samba - Oct 2009

Saturday October 31 2009
10:29PM 0 problem with setting times or rsync? ... smb share on ubuntu
3:21AM 7 LDAP Examples
Friday October 30 2009
10:37PM 2 idmapping changes from 3.0.10 to 3.4.2.
7:33PM 1 Manual creation of machine account in LDAP
3:53PM 1 "net rpc shutdown" fails on Windows 7 Pro
1:31PM 1 Fw: Samba as fileserver in an Windows AD Domain
1:07PM 0 Use samba in active directory without 445 port
12:23PM 0 Upgrading because of performance problem ?
6:37AM 0 LDAP
1:10AM 0 Hiding the Username & Password mount_point cifs
Thursday October 29 2009
10:58PM 0 Cant connect to samba share from windows xp with another user
9:26PM 1 samba-3.4.2: account_policy_get: tdb_fetch_uint32 failed
6:22PM 1 Missing sids for domain administrator?
4:32PM 1 winbind + Active Directory + email
11:18AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.4.3 Available for Download
10:57AM 0 Timeouts to connect with password server
7:49AM 1 LDAP and setting the password
2:50AM 0 Permissions on Windows machines
Wednesday October 28 2009
11:11PM 3 Samba/Cups issues across a network
8:40PM 1 Dissertation about Samba
7:42PM 4 compiling 3.2.15: cifs.upcall not found afer RPM build
6:52PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.8.0 released
6:46PM 1 Samba as fileserver in an Windows AD Domain
6:36PM 2 password sync
4:41PM 1 pdbedit error (using LDAP)
4:40PM 0 net ads join DNS update
3:32PM 1 Samba & LDAP: "Unable to allocate a new user id: bailing out!"
10:18AM 0 Help
8:40AM 0 samba4 partitions upgrade probs
7:59AM 0 Sun Identity Manager with samba LDAP
2:19AM 2 Trouble adding machine accounts
Tuesday October 27 2009
7:33PM 1 RHEL Cluster Samba and AD
2:18PM 0 Windows 7 pro cannot see samba 3.4.0 PDC
9:25AM 2 Samba + LDAP problem for find user name
8:58AM 3 samba ldap
Monday October 26 2009
7:50PM 2 Windows 7
1:19PM 0 Migrate Win2k3 file server to samba fileserver
11:56AM 0 Confusion about test_ntlm2 function
11:33AM 0 ldapsam:editposix: Which samba.schema attributes are modified when using "smbpasswd -a"?
10:01AM 0 Users can't login on XP workstations
9:16AM 3 changing kickoff time
8:56AM 1 2 samba server on same machine
Sunday October 25 2009
11:24PM 1 linux 2 linux transfer very slow
4:47PM 0 smbd processes sticking around
Saturday October 24 2009
5:51PM 0 NTConfig.POL ignored
3:53PM 0 Share level vs other ways
4:28AM 1 samab unable to contact ldap or something else
2:26AM 0 Why Windows don´t found my user root
Friday October 23 2009
9:36PM 0 Powerpoint file locking issue
9:18PM 3 tdb locking issue - Solaris 10 and Samba 3.0.33
6:46PM 0 How to turn off PDC lookup
5:36PM 3 samba+ldap
3:33PM 0 Account Administrator works for "net rpc info", but not for "net rpc join"
Thursday October 22 2009
7:42PM 0 vfs_zfsacl
6:42PM 0 Help needed with log.winbindd errors
5:19PM 1 Winbind lookup performance
1:56PM 1 Can SAMBA use ADS and files for Auth ?
12:52PM 2 UID - high need to lower it for a test user - active directory auth
12:44PM 1 how to automount password less samba share in linux ?
11:28AM 2 Reliability issues when using Windows 7
10:06AM 0 failed to setup guest info
8:23AM 5 Files copying - date and owner... problems
6:30AM 1 anonymous only share asking LANMAN password
5:55AM 0 Windows does not ask for login details after first successful login
4:56AM 0 testparm error winbind separator +
Wednesday October 21 2009
9:33PM 1 mount.cifs not reporting locking issues to Linux?
6:28PM 1 Samba 3.3.4 very slow file access times
12:41PM 0 Password prompt in security = share
12:31PM 0 Restrict user
12:18PM 0 Ldapsam:editposix: How to continue once it's setup
10:43AM 0 Suppressing the Windows password pop up when using bad user trap for user from trusted domains
10:24AM 0 error getting workgroup name ....
10:04AM 0 SAMBA + CUPS examples ?
6:31AM 0 samba 3.4.2 centos with ldap 2.4.11 stucks - The workaround
2:01AM 1 zfs acls and MS office applications
Tuesday October 20 2009
4:11PM 1 TDB files and moving them
7:06AM 2 migrate Windows Active Directory Users to Samba+LDAP
1:00AM 0 Web share issue
Monday October 19 2009
7:25PM 1 local copy microsoft/credentials directory profile redirection
5:42PM 1 Samba roaming profile with folder redirection
1:12PM 2 Old application very slow
8:23AM 0 TOSHARG-AccessControl.xml translate finished and some bug found
3:25AM 1 ln: creating symbolic link `file.txt': Operation not supported, Mounted to Windows 2003 shared
Sunday October 18 2009
6:01PM 2 Convert idmap_rid to idmap_hash?
Saturday October 17 2009
7:15PM 1 Samba networking
4:14PM 1 Move samba server
1:43PM 2 New issue with a New Vista Client - couldn't find service
12:34PM 1 Samba PDC upgrade / hardware replacement results
10:54AM 1 Bind, DHCPD and Samba
Friday October 16 2009
10:40PM 2 map acl inherit stopped working
4:26PM 1 Linux 2.6.31, samba server no longer working
4:05PM 1 Manual creation of machine account
3:02PM 0 Don't see a subdomain as subdomain
2:41PM 0 openldap error messages after upgrade 3.3.6 -> 3.4.2
2:37PM 2 can't write to a shared file
1:40PM 2 winbind loosing the ability to resolve hosts
12:33PM 2 Domain Joined Windows 7 and Roaming Profiles
11:37AM 2 nss_winbind / offline logon
Thursday October 15 2009
7:58PM 4 using ldap only idmap
4:49PM 3 Samba + Windows 7
4:43PM 2 can not access samba drive on Redhat ES 4
2:19PM 0 anyone using smbclient queue and cancel commands?
12:51PM 4 samba 3.4.2 centos with ldap 2.4.11 stucks
12:02PM 0 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.3.9 Maintenance Release Available
7:26AM 2 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 - winbindd 3.4.2
6:24AM 0 Regarding changing ACL with LDAP or SAMBA
12:03AM 2 One Question .. the question... nobody don´t have answer ..
12:02AM 1 cli_session_setup: NT1 session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
Wednesday October 14 2009
11:03PM 2 Is it EVER needed to set up kerberos manually if you use samba to join an ADS domain as a domain member?
10:03PM 0 RedHat Linux AS4 64bit samba to ADS share issue ... winbind start/stop makes it work....
7:36PM 0 sambaShare used?
7:21PM 0 Binary packages for Openserver 5.0.7
11:00AM 0 Problem with users (authing over Active Directory) not being about to run software, but local users can.
9:57AM 2 How to disallow to create files with bad charracters
6:05AM 1 Does the BDC need to "join" a domain?
6:05AM 0 ldapsam:editposix & add machine script
3:30AM 0 samba windows/Unix user name problem
Tuesday October 13 2009
8:51PM 1 smbd dead with message WERR_ACCESS_DENIED -- what access denied ?
8:08PM 0 trouble with GDM -- linux client to samba
7:21PM 0 Samba 3.4 and Pcl5 Printers
6:06PM 2 "add machine script" when using samba + ldap
7:32AM 0 secrets.tdb and 3.3 --> 3.4 migration ?
5:31AM 1 Compiling SAMBA on Solaris 10 to use AD on Windows 2008 server
12:21AM 4 2 questions: Linux filesystems that truly compare to NTFS / winbind causes Linux to lockup when connectivity to AD is lost
Monday October 12 2009
7:35PM 2 winbind separator oddity
3:01PM 0 Working example?: samba <-> AD / UID
2:09PM 1 limit users in samba
1:50PM 1 upgrade and secrets.tdb file ?
1:01PM 0 Windows 98SE can't access Samba (fwd)
1:00PM 2 user cannot logon to domain although log says "auth succeeded" (fwd)
12:41PM 2 Interdomain Trust between Samba3 and 2000 AD
12:25PM 1 How to force winbind (3.4.1) to talk to a certain AD-server?
10:36AM 0 samba queue and cancel commands
4:23AM 0 Sample idmap configuration block for Samba 3.4.X as a PDC ?
Sunday October 11 2009
10:29PM 0 No authentication data provided
8:03PM 0 Windows 98SE can't access Samba
11:58AM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.8.0.RC1 released
9:43AM 1 idmap LDAP branch never populates with Samba 3.4.1 - how do I debug ?
Saturday October 10 2009
5:22PM 2 Cross compiling - size of binaries is large
3:49PM 1 documentation bug?
9:36AM 0 Samba interdomain trust with Win2008 AD
4:02AM 2 symbol Lookup Error
Friday October 9 2009
9:12PM 1 Domain trusts "forgetting" trusted users
3:57PM 0 User permissions
3:25PM 2 AD Integration woes - rfc2307 data not being honored
3:22PM 0 winbind not resolving group membership changes
2:16PM 0 ntlm_auth, universal principal name, multi-domain active directory - can samba authenticate?
12:55PM 0 Thanks
12:39PM 2 Samba 3.4.2 on Solaris 9 build problem
12:11PM 0 samba 3.0.33: Can't change computer names in a domain
9:57AM 1 share mapping issue related to GID
9:47AM 0 how does one edit a domain group
9:42AM 0 Just a simple smbpasswd authentication won't work
9:37AM 0 Samba assignment of privileges
3:30AM 0 How do I get Samba to probe for my ldap module ?
1:41AM 1 Samba4 stability: Just because I'm curious
Thursday October 8 2009
10:23PM 2 kinit problem
9:28PM 0 samba PDC + BDCs + LDAP
3:34PM 0 group enumerations fails
2:03PM 1 Authenticating Samba 3.4.2 vs WinServer 2008R2
9:22AM 1 Getting a Windows username from an SID with Samba/Winbind
8:01AM 3 TOSHAG-Winbind.xml translate finished and some bug found
6:23AM 6 Change Allowed Workstations with pdbedit
Wednesday October 7 2009
9:16PM 1 problem with smbd
6:45PM 1 Hide share with a twist
6:29PM 0 smbpoupolate don´t find naming attibute SambaDomainName
6:14PM 0 How to force NTLMv1 on server side?
5:32PM 4 config file locations
1:10PM 2 compile on solaris 64bit, static winbind
12:34PM 1 Strange LDAP query
1:55AM 1 Log entries with truncated service names
Tuesday October 6 2009
4:19PM 1 ldapsam, smbpasswd and posixAccount
2:40PM 1 Cannot rename subfolders in Explorer view
1:05PM 0 Update from pdbsql (MySQL) to LDAP
1:03PM 1 Samba directory level security
11:50AM 0 OpenLDAP + SASL + Samba
Monday October 5 2009
9:36PM 0 setting default domain
6:42PM 0 not permitted to access this share [Solved]
4:32PM 10 How to bulk add machine accounts during PDC hardware refresh?
3:33PM 1 Samba Authentication with a windows password server
2:30PM 1 Can't compiling over CIFS Shares
1:07PM 8 Unknown panic actions
12:48PM 1 Source Download broken for 3.0.36
11:29AM 2 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - smb.conf
11:27AM 0 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - Logfile4
11:27AM 0 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - Logfile3
11:26AM 0 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - Logfile2
11:26AM 0 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - Logfile1
11:22AM 0 Sambauser can't use their homeshare but other shares - STRANGE
10:56AM 4 reverse name resolving of winbind 3.4.x
8:47AM 1 test
7:14AM 1 mod_dav_svn support in suse 11 ?
1:23AM 0 TOSHAG-VFS.xml translate finished and is this bug?
Sunday October 4 2009
6:29PM 0 dfree hardcoded limitation
2:16AM 1 Designate one samba server for home directories
Saturday October 3 2009
10:28PM 0 samba vfs vscan-clamv on samba 3.4.x ?
4:28PM 1 ad 2003 & nss_ldap produce: smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1003): Permission denied
4:23PM 1 NTLM
5:08AM 0 SWAT with -P option
4:53AM 3 Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4
Friday October 2 2009
5:42PM 3 Dynamic Link Aggregation via Samba
12:37PM 3 Cannot compile RHEL rpms using samba 3.4.2 series source
10:20AM 0 Sambauser can't use his homeshare but other shares - STRANGE
8:43AM 4 smbd Crash
Thursday October 1 2009
8:00PM 2 Logins and Access
4:11PM 4 Samba as fileserver on Active Directory domain
3:37PM 1 Linux offline logon
2:18PM 0 Moving away from samba 3.0.28
1:46PM 2 PDC witch LDAP and machine account lookup
1:40PM 3 Computers leaving samba domain
1:00PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.0.37 Security Release Available
12:59PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.15 Security Release Available
12:58PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.8 Security Release Available
12:57PM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.4.2 Security Release Available
11:59AM 0 Registry backend changes with CTDB not noticed by other nodes?
4:29AM 1 Is Samba 3.5 Franky?
1:11AM 1 Active Directory and Samba as fileserver
12:46AM 0 How can I bypass Windows allowing only one user logged on to a Samba Server?