samba - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
8:25PM 1 Adding additional groups to a file.
7:09PM 0 firewalls and winbind authentication to trusted domains
6:35PM 1 Samba Authorizations
5:27PM 0 nis and samba
4:51PM 0 Printer permissions
4:41PM 1 Samba PDC & Squid NTLM Auth - Same machine
4:12PM 0 to idmap_ldap or not to idmap_ldap
2:08PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.9 Maintenance Release Available
12:15PM 0 Error: Rejecting auth request from client MAILBKP1 machine account MAILBKP1$
12:04PM 0 Some users / Access Denied
9:14AM 1 Proper use of tdbbackup
5:01AM 1 A secondary domain controller for remote clients
1:29AM 1 Enable samba BDC to allow writing to local LDAP
Monday March 30 2009
4:51PM 0 SOLVED: Win XP Client password change nightmare.
3:28PM 0 Winbind => Add a local user/pass cache ?
9:47AM 1 problem with the transition from winter to summer time usrmgr.exe and logon hours
8:29AM 1 Daylight savings crashed winbindd
7:32AM 1 Recall: can't add samba to the domain
3:26AM 1 Are tdbsam and smbpasswd linked?
2:59AM 2 What is the purpose of "add user script"?
2:49AM 2 failed to create users error
2:39AM 0 Is this subnet stated correctly?
Sunday March 29 2009
10:47PM 0 no SERVER entry in smbclient output
10:31PM 2 Conflicting RID creation
5:20PM 1 Printing:(Samba + CUPS + LDAP) Windows Clients(2000/XP) Slow get status printer.
3:29PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.6.0.RC1 released
4:05AM 1 pdbedit's add machine option
12:04AM 3 Does WINS need to be populated or configured?
Saturday March 28 2009
5:41AM 0 What are these failed to create errors?
4:05AM 7 need good tdbsam reference
Friday March 27 2009
8:50PM 1 Automatic & Permanent Disconnect of WinXP Clients
6:50PM 1 Unable to add machine accounts
3:49PM 1 Error loading module '/usr/lib/samba/pdb/'
3:32PM 1 Multiple daemon log files.
1:06PM 1 failed to join domain error
11:51AM 0 [Release Planning 3.3] Samba 3.3.3 planned for April 1
11:47AM 0 [Release Planning 3.2] Samba 3.2.9 planned for March 31
10:59AM 1 Upgrade to 3.3.2
4:34AM 0 NFSv4 support in CTDB
2:36AM 3 Understanding ldap auth credentials
2:21AM 1 can't add samba to the domain
Thursday March 26 2009
8:13PM 0 How samba and active directory works
2:42PM 6 PDC / BDC in a Samba Domain Controller.
2:08PM 0 samba/ldap BDC slowness
1:02PM 2 %L substitution error
10:22AM 1 Problems with idmap_adex module
6:30AM 0 Trouble joining AD 2008 Server
3:28AM 0 Integracion samba win2k3 AD
Wednesday March 25 2009
11:32PM 2 Win XP Client password change nightmare.
1:45PM 2 Dotfiles with multiple dots not marked as hidden
9:22AM 0 Multiple instances of winbindd
3:37AM 2 shared files missing after install
2:45AM 0 RFE: manpage smb.conf`
1:59AM 0 Conference: SambaXP 2009 - April 20-24
Tuesday March 24 2009
11:11PM 1 Problem with new Samba 3.2.3 Ubuntu install: "INTERNAL ERROR 6 in pid XXXX"
9:16PM 0 " Failed to connect to IPC$ share on localhost" when running the "net rpc group add" command.
7:39PM 3 vampire support for windows 2000+ domains?
7:30PM 0 Is the net rpc vampire at all destructive to a NT4 PD C?
6:50PM 1 the unusual way ldap -> AD
6:48PM 1 Is the net rpc vampire at all destructive to a NT4 PDC?
5:50PM 0 slow printing with XP SP3
5:26PM 2 gidNumber's and ldap backed samba PDC
5:18PM 1 samba kills machine
3:29PM 1 problem with sambaNextRid (WAS: updating samba/ldap: do I need new attributes?)
2:00PM 2 sambaRefuseMachinePwdChange policy
1:52PM 0 AD 3.3.x issues
Monday March 23 2009
10:38PM 0 any experience with MS SQL Reporting Service to Linux based Samba share?
9:22PM 1 Text File Corruption Writing from Windows to Linux NFS Share.
9:15PM 3 samba
7:25PM 1 Internal Error Signal 11 (Samba 3.2.3)
2:54PM 0 regpatch problem ?
2:00PM 1 Windows dir command not working on filenames with 8.3 format
1:31PM 0 net ads join -U syntax
12:47PM 1 Probleme Winbind:
10:11AM 0 confused: when do I have to use \\DOMAN and when \\ip.address
9:03AM 0 MSBROWSE entry
5:28AM 0 samba AD integration
4:15AM 0 directory permission - access denied
12:07AM 1 integration with existing ldap directory
Sunday March 22 2009
2:01PM 1 samba4:login works, but domain not found afterwards
Saturday March 21 2009
9:20PM 1 Windows server 2003 SP2, SFU 3.5 and Samba 3.0.28
3:37PM 2 trouble with winbind on Centos 5.2
4:43AM 0 Re: Regarding your email to
Friday March 20 2009
7:26PM 0 Re: Samba mailing list questions regarding Group Policy
6:55PM 2 Short delay when logging in an XP client to a Samba PDC
3:19PM 1 Samba support for ADM files
3:13PM 1 Winbind error ? idmap Fatal Error: UID range full!
2:52PM 1 Winbindd Takes 100% CPU.
1:19PM 1 vfs full_audit panic
9:31AM 0 Failed to retrieve password from secrets.tdb with anonymous bind
7:48AM 1 help - smbiod
Thursday March 19 2009
11:37PM 1 smbldap and samba as a PDC
11:05PM 2 smbd cannot be killed
9:28PM 3 root ownership on all new files for admin users
9:19PM 1 Updated sources and clean build gives linker error in cldapd.o
7:27PM 1 Can join ADS domain, all accounts/auth work fine, but leaving domain fails
5:05PM 3 samba not using nearest ADS server
3:26PM 2 Server 2008 and Samba 3.0.25b
3:25PM 0 ADS Authentication - CLDAP request failed
12:22PM 0 Export groups, users, all objects in Samba domain a nutshell
11:01AM 1 Ftp login
Wednesday March 18 2009
11:15PM 1 Log entries with truncated service names
8:06PM 0 samba ldap configuration & attributes needed
7:49PM 1 Can SAMBA make a kerberos keytab on Solaris 10?
2:35PM 1 Samba Password Question.
2:23PM 3 fill_share_mode_lock failed
11:00AM 0 AD and winbindd madness
8:17AM 1 Open Files (MSOFFICE, xls, word) on samba share extreme slow
7:43AM 2 Upgrade Samba Server Operating System version
1:06AM 3 Samba Configuration
Tuesday March 17 2009
10:51PM 1 ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed: Ticket not yet valid
8:21PM 2 MS Access 2007 files corrupted with 3.3.2
7:15PM 1 Samba logs fill up disk with inotify errors, smbd 100% CPU
6:48PM 0 Is Samba 4alpha7 sufficient for this project?
6:46PM 1 Files on samba share not updated quickly enough
6:41PM 0 Printing from Windows with Kyocera Drivers - which one to use ?
3:15PM 0 Can Windows be forced to supply new logon credentials?
12:09PM 1 map hidden only for files?
11:38AM 2 help - logon script
11:31AM 1 WinXP altering user...
9:44AM 3 Samba with ldap-Backend as PDC: Changing SMB-Password under Unix?
5:46AM 0 samba 3.0.33, solaris and vfs problem and solution
2:51AM 0 Alternate to 'net ads keytab'?
Monday March 16 2009
11:23PM 0 Vampire ends with a NT_STATUS_SYNCHRONIZATION_REQUIRED error
10:04PM 1 Problem with Samba 4 and Fedora Directory Server
10:00PM 0 Making Samba 3.2.3 and ACL work
8:10PM 1 smbclient with Kerberos works, smbclient with NTLM does not?
6:29PM 0 Browse Mshome
3:46PM 0 namecache_shutdown: Couldn't close namecache on top of gencache.
3:20PM 0 Samba server is 'joined' to a Windows AD, my client is a stand-alone system
9:27AM 2 Win98 -> 3.0.28a OK, Win98 -> 3.2.7 No Good??
3:41AM 0 Winbind log errors: string_to_sid...
3:03AM 3 Domain Privileges on Samba 3.2
2:16AM 0 Using smbtorture to test performance
Sunday March 15 2009
4:12PM 0 Trustdom not working if trusted smbd > 3.2.4
4:00PM 1 Postfix and Samba best practice
3:18PM 2 Sun ONE and Samba
11:34AM 1 Patch for NGROUPS_MAX on FreeBSD with more then 64 groups
Saturday March 14 2009
11:27PM 1 get_ea_dos_attributes Operation not supported
3:37PM 1 Saturday, Mar 14 - {git, wiki, bugzilla} down for maintenace until 17:00 GMT-5 today
9:32AM 2 bad performance Vista <-> Samba over gbit
Friday March 13 2009
8:53PM 1 User home directories on a windows server question.
6:03PM 0 winbind cache seems to change the group membership of a user
5:22PM 2 1MB/s gigabit transfers on dell poweredge
4:31PM 1 [ADS]Trust relationship 'expires'
12:23PM 0 reverse veto files redux
11:04AM 0 smbldap-useradd/getent group problem
9:42AM 0 Fwd: win xp machine disconnected from share and repeated authentication required
8:58AM 6 please help me PLEASEEEEEEEE
8:48AM 3 Samba LDAP troubleshooting
1:21AM 1 PAM_WINBIND problem with sambaPwdMustChange
Thursday March 12 2009
7:33PM 0 More on close_cnum(1284)
7:32PM 0 Connection closing with close_cnum(1284)
4:31PM 1 updating samba/ldap: do I need new attributes?
3:04PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.2 Available for Download
2:55PM 2 Error compiling Samba 3.3.2 on Solaris 10
12:39PM 0 Implimenting MSDFS Issue
12:19PM 0 Joining Samba 3 domain from Windows Vista
10:05AM 3 Binary Packages SuSE9.0 != SLES9
9:36AM 1 smbstatus behavior
Wednesday March 11 2009
11:56PM 1 Unix permissions mapping query
11:08PM 0 RE: To winbind or not to winbind.
9:10PM 3 Can not clear Read-only attribute
8:26PM 0 slow printing vista
11:10AM 1 Samba PDC - Kerberised CIFS access
9:54AM 2 dictionary for crackcheck
8:12AM 2 ACL problem under FC9
2:32AM 2 chown failure on a samba share
Tuesday March 10 2009
7:41PM 1 samba doesn't release external usb device
6:41PM 1 Active directory and winbind RID/SID to uid and gid maping across several linux servers
6:23PM 1 Samba profiles for Win XP Pro
6:17PM 1 Error trying to create LOCAL groups & Users
6:02PM 0 Searching a mailman archive (was: Complex [homes])
5:59PM 0 Unable to write files from the same group
4:40PM 0 Re: ldap group authentication refresh [SOLVED]
3:46PM 10 Complex [homes] rule
12:03PM 1 inherit group on new files/directories
8:50AM 0 net ads join -U syntax: userid@domain confuses kerberos
8:49AM 1 samba and auditd
8:14AM 0 AUTO: I am on vacation. (returning 11-03-2009)
4:51AM 0 inconsistent log file names
3:13AM 0 samba extd_audit question
3:00AM 0 Many Samba 3.3.1 manpages have incorrect version number
1:41AM 0 WinXP3: NBNS query: non-exist; Wireshark: "'NB ?'<00>" & "'NB ?'<20>"
Monday March 9 2009
9:37PM 0 idmap_nss needed together with idmap_ldap?
7:32PM 0 Log Rotation Kills Samba/Winbind?
6:37PM 0 mixing idmap_ldap with smbldap-useradd
6:32PM 3 ldap group authentication refresh
6:32PM 1 Install of Samba 3.2.8-2 rpms failed to restart smbd and nmbd
2:37PM 2 ms office and 3.3.1
1:47PM 1 FW: winbind
1:07PM 1 Samba 4.0 alpha releases in production environments
12:42PM 0 wbinfo -t produces NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
12:14PM 0 WinXP connecting to a samba server with mixed guset and non-guest shares
9:32AM 1 Set "hidden" attribute on folder
8:10AM 1 how to add a linux box into a samba domain
7:27AM 2 [Release Planning 3.3] 3.3.2 on March 12 2009
6:14AM 0 Samba session setup STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
2:00AM 1 Bad patch for 3.2.7 - 3.2.8?
12:52AM 2 Changing Domain Passwords
Sunday March 8 2009
9:29PM 1 acl_xattr vs. acl_tdb
2:26PM 1 idmap uid allocation problem
12:26PM 0 Raising DomainAdmin privileges
Saturday March 7 2009
5:16PM 0 "read only" file problem - log file
3:03PM 0 Unable to join domain : Migrating from Ubuntu to CentOS (WinXP Client)
2:41PM 0 Re2: Please help me how to fix "read only" file problem
1:24PM 1 Please help me how to fix "read only" file problem
4:16AM 1 idmap_ad not returning correct UID under 3.3.1
Friday March 6 2009
11:32PM 0 add/change share script
9:05PM 2 Corrupted ntprinters.tdb
5:49PM 0 Samba 3.3.1 - configure bug?
5:08PM 3 Creating a write-only drop box
3:51PM 0 nmbd acting as a wins server gives negative query response for hosts and lmhosts addresses
2:23PM 4 how to access samba server from remote location
12:02PM 0 krb5.conf in /var/lib/samba/smb_krb5 very different from original
11:19AM 1 user y pass in winxp --share public
8:50AM 1 module syncprov
1:52AM 0 pam_winbind get attributes?
1:26AM 2 pdbedit dosen't send the sambaSID to the ldap
Thursday March 5 2009
9:01PM 1 Adding existing ldap users as Samba users
7:08PM 0 how to use auth_ntlm_winbind?
3:57PM 3 Samba 4 Alpha 7 Authentication issue
3:01PM 2 Fox Pro DBF open problems
10:36AM 0 VMmware Converter Split into 2GB files - Samba Share
10:08AM 1 Strange Win Disk Size Info
8:55AM 1 nmbd-daemon fails on startup without error
Wednesday March 4 2009
11:35PM 0 Can anyone comment on my setup?
10:17PM 1 Error compiling Samba 3.3.1
8:49PM 1 user profile is not saved. why?
7:42PM 0 Add a Samba-3 server to a Samba-2 Domain
6:14PM 0 samba time server
5:38PM 3 Quota in Samba
5:21PM 0 PDB files and "Delayed Write Failed"
3:24PM 0 Fw: Antwort: RE: Re: Samba + Vista Issue
3:05PM 0 NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND when attempting to print to a cups printer
1:48PM 0 sys_get_vfs_quota
1:19PM 1 problem when PDC machine name equals domain name
1:10PM 9 samba 3.3.x vfs_acl_xattr support
12:56PM 1 performance problem with 3.2.8: unbuffered reads for some users
Tuesday March 3 2009
4:57PM 1 PDC machine name appears as Domain Name on PC profiles
2:49PM 3 First attempt file access denied subsequent file accesses granted
11:18AM 0 unable to use myse home share on a member server
8:46AM 2 How to allow only particular users to logon to a particular computer?
7:14AM 3 CreateHardLink problem
1:00AM 2 Samba & AutoCad 2007
Monday March 2 2009
5:18PM 0 Fsync directories
5:13PM 0 winbindd_pam_auth_crap: invalid password length
4:34PM 1 slow throughput on 1gbit lan
12:21PM 2 disable logons for all users but Domain Admin?
10:23AM 1 Setting up a Samba school for a school environment
7:46AM 2 samba user stays at the syatem !!!
1:10AM 0 Samba 3.0 AD Integration restrict users
Sunday March 1 2009
6:24PM 0 Manually expire duplicate netbios name
10:39AM 2 vlan problem