Rails - Jan 2013

Thursday January 31 2013
11:55PM 4 Forcing a 'process' to wait on an object specific lock
7:30PM 0 html escape and migrating from rails 2 to rails 3
5:50PM 0 [jobs] Ruby on Rails Intern in Berlin, Germany
4:23PM 0 html escapes on conversion/migration from rails 2 to rails 3
4:01PM 2 can't create record with id
3:40PM 0 Updating a 2.3.5 Site to 2.3.16 makes all pages render as text/plain
2:13PM 0 embed .mov video in html page and make it play any video file in local drive
1:52PM 2 joining 2 tables
12:31PM 2 Rails Play video
11:41AM 5 Select_tag query
10:42AM 1 sum fields and display running totals in /new
4:53AM 1 WickedPdf error in production
4:40AM 0 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 25 Messages in 12 Topics
4:01AM 0 Shameless plug
2:47AM 1 ROR oppurtnity
1:04AM 0 Direct client rek: Senior Ruby on Rails Developers in MC LEAN,Virginia
Wednesday January 30 2013
6:57PM 2 rails 3.0.19 and exception notification 3.0.0 do not play well together
5:42PM 1 DropDown onChange event update the table in view
12:16PM 0 Two FREE days of CodeSchool!
11:40AM 0 Rating System
9:34AM 1 Multiple forms to create multiple records for multiple users
9:25AM 0 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 22 Messages in 9 Topics
Tuesday January 29 2013
7:56PM 2 Rails server not starting
4:26PM 2 Count entries in postgresql grouped by date
3:56PM 16 Filter Index Page
3:02PM 1 Cucumber and Capybara not working as expected. Asssistance needed
12:00PM 1 Capybara installed but not functioning correctly
4:35AM 1 Download image after page load
4:33AM 0 mysql installation in Windows 7
Monday January 28 2013
7:48PM 0 rails 3 - nested model - jquery file upload
4:36PM 5 Looking for RoR job (remotely/part-time/full-time)
10:47AM 0 JOb Posting for Senior software Eengineer
9:50AM 1 How to start working on reby on rails
Sunday January 27 2013
10:27PM 9 case study
7:31PM 2 Help displaying text
7:14PM 0 Clarifying dynamic find_by_attribute deprecations
11:24AM 2 Lazy testing of rails applications
9:55AM 0 contact form
8:53AM 0 Nested form for a has_one model that already exists
8:27AM 0 Updating table using UJS
Saturday January 26 2013
3:22PM 0 Railinstaller issues on mac: Step 5
12:58PM 4 Best practice to handle this
2:44AM 9 Access Client's File System from Rails application deployed at Heroku (for instance)
Friday January 25 2013
9:35AM 4 Pass data to javascript
8:48AM 4 store pdf directly to amazon
6:21AM 4 Usage of ram for Sunspot Search engine
Thursday January 24 2013
9:44PM 1 how to save module variable on every requestrails
7:00PM 1 Setting constants based on TLD
3:40PM 1 Fwd: How to create records in has_many through association
1:33PM 3 Add Multiple Records of a model using single form
12:24PM 1 Find Current Month ?
8:35AM 12 group by + sum
8:21AM 1 Rails 3 Updating table data on change event of combobox
7:53AM 4 Expert suggestions: Resources for ActiveRecords
Wednesday January 23 2013
10:48PM 0 [JOB] - Awesome Enterprise RoR Developer - NYC or DC
4:22PM 0 [JOBS] Looking for ROR in Seattle for FTE
2:24PM 0 wysihtml5 for rails
9:28AM 2 Download XML
8:07AM 1 Invitation to use Google Talk
6:36AM 1 Need to change jquery version in my rails project
5:18AM 4 Bootstrap issues with RoR
Tuesday January 22 2013
7:38PM 2 Rails 4: Should a HEAD request not be handled like a GET for CSRF protection?
6:36PM 0 [JOBS] RoR dev wanted for a new generation system plan (Norwegian) [Norway]
4:22PM 1 Ruby Manor 4, London UK, 6th April 2013
12:49PM 1 rails datatables refresh javascript
8:47AM 3 Using RVM gemset
6:44AM 2 Tracking User Event
Monday January 21 2013
11:42PM 1 Should ActionView's label tag helper be extended to accept a _complementary_ content block ?
3:01PM 5 Cucumber issues when generating a new rails app.
6:33AM 4 Collect value
5:48AM 4 How to consume Asp.net web service in ruby on rails
Sunday January 20 2013
6:39PM 6 Is a controller called "home" sort of a standard or best practice?
1:11PM 3 Why are anchor characters not allowed in routing requirements ?
3:30AM 0 Trouble shoot Rails 3.2 assets pipeline
Saturday January 19 2013
11:44PM 7 Get vars out of Controller
7:11PM 3 How to globalize a static page?
12:09PM 2 Newbie: Bundle EACCESS
Friday January 18 2013
9:44PM 5 Newbie: I just want to exclude two attributes when I call update_attributes
12:19PM 2 options_from_collection_for_select
11:13AM 2 Order by with first_name and also last_name
9:27AM 2 Unable to install em-synchrony gem
1:37AM 1 redirect_to(session[:return_to]) vs session.delete
Thursday January 17 2013
11:48PM 0 integrate menu like a module
6:32PM 6 Comment has_many comments
10:27AM 4 Setting image
Wednesday January 16 2013
10:41PM 0 Rails 3.2 jQuery JSONP request not working - Moved Permanently
9:41PM 0 Help with stubbing Twitter::Client in Unit Test
9:09PM 6 How would I model has_many and also mark one of the 'many' as special?
5:17PM 9 Facebook login on mobile app through a rails app
12:43PM 3 Ruby On Rails : PdfKit Runtime Error
8:49AM 1 Need help understanding how to add and/remove objects within nested form / Rails Mentor Needed
8:16AM 0 Job for Ruby On Rails
6:32AM 1 Drag & drop
4:41AM 5 how to handle error message when condition break both presence and numerical validation ?
3:30AM 6 Highload project on RoR
2:49AM 0 Opening RoR School in South Florida (Miami) Come get a TAN!
Tuesday January 15 2013
11:09PM 10 Rspec Test Failing?
10:20PM 1 Pg_Search gem for advance search is parameter is present
8:43PM 4 Ruby e Grafos
7:17PM 1 using ActiveRecord's query_cache for fun and profit
5:50PM 3 how to show different markers for current location and nearby locations in gmaps4rails
4:43PM 0 [jobs] Senior RoR Developer @ Wimdu
4:32PM 0 [jobs] RoR Developer (Freelancer) @ Wimdu
12:25PM 0 Wicked pdf image problem
11:15AM 7 javascript flash messages gem?
10:25AM 3 sql performance
10:15AM 0 route.rb
2:29AM 5 update the index view ajax
Monday January 14 2013
6:44PM 9 Need help even generating a new app
6:34PM 2 STI, #update_attributes and validations.
2:23PM 4 ActiveResource: Disallowed type attribute: "symbol" in Rails 3.2.11
12:06PM 7 how to copy data from mysql to postgres?
8:00AM 1 [Rails 3.2] How to extend a gem model
Sunday January 13 2013
6:06PM 3 Nested models in a form
11:23AM 2 Rspec: How to test create action in controller
2:29AM 1 sudo gem install rails not working because of problem with alias_method and is_file
1:55AM 2 How do I set rails generator properties?
Saturday January 12 2013
11:00PM 1 showing posts in blog
12:47PM 7 Send mail on Rails.logger.error
Friday January 11 2013
1:28PM 1 YAML defaults in Fixtures
11:55AM 0 About Overriding controller actions from plugin
11:06AM 0 Validations Gem
10:56AM 1 Different application session depending on path
10:38AM 0 Opening for the Position of Ruby on Ralis (ROR) Developer with Amagi Media Labs
4:54AM 3 weird startup OS X time zone issue
3:28AM 0 Ruby 1.9.3-p362 segfault fixed (also in RVM)
12:28AM 1 Rails exploit in multi_xml remote code execution monkeypatch
Thursday January 10 2013
7:20PM 0 Is the deafult server (e.g., Webrick) used when running built-in tests in rails?
4:29PM 2 deleting model using optimistic locking results in ActiveRecord::StaleObjectError
12:21PM 0 [JOBS] Lonely Planet is looking for Ruby Developers to join our London office (Contract and Perm)
9:42AM 0 TCPSocket in controller action
9:34AM 0 build mobile-location-tracking in rails
8:03AM 1 [ActiveRecord] How to avoid touching a class more than once in a reference hierarchy
Wednesday January 9 2013
11:35PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking Ruby on Rails developers in Dallas, TX area
10:41PM 0 Rack::SSL
8:18PM 4 CSRF resets my session in Firefox
4:40PM 2 Rails 3.2.10 and Rspec Tests that Fail?
3:08PM 2 Question about Primary Key
9:58AM 3 (unknown)
9:06AM 0 Packaging RoR application for Ubuntu
6:34AM 7 Build Social Network with Ruby on Rails
1:54AM 0 Help with Custom Preprocessor Gem
Tuesday January 8 2013
11:32PM 0 Hacking journey::routes and simple-navigation
10:57PM 1 advance search using pg_search gem passing three, two, one o nome parameters.
8:20PM 3 [SEC] Rails 3.2.11, 3.1.10, 3.0.19, and 2.3.15 have been released!
1:21PM 6 zipping remote files
12:38PM 0 super_stamper 0.0.5 is out!
11:10AM 1 Speeding up asset pre-compilation process
8:57AM 0 ruby on rails on ARM am335x
7:00AM 8 Single table inheritance introduce on mid of development.
2:04AM 0 ckeditor_rails gem issue
Monday January 7 2013
11:48PM 0 update the table, using best_in_place
11:08PM 0 [JOB] Need top-level Ruby on Rails Developers for NYC and DC
4:43PM 2 Mass-assignment notification with whiltelist_attributes set to true
3:49PM 1 Mountable engine - Problem with autoload_paths
2:37PM 15 [JOBS] Seeking rockstar junior RoR dev for a startup [remote/London]
1:22PM 1 Edit Multiple
9:01AM 4 JSON::ParserError in controller
6:39AM 9 Devise Admin View password
Sunday January 6 2013
10:16PM 10 localhost:3000
9:08PM 1 Fwd:
5:00AM 1 RoR Guides used Textile, anybody knows how to use it?
Saturday January 5 2013
7:49PM 2 Check if array content an object using include
7:07PM 1 routing Translated Paths
6:48PM 1 Use Rails 4 now?
10:43AM 2 Strore pdf in amazon s3 using cron
Friday January 4 2013
8:58PM 2 devise get current use in another controler
7:57PM 0 Add data in between Simple Form association members
8:45AM 7 Add ratings to an existing Ruby On Rails Application
3:26AM 2 RE: is rails built on top of rack?
Thursday January 3 2013
7:15PM 0 Ruby on Rails job, Fort Worth, Texas
4:52PM 0 Happy New Year! We're looking for a number of Rubyists in London, UK - Salaries: £50,000 to £95,000
3:52PM 3 Help with rails validates
3:51PM 1 Error with rake command
3:13PM 2 how to perform validation prior to creating a new association between records?
11:26AM 6 How to avoid simple race conditions with Session?
10:31AM 1 Trying to add bootstrap to existing project, getting CSS compile error: missing file
9:42AM 8 How to Install Ruby and Rails
7:17AM 2 rails 3 jquery autocomplete for multiple search value from single field
7:05AM 2 User Voice integration in my website
Wednesday January 2 2013
10:42PM 11 Method not receiving object values
10:06PM 1 gem install rails - FAILS
6:34PM 2 Why does ActiveSupport::Notifications::Instrumenter make payload[:exception] an array?
5:37PM 2 How to move rails 3.2.8 project from ubuntu to windows7?
8:17AM 0 Define routes for Helpers accessed via RABL
6:46AM 7 Need User All login and logout times
2:37AM 3 RE: where is the rails 4 branch?
Tuesday January 1 2013
10:36PM 0 New terminal tab automation gem
7:30PM 10 Can't Save a new object even though the request parameters are correct