Rails - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
10:22PM 10 trying to get z-index to work - CSS styling with RJS
10:11PM 1 is there something peculiar about a render :update block ?
8:45PM 1 Image tag helper not working for rails 3.1
6:33PM 0 How do you test a module that extends ActiveSupport::Concern?
4:20PM 0 Script to see foss jobs from terminal
3:30PM 0 how can I get feedback on plugin I wrote on github ?
12:26PM 9 Question on Robert Half agency and contract
10:33AM 1 Minimize Pop-up
8:49AM 8 issue in deploying app in local
5:18AM 1 Calendars in Rails
2:33AM 1 [Jobs] Permanent hire in Ottawa
12:06AM 1 Geokit query with multiple models involved
Monday May 30 2011
9:41PM 0 Listing for OpenShift PaaS on rubynrails.org/deploy
8:26PM 3 "Modular" application design - controller / route setup
7:47PM 5 rails habtm checkboxes with jquerymobile
6:15PM 4 Really bad problem with Webrick/Rails using 3.1 - Help?
6:12PM 4 Thin vs unicorn vs passenger
5:34PM 0 resetting input radio value in my .js.erb
3:03PM 9 error of uninitialized constant
9:25AM 2 keeping a controller clean ... how to use a view helper in my controller
3:51AM 3 calculating running averages
Sunday May 29 2011
11:18PM 0 How to get error message out of ActiveRecord::Base.connection.raw_connection
5:45PM 8 Encoding issue (I think): All apostrophes have changed to these odd characters after a database switch
3:19PM 1 Rails 3.1.0.rc1 assets not compiling
2:05PM 1 action url with anchor - ( not a js guru)
10:43AM 10 Is it okay to use Rails 3.1 for a new project? Is hard to convert over?
Saturday May 28 2011
5:59PM 4 how can I investigate when a rspec test fails?
5:45PM 0 class_inheritable_accessor => class_attribute
5:43PM 2 First Deploy
4:09PM 0 Two buttons respond do same action.??
3:45PM 0 Coffeebeans - smart to use?
3:42PM 14 What is the equivalent for write_attribute for associations in Rails?
2:24PM 0 Active Merchant Integration
2:14PM 1 Rails3 ActiveRecord query where ?
2:06PM 16 Two buttons respond to same action
12:32PM 2 How to use an ActiveRecord plugin in a non-Rails project
10:24AM 3 Routing Error
12:55AM 7 Rails Routes/Controller/Directory Structure design question
12:41AM 6 json ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
12:23AM 4 Rais 3, nested attributes problem with paperclip
Friday May 27 2011
9:40PM 3 cannot access instance variable in mailer view
7:05PM 0 Ruby Midwest Conference: CFP open
5:55PM 1 what is the lifetime of ActionController, etc?
5:26PM 2 How do you include json attributes when using "respond_with"?
4:30PM 2 Oauth2 for Rails and Mobile Browsers
3:25PM 0 [JOB] Lead Ruby on Rails Developer, Charlotte, NC
2:00PM 4 Ruby on Rails - send_file
1:50PM 0 YML to ActiveRecord
1:17PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Developer based in London, Full Time
12:47PM 2 Debugging Rails - Request for tips, tricks and hacks
12:21PM 4 undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class in a form_for
10:11AM 2 parsing data from a form to a gems method?
5:56AM 3 unable to start server
Thursday May 26 2011
11:06PM 5 Inflection nightmare
9:05PM 8 Is there a way I can create a sub-layout with ERB?
5:29PM 6 generate xml file to download it
4:07PM 3 Kaminari rspec testing undefined method page.
3:16PM 1 ruby on rails query
3:14PM 3 Simple ERB question
2:21PM 0 ActiveResource: Perform a non RESTFUL request
1:38PM 7 Session and Database
1:29PM 0 Share sessions
12:31PM 13 How to make a button ?
9:48AM 2 Vaidated_presence_of :email field
8:54AM 1 tutorials update: how to install ror on fedora 15 and ubuntu 11.04
6:25AM 6 controller from plugin not working
6:07AM 6 Related Models
5:33AM 1 new to rails
1:46AM 2 not able to install rails
12:40AM 0 Rails 3.0.8.rc1
Wednesday May 25 2011
10:02PM 1 can't load hpricot gem in rails 3
8:39PM 0 (solution) .js and .css error when using production environment
6:30PM 5 How do you improve the speed of Factory_girl? Not use it? Some tips for those using Factory_girl and still need some help.
5:51PM 1 Rails setting so that no need to bounce the server on code changes ?
5:39PM 1 trouble using jQuery in Rails 3.0.7
5:23PM 0 JRuby + Rails + JNDI connection issue
5:02PM 2 How to generate an url from a hash {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"analyses", "locale"=>"en_GB"}
5:02PM 9 looking for a Ruby on Rails developer for 3 months contract
4:48PM 13 connecting 2 products tables to one cart
4:34PM 0 Sessions and token
3:06PM 2 database trigger and callback
2:53PM 5 Sessions in Rails
2:32PM 4 Authorization problem
12:23PM 3 association beween model
12:15PM 15 Store a whole page as html in database
12:07PM 0 Issues implementing jquery-form plugin for displaying image via an ajax call in my rails poc
11:30AM 0 rabbitMQ in ruby with Ubuntu 10.04
11:03AM 4 SMS in rails
10:18AM 2 Scrolling Pagination
9:48AM 0 Connecting to Multiple Database with Rails 3
8:39AM 0 Looking for rails dev to work on open source project
8:29AM 1 rake task: uninitialized constant
8:07AM 0 indentify delayed_job with display_name
6:37AM 0 simple captcha instllation problems on rails 3.0.7
5:44AM 0 simple captcha instllation problems
3:53AM 0 Any way to have a program with different configurations ?
1:59AM 6 Which ajax file upload plugin would suit my configuration of Rails 2.0.2 and Ruby 1.8.8
12:09AM 0 Early tix to GothamJS available
Tuesday May 24 2011
11:37PM 2 "sqlite3" module
9:16PM 0 Rails 3.0.7 ActionMailer attachments
8:58PM 3 Best place to put methods containing raw sql code
8:43PM 2 How to safely escape raw sql with connection.select_all
8:31PM 4 Rails hates my recursive function
7:55PM 1 Simple database question
7:16PM 2 Trying to figure out generating html in controller
6:57PM 1 Help choosing gems for new project
6:33PM 8 return models using association sort
5:44PM 0 Immediate need of Mainframe Technical Lead/Developer in Miami FL
5:38PM 7 Please help Rails project can not be created
4:40PM 0 Interview in this week for Sharepoint Developers in Franklin,TN for 7+ Months contract
2:57PM 0 acts_as_audited, many to many relation
2:41PM 1 Making small animated GIFs or SWFs in Rails
2:35PM 12 Can you use meta_search from diffrent models ?
2:17PM 6 cheaper rails hosting ?
1:54PM 0 Rails 2.3.8 v 2.3.11 and validates_length_of
11:21AM 0 read_nonblock': end of file reached (EOF Error)
10:06AM 3 Learning deep associations in models
9:35AM 0 Label or span for displaying data?
8:02AM 2 simple_form disable html5
7:59AM 1 Performing a Capistrano deploy
7:26AM 2 Ajax.Updater more options than link_to in Rails 3 ?
6:25AM 6 Failed to run migration
12:58AM 7 UJS guides somewhere?
Monday May 23 2011
9:23PM 1 Deploying 'BaseApp2' using Phushon Passenger?
9:10PM 2 Execute after_save callback only if an attribute is modified
8:42PM 3 Passing a period as part of an id in show action
7:16PM 2 form_for checkbox with array
5:47PM 1 Implementing a Jquery modal form dialog with Rails 3.0.7?
5:23PM 0 Open Source Socks Sound Manipulation and Paperclip
5:14PM 4 Distance of time in days
5:12PM 0 Field with specific set of values
3:38PM 0 CyberSource Payment gateway implementation
3:07PM 3 How can I use option --bare in Rails 3.1 for CoffeeScript?
1:39PM 11 How do you get simple_form to use the base class and not the subclass?
12:55PM 0 Install amqp gem on windows 7
11:23AM 6 Help with serialization
8:31AM 1 how to handle admin section of a saas application
6:21AM 6 Rails Session: How it works?
4:33AM 4 Strange view problem
3:21AM 2 Forms within other object views
Sunday May 22 2011
5:56PM 7 Coderr - Premium Ruby and Python Assets Marketplace.
5:51PM 11 Problems Connecting to SQL Server
3:36PM 6 How to capture correctly a specific exception
2:19PM 2 My Problems
1:48PM 13 What are the best Rails 3 books that really reduce learning curve, gotchas and generally avoid all the out of date info online?
1:23PM 0 Rails controller design question
10:47AM 1 Youtube_model pluign issue "can't convert nil into String"?
9:32AM 3 [Rails3] routing , how to constraint the id ?
8:52AM 1 How do you crop an image with carrierwave 'after the fact' in rails?
8:37AM 6 Generalisation in RoR
4:20AM 0 Thetis ver.1.0.0 <Open-Source Groupware> Released!
Saturday May 21 2011
8:43PM 4 Mac OSX Leopard + rails3 problems
6:54PM 1 Consequences of overriding update_attribute to force validation?
6:41PM 4 RoR and problem with connection to MySQL database
6:24PM 4 request.format = :mobile causes error "undefined method `ref' for nil:NilClass"
2:54PM 4 windows XP, ruby 1.9.1, rails 3, sass problem
2:47PM 1 Problem with creating a sample application.
1:33PM 1 Cookies - Written by Javascript Read by Rails
11:13AM 12 Text content must be uncopyable
10:48AM 1 Carrier wave image upload issue..
10:17AM 0 rails3 mailer .. how to use a safe mailer not taking in account the I18n.locale
9:59AM 9 Issues implementing ajax for the config for Rails 2.0.2 and Ruby 1.8.7. Jquery/Scriptaculous/Prototy
7:29AM 2 How do you create a sub-layout or a partial that wraps a lot of custom html?
4:00AM 0 Jquery UI with rails nested forms
2:06AM 5 simple home_url question
Friday May 20 2011
11:29PM 2 Rails DB defaults to utf8 for mysql -- but unicode for postgresql
10:48PM 9 Escaping characters in links
10:21PM 0 delayed_job - Undefined method error even with Mongrel
8:45PM 2 Duplicate RoR applications?
8:44PM 6 Got mad with encodings again
8:18PM 1 method calls and blocks and calling proc
3:57PM 2 User action log
3:48PM 3 polymorphic reference deeper ?
3:31PM 3 Div style changes
3:29PM 2 Validation of XML with XmlSimple
3:14PM 1 How to implement image upload in rails 3 using mongodb.
2:55PM 1 textfile upload
2:53PM 0 Dynamic containers
2:22PM 29 undefined method `posts_path'
12:37PM 5 views w locale default template
10:32AM 4 Unable to figure out why a photo attribute of the paperclip plugin is not being passed in as a param
9:12AM 3 "no such file to load -- rails/commands/runner (LoadError)"
4:01AM 3 How to handle non model data in form?
1:14AM 2 How to wait for response
12:03AM 3 How to deploy Rails app on my laptop
Thursday May 19 2011
11:21PM 3 3 Questions about devise
9:41PM 1 undefined method `name' for “SystemTimer”:String
9:37PM 4 Form to handle Array type
5:31PM 1 update_attributes updates data from second instance of nested form but not the first
4:13PM 0 Unable to find the image path via file system using the paperclip plugin through the get method
2:59PM 3 Cookie Overflow at CSV import
2:54PM 4 Google Maps and returning compatible data
2:37PM 1 How to test mobile devices and mobile mime types
2:04PM 0 how can i index the sum of tow attributes with thinking sphinx ?
1:04PM 1 Form_for submit to a different table
12:45PM 0 NoMethodError (undefined method `serializable_record' for #<ActiveModel
12:19PM 0 Paperclip Gem Successfully Installed? If yes its doesn't seem to detect via IRB..
12:15PM 2 Simple check_box
11:15AM 1 Module in Rails
10:32AM 5 Phusion Passenger for Intranet?
9:46AM 2 rails 3 and postgresql scemas
8:24AM 3 Date parsing.
3:22AM 3 NoMethodError
Wednesday May 18 2011
7:32PM 5 ar - rollback on staging/production - whats causing it?
5:13PM 0 Is it possible to populate a join table in a HABTM relationship via nested forms (accepts attributes for)?
4:27PM 3 Starting a project over: what should I delete?
4:02PM 0 Ruby crashing: pointer being freed was not allocated
2:47PM 6 controllers in sub-directories without namespaces?
2:47PM 1 active_admin and devise sign in.
2:37PM 7 model and table relationship
2:09PM 1 Best way to compute data from "old" records
1:47PM 2 Kindly suggest appropriate Attachment plugin/gem for use with Rails 2.0.2 and Ruby 1.8.7
1:15PM 1 Postgresql schemas in migrations and db:schema:dump task
12:20PM 1 Expected./user.rb to define User
9:26AM 9 Address already in use - bind(2) (Errno::EADDRINUSE)
8:37AM 0 Time based configuration in God
7:21AM 4 Committing files uploaded by the user to GIT?
12:49AM 2 Tailing Error
Tuesday May 17 2011
10:49PM 0 Select not maintaining state on nested form with
9:01PM 2 Can't dump File ... when uploading files
7:50PM 4 Rails newbie asking for help [simple question]
7:32PM 1 Disabling sessions for web crawlers
6:23PM 0 Rails ninja wanted
5:59PM 1 migration to change data type of existing column from string to text
5:45PM 4 p.save not actually saving
4:19PM 0 Configuring Rails App to handle multiple domains and multiple cookies
4:11PM 8 Changing Rails Default Date Parse Option
3:52PM 0 Graphics application with rails and javascript
2:50PM 5 has_many through question
2:14PM 0 API testing case from within a rails app
1:49PM 3 QA Testers QA with Selenium and Agile for Reston VA
1:10PM 1 how to configure ruby-on-rails with apache
12:40PM 1 rails render_to_string problem
10:27AM 4 Help with authentication/authorisation design
5:36AM 1 uninitialized constant Delayed::Job (NameError)
5:26AM 6 Nested Resource w/ Collection
1:20AM 4 how instance_eval on Object class creating class methods and not instance methods?
1:08AM 2 HTML snapshots for crawlable ajax
Monday May 16 2011
11:08PM 1 Rails app returning 302 redirects, is that bad?
9:10PM 1 Malay ?
7:57PM 0 Rails 3 and octet-stream content-type
7:41PM 1 You cannot have more than one Rails::Application (RuntimeError)
3:39PM 2 Anti virus scan in rails
3:05PM 1 NoMethodError: undefined method `acts_as_state_machine'
2:37PM 3 how best to test modules for 'mixing-in' with AR classes?
1:47PM 3 Problem with GET args and UTF-8 encoding (output of Rack::Utils.unescape() ?)
1:08PM 0 Help, Exchanging JS Token for Rest Token using Ruby Oauth
11:28AM 0 Handle gem versions compatibility
10:06AM 2 Cannot get multipart => true , running well in my form when using remote => true
9:44AM 2 PDF generator - Prawn and Prawnto.
9:41AM 5 interview questions on REST
8:14AM 2 select_tag form_for conventions
5:18AM 0 right_aws gem
4:50AM 0 help correct and improve this WHERE
4:30AM 4 Devise help!!
Sunday May 15 2011
11:54PM 0 Upgrading to Rails 3.1
11:14PM 1 problem with authenticate
9:04PM 4 "rails new" command always takes me to help
7:29PM 1 loading of views and controller actions
5:33PM 3 How to package a sub application in a gem
5:20PM 13 Javascript/Ajax questions for rails applications
3:59PM 1 Looking for a quick and simple way to upload files?
3:20PM 0 ActionController::MethodNotAllowed Only get, put, and delete requests are allowed.
11:11AM 3 ActiveRecord Model Querying
4:26AM 3 Rails 3 and saving decimal values from a form
3:23AM 4 Unit Testing getting me confused, not able to make test respond like application, where application is correct.
2:35AM 3 Nested object problems
Saturday May 14 2011
7:58PM 10 Why is AR migrations using one file per migration?
6:39PM 4 [Form Helpers] Collection_select multiple and accepts_nested_attributes_for
5:54PM 8 DB2 9.7 + Rails 3.0.7 + Ruby 1.9.2 + Win Server 2008 R2 problem
2:53PM 1 Configure Rails application per run and not per enviroment
2:24PM 0 Undefined method `has_attached_file' with paperclip 2.3.8 gem for Rails 2 using Ruby 1.8.7
1:03PM 3 Exception - not sure how to fix
12:12PM 4 RedCloth not found
12:04PM 5 ActiveRecord - default ID vs custom identifier
11:30AM 3 devise - No route matches "/sessions/user" after login...
8:09AM 0 Issues with using attachment_fu plugin
Friday May 13 2011
9:46PM 3 Really weird problem when testing controller - please help. I'm totally stumped.
9:43PM 4 unexpected results when extending methods to class Class and class Object
9:18PM 2 Popup window
9:05PM 4 HABTM Duplication
7:47PM 0 Mobile Authentication Solutions
6:10PM 0 Legacy routes with Rails 3.0.7
5:01PM 1 Integrations tests without cookies
4:30PM 3 Form submission should return javascript but returns "406 Not Acceptable"
4:16PM 3 localizing "yes"/"no" does not work?
3:23PM 2 Robot causing MissingTemplate by sending :formats=>["text/*"], :locale=>[:en, :en]
3:12PM 7 How can I avoid this warning?
2:56PM 0 Using spreadsheet gem with Oracle data
2:07PM 0 Rollback fails with sqlite3
12:44PM 1 Unitialize variable delayed_job
12:15PM 11 Secure ways of doing this
12:10PM 1 included module validations not seeing delegated instance methods
9:49AM 0 memprof && rails 3.0.7 memory leak
8:13AM 0 thinking_sphinx don't look for models in vendor/plugins/pluginname/lib/app/models ??????
5:41AM 1 Ruby Metaprogramming
5:09AM 0 Just wanted to say rails 3 active relation can be rather great!
4:35AM 2 "message": "Error validating application."
3:26AM 2 Rails 3 Forces HTML Escape of Forms
Thursday May 12 2011
11:37PM 2 what is proc doing here?
9:04PM 2 Rails server comand won't start server: creates new directories
8:12PM 6 Apache + Passenger on OSX
7:33PM 0 utf8 characters in cucumber feature file
7:10PM 1 RegExp does not match
4:23PM 0 integration tests don't use default_url_options with named routes
3:13PM 6 how to connect a form field to a table from another database?
11:47AM 1 jquery rails ajax
11:19AM 3 activerecord update progress bar
8:23AM 6 Extracting Data From Hash
8:15AM 0 Ruby debugger crashes on post
3:46AM 2 TypeError: can't convert nil into Integer
3:09AM 1 How to use LDAP with htaccess file in rails
2:33AM 2 polymorphic and sti problems.
Wednesday May 11 2011
8:17PM 2 [Model Scopes] How to count a nested
7:52PM 2 Recurring Billing API Integration w/ SAAS provide, i.e. Cheddargetter
6:54PM 2 Running Ruby/Rails Specs with database inserts from non-default spec sub-directory
6:34PM 1 Duplicate method in application_controller and application_helper
5:17PM 4 Extending/reopeining class and use of super
3:58PM 8 RVM installation
3:14PM 0 sequel
1:59PM 1 ROR 3 model associations
1:54PM 2 method_missing in controller
1:39PM 6 Regex Validation
1:23PM 1 Help save my marriage ... correct route, so enable MVC logic v's should be regular file, trying to send it
1:22PM 0 News Aanad wants to chat
1:11PM 8 Call a task when server starts
12:13PM 1 Update instance variable to actual active record
11:41AM 1 Sign in problem with IE
7:55AM 3 Constructing an array of stuff (to send multiple apple push notifications)
7:36AM 4 help with validations
3:02AM 0 GothamJS: Speak on Broadway!
1:02AM 2 Rails 3 respond_with json question
12:19AM 3 Getting null value when it's assigned
Tuesday May 10 2011
11:23PM 4 Autocomplete plugin
10:48PM 1 Ajax request
8:23PM 8 Help with 'new' form code - 'render' vs 'redirect_to'
7:50PM 5 Rails 3 Routes
7:39PM 0 Read Atom Feed with additional schema
6:12PM 7 Webrick script/server file does not exist
5:31PM 3 Why is deep_symbolize_keys not available within application.rb (undefined method `deep_symbolize_keys' for Hash)
2:54PM 0 Controller best practices
12:38PM 1 Upload video to YouTube from rails app
12:30PM 14 each do js problem
9:56AM 3 Fixing the URL
9:33AM 1 popen4 gem for windows
4:52AM 0 help with pdf template handler that supports layouts
2:34AM 0 paperclip
Monday May 9 2011
11:43PM 1 showing the most recent database entry first
10:43PM 0 rails 2.3.5 nested attributes problema
10:15PM 2 Route help?
10:10PM 5 catch bad image urls from user provided content
10:00PM 0 gem issues
8:54PM 17 requests hanging
7:03PM 2 self.included like a constructor method that gets called when a module is included in a class?
6:40PM 5 Interface build for Ruby on Rails 3
4:29PM 1 List active user sessions
3:53PM 3 3.1 - CoffeeScript in view templates
3:14PM 0 rails guides - getting started - section 10 security
1:57PM 0 unobtrusive javascript -> referencing instance varaiables
1:30PM 1 unobtrusive javascript -> attaching a .js.erb page
1:29PM 5 Exercises book
12:24PM 0 Migrations: Generate SQL instead of running the migration?
7:27AM 1 Failure when posting an XML file to a rails metal app
4:36AM 0 post jobs on rails-bestpractices.com
2:15AM 0 FasterCSV::MalformedCSVError
Sunday May 8 2011
10:21PM 1 Spork + Autotest Failure
9:33PM 1 How to get my cart destroy to run a line item destroy method
8:51PM 5 My web developer has abandoned me with a Rails site. NEED HELP ASAP
7:18PM 0 R3.1b1 - sharing assets
6:48PM 0 This is abhilash here need help...in installing rubygems...finding some error
6:27PM 1 How to redirect from within a .js script
6:23PM 0 How to handle orphans?
5:41PM 1 Transaction - but no rollback?
5:00PM 3 Beginners question | moving a method from controller to model
1:53PM 0 Mongoid rails 3
1:46PM 1 Javascript Polling and Ruby on Rails
1:39PM 6 Routes - Search url parser
12:58PM 5 (Beginner) Finding a database object within a time interval
11:26AM 0 Nested model form
10:08AM 7 Constants and Configurations
3:51AM 2 WEBrick sending wrong http status code?
Saturday May 7 2011
7:51PM 4 Activerecord::JDBCError: Invalid column number
7:35PM 7 Inflection working everywhere but not propogating to AR table name?
5:39PM 11 changing routes.rb
5:08PM 5 rspec what I'm doing wrong?
1:22PM 3 Hai...am Abhilash a begginer..
11:17AM 6 save query string parameter value to database
7:42AM 1 How to implement facebook and twitter login in rails 3 using mongoid.
7:30AM 0 Rails opensource timesheet and project mgmt systems
4:51AM 7 Display PDF from Amazon S3 in new window for iPad etc.
1:04AM 0 mobile backend question
Friday May 6 2011
10:14PM 3 Rails 3 Routing problems
10:14PM 2 Unable to Connect
9:42PM 2 I'm going crazy with a nester form.
8:29PM 12 child forms, not nested
4:38PM 1 scaffold didn't work
4:23PM 0 Cucumber driver recommendations?
4:22PM 5 write object array value to csv file
3:27PM 0 typos are loading an entire table
2:37PM 0 NEEDED: Experienced programmer to write coe for funded social media start up - EQUITY AVAILABLE
2:35PM 1 RAKE class scope
2:28PM 0 only stuff inside of a form display when post a jquery dialog
1:15PM 5 Running my RAILS APP on Local area network using Windows XP as server os.
12:07PM 3 how to automatically call function after server start
10:21AM 7 is polymorphic has_one/has_many possible? (in addition to polymorphic belongs_to)
10:13AM 0 the column 'id' is not the primary_key ,how to reset the Relationship
9:11AM 2 Rails 3.1(beta1) + SASS + variables
7:26AM 0 Large memory spike when posting XML file
6:43AM 2 NEW PROJECT - different render depending of browser / multilingual site
6:02AM 3 Reading Yaml files and getting an 'uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates' Error
2:12AM 1 Weird problems
1:37AM 3 Why returns nil?
12:53AM 3 RestClient send method?
12:38AM 1 what's the go with wiki.rubyonrails.org? is it ever going to work again?
Thursday May 5 2011
9:51PM 0 Need: Ruby developer,NY (only W2)
8:58PM 0 HTMLDoc + Gruff : Graph image not displaying in the PDF file
8:22PM 0 Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer in Lanham, MD
7:19PM 5 what's wrong in this seed.rb?
5:49PM 0 Sr Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails - Metro NY
5:48PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer - Austin
5:35PM 4 form_for, need to modify the :url based on if it is persisted or not
4:47PM 1 HABTM
4:42PM 0 How do I run the activerecord unit test suite as part of a dependent gem's test suite?
3:38PM 1 upgrading to ruby 1.9.2
3:26PM 0 Ruby on Rails Positions in Mountain View CA area
3:20PM 5 Out of order Ajax responses
11:45AM 7 Packaging (RPM) rails applications
11:24AM 1 Running multiple sites on the same Rails app
6:20AM 1 How to placing common exceptions for all models in single method?
6:18AM 1 convincing form_for to generate params for parent class
6:07AM 1 Array params in form_tag
5:21AM 11 Restful routing seems excessive at times - I want to simplify
3:56AM 2 Better way to force some classes to be eager loaded in development mode with Rails 3.0.5 and class caching off?
3:00AM 20 MyModel.descendants returns in a view after the first call?
1:50AM 4 how to build an e commerce
1:39AM 5 Given I know where a method is defined, I want to know where its called (at runtime)
Wednesday May 4 2011
11:30PM 0 using jquery datepicker within a jquery dialog
10:10PM 1 is not allowed as an instance variable name error
7:34PM 7 When do you use 'self' inside of a Model?
6:55PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer Opportunity in Austin, TX (Direct Hire)
4:56PM 2 Help refactoring this controller method
4:48PM 0 respond_with
4:46PM 0 Stubbing ThinkingSphinx 'search' method in Rspec
3:47PM 0 rake doc:app uses deprecated options (invalid options: --line-numbers, --inline-source)
3:38PM 2 redirect to and notice
2:14PM 0 Compare Values of two tables
2:06PM 6 Form without scaffold ?
9:26AM 0 Set user permission to Logger object
9:15AM 1 Rails Update query does not always update DB
8:18AM 5 rails mongoid
5:35AM 1 Why do I sometimes have to refresh the page manually after an AJAX form submission?
4:13AM 6 web-based retail Point Of Sale
Tuesday May 3 2011
11:55PM 13 Php to Ruby compilation software
7:26PM 3 Other way instead of this evil eval?
12:44PM 4 rake migrate error: SQLexception
10:16AM 1 Routin Error
8:53AM 0 Regarding Will_paginate and ActiveRecord_JDBC adapter
7:01AM 10 Devise - Authenticate based on IP
5:26AM 6 How TO deploy A Rails application on GoDaddy
4:43AM 2 Will you please help me with a ActiveRelation that requires nested joins using scopes?
4:41AM 0 Simple_Form and Simple_Fields_For and working in Form_Tag, Fields_For
3:13AM 2 Database performance for polymorphic associations under high load
1:36AM 1 RESTful
12:11AM 0 gdata gem authentication issue
12:09AM 1 syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting rASSOC
Monday May 2 2011
9:40PM 0 Is there any good gem that supports wiki feature?
8:38PM 2 storing raw html in as a string
6:15PM 7 Mac Firefox renders localhost rails pages smaller then safari or other browser
6:03PM 3 button_to question
5:46PM 4 Authentication recommendations?
5:10PM 2 Find across multiple models
4:19PM 3 Initializers - Metaprogramming (uninitialized constant Net (NameError)
2:39PM 3 copy the content of javascipt variable to ruby variable
2:03PM 1 I have a problem with "link_to"
10:28AM 0 to_label on second order association
9:06AM 12 Upgrading an application to Rails 3
1:39AM 0 Change from 3.0.6 => Rails 3.0.7 "no such file to load -- action_mailer/railtie"
Sunday May 1 2011
9:24PM 3 Very close to solution, can't figure out this bug with jQuery .submit()
7:56PM 2 Why this NameError ???
5:56PM 4 display issue with <li> elements in a textiled box
1:11PM 0 Can't figure out how to submit specific data with javascript
12:37PM 3 Where is the anchor?
7:06AM 0 Fbgraph
2:20AM 2 More detailed Test::Unit error report
1:18AM 4 Rails 3 with TinyMce