samba - Feb 2009

Friday February 27 2009
12:46PM 6 Samba AD auth - Backup?
11:29AM 5 Input/Output error when saving to samba profile directory
Thursday February 26 2009
11:37PM 2 smbd could not access share directory on drbd (8.3 on Centos 5 i386)
4:35PM 0 Problem linking Samba 3.3.1 shared library bin/
12:01PM 3 Extremly slow (3-4k/s) on Win clients while Linux clients work fine
10:20AM 1 winXP not uploading profiles
Wednesday February 25 2009
4:53PM 0 Can''t log in as same user on different domain
4:32PM 0 LDAP configuration problems. How to debug?
3:51PM 0 File transfers between folders that are symlinks to different partitions of the drive
2:55PM 0 Winbind Issue?
2:18PM 0 Problem with inheriting ACL under Windows Domain]
2:17PM 0 Problem with inheriting ACL under Windows Domain
1:20PM 1 when will samba4 become stable
11:28AM 0 Excessive and useless SMB queries by XP client
10:25AM 1 Problems with force group
9:51AM 0 Volume serial number changes
9:38AM 1 must change pwd
5:44AM 1 Samba4: programmatic account creation via LDAP (unicodePwd)
Tuesday February 24 2009
11:22PM 3 Cannot login from windows
10:58PM 0 Update Samba
10:28PM 1 net sam provision
10:00PM 0 Samba + Active Directory -> Deny Hosts
8:34PM 18 Can''t modify ms word files with samba 3.3
6:26PM 5 Tunneling over SSH
4:44PM 4 using winbind to map existing unix to AD users
3:41PM 0 Windows inherit ACL problem
1:26PM 0 net rpc user info shows different output depending on -U switch
1:24PM 2 Winbind/PAM/SLES 8-problem
12:55PM 0 Problems when trying to join samba PDC with W2K8 server
11:00AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.1 Available for Download
10:00AM 0 Volume serial number
9:05AM 0 Sun One feasible for Samba
4:24AM 2 Creating users while preventing bash login
1:20AM 0 Delete print jobs without being printer admin?
Monday February 23 2009
2:25PM 1 Domain login issues.
10:52AM 1 Migrating Samba PDC from one server to another
8:55AM 3 Server crashes every hour at mass logout, smbd at 100% CPU
7:22AM 0 Errors compiling samba 3.3.0
6:35AM 2 Samba ignores printer options when printing via CUPS
3:36AM 0 Upgrade Samba from 3.2.0 to 3.2.8
Sunday February 22 2009
7:03PM 2 Changing LDAP userPassword fails: Internal (implementation specific) error
2:32PM 1 Can''t add machines to domain after Debian-Update
Saturday February 21 2009
2:34PM 2 smaller samba binaries for embedded system
12:13PM 0 nmb dies
11:37AM 1 samba 3.2.6 - Does locking.tdb has a maximum size?
9:33AM 3 shell changed from root@ to administrator@
4:58AM 1 samba file server
Friday February 20 2009
6:41PM 0 The referenced account is currently locked out...
3:12AM 0 getpeername failed. Error was Invalid argument
Thursday February 19 2009
7:43PM 1 Rename a PDC
4:41PM 1 XP local policy vs Samba pdbedit?
4:24PM 0 Mac OS X file copy error in samba share on a samba-share
3:29PM 0 Problem with "idmap config DOM : backend = nss " and samba 3.3.0
1:55PM 0 connection to AD wtih kerberos and samba
12:15PM 1 DO script IF User-Account got locked
12:01PM 0 3.2.8 net join of 3.0.24 PDC fails
11:59AM 0 samba defaults
9:32AM 4 LDAP Migration problem
6:29AM 12 Hide the "not allowed to open" shared directories in the client
Wednesday February 18 2009
11:22PM 0 NISPLUS authentication from AD Windows logon
3:07PM 2 win xp machine disconnected from share and repeated authentication required
12:39PM 1 samba can not contact the ldap server
Tuesday February 17 2009
9:57PM 3 Samba PDC
7:13PM 0 Help with Samba, RHEL 5.0, and policies
7:05PM 0 Users lose connections after restarting servers.
6:59PM 3 Samba+acl problem on OSX
6:55PM 0 Fwd: Winbindd crash with 3.3.0
4:32PM 0 suse 11 and windows user profiles rescue
10:32AM 6 Howto force all users of a samba domain controller to change their password ?
8:14AM 0 Bits from the Samba packaging team in Debian
Monday February 16 2009
10:25PM 1 samba trouble with Vista
10:05PM 1 Trustom not working after upgrade to 3.3.0
5:04PM 0 Slow Links
3:34PM 1 samba-3.2.8 - KRB5_KT_UNKNOWN_TYPE;
2:48PM 0 Winbind/idmap_nss search request to LDAP
1:53PM 6 Acces denied with usrmgr.exe
12:21PM 1 Conncetion Problem on XP client against Samba 3.2.8 on AIX 5.3.9
11:44AM 3 Samba Upgrade
10:43AM 1 Winbind-Problem Samba 3.2.8 on AIX 5.3.9
9:58AM 2 A beautiful panic action
Sunday February 15 2009
5:27PM 3 Strange issue with Samba + LDAP + Domain Member
Saturday February 14 2009
10:25AM 0 Samba 3.2.8 [SERNET] - get_ea_dos_attribute(208)
9:25AM 0 Samba subnet cross browsing problem
4:53AM 3 CTDB
Friday February 13 2009
6:10PM 11 Time capsule and "bad smb"
1:01PM 18 Over 400 smbd pid''s?
12:55PM 9 net use /home ?
12:52PM 0 Configure samba to serv ldap users and non ldap users?
12:39PM 4 Problem with read/write access
12:23PM 5 Problems with Samba4 implimentation
12:39AM 5 passwd program error causes misleading windows error message
Thursday February 12 2009
10:04PM 3 Questions about PDC with SAMBA
6:33PM 1 Samba and Windows Server 2008 64bit
5:23PM 1 logon hours
3:40PM 0 Resilience inquiry: What happens to samba clients if a domain controller fails?
3:25PM 5 Samba 3.0.24 + LDAP - User Lockout not working
1:16PM 1 Samba Newbie
1:11PM 0 SAMBA+LDAP: Domain-Policies WHERE?
8:04AM 1 OpenSUSE 11.1 with OpenLDAP => some surprises (ldap.conf, nss-ldap.conf, nsswitch.conf)
12:02AM 7 The way things used to work...
Wednesday February 11 2009
9:52PM 5 4th Submission to Samba List -- No Response Yet
9:36PM 2 Connect without password
5:31PM 0 Which samba/ctdb to use
2:57PM 5 desactivating NTLM fallback when accessing a share and kerberos auth fails
9:39AM 7 Something weird about pdbedit.
9:00AM 0 samba - openldap
Tuesday February 10 2009
11:42PM 4 Where does Windows get the samba name to put into the Network Share name?
8:35PM 1 Samba 3 LDAP account db concepts
7:57PM 0 Auth problem with AD member server
6:00PM 3 Upgrade samba from 3.28 to 3.29 to fix winbind issue.
4:47PM 0 Use both ADS authentication and smbpasswd for local accounts.
3:17PM 0 ldapsam:editposix and add user script
12:48AM 0 samba with cups
Monday February 9 2009
2:17PM 5 smb keeps stale connections from logged out users and shut down clients
11:32AM 2 Vista won''t copy roaming profile to server
Sunday February 8 2009
12:45AM 0 Samba does not work unless nscd is running
Saturday February 7 2009
11:54PM 2 net rap validate
2:50PM 1 disable samba logging
1:30AM 1 REPOST: Odd SMBD log message
Friday February 6 2009
7:10PM 1 vfs objects
7:04PM 0 password too long
6:24PM 10 File locking problem involving Samba, Clearcase, and Cygwin
5:34PM 1 Fw: specified network path no longer available
12:47PM 0 SLES 10 - Winbind-problem
12:08PM 0 AUTO : Ulrik Darnetz est en formation (returning Fri 02/06/2009)
Thursday February 5 2009
10:52PM 0 Samba + NT4 + AD
8:41PM 0 Changes to the gecos field returned by winbind
7:40PM 0 Samba Consultant needed
6:59PM 2 Source RPM compile error
5:22PM 1 Mapped Network Drive Error
5:01PM 3 Extended ACL stealing ownership on 3.2.7
3:47PM 0 specified network path no longer available
2:37PM 2 Question about mount.cifs and smbclient
1:48PM 11 Samba and NetAPP filers, the PDC problem...
11:22AM 1 Groups and sambaSIDList
9:08AM 0 a question about vars
Wednesday February 4 2009
7:28PM 2 Smb Panic
6:53PM 1 libsmbclient: readdir caches dirents?
6:51PM 0 samba + cups + page size
6:22PM 6 Multiple subnets, multiple domains and one LDAP
5:10PM 5 SWAT with an LDAP Backend
2:28PM 8 can''t make 3.3.0 on Solaris 10
2:21PM 0 FW: Samba and winbind issues
2:19AM 1 Idmap + LDAP + winbind: our first BDC - doubts about idmap ranges and winbbindd + Idmap dn
12:52AM 0 Winbind Dies Regularly
Tuesday February 3 2009
6:53PM 0 Error " final write to client failed: Broken pipe"
5:07PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.8 Maintainance Release Available
5:05PM 6 Disappearing user name
4:41PM 4 Samba + LDAP problem
3:17PM 2 Problem sharing a directory which contains other mountpoints
12:05PM 0 AUTO : Ulrik Darnetz est en formation (renvoi de Ven 02/06/2009)
10:42AM 1 Windows CE
2:50AM 0 Samba + Two NICs
Monday February 2 2009
11:40PM 3 Map sids to Unix UID and GID
8:51PM 3 Files monitoring through Samba
3:50PM 0 Odd SMBD log message
1:33PM 1 Large file problem with version 3.0.34
11:25AM 0 How to setup the policy "Domain controller: Refuse machine account password changes" in SAMBA`
Sunday February 1 2009
7:33PM 0 Groups and permissions.
6:05PM 3 IMAP Authentication