Rails - Apr 2011

Saturday April 30 2011
11:08PM 0 Modify Gemfile and lock
7:04PM 1 CSV Export error
3:40PM 8 "uninitialized constant PostsController::Post"
1:35PM 1 [rspec-rails] Is it bad form to use spec/requests/*_spec.rb for integration tests?
1:14PM 2 Testing download in controller
5:34AM 0 Ruby's FTP in cPanel
Friday April 29 2011
9:41PM 14 an advice for search.
5:42PM 1 form label inside using jquery, outside without
5:17PM 11 Downloaded Ruby, where do I extract it to start?
4:57PM 0 NJ - Need a Ruby on Rails Developer for a 6+ month contract
4:57PM 2 Sinatra - Ajax Web Form Problems
3:08PM 4 How to give link between two files of same view?
12:43PM 2 change patial with change of the item in a select_tag
11:48AM 1 Custom controller for scaffold generator
10:16AM 2 How to set new object fields with not-hash object in ActiveRecord?
9:21AM 1 read PNG image file and sotre in mySQL
4:43AM 1 How to refernece polymorphic join association
3:55AM 2 Senior Ruby on Rails Developer with Front End Skills
2:49AM 0 RoR occasional contract programmer needed - maintenance & upgrades
2:04AM 3 questions about cookies when bridging together two rails apps
1:38AM 1 heroku deployment error , remote origin is already exit.
12:13AM 4 HTML5 Forms
Thursday April 28 2011
9:37PM 14 Form parameters not passing to controller
6:09PM 0 Looking for a webmaster interested in real estate/advertising to work on a currently developing site
5:38PM 2 Better-Model relation
2:39PM 14 Performance question about ruby/rails
2:05PM 6 Migration error
1:34PM 3 models - 'find'-ing by a method
11:53AM 4 Mysql dapter reporting Duplicate Entry mystery
8:34AM 4 store image data in mySql database using rails
7:56AM 0 Need help in Creating Redmine Uploader Plugin
6:18AM 0 link_to with :remote=>true and how about :before=> ?
6:00AM 1 sqlite db transfer
2:22AM 7 Strange behavior
Wednesday April 27 2011
11:11PM 2 Net::HTTP end of file reached
9:03PM 0 Find the radio buttons selected in a page
8:20PM 3 Can't configure cach_store in an initializer
7:04PM 10 Fighting Rails RESTful Routes Conventions
6:25PM 2 Can not create model instance via params on specific model but can on others....
6:04PM 2 Search and Filter application
4:24PM 6 rubygems (LoadError)
4:18PM 3 Rails and PHP scripts
3:28PM 0 paperclip plugin
2:17PM 2 rspec -> Could not find generator rspec_controller
1:49PM 1 Rake 0.8.7 issue on Rails 3, ruby 1.9.2 and Windows 7
1:26PM 17 Best Rails environment for Windows 7
1:18PM 10 Create and save nested data
10:55AM 0 additional authentication logic in devise
9:34AM 1 Rails doesn't populate dynamic generated fields on error on posting
9:16AM 0 How to add flex project to rails project?
8:57AM 7 We're sorry, but something went wrong.
5:36AM 1 'bignum too big to convert into long' while migration in rails
12:05AM 1 Users has_many Users (friends)
Tuesday April 26 2011
10:46PM 0 RoR Developer Opening : Online Advertising Startup in NYC
10:35PM 1 newbie question on rails 3
10:21PM 0 for a layout like this:
9:10PM 0 accessing Mongoid database outside of controllers
8:57PM 5 what does :new => {:start => :get} mean in routes?
7:20PM 1 problem populating table using rake db:fixtures:load
5:51PM 0 Getting the application structure correct when using Warbler to make a .war
5:42PM 1 easy eclipse configuration
4:38PM 1 Rails 3 list of all tables as symbols?
4:35PM 5 Validations in the same Model
4:24PM 0 Announcing blitz.io
2:39PM 2 i18n centralized admin panel for all rails application
1:45PM 4 One click two actions
12:40PM 0 render XML in Rails 3
11:55AM 2 Incomplete multibyte character when using postgres
10:10AM 2 ActionMailer Layouts for Rails 2.1.1
9:53AM 2 Rails 3.1 engines + assets
9:48AM 21 Routing Error
8:56AM 2 exception notifier not working on production
8:19AM 1 Relation In Mongodb using mongoid
5:22AM 0 Mail program error
4:35AM 2 vendoring rails the good ol' fashioned way
4:33AM 2 has_many setter should set conditions if specified
3:18AM 0 Code an Education Revolution (@Qykno) in 54 hours! Location: San Francisco Bay Area
12:22AM 0 Fully qualified table names in ActiveRecord
12:11AM 1 undefined method error because I am not understanding Rails initializers
12:08AM 0 Looking for Lead Developer (RoR)
Monday April 25 2011
10:58PM 1 validating nested models
9:37PM 1 Postgres Timestamp Fields Displayed with Time format
9:17PM 0 Rails 3 remote_function
9:17PM 9 Video tutorial for Ruby on Rails ?
5:57PM 1 perform a check and then call super class when user creates new session
5:21PM 1 Problem w/ routing constraints
5:19PM 1 Problem w/ routes constraints
4:25PM 5 Scalability of Rails
4:00PM 5 Date from user input
3:03PM 1 Multi-database use and additional connections
12:58PM 30 NoMethodError in Book
11:30AM 4 How to get http details in rails
9:46AM 1 CalendarDateSelect Error:
6:14AM 4 I need advice to desining website with ROR
3:09AM 0 Forking to save memory when using REE.
12:02AM 0 Start another rack app from within Rails
Sunday April 24 2011
6:59PM 1 updating an array from form fields
2:33PM 2 RACK: adding a query parameter before call
2:21PM 5 Unable to destroy object - Oracle adapter
9:28AM 9 Could not generate a form
Saturday April 23 2011
10:51PM 3 Nothing being logged in production.log
10:23PM 5 mysql key too long error
7:58PM 2 (Beginner) Learning Rspec (help!)
6:59PM 0 Foreign key dropdowns in scaffolded views
1:45PM 3 Rails3 how to scope it, using a serialized array ?
12:18PM 11 How to connect two controllers ?
6:40AM 2 Help to understand scaffold's code!
6:31AM 0 changing format (for respond_to)
6:03AM 5 How to add a link ?
6:03AM 4 security vulnerability..controllers must 'return'
Friday April 22 2011
9:26PM 1 rake aborted! error
8:53PM 2 Any way to change the size of a checkbox ??
8:09PM 1 Best hosting for Rails ?
8:02PM 18 TextMate vs EMACS vs RadRails
7:06PM 4 cleaning up older rails installs on Mac OS X Snow Leapord
6:49PM 0 ActionMailer : Not able to send out mails
5:09PM 8 undefined method 'match' with the Linkedin Gem
4:32PM 5 Simple ruby syntax: variable assignment
1:26PM 4 yaml dump of db to be used for creating records
1:07PM 10 How to connect a form to database ?
9:34AM 0 how to start/stop server
8:18AM 0 Error : "Could not find gem 'hpricot', required by 'remit', in any of the sources"
8:15AM 1 rvm + capistrano + gitosis
8:09AM 5 Convert this Php code to ruby on rails
7:51AM 0 help with rspec and javascript.
6:46AM 0 What ebook do you recommend about Facebook app on Rails?
3:20AM 0 how to set up fields_for to choose a subclass?
12:09AM 4 Implementing a tagging system in Rails
Thursday April 21 2011
10:01PM 1 scope form_for error
9:30PM 0 need some help with routes maybe
8:37PM 2 Rails 3 Foreign Domain routing - cannot get this to work!
6:50PM 3 Subdomain in Rails3
5:33PM 0 how to serialize an xml node
1:32PM 2 i-pay integration with ROR
12:25PM 0 Create multiple photo upload Error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:49AM 0 Remit with rails 3.0.6
10:44AM 0 Thanks to the forums
9:00AM 3 XML parsing and scheduling
8:47AM 1 Scheduled XML parsing
7:23AM 1 iso8601 format in date
6:58AM 0 Get data from 2 tables
2:33AM 2 Rails 2.3.11 and carrierwave, can't find generator
1:50AM 0 Unknown key(s): attributes, discard_if
1:36AM 0 (unknown)
1:11AM 1 GEMFile gem 'mysql2' and mysql version is 4.1.2
12:19AM 8 How to make a social network website
Wednesday April 20 2011
5:54PM 6 I need help: No route matches "/RailsApplication3"
5:10PM 0 Full Time Position: Ruby (Rails) Developer (Java Expert a plus) - NYC
4:50PM 0 Dynamic Select Menu
4:44PM 3 [Rails Plugin\Gem] How to show time, which your plugin spent in rails server log
4:21PM 7 How to enable production enviornment in RoR 2.3.5
2:11PM 11 Mac Phusion Passenger Pane not working
1:48PM 6 Cannot get progress bars to work w/ Apache Progress Module
11:11AM 1 ActiveMerchant with Amazon's FPS
10:59AM 0 Rails and mod_rewrite
10:25AM 1 Omniauth facebook authentication failure
8:18AM 1 sqlite db adding garbage
8:05AM 1 rails new project
7:53AM 1 Barry Flower is out of the office
6:26AM 3 I need help for Gem installation required root password on ubuntu
6:24AM 4 Connecting to MSSQL with Ruby on Ubuntu
5:43AM 0 Transaction ID
4:55AM 5 How can I remove bundler from my rails 3 app?
3:33AM 6 "Show more" feature in Rails app
3:24AM 6 rake db:create fails
12:56AM 0 Ruby on Rails - 5 Positions to Fill asap - San Francisco, CA
Tuesday April 19 2011
11:35PM 2 No route matches "/" and rake routes empty
11:25PM 0 Ruby on Rails Engineer - RoR - Software Engineer
11:03PM 2 class table inheritance
9:27PM 5 Check that my sqlite database populated
9:13PM 2 Composite index via command line migration, different behaviour in file
8:59PM 8 do a select from another table within a model
6:59PM 1 Using constraints
6:20PM 4 my app ignore default_locale
6:18PM 0 Strange issue in Devise with rails 3.0.5
5:52PM 17 Couldn't find Comment without an ID
4:59PM 0 How to make url helpers aware of ssl_requirement?
10:20AM 1 Ruby-protobuff uses which version of GDP
6:52AM 1 Form's and Actions.
5:41AM 5 Unable to find out proper document to integrating Salesforce with Rails
4:45AM 2 confirming change of email with devise
12:58AM 0 Testing apps with HTTP authentication AND redirection
Monday April 18 2011
11:39PM 0 Mobile application / Ruby on rails development
10:40PM 3 ActiveSupport 3.0.6: require 'active_support/core_ext' generates "circular require" warning
10:09PM 4 script or utility to transform a string w embedded spaces into a sym
9:51PM 0 Drying my code ..
9:33PM 9 Rails 3.0.7 has been released!
8:47PM 1 put alias in Model.find query
8:33PM 0 TypeError (Cannot visit Category):
8:25PM 1 Simple UJS Fields
8:11PM 3 Simple Parameter Passing
7:42PM 1 Gem install error
6:34PM 2 best practices for debugging errors on production mode on server
5:59PM 1 has a field through an association
5:22PM 2 acts_as_commentable validations
2:48PM 0 Rails HTML5 Boilerplate Application Template
2:20PM 1 how can i test a file content with cucumber
2:08PM 1 please help:Can't initialize a new Rails application within the directory of another.
2:02PM 0 Dynamic model validation
12:44PM 1 rails runner giving problem
11:23AM 3 paypal with Active merchant
11:01AM 2 Rails3 integration with SourceForce
10:20AM 6 whyt should i use mongrel_cluster ?
9:58AM 10 Unable to install Rails through proxy
9:55AM 4 How to generate a form in rails 2.3.5
9:51AM 23 How to change the url (from localhostL:3000) to (example.com)
9:48AM 3 how to handle session with external input?
9:32AM 1 Could use some opinions on indexes
9:19AM 1 how to update data
8:49AM 1 query optimize
6:12AM 2 rubygems fail - require hpricot!
5:18AM 2 Problem with resque; parent process doesn't die
Sunday April 17 2011
11:17PM 2 Rails 3 render erb text
10:01PM 4 handling validation
9:16PM 2 unable to set default_url_options on per environment basis
8:12PM 3 Problem with new action 'validate'
7:35PM 1 ERROR NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Dependencies
7:19PM 2 Adding composite index to pre-existent table
6:43PM 2 why <% concat(csrf_meta_tag) #aa%> is invalid while <% javascript_include_tag :defaults #abc%> is valid?
5:34PM 0 newbie: to_json only/except + association confusion
5:32PM 2 file_column undefined method relative_url_root
5:31PM 0 Need experienced Ruby on Rails developers
5:14PM 1 Assigning admin invalidates the user
4:43PM 0 Integrating the fb_graph or koala gem with devise+mongoid+omniauth in rails 3
12:50PM 0 Basic crud pages for STI models
6:46AM 7 No route matches "/home/index" with {:method=>:get}
5:26AM 4 calling methods from one object in another?
2:29AM 7 routes question rails 3.0 vs. rails 2.0
Saturday April 16 2011
11:00PM 13 Ruby On Rails 3 and Webrick
7:18PM 4 rails 3 time breakdowns don't add up
4:14PM 0 Generating forms for array & add elements dynamically
3:32PM 25 what is mean of Deployment?
2:58PM 17 Rails 3 Crashing On Windows 7
2:23PM 0 Best way of doing this structure (legacy db), STI? Polymorphism?
10:55AM 0 adding HABTM association while creating a record
10:16AM 13 My goodness why does RoR has to be so beginer unfrendly ?
10:08AM 0 [announcement] Google Maps + Rails 3 = gmaps4rails
5:33AM 1 unable to install Phusion passenger
3:53AM 6 AssociationTypeMismatch (<superclass> expected, got <subclass>)
Friday April 15 2011
9:12PM 2 How to Generate Scaffold for Existing Table with Rails 3?
8:05PM 0 rspect transactional fixture problem
7:47PM 0 Command Line Outputs
6:41PM 16 DateTime + x.days, x.minutes and the like?
6:36PM 0 Suppressing log line for partials
6:27PM 1 Nested STI?
6:07PM 1 belongs_to cache
6:05PM 2 Google loging error using omniauth
5:03PM 0 paginate method not defined
4:39PM 2 ActionMailer - Setting Header Values - Version Issues
4:14PM 2 sti + namespace
2:28PM 2 Plugin or Gem reuirement, if gem is not installed
1:01PM 9 Rails 3 Migration expecting test gems to be installed??
11:54AM 0 minitest ignores assert_response() message
10:08AM 1 a nil object when you didn't expect it!
9:25AM 0 Recurring payment gateway
9:20AM 0 Keeping custom sorting across edit/update controller methods
7:32AM 0 Rails 3 use bundler, rubygems doesn't work?
5:42AM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for and _destroy not working (but no error messages)
1:11AM 1 How to convert this sql into named_scope
Thursday April 14 2011
11:29PM 2 Routing error with OmniAuth
11:07PM 7 different date format in sqlite and mysql
10:26PM 1 View helper, blocks and capture. Template output is repeated (rails 3)
7:19PM 0 RoR Lead - Southern FL
6:30PM 2 Is there a serialization Example for Rails 3.0?
6:08PM 2 Rails 3 requires SQLite?
4:46PM 2 what is the h for in <td><%=h s.name %></td>?
2:33PM 0 ArgumentError: undefined class/module MyClass
12:04PM 0 strange behavior of ActiveSupport::TimeZone
10:27AM 1 a little problem with extJS & log in form
9:41AM 1 SEO, MS Word, Compact HTML, and object/data
8:43AM 1 thinking sphinx: query price> 0
8:34AM 3 Can someone advise me on Rails memory consumption?
7:57AM 0 Rails3 custom data from controller
7:05AM 4 wrong time in application
3:37AM 4 Rails 3.0 Internal Server Error - Not Enough Space
2:37AM 1 voting system using ajax
1:48AM 0 arel engine
Wednesday April 13 2011
9:00PM 5 hash vs methods
5:38PM 12 ERROR:"Could not find activesupport-3.0.4 in any of the sources"
2:57PM 1 Upgrading from mysql to mysql2 breaks UTF-8
2:18PM 2 task name in a rake task
12:53PM 6 Debugger breakpoint ignored in Rails 3 test
12:33PM 0 RSpec Routing Error: Expected block to return true value.
11:36AM 8 Set password on file.
10:08AM 5 convert "one" to 1?
9:09AM 0 Best practice for building migration generator
6:22AM 3 Question about ERB performance
6:21AM 5 Nested route with collection
1:55AM 5 TimeZone Select Problemin Rails 3?
1:13AM 9 Rails habtm grief am I dumb or rails bug? (desperate ; )
Tuesday April 12 2011
10:34PM 0 Urgent Opening - Ruby on Rails Developer (with PHP & MVC)/ San Francisco, CA
9:40PM 2 Is "Pro Active Record: Databases with Ruby and Rails " still useable?
9:40PM 3 TimeZone problems upgrading to 3.0.6
9:00PM 3 Devise alters app layout links
8:14PM 0 RVM no such file to load
7:30PM 4 OS X - `require': no such file to load -- sqlite3/sqlite3_native
5:00PM 5 script/server (Error)
4:07PM 1 e-mail verification with rails 3
12:50PM 0 missing fileinformation with memprof
12:48PM 5 refactoring advice
11:46AM 2 rake db:create (Gives the error)
7:48AM 2 :url, :update, :text, :action? what are these?
6:50AM 2 polymorphic associations
4:29AM 0 Suppress ActionController::RoutingError in logs
2:13AM 0 akismetor spam always true
Monday April 11 2011
11:25PM 12 Freelance Developer using Rails
11:02PM 0 testing
10:59PM 0 Which CSS template to use???
10:55PM 3 Redcar Editor
10:11PM 0 Action mailer Problem
7:46PM 0 Benchmark logging customizations
5:45PM 0 Which grid framework should I use?
10:05AM 5 How to use Javascript onclick functionality via Rails helpers
7:19AM 2 Help with sending emails
7:11AM 3 Display specific field that has duplicate name to other table
5:52AM 0 Suggestions for a secure rails setup regarding system users, groups and permissions.
2:42AM 4 Printing field attributes outside the model.find_by_sql
Sunday April 10 2011
7:11PM 2 Passing a parameter from a view to a different controller
5:41PM 1 RoR development as a training
4:59PM 2 render file doesn't do anything
4:10PM 0 extending routes in Rails 3 plugin
3:13PM 0 best configuration rails3+mysql on windows?
11:29AM 4 validates :confirmation don't work
10:22AM 8 Why RoR has such poor IDE posibility ?
5:25AM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails developers in Costa Rica
3:49AM 0 Delayed_job: how to raise and log exceptions
3:37AM 8 Baffled by single quote in eval
1:25AM 3 Highlighting a table row
Saturday April 9 2011
7:18PM 18 Rich text editor?
5:46PM 5 router error!!!!!!!!!
8:21AM 1 Reloading bunch of files from rails engine in development
7:29AM 4 API documentation for find_in_batches
4:34AM 1 Problem with "open_id_authentication" plugin
3:31AM 2 the "store locator problem".
3:29AM 2 Frustration: rails server not responding
2:56AM 0 Can Base#before_destroy not be deprecated?
2:11AM 6 need help with oracle adapter
Friday April 8 2011
11:13PM 0 Scott Hughes is out of the office.
11:11PM 1 Question about $ rails generate model Article
8:45PM 3 Massive fixtures will kill
8:19PM 1 Ruby 192\lib malware
4:22PM 0 Fedena installation: Error
3:48PM 3 Rails Tutorials
2:38PM 0 newbie: y4mr and multiple vhosts aka serveralias
2:18PM 0 Ruby Developer Job, Rugby UK
1:42PM 0 Location-based startup seeks Ruby developer
1:18PM 5 How to extend a helper using plugin?
11:38AM 7 FileUpload without Tempfile
10:52AM 1 Sinatra: can I return response AND post a callback?
10:38AM 1 Vmware
10:18AM 0 Application Profiling with ruby-prof, no Method get
9:09AM 2 New URLs not working on live apache but on webrick its working fine.
8:50AM 3 Ruby on rails migration problem
7:33AM 0 MongoDB users group (Melbourne)
6:43AM 1 Add data to table through another
5:29AM 0 eventbright gem
5:17AM 1 Can't 'rake db:migrate' keep getting dlopen mysql.bundle error
4:18AM 1 text_field :first_name
Thursday April 7 2011
9:50PM 4 Route not getting recognized
7:11PM 4 Getting strange logouts after Rails3 migration
6:46PM 0 Match path without controller.
6:37PM 2 How to display the list of children as links under their respective parent
6:32PM 1 Could not load the bundler gem
5:51PM 5 Routing Error : No route matches "/" (for "Hello World!" action)
5:08PM 1 Textile Markup => Other formats
5:02PM 4 How to make Google Cache permalinks?
4:40PM 3 Routing / Controller / Model = Blog function
4:12PM 6 Passing NULL when it shouldn't
3:21PM 1 adding an item to a list of wishes - noobie question on link_to helper
2:57PM 0 Refactor sorting of images
1:38PM 3 Need help in changing data in production.
1:28PM 0 ETag support for collections
1:08PM 2 Get the time zone of the datetime object
11:11AM 1 How Override naming conventions for mongodb document
9:12AM 0 Render partial or view with link_to
7:56AM 7 ActiveRecord::Relation
7:44AM 2 Math between different records
7:41AM 2 ArgumentError
7:36AM 10 What am I doing wrong in this nested form?
5:16AM 3 [Rails 3] No route matches error using RSpec even though route DOES match
4:28AM 1 Installing ruby on Rails piecemeal
4:27AM 0 Problem
2:43AM 0 Moving Files from MogileFS to cloud
1:21AM 1 My First Real Project
Wednesday April 6 2011
9:30PM 4 render works fine but redirect_to does not
9:14PM 0 test a rake with fixtures
8:51PM 4 Rendering in ApplicationController fails.
7:39PM 0 10 Ruby on Rails (Mountain View/Palo Alto).
2:38PM 1 [jobs] Ruby/Rails - Contract Position Available
2:14PM 1 Missing "+@" method
1:43PM 3 AR inner join with foreign key .. cannot get it right ...
10:05AM 2 Wish List: has_many :dependent => {}
9:38AM 2 Error after upgrading mysql2 gem -> 0.2.7
8:46AM 1 Getting a 200 OK instead of a redirect with Rails 3 in test
8:42AM 16 Unable to install Rails using Gem
7:08AM 2 Can i upgrade a project from rails 1.2.3 to rails 3.0.5 ?
4:41AM 0 Problem in resque: job not getting removed from queue when finished processing
3:56AM 0 Attn: Corp Sponsors - Hosting a Ruby-on-Rails Mixer, RoR Puzzle/Contest, DJ, Artwork, Entertainers, etc. - in San Francisco, April 28th
3:56AM 4 Rails HABTM records
3:06AM 1 Model Associations
Tuesday April 5 2011
11:31PM 2 Problem with conversion array of strings to array of arrays of integers
11:15PM 3 What is - !ruby/object: ?
9:05PM 6 How to achieve Google Reader-like layout in Rails?
7:39PM 0 Hiring a Twilio Rails Developer
6:17PM 8 trying to seed data from seeds.rb within a class structure
6:04PM 2 Where to factor out a method
5:56PM 0 q: meta_search and select_tag
4:56PM 0 Rails Timing Log Incorrect?
4:48PM 2 "Lazy" image resizing?
3:56PM 7 Sailthru-client gem
2:27PM 9 How to call a helper function from jQuery?
2:14PM 4 Query REST
2:03PM 0 block method output is generating twice
1:40PM 2 Can join tables be polymorphic?
12:47PM 6 Inplace edit for rails displaying me the whole code content.
12:40PM 2 [JOB] Central London
11:48AM 4 Rails 3.0.5 gives SQLite3::SQLException for the same code that works on 3.0.3
10:20AM 0 for yours navigation menus.
9:54AM 1 Why does AR use base_class for polymorphic relationship "type"
8:39AM 0 Unable to install Rails
8:05AM 0 Capistrano deployment in load balancer with sticky session
7:58AM 7 Can we develop a standalone application using Ruby on rails?
7:28AM 0 Several Rails positions in South San Francisco Bay area
5:12AM 9 Unable to connect
2:52AM 0 Gotham Ruby Conference Call For Proposals
Monday April 4 2011
10:59PM 0 [Announcement]: roogle_graphics on github: generate png graphics w/o any libraries
5:16PM 0 issue installing gem Capybara on Debian5 w ruby 1.9.2 ( Rails 3.0.5) => installing native extension
4:55PM 1 Best way to instanciate an empty address element in many nested fields_for
3:59PM 0 Integrating a Rails 3 application with Google Health
3:56PM 0 replacement for acts_as_ferret and ferret
2:03PM 4 .Net Developer Job Opening - Valencia, CA
11:35AM 0 Session Expiry Hook
11:25AM 0 Database backup
7:56AM 7 Rails, insert into 3 tables from 1 controller
4:01AM 21 Rails suitable for highly scalable apps?
Sunday April 3 2011
10:36PM 1 Only get published items
6:36PM 5 Preventing model from saving
6:29PM 2 How to manage 2 different versions of rails in same machine with single ruby version?
4:50PM 0 Paperclip + i18n
5:50AM 1 Timezone ActiveRecord and Rails3
4:26AM 2 Different GET response w/ wget and w/ em-http-request
3:52AM 1 Rails Routing default behavior and Invalid New Records
3:15AM 3 How to install and configure Ruby on Rails with Windows Server 2008 EE
2:40AM 7 Starting rails server on 3.0.5 gives Psych::SyntaxError - Parsing YAML
2:14AM 3 error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' <using password: NO>'
2:09AM 2 Best image processing gem
1:03AM 0 How to use previous project Gemfile?
Saturday April 2 2011
11:03PM 1 compass and blueprint.
10:50PM 13 is overriding file naming conventions (for models and controllers) possible?
10:26PM 3 Testing a partial on its own
7:16PM 0 Is there an option for Rails sessions to exclude web crawlers and bots?
7:10PM 1 Unable to Seed Data for Authlogic
1:25PM 3 Help with serialize
5:53AM 8 Unable to DUMP in schema.rb
2:11AM 0 Error during new project creation
12:53AM 2 Ever changing environment... stop it??
Friday April 1 2011
10:22PM 2 {:class=>"pi stuff"} is not a symbol
9:31PM 10 "rm public/index.html not recognized...."
6:43PM 5 How to validate in this case?
6:20PM 4 rejecting "$ rails new blog"
4:00PM 3 How enable LD_LIBRARY_PATH in Capistrano
3:46PM 2 Validates uniqueness of FAILURE Help!
2:21PM 2 Commands for work with database
1:46PM 0 Designing Rails Application with Run time users plugins
12:29PM 1 Rails + Scaffold + Send Emails
11:06AM 4 add_column not working in migration for sqlite3
9:49AM 1 shpinx on RoR
7:23AM 0 Browser send optgroup label
6:09AM 0 Netsuite data fetch
6:00AM 5 integrate facebook
12:38AM 5 require files
12:07AM 0 Route with optional segments