:20AM 2 Does automatic DNS PTR generation in Samba4 AD DC work at all?
3:55AM 1 Issue moving DC to site
3:20AM 0 Samba Wiki: Setup FreeDOS to access a Samba share
Tuesday March 4 2014
8:17PM 1 Enabling ssl/tls in an Existing DC
8:05PM 0 Dns update not working
5:30PM 0 Anybody have issues joining machines to a S4 AD domain using VBS
3:08PM 2 How to troubleshoot an ACL error?
12:45PM 1 4.1.5, spoolss_connect_to_client and negotiated protocol
11:10AM 1 keytab question.
8:23AM 1 User account lockout - bad password with Samba4 ?
Monday March 3 2014
10:16PM 1 Samba3 to Samba4 migration: Databases and backend.
7:40PM 1 AD DC Computer name and samaccountname
6:11PM 0 NO DNS zone information found in source domain, not replicating DNS
4:36PM 1 Doubled Quotas on Ubuntu
4:10PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 4.5.RC1 with Oracle databases and enhanced password self reset
11:52AM 1 Acronyms: what is PDC and BDC?
9:21AM 0 Samba4 and Lan/ Vpn clients browsing / accessing !
9:04AM 2 Configuring Bind as Samba Active Directory
Sunday March 2 2014
7:12PM 1 Problem about "access denied" and not secutiry tab missing
5:19PM 1 idmap ldap problems
4:37PM 2 Using ZFS Case insensitive filesystems with Samba
2:43PM 0 3/2/2014 Samba4 git pull make clean error
Saturday March 1 2014
10:53AM 0 Raising domain functional level Active Directory - samba3x
12:16AM 1 Need help joining an IPv6 Windows 2008 AD server