samba - Sep 2007

Sunday September 30 2007
7:50PM 1 wbinfo -u fails on RHEL5
2:13PM 1 Linux in a Windows 2k3 domain - odd lockout issue
Saturday September 29 2007
11:15PM 1 samba with iptables
6:11PM 3 samba 3.0.26a-1 / Debian/Lenny sendfile(?) performance problems
4:36AM 0 First Preview of Samba 3.2.0 Available for Download
Friday September 28 2007
9:45PM 1 Excel "Disk Full" when overwriting file
9:27PM 1 ACL - only for domain groups
9:08PM 1 Active file transfers
7:47PM 1 Samba Problem
7:43PM 0 SuSE 10.2 in a Win2k3 domain - odd lockout issue
4:50PM 1 User access to [homes] share
11:00AM 0 Slow transfers from Samba server
5:42AM 0 samba ROLE
12:47AM 0 samba-3.0.24 on openbsd: low throughput
Thursday September 27 2007
11:39PM 0 NT domain or AD ?
8:16PM 0 Winbind & AD group membership caching
4:47PM 0 Problem with tar commands in smbclient 3.0.23c
3:13PM 2 Add route
2:54PM 0 [Re: smaba PDC on other subnet problem]
12:05PM 1 samba acl + winxp, win2000 server
11:37AM 1 Log in without username and password
7:38AM 2 samba 3.0.23a => 3.0.26a - simple config, working fine
5:33AM 0 Samba Vs Microsoft 2003 AD
Wednesday September 26 2007
7:25PM 0 failed to verify PAC server signature warning
5:52PM 0 Problem with locking the password file
4:26PM 1 User not really in group
3:54PM 0 smaba PDC on other subnet problem
3:29PM 1 Samba, OpenLDAP and Windows Vista
3:17PM 2 smbldap-useradd problem
3:01PM 2 Samba with NFS
1:53PM 0 setting Profile Path with pdbedit
1:46PM 0 rpc_api_pipe did not respond 10000 milliseconds
12:47PM 0 samba domain trust with Windows 2008 R0
8:41AM 1 Very slow execution of programs from a SAMBA share
7:56AM 3 guest not permitted to access share
12:52AM 1 Re: Authentication Question; WAS: installing Samba as non-root user
Tuesday September 25 2007
11:05PM 0 Samba (winbind) integration into an Active Directory domain
9:12PM 0 2 questions
7:56PM 1 Samba vs Microsoft Logon Protocols
7:04PM 0 defunct netstat processes
6:22PM 1 Weird disconnection problems
4:38PM 2 Stumbling blocks moving to NTLMv2
2:53PM 0 AD admin account being locked by Samba?
2:04PM 1 how to view disk labels used by a user for his/her disk shares?
1:43PM 0 Using write list with winbind
Monday September 24 2007
9:37PM 0 Disabling AAAA DNS record lookups?
7:46PM 2 Files That Constantly Change
5:09PM 0 moving from local profiles to roaming profiles
4:47PM 2 Q: how to collect user/group-names
3:40PM 2 Windows XP - Userid in the Start Menu
3:26PM 1 errors join samba 3.0.26a to windows 2003 r2
11:26AM 2 sync logon scripts between PDC and BDCs
9:16AM 1 thread removal
1:55AM 2 Where is the tdbsam password database file?
Sunday September 23 2007
7:03PM 1 PDC. Windows unable to save profile
Saturday September 22 2007
2:25PM 2 Samba Domain and Vista Profiles
2:04AM 4 VFAT filesystem and large files
12:52AM 3 installing Samba as non-root user at work - please help.
Friday September 21 2007
2:52PM 2 [Fwd: Re: acl permissions not staying]
2:24PM 0 Unable to find the Domain Master Browser
12:45PM 0 Understanding Backtrace - ????
12:28PM 0 file not found on cifs mount
9:31AM 0 idmap backend questions
9:27AM 1 Dos filemode and group rights to change permissions (even when group has read only permissions)
9:15AM 0 Re: idmap backend questions
7:39AM 1 Problem with two subnets
5:32AM 0 Can not write to shared drive do to permissions
Thursday September 20 2007
11:58PM 1 Samba PDC - How to disable system locking on Windows XP
10:37PM 1 winbind and local groups
7:14PM 1 Adding a Windows 2003 Server to a Samba PDC Domain
6:51PM 1 wierd permissions issue
5:49PM 2 acl permissions not staying
4:23PM 1 Windows Vista Woes PLZ help
2:49PM 0 Samba share access from local server account
2:18PM 1 Winbindd on a pdc??
10:48AM 0 Member server - group and user mapping with winbind
10:24AM 2 Q: Samba & CUPS & Win Print Processor
4:32AM 0 3.0.26a RPM install on Suse 10.2 Generates Warnings
2:28AM 1 Migrating to LDAP
Wednesday September 19 2007
8:53PM 0 wbinfo fails
7:54PM 1 Problem after joining Windows domain: Will Samba support "fallback" to local domain for authentication of local users?
3:05PM 4 What management of samba is available for large scale deployment
2:05PM 2 Invalid hash for xattr (system.posix_acl_access) associated with [NULL]
1:04PM 1 wbinfo
9:43AM 1 pdbedit -P "password history" doesn't work !!
7:46AM 0 smbvalid.a and valid.a files.
7:32AM 0 samba - ad domain trust windows 2003 native mode
6:15AM 0 wins.dat or wins.tdb
5:37AM 0 Authentication problems using libsmbclient to traverse DFS links
Tuesday September 18 2007
9:50PM 0 group mapping on a member server - winbindd and solaris 10
9:20PM 0 Windows Vista Logging into SAMBA PDC
6:58PM 0 samba 3.0.26a - gentoo
4:38PM 0 Questions about using Winbind to auth linux users
4:12PM 0 net join, client tls bug?
3:41PM 1 Using Samba: Third Edition
3:00PM 0 Disable share mapping without joining domain
2:29PM 4 Network browsing
2:02PM 0 ADS join / Name vs. IP
1:02PM 0 Vista client error 1058
7:35AM 0 access to share is not working using smb://
7:24AM 0 cannot create users on the fly
3:37AM 0 Logging with VFS - /var/log/messages is getting to BIG.
2:34AM 0 Windows XP Roaming Profiles Firefox Problem
Monday September 17 2007
9:25PM 0 group mapping on a member server
7:54PM 1 Re-Solved - no printing for you
7:11PM 1 SWAT smbpasswd authentication
6:46PM 1 Backup of Samba Server files
5:15PM 2 ntp policy example question
3:48PM 3 doc files with attribut r for user
2:05PM 1 smbstatus issue with multiple smbd
1:40PM 0 Help! Looking for the smbmount-nomtab.patch and smbmount-mtab-flags.patch
8:26AM 0 Problem with groups in samba
7:38AM 0 Queries not bound to Samba Interface
6:30AM 0 after winbind authentication: "no name associated with group-id 150000"
Sunday September 16 2007
9:53PM 0 No Printing for you
2:57PM 2 LMPassword and NTPassword
Saturday September 15 2007
3:02PM 3 samba pdc & ldap vs mysql
Friday September 14 2007
11:20PM 0 smbpasswd -a not working with ldap
9:55PM 1 Windows client hangs running .exe from Samba share
9:19PM 1 Illegal Characters in filename
9:07PM 1 Allowed punctuation in samba filenames?
5:36PM 2 NT4 PDC -> Samba/LDAP PDC failing to work
4:11PM 2 Adding printer port from Win2K client
3:58PM 0 R: R: howwinbind cache time works
2:43PM 0 Samba don't see DC
2:36PM 0 password syncronization issue...
1:35PM 0 3.0.26a Standalone Up 3 day no complaints!
9:34AM 0 Problem while accessing DFS links.
9:07AM 1 howwinbind cache time works
3:31AM 0 cross-compile smbmount problem
2:03AM 0 i have some trouble about samba networking
Thursday September 13 2007
7:12PM 4 NT4 domain authentication password expires, but is set not to
5:03PM 0 Some Vista Info reguarding Profiles
3:46PM 1 samba3+openldap:Problem during the LDAP search
3:27PM 2 'dns update' compile error on gentoo
3:14PM 0 Compilation error when linking :-(
7:29AM 0 samba authentication problem, when moved from workgroup to active directory
7:28AM 1 Problem while accessing DFS links using smbclient !!
1:33AM 0 Integrating Win2k3 into Samba PDC (on OSX 10.4.10)
1:09AM 1 Recycle bin in 2.2.5
Wednesday September 12 2007
11:36PM 0 Job Opportunity: Sysadmin
4:34PM 1 Timezone confusion: net time \\server ...
4:03PM 0 3.0.26a - sernet packages
3:34PM 0 Problems with BDC-Samba starting with version 3.0.25
2:46PM 0 Samba user Modify passwords on Windows 2003 Enterprise
1:56PM 0 Default User not used correctly?
8:04AM 0 very slow transfer with new version
3:34AM 0 Log File Confusion
2:38AM 1 Clearing account lockout
2:25AM 0 Modifying unix username with pdbedit
12:57AM 6 Step By Step PDC with OpenLDAP?
Tuesday September 11 2007
10:51PM 0 Using machine account credentials for issuing standalone ldap queries against a Windows 2000 Active Directory server
9:20PM 1 Error Joining a Domain
5:43PM 0 Fwd: Re: Disconnected homes share not really disconnected
4:10PM 1 TRUSTS - The conflicting domain portions are not supported for NETLOGON calls
1:52PM 2 Samba 3.0.26a Available for Download
1:52PM 0 [SECURITY] Winbind's rfc2307 & SFU nss_info plugin in Samba 3.0.25[a-c] assigns users a primary gid of 0 by default
1:21PM 0 Automatic printer-driver download - slow respons from printers
12:39PM 4 Questions about the new idmap interface
11:33AM 0 some users cannot authenticate against ADS
6:20AM 3 samba doesnt change shadowLastChange
1:39AM 1 Disconnected homes share not really disconnected
Monday September 10 2007
10:26PM 0 mount.cifs issues
8:11PM 1 Can't transfer files larger than 2GB from hpux to Win2K...
6:12PM 3 Winbind Join AD 2003 failled, why ?
3:40PM 0 member server config problem
11:26AM 0 ADS and GDM
10:29AM 0 User not permitted to access this share
8:10AM 0 Unable to open new log file: Permission denied
7:34AM 0 authentication error with krb5 & winbind at "login" or "su"
Sunday September 9 2007
12:21PM 1 Different user permissions on the same share
12:17PM 2 broken pipe
4:31AM 1 user / machine / group scripts, some work some don't
1:42AM 2 workgroup > join domain with same name = no issue? I don't get it
1:13AM 0 Samba PANIC
Saturday September 8 2007
9:09PM 1 3.0.25c release
7:33AM 1 Cannot delete users from samba
Friday September 7 2007
11:43PM 0 cannot access samba server
11:16PM 0 Is there a simple way to let particular windows users have read/write on ALL samba shares?
10:37PM 0 Generic question about Kerberos - Samba - Acive Directory 2003
9:58PM 3 NTLMv2, Samba, and Squid
9:30PM 2 Setting up Print$ share
9:18PM 0 samba error log
9:09PM 0 Use tcp while fetching kerberos tickets
8:47PM 0 FOUND SOLUTION and question: Cannot access shares after joining Samba to AD 2000 domain
7:36PM 3 PDC (can't fetch domain SID)
7:22PM 1 Samba and AD: Strange problem with connection
5:24PM 0 odd chdir failed error
3:12PM 1 Winbindd errors on member server
12:24PM 0 Re: smb.conf option "force unknown acl user"
12:07PM 1 Winbind crash due to Kerberos broken implementation
9:39AM 0 "write_data: write failure in writing to client" with directories copy
6:24AM 1 Authenticating to AD server fails.
2:24AM 0 Why won't %username% variable work when adding users to samba share?
12:38AM 0 DNS registration pushing up wrong IP?
Thursday September 6 2007
9:31PM 0 Problems with slow printing
8:53PM 1 samba-4.0.0alpha1 - AC authetication
8:39PM 2 can't add machine to domain after samba update
7:11PM 1 Problem with Defaulting Groups and AD
6:11PM 1 Core Dump Issue
6:03PM 0 UPDATE - NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED making remote directory
3:44PM 0 Glitches adding homedir profiles to a samba share with AD MMC?
12:55PM 1 problems with VFS_FAKE_PERMS
11:54AM 1 File sharing and Active Directory
4:48AM 1 Winbind and LDAP
Wednesday September 5 2007
11:37PM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED making remote directory
10:31PM 0 Samba ADS join dropping after reboot?
9:05PM 0 Remote EFS share mounting
6:41PM 1 Problems joining machine to domain
6:05PM 0 (no subject)
5:59PM 0 (no subject)
1:26PM 2 Re-4: limit login
12:15PM 4 Re-2: limit login
11:50AM 1 smbd starting up as non-root user
11:50AM 0 tru64 unix make command problem
10:16AM 0 ERROR: failed to setup guest info [3.0.23c]
9:31AM 1 limit login
1:11AM 0 smbclient scripts
Tuesday September 4 2007
7:48PM 1 Removing mangle map parameter.
3:56PM 0 Request for Samba Consultant in NYC
1:58PM 0 Can't see shares, and also smbmount works but mount -t cifs doesn't
6:45AM 0 Garbage at end-of-file on repeated seeks (like tail)
Monday September 3 2007
8:17PM 1 Winbind partial data
8:00PM 0 smbpasswd on solaris clients
12:17PM 0 List managements tests
12:06PM 0 How to - Samba, winbind and Active Directory
12:03PM 0 Printer management on Samba server connected to ADS