Rails - Mar 2013

Sunday March 31 2013
9:57PM 2 model object form helpers, instance variable life cycle, and garbage collection
10:17AM 7 How call Render XML in command line?
5:57AM 3 Why Did Capybara Move Specs into spec/features?
Saturday March 30 2013
8:59PM 1 using partials
5:08PM 1 How to use group in nested associations
12:41PM 0 run RailsServer on aptana studio 3
Friday March 29 2013
3:36PM 0 Active Record multiple databases with same table schemas
12:09PM 0 looking for remote job /**Ruby On Rails**/
10:45AM 6 Help with Ruby on Rails
6:44AM 0 Euruko 2013 CfP
3:15AM 2 help me test how many requests can be available for one server in Ruby On Rails?
2:06AM 2 Help me about setup RVM in Ubuntu 12.04
Thursday March 28 2013
9:02PM 0 Multiple has_one associations with polymorphic associations
7:35PM 2 has_many association: building a new association object adds it to the collection ?
7:17PM 0 Senior Project Manager - SCRUM Master vacancy Poland
7:15PM 0 Sr Front End Developer vacancy in Poland
7:03PM 1 Error Empty file upload result - problem with jQuery bulk file upload
5:44PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer / FTE / on the peninsula
3:15PM 4 Will_Paginate Doesnt Show First Page
1:53PM 3 Rspec test fails
1:24PM 3 session variable becomes nil after paypal redirect
1:07PM 4 NoMethodError (undefined method `length=' for #<Tour:0x000000081583f0>):
11:12AM 3 how to test response time per one request in ROR
8:20AM 3 Parent' show view and nested resources - Best practices ?
6:51AM 0 Can not determine issue in my factories with factory girl in rspec
Wednesday March 27 2013
10:29PM 0 [JOBS] Great Ruby Coding Opportunities in Boston Area and L.A.
8:33PM 1 thanks to all the preaching about REST, some people think Drb is old technology.
8:28PM 0 help me solve the mystery of bundle
10:03AM 0 Job: Looking for experienced ROR developers
1:45AM 1 remove all html tag before validation
1:42AM 2 Help me about Tool for Test Performance in ROR
Tuesday March 26 2013
7:21PM 0 Assets compiler, how to copy whole directory to destination
3:25PM 0 Senior Rails Developer in Toronto
2:24PM 0 nested forms: use validate :some_method works in update mode only
1:29PM 0 Pluralization with default_locale not working (Rails 4 Beta 1)
12:17PM 1 [JOBS] Opportunity with a product firm for Ruby Developers - Pramati Technologies ( For Chennai )
11:22AM 3 Usuall authorization or via social network
8:29AM 4 Defining Relationship ( Many to Many) for 3 Models in Rails
4:59AM 4 Removing session element
3:28AM 1 JOBS: Get Paid to Talk ROR Hosts
Monday March 25 2013
7:40PM 4 Installation Problem
6:12PM 0 Web Search and filter
5:54PM 1 Problems with bundle install
3:03PM 1 validates presence of foreign key fails in nested form
Sunday March 24 2013
1:03PM 6 forgery protection for multiple browser tabs
12:20PM 5 Rails 4.0 has_many_through and fields_for
12:10PM 3 Why is Object nil?
9:11AM 5 Help to send email required
Saturday March 23 2013
3:59PM 5 file sqlite3.h missing
2:10PM 13 Delayed methods
1:15AM 0 Rails4 and ActionMailer::Base.deliveries
Friday March 22 2013
7:58PM 0 Debug ruby in sublime text 2
6:38PM 1 Displaying Reviews on User-page
1:56PM 13 Split ActiveRecord::Base model
12:03PM 0 Adding paths inside rails engine
11:53AM 12 Web application in ruby and rails error while running on localhost
8:40AM 3 How to display div inline?
5:10AM 2 wss4r
1:24AM 12 Trouble after cloning my app from Github
Thursday March 21 2013
9:38PM 1 RoR Developer positions in Downtown San Francisco
9:27PM 3 Please help: quotes in views
7:27PM 3 rails hosting on godaddy
1:41PM 3 Single page application authentication and authorization
1:04PM 0 Re: File download from server
10:46AM 0 how to remove changed_attributes from yaml response
10:39AM 0 validates the presence of association when using nested forms
2:34AM 0 [JOB] Sydney - Senior Ruby on Rails Developer to join funded startup
12:55AM 1 Descent RoR shared hosting
Wednesday March 20 2013
10:04PM 2 using multiple joins in queries
5:18PM 3 What would be the best way to handle this situation?
4:14PM 4 Methods to access device IP inside a firewall through production ROR app
10:16AM 1 CMS functions for a Rails web application
10:04AM 2 Problem With Unicorn
5:38AM 0 rails test abstrct_unit
5:08AM 8 Multiple image upload
2:14AM 13 Change 'nil' using literal notation?
12:47AM 6 Using scaffolding
Tuesday March 19 2013
6:37PM 1 restful_json - implement declarative, featureful backend JSON services in Rails 3.1+, 4+ quickly
12:36PM 2 Method inside method in controller
6:37AM 1 Help me about Bcrypt-ruby
4:58AM 0 rails app deployed in sub-directory, how to force url w ending slash
2:58AM 4 3.2.13 breaks localized ActiveScaffold assets compilation
Monday March 18 2013
9:53PM 3 Applying the latest security patches
9:21PM 2 render and render_to_string
7:46PM 10 Learning Rails - Advice for development environment
7:32PM 9 Rails 4.0 Example app
5:37PM 6 storing values in session variable vs instance variable
4:33PM 0 [Job] Sr. Developer with Minnesota Start-up
2:01PM 1 rails server doesn't work properly
8:33AM 1 Difference between _path and :action => 'some_method'
7:46AM 5 After adding the item, an error undefined method `key?' for nil:NilClass
Sunday March 17 2013
5:59PM 4 rubygems, rubygems-bundler and bundler
2:24PM 1 Getting information from xls file to show on drop down list in rails
9:08AM 3 Re: Abridged summary of rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 17 Messages in 10 Topics
Saturday March 16 2013
5:02AM 2 Help me about connect to server(localhost) show list Image
4:40AM 9 Best IDEs for Ruby on Rails
4:21AM 3 Do you ALWAYS use "bundle exec rspec spec" tests?
2:29AM 4 how to program with RoR?
Friday March 15 2013
6:48PM 1 Is there a way to tell if my server (ubuntu/apache) is using phusion passenger?
5:45PM 0 [Job] Senior Front-end Developer @ Wimdu
4:20PM 1 check how long individual active record queries take to the database
2:53PM 2 Rails 3 How to assign the value to nested attributes before calling save in update action
12:41PM 8 RoR on CentOS 5, file permissions
12:14PM 1 Read Sqlite files from a Rails/MySQL app
12:07PM 0 JOBS: Ruby/Python/PHP Ninjas wanted!
10:18AM 3 Future of Rails technologies
5:52AM 6 Rails without Internet?
5:31AM 0 Exporting single table from Heroku database
4:53AM 5 How to build App with Roles Admin,User..
3:12AM 1 Unable to recognize model - uninitialized constant Model
1:43AM 11 Implementing Twitter's new Typeahead in Rails
Thursday March 14 2013
7:12PM 2 nested forms - how to use before/after destroy callback ?
5:13PM 7 No Migration Files are created
4:26PM 3 Error: did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping
2:32PM 0 lookups on large sql server data base with Activerecord that is currently using shards
12:57PM 1 topic on assotiations
11:17AM 0 How to trace the rendering response time in Rails?
10:34AM 8 Help me about connect Facebook in Ruby on Rails
10:12AM 3 Rails adding computed field to a join of multiple tables
9:25AM 0 [Rails 3.2] accepts_nested_attributes_for and time_select
4:45AM 0 Display custom links above top level arrays using Jbuilder
12:46AM 1 Ubuntu 12.10 Nginx Rails 3.2.13. Deploy in sub URI. Nothing happens!
Wednesday March 13 2013
7:08PM 4 extracting tables content from a document in ruby
4:34PM 1 JOBS:Ruby on rail
2:14PM 4 adventures with rails, cucumber, selenium, and a database
11:48AM 3 radio button not saving selected value
11:45AM 1 Ruby On Rails Route Problem, with controller inside and outside module
11:30AM 1 Which rails version to use?
7:32AM 0 [JOBS] Sr. Full Stack Engineer @ PaeDae - Santa Monica, CA
7:02AM 3 Help me about Test-Unit in Ruby on Rails
6:29AM 7 Which Gem to use ?
5:58AM 2 Form_for text_area
Tuesday March 12 2013
10:56PM 10 Jquery strange behavior
10:50PM 3 Rails and Jquery
5:19PM 1 [jobs] Looking for a ROR developer with at least 1 year of experience for a startup [remote]
1:54PM 1 SO Question: Data saved in ActiveRecord model is incorrect
10:58AM 8 Heroku db id Starting with 1000
9:01AM 1 rails 4.0.0.beta1's `rails plugin --help` causes LoadError
Monday March 11 2013
8:49PM 3 Self Teaching NEWBIE question - Console issue
7:15PM 0 test.rb:1:in `require': no such file to load -- yaml (LoadError)
4:09PM 7 Installing Ruby 2.0.0-p0 using Rbenv on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
3:40PM 2 Stuck in railsinstaller for Windows at Step 5: opening RoR in Sublime
10:17AM 8 Access instance variable in ajax rendered by controller - Rails
8:50AM 2 How to order/match text_field with values in edit mode for existing and new values ?
7:30AM 5 ActiveRecord::Base.default_scopes?
3:22AM 0 have a problem setting domain name to heroku
Sunday March 10 2013
9:31PM 0 Monkey Patching and acts_as_indexed
8:48PM 2 css url paths when moving it to a different folder
5:04PM 1 Ruby On Rails Installation Error
4:20PM 5 how to set domain name in heroku
2:54PM 0 Translation Center Rails 3
2:14PM 3 How to create an object in one model at the same time as another
12:37PM 0 The year is 2013. How is Rails VS. ASP .Net MVC 4 faring?
11:29AM 8 Help me about Paperclip
Saturday March 9 2013
10:21PM 1 Rails- Devise- confirmable- confirmation email not received
9:17PM 2 Default image_tag folder
1:02PM 2 Server advice for RoR for newbies
7:05AM 3 Link_to if POST needed is a a hard nut to crack
1:54AM 5 Is it possible to make attachment_fu upload to use :file_system for storage during tests?
Friday March 8 2013
11:32PM 3 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails with Amazon Redshift development
10:27PM 1 Rails engines question
8:35PM 0 Ruby on Rails Deeloper at REDMOND, WA
9:27AM 4 Filter params with strong parameters
Thursday March 7 2013
10:54PM 1 [ruby.mn] uninitialized constant Model1::Model2::Model3
9:34PM 2 Filter via has_many, but show all has_many objects in result
6:29PM 0 [JOBS] Urgent Requirement Rails Developers in KS
5:55PM 3 Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <200>
4:39PM 0 Ruby on rails and sitebuilder
2:39PM 0 Image upload memory problem
2:06PM 0 custom table_name for table users with devise
12:27PM 2 Radio buttons show false when clicked
10:45AM 5 Rails and asset hosts with SSL
9:28AM 0 Add-on for sending a sequence of emails
1:34AM 1 Building a Gem around an API for Shopify
Wednesday March 6 2013
9:31PM 0 errors.add translation namespace
2:44PM 0 Rails 3.2 - how to write an image path in a config/initializer script ?
12:59PM 1 How to create multiple submit paths for form_for?
10:24AM 0 convert a video file into flv
6:10AM 0 CSS not compiling in server
5:09AM 2 Refresh a partial onClick using ajax call in rails 3.x
Tuesday March 5 2013
10:19PM 0 [JOBS] Exicting Ruby Programmer Opportunity in Cleveland, OH
9:48PM 4 searching model and has_one association
7:32PM 5 Save method behaviour changed?
4:40PM 3 [JOBS] A NJ/NYC based RoR developer
7:57AM 2 an from development mode into a production mode
4:32AM 0 unserializing hash with unquoted strings
Monday March 4 2013
11:42PM 1 Ruby OpenSSL issues
9:21PM 2 accepts_nested_attributes: undefined method 'association'_attributes
6:26PM 0 Does anyone know what is causing auto-generated config.rb file for stylesheets?
4:32PM 16 how to deploy rails app to a vps
4:24PM 1 sinatra server side file upload with progress bar ?
4:22PM 6 One of my routes is not working
3:35PM 5 Structuring a has_many query
3:05PM 0 fields_for with accepts_nested_attributes: how to pass a value to a label
1:59PM 0 Ruby on Rails - Full time job offer in Austin, TZ
12:59PM 3 How to factor this code ? (not trivial)
11:54AM 2 Model/google maps display
6:10AM 1 metroUI in Rails.
5:54AM 1 Is there a initialize function with 3 parameters???
Sunday March 3 2013
8:24PM 1 Deploy with Capistrano. Bundle install freezes indefinetly.
1:51AM 2 Is there a way to prevent an accidental migration from newer version of app to older one?
Saturday March 2 2013
5:23PM 8 Persistance of good data on validation fail
4:20PM 3 Help Radio button
10:27AM 3 Following railstutorial.org tutorial, how to make the microposts be seen by all?
Friday March 1 2013
10:02PM 1 Security Guide needs maintenance
4:46PM 2 Attempting to install passenger 3.0.19 and getting mod_passenger: can't open shared object file
1:20PM 11 validation help please
3:21AM 4 want to remove authentication information
12:50AM 0 Newbie precisando de ajuda