samba - Oct 2007

Wednesday October 31 2007
5:38PM 3 How to make "Add permission" for folder in system withntacl support?
3:59PM 2 BUILTIN groups mapping via winbind!!
2:45PM 6 Serving MS Access Databases, with ACL
1:44PM 0 Question on Mac OsX Samba and address change
10:20AM 1 Active Directory member problem
9:56AM 0 Cant't modify passowrd on Windows 2003 server
3:43AM 0 archive attribute and samba share
2:05AM 1 Compile samba to ARM cross compiler
1:14AM 2 several users with several printers
Tuesday October 30 2007
11:02PM 2 accessing share directories
10:22PM 1 best practices for naming directories
10:12PM 0 Problem with ACLs "Too many ACE entries for file to convert to posix perms."
8:29PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.1.0.RC1 released
7:01PM 1 Samba+ldap in FreeBSD
6:15PM 1 long delay when connecting to samba server
6:14PM 0 trouble with samba/winbind
3:36PM 0 Re: Ubuntu 7.10 64 Bit Server Can't Write to Shares [SOLVED]
2:45PM 0 Prompt domain user for credentials when in ADS
1:42PM 0 Samba 3.0.26a generating 'Failed to parse RR/answer record'
5:19AM 3 ntbackup and samba
Monday October 29 2007
11:32PM 0 Need a cross-platform lockfile algorithm
11:05PM 2 homes directory visible only for one user
8:59PM 0 samba ldap problem
8:41PM 0 Fwd: Re: smbclient timeout?
5:58PM 1 password server rejecting users
5:47PM 1 Too many smb processes
4:44PM 3 Disculpen ?Se puede escribir en espanol?
3:29PM 4 Joining a Linux Machine to a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain
3:17PM 0 Office 2007 Documents Read Only in Samba Share SOLUTION
1:18PM 3 can't remove groups in AD
11:55AM 0 ERROR: too many handles (1025) on this pipe
7:39AM 0 Odd problem adding machine accounts
1:25AM 3 password server rejecting the password
12:39AM 3 Samba+LDAP problems
Sunday October 28 2007
2:52PM 0 smbclient timeout?
3:21AM 0 Ubuntu 7.10 64 Bit Server Can't Write to Shares
Saturday October 27 2007
9:27PM 0 AD Authentication Help
9:19PM 0 Fwd: Re: NBIPX, "local" problem?
3:29PM 0 couldn't find service in log files
12:32PM 0 smbclient -p <- odd problem
11:02AM 0 Migrating a Samba PDC
12:22AM 2 Re-Saving MS-Publisher files to Samba server prob
Friday October 26 2007
2:12PM 0 Change in group membership behavior?
1:47PM 0 Questions about SIDs and sambaDomains
11:47AM 0 ad query using machine account credentials?
11:44AM 0 acl for samba hosts
11:13AM 0 Pre-3.023d-Bug in ACL-handling reappears in 3.026a
10:56AM 0 Winbind crashes in 3.026a using rid
9:45AM 3 Binaries for AIX 5.1
12:49AM 0 Any SAMBA consultants for hire?
Thursday October 25 2007
7:55PM 2 Accumulating smbd processes and sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state
6:02PM 1 Samba PDC without encryption
5:54PM 1 Hosts Disappearing
3:01PM 0 Samba 3.0.25c and Samba 3.0.26a on AIX 5.3 - Windows Service Accounts & smbclient issues...
2:32PM 2 Question: backslash in file name
Wednesday October 24 2007
5:58PM 1 setuid question
4:15PM 0 crackcheck configuration
2:54PM 0 local samba has no trust ???
12:03PM 1 user == Administrator doesn't work
11:31AM 0 IDMAP issue with SID S-1-5-32-545
6:30AM 0 3.0.20b to 3.0.26a (try with .24 & .25) and differents with AD
6:18AM 0 Samba 3.0.26a on RHEL 4U5 and "No network interfaces found"
Tuesday October 23 2007
9:28PM 0 NBIPX, "local" problem?
8:54PM 2 winbind nss info = rfc2307 doesn't work when users not in "Users" Container?
6:43PM 1 Samba, AD and non AD Machines
2:04PM 1 Samba Port problems
11:27AM 1 LMB doesnt answer?
10:12AM 2 root != admin domain user?
7:25AM 1 exporting an FUSE base file system to windows
3:17AM 0 stat() - Interrupted system call
Monday October 22 2007
9:34PM 0 Possible memory leaks on lookup_sids()?
5:06PM 0 Accessing User Directories on XP Home from C:\ Share
3:46PM 0 ACL access popup in workgroup, not in domain
1:40AM 3 Samba "hijack" the connection?
Saturday October 20 2007
3:50PM 0 samba embedded
10:11AM 0 security domain
Friday October 19 2007
9:21PM 0 Windows XP truncating last share name?
7:51PM 2 AD Auth, but Unix users and groups
2:57PM 0 Joining an AD domain where AD domain name != DNS domain name
1:55PM 1 Performance Issue on Samba 3.023d with many small files
9:49AM 1 static wins entries -- entries change after restart of corresponding Samba server
9:39AM 0 Problem with master browser, Vista kills network neighbourhood
9:32AM 0 The Number One Success System Gifting
7:56AM 0 1st winbind 2nd vampire
7:13AM 0 SID List
3:36AM 0 Samba and Vista Home folders working here
Thursday October 18 2007
6:18PM 0 3.0.26a: error setting trust account password: NT code 0x1c010002
6:10PM 1 folder contents on Win2k SP4 clients become outdated
3:06PM 1 Vista performance (uggh)
1:33PM 4 Samba 3 + LDAP with multiple ou's
1:22PM 0 Weird permissions and ownership of [homes]
Wednesday October 17 2007
8:30PM 6 Can't see or change ACLs on Windows
6:23PM 4 Pam_mount + cifs
5:59PM 0 svn access via apache with ntlm authentication
5:03PM 3 getent passwd not listing domain users, nsswitch.conf is configured
3:53PM 1 strangest thing with Raid1 and samba
2:32PM 0 Samba + AD Admin tool
2:24PM 2 tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_chainlock_with_timeout_internal (rev_2)
1:43PM 0 incorrect password length
11:09AM 2 problem with kernel oplock
10:57AM 0 samba PDC - NT Usermanager no groups dispayed.
8:14AM 0 Samba4 KDC configuration
12:01AM 0 Password protect commonly used data shares
Tuesday October 16 2007
5:27PM 0 Can't set ACLs on mounted share from windows
2:24PM 2 username with @ (at character) - problems with authentication (CUPS)
12:25PM 0 OT: SMB Protocoll issues
10:43AM 2 Samba can't find its hostname via broadcast
5:18AM 1 samba PDC and lan printer
4:27AM 1 Problem with Net join
2:36AM 0 Winbind and Samba - Renaming an Active Directory Domain
Monday October 15 2007
6:52PM 1 "Access denied" error on Samba mount
5:41PM 0 samba migration 3.x -> 3.x
2:54PM 0 remove machine account automatically
12:27PM 2 Samba as PDC with XP Client - Logon requires reboot - Help Please
12:22PM 1 How to report successfull and unseccessful login attempts
6:22AM 1 Problem with network drives
Sunday October 14 2007
9:40PM 25 can I configure smb.conf to always publish share files with -rw-rw-rw- permission ?
7:50PM 1 Fw: How to make "Add permission" for folder in system with ntacl support?
6:11PM 0 Trouble with getting Samba to connect
Saturday October 13 2007
1:20PM 1 using cifs to access posix acl from a linux client
7:55AM 0 "CIFS VFS: server not responding" with some client/server combinations
7:19AM 0 samba problems
Friday October 12 2007
10:22PM 0 Too many smb processes....
8:47PM 0 Mangled home directory with AD
5:55PM 0 samba and vista workstation logins
3:56PM 1 Profile Location Best Practice
2:52PM 0 static wins entries for failover shares -- do Microsoft clients get confused?
12:52PM 0 DFS access
10:07AM 0 multihomed samba -- how to tell samba which ip-numbers to respond?
10:07AM 2 default kerberos realm??
8:44AM 1 Samba Server for Mac Computer
2:54AM 0 working smb,conf file for Windows Vista
1:43AM 0 Samba client -> PDC authentication fails on last step
Thursday October 11 2007
9:00PM 0 Fw: password synchronization issue...
4:06PM 1 Samba/ADS Question
3:53PM 0 How to make "Add permission" for folder in system with nt acl support?
3:48PM 0 Half of visible AD user accounts have no info using wbinfo -i, logins fail
2:56PM 0 Samba/LDAP RID assignment
1:41PM 0 Unable to join domain in remote subnet..
9:17AM 2 SAMBA+LDAP-How to promote Administrator with all priviliges?
9:13AM 1 Machine account LCT field not updated in smbpasswd 3.0.25c
4:06AM 0 CVS/SVN conversion to GIT finished for Samba 3 branches
2:42AM 3 CVS/SVN conversion to GIT finished for Samba 3.x branches
Wednesday October 10 2007
10:42PM 3 Uploading printer driver from Windows client gives "access denied" error
7:53PM 0 strange uid=domain\5Cuser ldap search requests
6:10PM 1 Unable to join domain in remote subnet...
5:47PM 0 Misleading "Password can change" in pdbedit?
2:42PM 0 Q: Winbind, LDAP
1:37PM 0 Messages in Console
8:41AM 0 device busy, I/O error and unable to umount
5:53AM 1 Winbindd on a PDC
4:50AM 1 about winbind
Tuesday October 9 2007
10:03PM 0 another smbd Problem
8:21PM 1 Old samba client
6:34PM 1 Sharing a shared folder
4:16PM 0 Non-default Domain group RID and NAS problem....
3:43PM 1 slow opening of files / make_connection: connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor.
2:50PM 3 permission/acl troubles
1:21PM 0 Samba and Wins (winbind) problem on clients
1:01PM 1 recycle: touching failed operation not permitted
12:38PM 1 Lightweight nmblookup
12:10PM 1 Samba, Squid and Active Directory
12:09PM 0 Ads server issue
12:09PM 0 Samba Doesnt do ADS Authentications
12:09PM 0 Is this a new tls problem?&
12:09PM 0 Winbind authentication over transitive trusts between multiple W2k3 Domains
12:09PM 0 smbfs mounts hang when windows machine is rebooted
12:09PM 0 Manage acl
12:09PM 0 samba/active directory permissions
12:09PM 0 Understanding security
12:08PM 0 Unable to authenticate NT4 users through AD via 2 way trust
11:06AM 0 File access error
Monday October 8 2007
11:47PM 1 Samba performance tuning
8:55PM 0 Mysterious Messages in Log File
6:09PM 1 Migrate Files and Shares
4:30PM 2 Can't chown a file to an ADS username
2:53PM 8 Samba + LDAP
2:24PM 1 smbd process per user ( Samba 3 + Terminal server )
2:10PM 0 ACL inherit and windows folder security settings
12:36PM 0 uploading from osx incredible slow
9:15AM 0 create users on MS AD domain server
Sunday October 7 2007
2:34PM 2 Moving Samba/LDAP PDC to another server
Saturday October 6 2007
8:16PM 9 Unusable performance over WAN (part 2)
7:35AM 0 Samba + Ldap: password syn
Friday October 5 2007
10:45PM 0 Upgrade to 3.0.25c security = user machine creates its own domain??
9:36PM 0 'Could not peek rid out of sid' error 3.0.25c
8:20PM 0 disk quotas and NFS
6:35PM 1 Very slow file copy performance over a WAN (HELP)
4:04PM 0 Winbind integration with large AD on Solaris 10
12:21PM 1 security = domain -- samba adds its netbios name as samba domain to LDAP
11:54AM 0 Access Denied, Unable To Connect
11:50AM 1 Fwd: could not read attribute 'gidNumber' --> seems to work with ldapsearch
2:23AM 0 group member across domain
Thursday October 4 2007
11:02PM 5 Winbind problem
6:20PM 0 Samba + Ldap: password sync
5:07PM 1 test
11:50AM 0 group member cross domain
11:12AM 3 Setting up common drive w/letter?
9:53AM 0 Empty secrets.tdb.
7:47AM 0 could not read attribute 'gidNumber'
6:22AM 2 Failed to create Administrators, Failed to create Users
Wednesday October 3 2007
10:53PM 1 Strange profile behavior ...
8:58PM 0 Request for some information: smbpasswd (NULL)
7:51PM 1 Linux Workstation in W2K AD Domain Auth Issue (Not the standard issue...)
6:04PM 1 PDC changed name, problems with login
10:37AM 2 Running multiple instances of Samba and LDAP question
8:13AM 0 Samba security policy editor for XP client
7:04AM 0 Is there any way to talk to a preferred PDC IP address?
7:02AM 0 Fwd: ZFS ACL...buggy behaviour
4:36AM 2 Samba 3,0,10 - critical error, large site
12:53AM 4 Win2003 ADS, wbinfo -u and -g almost works
Tuesday October 2 2007
5:31PM 0 Access Linux Directories from Windows (AD, LDAP)
4:06PM 0 Failed to create Users error
1:36PM 0 world permissions edition
12:16PM 1 Several AD domain servers
12:12PM 1 Script-question: Is user connected
11:23AM 0 Printing multiple copies in Cups
1:10AM 0 Windows printer applet fails to list print jobs with spaces in their name
Monday October 1 2007
8:55PM 0 Windows Group
8:12PM 0 Very slow performance on reads, Samba 3.0.24
7:25PM 2 How do I modify registry: Hk user?
2:13PM 1 numerous IPC$ connections
12:33PM 2 Logging logins with preexec and Samba/LDAP
11:55AM 2 windows admin == ???
11:35AM 1 Samba and AD: Still problem with conection
11:23AM 1 Mapped network drive randomly disconnects
9:48AM 0 Unable to remove file permissions