Rails - Feb 2013

Thursday February 28 2013
8:11PM 2 Create polymorphic resources
7:50PM 3 Configurando os models
3:34PM 0 The Argon Trail at RailsConf 2013
1:59PM 0 StackOverflow Question: Need help with my Rspec Request Spec!
12:04PM 7 Terminal Terminator not found command rails
5:32AM 1 autocomplete search terms question
3:50AM 13 RoR on IDE for Beginner
3:13AM 0 Rake tasks db:test:prepare cannot be executed in the same task of db:reset or db:migrate
3:00AM 1 how to use before_filter to decrypt post data
Wednesday February 27 2013
7:56PM 2 TicketType Expected, Got String
4:40PM 1 can't config profile page to update data forms and save
2:51PM 1 ActiveRecord newbie question
12:46PM 0 Strange behaviour of `has_many through` associations
12:42PM 0 Exended modules and reject_if in nested_attributes
12:23PM 10 Creating array, decimal
Tuesday February 26 2013
7:35PM 2 attributes= operation *appends* instead of replacing for accepts_nested_attributes_for with has_many
7:22PM 0 Rendering nested resources
7:09PM 2 Is it possible to execute a ruby script in the asset pipeline?
6:10PM 2 Timezone & DST help
4:22PM 2 Best way to loop over mongo collection?
11:47AM 4 3 models, joining and nested queries
4:53AM 2 rails 4.0.0.beta1 installation error
4:53AM 1 Store files with carrierwave to remote server (may be via ssh/scp)?
4:04AM 7 WebService and session
2:30AM 1 having trouble with a wizard style form and fields_for
Monday February 25 2013
6:47PM 1 Ruby pack - TypeError: can't convert String into Integer
6:03PM 3 ActiveRecord associations: design question
5:55PM 5 Rails CMS Suggestions
5:49PM 1 Group by with counts
10:29AM 3 How to use same css in pdf for wkhtmltopdf
10:17AM 1 SQL constraints through migrations
2:10AM 7 where condition with array
Sunday February 24 2013
11:58PM 1 Wiselinks issue
2:47PM 5 Security fix CVE-2012-5664 exists in rails 2.3.15
Saturday February 23 2013
10:37PM 0 where condition having no association
3:16AM 1 Prerequisites for learning Ruby on Rails
Friday February 22 2013
1:19PM 0 Rake task that allows you generate static error pages in public folder from partial.
7:19AM 3 Deploying from Windows to Linux?
5:25AM 7 Newbie Question
Thursday February 21 2013
5:46PM 0 [JOB] Lead Rails Engineer - Boston metrowest
4:43PM 6 Quick gem to help with passwords
2:52PM 1 deploy failed when add new gem to Gemfile
2:48PM 2 New route method on every controller
2:24PM 0 helpers and content_tag
1:45PM 1 Load local files
12:08PM 3 how to create custom yaml
11:20AM 1 Seeking rockstar ROR developer to join startup [London/remotely]
7:03AM 0 Linkedin Apis not found
6:05AM 2 [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.8.7 (2011-06-30 patchlevel 352) [x86_64-linux]
5:01AM 1 Is possible to use Sinatra with Rails????
Wednesday February 20 2013
11:56PM 3 Complex abilities and scoping of records
11:36PM 0 Ruby on Rails Training | NYC | March 11-15
9:36PM 1 Ruby on Rails developer opportunity
7:20PM 2 Fetch record based on many to many association
5:57PM 2 Calling a function: one space difference between failing and succeeding
1:53PM 0 [Job] Product Manager
1:38PM 0 How to build and deploy rails application
9:17AM 0 If you run a SaaS company, or work at one, I wanna talk to you
5:20AM 3 How do you download a file from the web and save it locally?
2:51AM 2 ActiveRecord callback chain exception?
Tuesday February 19 2013
10:45PM 1 NamedError with Roo and xlsx
5:24PM 0 Issues with an engine I created using Mongoid
4:02PM 0 ajax breaking multiline select habtm parameters
3:52PM 0 (Job) Opportunities for Ruby Developers (m/f) in Germany
11:35AM 0 10 free attendance tickets to workshop @LARubyConf: Going Beyond Rails, Feb 21
2:22AM 0 JOBS
1:31AM 2 First installation of RoR: two "lib" files are not found. Is it normal?
Monday February 18 2013
10:51PM 2 Copy fields from association
9:27PM 6 How to clear ActiveRecord query cache on associations with dynamic table
9:15PM 4 Login with Ajax
8:30PM 0 Custom Generators ignored
5:10PM 0 ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions - rails upgrade 2.3.x to 3.2.x
12:35PM 1 skip before filter dynamically (with condition)
9:44AM 4 belongs_to condition that checks the current user?
Sunday February 17 2013
11:43PM 6 Simple refactor?
11:12PM 1 Error on installation of Ruby On Rails on QNAP TS809U-RP [Linux]
9:25AM 5 Where do Gems Live (e.g. CKEditor)
7:17AM 2 Rails “no such file to load — rubygems (LoadError)”
12:48AM 3 Suggestions for my first serious Ruby on Rails project
Saturday February 16 2013
10:02PM 3 Fwd: Twitter bootstrap rails gem not working in production mode
2:52PM 2 Redirecting without Plugins
1:07PM 1 What is Rails fixing versions in Gemfile?
5:54AM 0 How to catch 'missingtitle' error for media_wiki gem(Stackoverflow Question)
2:13AM 2 structured data without database?
Friday February 15 2013
10:05AM 5 Select and inner join
6:45AM 2 how to debug rubny on rails application on aptana 3 studio
12:59AM 1 Ruby on Rails new bee( Need help)
Thursday February 14 2013
11:10PM 2 Trying to show 3 tables in 1 view
7:58PM 4 Struggling with Jruby Rails + jdbc driver
12:52PM 7 Social-Reviewing : new project for developpers to discuss about code
12:05PM 1 create object after before_filter :authenticate_user!
10:49AM 0 Workshop @LARubyConf: Going Beyond Rails - Scale Non-synchronically
1:39AM 6 Running Rails App Via Passenger
Wednesday February 13 2013
7:24PM 5 Any Rails + 960gs Gurus here? - zebra striping tables
6:02PM 2 The "rails generate" command
5:20PM 2 Job
3:19PM 0 Rails server on IPv6
12:31PM 2 Rspec not able to detect existing route
12:09PM 5 Fixing code affected by Unsafe Object Creation Vulnerability in JSON
7:27AM 2 confirm on Post under certain conditions
1:29AM 3 conditional validates_associated
Tuesday February 12 2013
11:22PM 0 (JOB) Ruby on Rails Application Developer - Newark, NJ
10:22PM 2 Uploading Files For Processing
10:16PM 0 Rails 3.2.12 - HTML5 - Offline cache manifest , running but no page rendered
9:54PM 0 Fwd: Need suggestions for admin panel implementation
1:57PM 2 Rails parameters get lost because of jQuery link
Monday February 11 2013
2:33PM 5 split dates array with take_while does not work ?
12:19PM 6 how to debug ruby on rails application
10:50AM 0 Invite to Workshop: Going Beyond Rails - Scale Non-synchronically
10:25AM 3 Google-Maps-for-Rails
10:11AM 2 group_by sum
Sunday February 10 2013
3:55PM 2 [Jobs] Looking for rails developer to do contract work
8:07AM 2 What's wrong with my spec? (StackOverflow Question)
6:03AM 0 Nested attributes doesnt get updated
5:59AM 1 How to add body parameter in Serel gem (stackoverflow api)
Saturday February 9 2013
8:39PM 2 AJAX to change session data
12:38AM 0 looking for RoR "ecosystem" graphic
Friday February 8 2013
9:37PM 5 Add Objects to personal List
5:35PM 3 business days
5:23PM 2 Video Progress Bar Issue
5:06PM 0 Rails and Windows Integrated security
2:28PM 1 Problem with many to many relationship
1:47PM 0 [Jobs] Ruby Developer (m/f) in Germany
1:16PM 0 How to Implement Instagram on Rails app
12:00PM 0 Change helper to js/coffee
11:00AM 2 Nested attributes (unknown attribute error)-overiding default foreign key referencing
5:47AM 3 Associations
12:07AM 5 easy question on GIT
Thursday February 7 2013
10:01PM 3 how to setup wizard mult-part form
8:34PM 5 does unicorn fork like phusion?
8:28PM 2 Rails finder method efficiency question
2:59PM 1 Extremely critical Ruby on Rails bug threatens more than 200,000 sites
12:56PM 2 paperclip rotate image
9:34AM 4 How to connect ruby on rails to mysql
6:33AM 3 -%> (hyphen character) in .js.erb
5:45AM 11 Rails change default time zone.
1:37AM 3 ActiveRecord date field, insert date object?
Wednesday February 6 2013
7:23PM 2 What can you do in Ruby on Rails?
5:04PM 5 rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production fails with "no such file to load -- initializer"
3:14PM 0 [Jobs] RoR Intern @ Wimdu
7:14AM 2 ruby zipping directory
5:24AM 1 Nested model json
Tuesday February 5 2013
7:34PM 1 Ruby on Rails
3:59PM 2 project proposal.
3:16PM 8 Web Services on Rails.
11:51AM 3 Truncate text
7:37AM 3 Error installing Rails
6:19AM 5 SECURITY WARNING: No secret option provided to Rack::Session::Cookie.
12:38AM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Engineer, Greenwich, CT to 135k
Monday February 4 2013
11:23PM 3 kill webrick process on OSX Lion {localhost:3000}
3:03PM 3 Functional Testing Nested Resources
2:37PM 0 Jqgrid set both pagination and scroll loader in rails
2:28PM 3 Wicked pdf
1:14PM 1 Race conditions in Rails sessions
11:15AM 1 ROR sample examples
10:22AM 3 ActiveRecord query for string array
8:42AM 0 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 10 Messages in 6 Topics
Sunday February 3 2013
11:25PM 2 Remote form is been submitted as html instead of javascript on second submit
9:54PM 2 Patch Rails 1.2.3 for latest vulnerabilities?
12:23PM 4 Create a helper for models and views?
2:16AM 3 ActiveRecord scope with association
Saturday February 2 2013
7:07PM 1 How to set css styles with variables in rails if certain item is selected?
4:58PM 4 Create Ruby on Rails project from existing HTML pages & mysql schema
4:03PM 2 rake db:migrate problem
2:35PM 4 Basic routing question
Friday February 1 2013
5:54PM 0 Rails 3.0.20 upgrade - parse_json_times
4:51PM 0 [activesupport::configuable] hash access
4:15PM 1 Deploying Multiple JRuby on Rails apps simultaneously
2:49PM 0 watch ruby/rails conferences' videos and slides on your iphone/ipad
11:26AM 4 which database servers are used for ruby on rails applications
9:06AM 2 Question about includes
8:19AM 0 Add a customer renderer but I get missing template
8:15AM 1 Rails upload video using paperclip
7:54AM 0 Invalid transaction id in paypal recurring
5:01AM 1 how to use a $var in escape_javascript
1:27AM 0 rake db:migrate failing against oracle
12:13AM 2 Make for Ruby 1.9.3 results in "cc1: out of memory allocating X bytes after a total of Y bytes"