samba - Feb 2014

Friday February 28 2014
10:28PM 1 can't get one specific group to show up in the output of id on one system but it does show up in another identically configured server in the same cluster
7:21PM 0 Samba Build Problems AIX 7.1
4:06PM 2 reverse dns not updated
3:59PM 0 samba4 classicupgrade problem idmapping sid_to_xid failed
11:19AM 0 Samba4 and VPN browsing / accessing !
10:16AM 1 Samba4 doesn't respect 'mask' ACL
7:13AM 1 Samba4 acting as standalone server, smb.conf parameters and run daemons !
1:13AM 1 Samba 4.1.4 fails to recognize "load printers = NO"
12:24AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 134, Issue 37
Thursday February 27 2014
11:08PM 1 Build/install on Debian failed
8:34PM 1 Join as DC requires libacl, not avail on Solaris
8:08PM 1 Samba 4 - disconnection after 10 hours
5:48PM 1 Wierd Mac issue with matlab samba and unix extensions
5:11PM 0 issue with allow insecure wide links
4:55PM 1 AIX 7.1 Winbind Module Problems
4:27PM 0 AIX 7.1 Winbind Module Load Issues
2:22PM 1 Windows 8.1 64-bit printer sharing issue
11:42AM 1 Join Samba4 member server to Windows AD
9:30AM 0 problem this morning - need help
8:45AM 1 renaming default first site or moving a server to a different site problem
6:37AM 0 allow insecure wide links issue
4:56AM 1 windows client system became very slow after add to samba4 dc
3:57AM 2 GPO's in OU's not working
Wednesday February 26 2014
11:02PM 1 Samba and CEPH
10:39PM 2 SAMBA4 - Domain Trust lost and not recreate
5:33PM 0 print settings registry
5:25PM 0 CTDB Debug Help
5:25PM 1 allow insecure wide links
3:25PM 0 samba4 as domain ad member
3:16PM 1 Minimal configuration for Name Service
2:43PM 2 Can a DC have 2 IP addresses
8:24AM 2 Config settings
6:21AM 1 UAC gpo
5:30AM 1 FreeBSD/ZFS/S3FS usage and development questions
12:50AM 1 Samba4 AD and Zimbra LDAP server
Tuesday February 25 2014
10:59PM 0 Need help regarding samba issue
8:48PM 5 Problems building FreeBSD file server
8:28PM 0 samba4 ADS no logon servers
8:04PM 1 Timer Server In Multi DC Environment
6:31PM 1 DNS amplification attacks
3:06PM 1 problem mapping share using hostname of server
2:31PM 0 directory checksum error during tar extract
1:46PM 1 Issues with GPO's from Samba 4 server
12:47PM 1 advice, suggestions. ( dns-dhcp) and "shared" sysvol ?
8:38AM 0 WINS Not Updating When Client Moves Subnet
12:25AM 1 Client cant access samba 4 server
Monday February 24 2014
9:30PM 0 Admin users logging as standard users
9:05PM 0 samba4 ctdb and file replication with unison between 2 remote sites
8:49PM 1 Samba 4 replication causes bind dns to freeze
5:04PM 3 Duplicate PID
1:21PM 2 URGENT: big problem with displayName.
11:22AM 1 Classicupgrade loses shares ?
Sunday February 23 2014
9:35PM 1 SMB 3.0 Support in Samba 4.1
5:09PM 1 msdfs & full_audit issues
Saturday February 22 2014
2:47PM 0 Unable to map network drive using server name
Friday February 21 2014
7:16PM 0 Samba 4, CUPS, and one slow printer
6:47PM 1 Samba Non-Existent Filesystem Implementation
2:56PM 1 Problem Joining a ubuntu 12.04+samba to a W2k DC
10:09AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.1.5 Available for Download
9:10AM 3 Please share your mail setup with me if you are running samba4
8:36AM 1 pdbedit -e broken
Thursday February 20 2014
11:53PM 0 Solaris Extended ACLs samba-3.6 vs samba-4.1 differences
4:10PM 1 Samba 4.1.4 on Solaris 10 fails linking 'default/examples/libsmbclient/teststatvfs'
2:27PM 1 Mounting Samba shares
1:43PM 0 issues joining second DC
1:27PM 2 Ghost DNS records
11:10AM 0 samba4 success/failure report...all's working despite kerberized ssh
9:56AM 2 Unable to Join Samba server to AD windows server 2008 R2
1:55AM 1 3.6 member to 2008 AD, winbind integration, users sometimes lose group membership
Wednesday February 19 2014
11:16PM 0 Moving LDAP tree
9:42PM 1 Strange saving Errors with Office 2007 since i upgradede from 4.1.3 to 4.1.4
9:32PM 2 Windows 7 to Samba 4.1.4 in complete copies from CD/DVD
11:26AM 0 dns resolution
11:16AM 1 Reverse dns lookup with internal DNS
7:19AM 2 Samba4: Strange Behaveiour On Home share with 2 DC replicating /vfs glusterfs
Tuesday February 18 2014
11:33PM 0 4.1.4 install issue on Scientific Linux 6.5
8:46PM 0 sssd + samba4 not working (yet)
6:56PM 1 Building Samba on Solaris
1:24PM 1 Problem browsing shares on 4.1.4 (Ubuntu 12.04)
10:13AM 1 Books of Samba 4
10:02AM 1 [Announce] Samba 4.0.15 Available for Download
9:39AM 2 AD and Linux UID/GID best practices.
8:00AM 1 Settings for safe interop between Samba and NFS
7:52AM 0 AD shares in samba & permissions
7:06AM 0 Samba 4.2.0pre1-GIT-bf1e65c cut off client connections for file sharing.
5:20AM 1 Keeping shares when upgrading to Samba 4
1:28AM 1 Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close on Samba 4.1 Domain Controller/File Server
Monday February 17 2014
2:35PM 1 help in editing smb.conf
1:27PM 1 Samba 4 DC - File locking problems when a client crashes
9:41AM 2 how to remove an (offline) DC from Samba 4 ?
7:52AM 1 ldap_modify change password
Sunday February 16 2014
2:42PM 1 Changing IP address after provisioning
1:38PM 1 Samba4 interdomain trust
5:04AM 1 permissions not work
3:18AM 0 Samba4 failed to link on FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE, 2/15/2014
Saturday February 15 2014
6:05PM 1 kerberos/samba errors?
5:57PM 1 questions already answered
3:42PM 2 Samba 4.1.4 nsswitch/winbind issues
Friday February 14 2014
11:53PM 3 winbind: How to map Administrator to "root" on AD member server
11:16PM 0 SOLVED! Problem saving AutoCAD files
11:54AM 1 CentOS Samba as Domain Member
11:37AM 3 smbclient broken after update
11:34AM 1 trying to add DC to existing domain
9:34AM 0 winbind required by wine - which package must I use?
8:45AM 0 Help needed - One question is about samba group policy and another is about samba and openchange install.
1:37AM 1 setting the local administrator password on a samba4 member server connected to windows AD DC
12:26AM 1 Public Share on Samba with ADS security
Thursday February 13 2014
11:51PM 4 Slow Samba transfer
9:27PM 0 samba4 ad domain member server -- don't desire sid <-> uid mapping
9:18PM 1 samba w/vfs notify_fam perf hit of 25% on writes noticed...?
6:40PM 0 samba-tool dns query error WERR_INTERNAL_DB_ERROR [SOLVED]
6:34PM 2 Copy private to another samba instance
6:14PM 0 Error 0x80070032: request not supported on file copy
5:37PM 1 samba4.1.4 samba-tool fails to join domain
3:25PM 0 windows 7 clients vs AD samba share NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
1:12PM 0 Samba 4 issues on FreeBSD 9
9:49AM 2 Samba3 LDAP open ldap as backend
12:33AM 0 Samba 4.0.13 on FreeBSD 9
Wednesday February 12 2014
9:29PM 1 Samba4: Site dependent profile path
8:50PM 1 samba-tool dns query error WERR_INTERNAL_DB_ERROR
8:07PM 0 Another odd problem - missing user and domain - with 4.2.0pre1-GIT-0ce4631 on "Solaris".
7:43PM 1 TKEY is unacceptable
7:05PM 0 Odd "force user =" behaviour in 4.2.0pre1-GIT-0ce4631 on "Solaris".
5:47PM 1 Software GPO deployment fail because of computer trust
4:36PM 1 Samba 3.6.22 corrupting filesystem on AIX
3:44PM 1 Where do I get detailed information about oplock-types and possible errors?
1:40PM 1 Internal DNS in 4.1.x having hiccup
11:06AM 1 Samba4 Domain Account Lockout
10:07AM 0 locking smbd
7:01AM 1 kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed: Program lacks support for encryption type
5:19AM 0 Samba 3.6.9: spoolss_connect_to_client: unable to open the spoolss pipe on machine WINDOWS-SERVER-2.WINDOWS. Error was : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.
12:43AM 1 ZFS support for SAMAB4?
12:15AM 1 Domain Member server - Domain users don't get access
Tuesday February 11 2014
11:56PM 1 Public share with ADS security
11:41PM 0 Samba 3.9 + AD: Print share permissions difficulties
5:44PM 0 Question about splitting AD and fileserving (and tons of other stuff)
5:26PM 0 Reading winbind reply failed
4:02PM 1 samba 3 to samba 4 migration questions
2:47PM 1 Samba 4 mapping share like \\my.domain\sharename
2:26PM 1 SAMBA 3.6.5 Login fails in Cluster Environment
2:18PM 1 Problem with Samba re-share of a CIFS mount
11:25AM 0 Keepalive and Deadtime not working
8:10AM 2 Google Apps Directory Sync Password Attribute
6:51AM 1 SMB3 verification in Wireshark
6:04AM 1 problem upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.1.4
Monday February 10 2014
10:29PM 0 New HowTo: Updating Samba
9:09PM 1 Samba 4 documentation hard to find.
5:22PM 0 building 4.1.4 on AIX 5.2 : fails on linking
4:16AM 2 Conflicting objectSid
Sunday February 9 2014
6:25PM 0 CTDB setup example
4:48PM 1 classicupgrade error
2:14AM 0 Best way of removing a windows 2008R2 DC from a Samba4 domain
1:43AM 0 Removing Windows 2008 R2 DC from Samba4 domain
Saturday February 8 2014
11:55PM 1 Samba 3 to 4 AD migration - extensive permissions problems
8:46PM 2 samba4 best practices questions
8:45PM 1 samba 4 best practices questions
6:53PM 1 Change Operating System Version Number
10:56AM 0 how to enable Active Directory support building samba on AIX?
9:35AM 4 force group does not work
2:33AM 2 Windows and Linux can't access Samba at the same time.
Friday February 7 2014
8:43PM 1 How To Delete DNS Domain
3:53PM 1 Samba4 AD add Users via Rsat failed
1:50PM 1 Sysvol replication with DRBD + OCFS2
1:48PM 1 Time sync
12:30PM 4 Two Samba Server (with same Domain Name) on the same subnet??
Thursday February 6 2014
9:43PM 2 AD integration - Administrator can log in but no one else can
7:22PM 2 Windows drive mapping using alternate port
3:48PM 0 Samba 4 AD DC 100% cpu process issues.
2:56PM 0 Safe to disable oplocks?
2:17PM 1 Samba 4 LDAP + Automounter Maps
2:05PM 1 Missing catalog by creating new user
9:47AM 0 Oplock break failed for file XXX-- replying anyway?
Wednesday February 5 2014
7:28PM 1 Support for LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_IN_CHAIN in LDAP queries
6:42PM 1 Best upgrade path from 4.0.0rc5 to 4.1.4
4:07PM 0 Downgrading from 4.0.14 to 4.0.12
3:49PM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid (kdc gone)
3:48PM 0 Failure to move object from one site to another
3:15PM 1 ldb segment fault. Problem on joining as a DC member.
2:47PM 0 Logout script delay
1:15PM 0 Compiling 4.1.0 with krb5 1.12 deprecated krb5_auth_con_getlocalsubkey warning
1:18AM 2 BIND9_DLZ and Reverse Lookups
Tuesday February 4 2014
11:50PM 1 How to change objectSid?
6:43PM 1 Samba4: variables in profilePath
6:27PM 1 Samba4 internal DNS wildcards
5:47PM 1 to git or wget
4:49PM 0 Unable to print to SAMBA+CUPS server from Win2k12 server
4:40PM 1 Creating samba4/AD users from ADUC
4:22PM 1 Joining Linux to a samba4 DC?
3:16PM 2 Password-less Share on a Samba DC
2:41PM 0 Problems adding a Samba4 AD to existing Win2000 AD
11:38AM 1 sysvol replication via clustered/distributed file system
11:22AM 0 Migration Problem
10:23AM 1 Big Problems with samba 4.1 and mdb files
4:54AM 1 Run path in Samba 4.1.4
Monday February 3 2014
10:48PM 0 How to change compiler optimization
9:29PM 1 VFS module recycle not working
8:02PM 1 Samba 4.1.4 crashes with "invalid next size"
6:43PM 1 Samba-4.17 joining an existing domain.
6:27PM 1 Obtaining TGT using service principal name
7:36AM 0 [Announce] CTDB 2.5.2 available for download
2:07AM 2 Variable expansion and samba 4 AD
Saturday February 1 2014
5:47PM 2 Standby secondary domain controller
9:35AM 3 Samba 4.1.4 and winbind