asterisk users - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
6:48PM 1 Receiving and processing unsolicited XMPP messages with Asterisk 11
5:53PM 3 asterisk on arm
3:22PM 5 Record calls as BLOB into MySQL?
2:36PM 4 Good way to query data from asterisk realtime with Asterisk Manager API
2:18PM 2 Question about cli
10:38AM 4 Automatic ODBC reconnect?
5:50AM 0 failed to extend from 512 to 676 message on console
Thursday August 30 2012
8:45PM 0 AST-2012-013: ACL rules ignored when placing outbound calls by certain IAX2 users
8:45PM 0 AST-2012-012: Asterisk Manager User Unauthorized Shell Access
3:26PM 0 Asterisk 1.8.11-cert7,, 10.7.1, 10.7.1-digiumphones Now Available (Security Release)
11:31AM 0 Spa3102 info about tones an frecuency for Brasil's analog line
9:34AM 2 change channel variable to a user chosen value during a call
Wednesday August 29 2012
10:28PM 2 Install AsteriskNow
5:17PM 2 Click-to-call software in a hosted environment
2:14AM 2 Asterisk Package Question
Tuesday August 28 2012
8:23PM 2 FAX detection in chan_dahdi 1.8.15
5:05PM 1 Call Recording
4:51PM 2 Best practices for hints management in extensions.conf
2:39PM 5 How do you convert your prompts to an asterisk-friendly format?
10:40AM 0 Increase Asterisk AGI commands length
Monday August 27 2012
5:21PM 1 Getting hold status via AMI ?
5:02PM 1 Asterisk 1.8.15 distintive ringtone for internal calls
2:08PM 3 Asterisk community services - Old Mantis instance to be shutdown on Aug 28th, 2012
12:08PM 6 can we install 10 PCI card on asterisk
Sunday August 26 2012
11:43PM 1 One leg in a conference and adjusting stream volume of other leg
9:05PM 2 the lenght of the uri affects on dialplan?
4:10AM 0 Is it a BUG
Saturday August 25 2012
12:31PM 2 Understanding CHANNEL function values
7:08AM 1 Basic GotoIf question
Friday August 24 2012
2:18PM 2 SIP Question - Early audio one-way or 2-way?
12:42PM 2 Log faulty calls?
10:37AM 1 CHANNEL arguments documentation?
8:13AM 1 xmpp / sip
6:27AM 1 Asterisk and Wave files.
Thursday August 23 2012
10:31PM 0 Bug or Not
7:24PM 1 GotoIf redirection to label not working correctly
5:50PM 1 Easy to install CDR-Viewer?
4:26PM 1 Japanese voicefiles
3:30PM 1 sip trunk failing to register causes sip phones to become unreachable
2:31PM 2 quick questions on version 10
2:05PM 1 RemoveQueueMember and realtime queues
1:28PM 0 Asterisk 1.6 / voicemail / final voice auth-thankyou
Wednesday August 22 2012
6:04PM 3 Asterisk 1.8 and 11
10:09AM 2 TE110P Wildcard does not work with Ubuntu 12.04 server
5:13AM 1 Load test for FXS and FXO cards
1:09AM 1 recording calls
12:23AM 1 comma issue with func_odbc
Tuesday August 21 2012
7:51PM 1 Asterisk 11 - XMPP and JabberSend()
4:42PM 1 Check for the voicemail
1:33PM 2 Which card to get?
10:04AM 1 version compatible with centos 5.7 (2.6.18-308.8.2.el5)
Monday August 20 2012
8:38PM 1 Extensions mask as variable?
7:20PM 1 Asterisk 11 - BLF on Custom devices
6:57PM 1 Asterisk 11 queue calls - emulate Dial(b) functionality
3:14PM 1 Digium Phones
2:23PM 1 Asterisk as TLS server as well as TLS client
12:19PM 1 DTMF Issue.
12:37AM 6 using analog phones
Sunday August 19 2012
8:50PM 1 CDR default table specification?
4:51PM 1 Enable CDR logging?
2:49PM 1 new How-to guide: using repro SIP proxy for TLS with Asterisk
1:26PM 2 Verifying if Asterisk is connected using ODBC?
Saturday August 18 2012
10:39PM 3 graceful restart
8:55AM 1 asterisk tries reinvite when incompatible codecs on call legs
8:45AM 1 Make outgoing calls through BroadWorks/BroadSoft SIP gateway from Asterisk
Friday August 17 2012
7:26PM 1 BLF and Call Queues
6:45PM 2 How to test Websocket support in SIP in Asterisk trunk?
6:11PM 1 Hosted Softswitch Integration
9:29AM 0 OpenVox G400P SMS messages character set issues
6:27AM 0 Trouble with call pickup using RPID with Cisco
12:07AM 4 Grandstream VoIP phones
Thursday August 16 2012
10:08PM 1 TDM Fax
8:12PM 1 Requiring agent to confirm queue calls only when forwarded to external device
6:47PM 1 Fax Detect on Demand
5:01AM 0 Still having CDR problems.
12:45AM 1 How to input NULL in CDR report
12:13AM 1 UDP miss a hangup on SIP
Wednesday August 15 2012
8:42PM 0 DTMF detection issues
6:35PM 1 Send Fax from Asterisk
5:57PM 1 Incompatible voice frame ulaw/alaw
1:42PM 1 Extensions DTMF
Tuesday August 14 2012
9:30PM 0 Revoking a TLS certificat created with ast_tls_cert
7:44PM 2 VOIP over Metro Ethernet
7:41PM 0 SIP client that supports T.38 Fax
7:26PM 0 SayUnixTime quandry
5:43PM 2 Call in the queue to listen to the Channel
4:44PM 0 Virgin Meda VMDG280 and SIP Asterisk
1:50PM 1 Email to Fax solution
1:45PM 0 Console/Dsp
Monday August 13 2012
6:58PM 1 Websockets on Asterisk 11 and SipML5
12:19PM 8 Asterisk hangs while starting in OpenSuse 12.2
9:32AM 0 Reverse phone lookup service
Sunday August 12 2012
4:11AM 0 AstLinux 1.0.4 Released
Saturday August 11 2012
12:05PM 5 best free fax solution with asterisk
10:16AM 4 Segmenting A Configration File
Friday August 10 2012
8:47PM 4 Debian 7/Asterisk TLS bug and others
8:43PM 3 ConfBridge
5:02PM 0 iCall service any good?
4:25PM 0 Asterisk 11.0.0-beta1 Now Available!
3:23PM 1 Question on app_confbridge
1:00PM 1 asterisk and meetme
12:42PM 0 chan_dahdi.c: No D-channels available! Using Primary channel 16 as D-channel anyway!
Thursday August 9 2012
9:21PM 1 Asterisk to control just one phone within current CCM?
8:12PM 4 Asterisk on Rackspace, My SIP phone behind NAT
5:59PM 1 Multi-tenant IVR
6:54AM 2 No CDR after upgrade (1.6.x -> 10.2.1)
5:36AM 1 IAX with two asterisk boxes
12:11AM 0 tls is up but no audio
Wednesday August 8 2012
6:11PM 1 alwaysauthreject=yes not working as expected
4:51PM 0 qualifysmoothing
2:17PM 0 OT - Patton - FXO - Reduce incoming call delay
11:30AM 1 RFC List
Tuesday August 7 2012
4:42PM 0 Asterisk and SNMP. No resource graphs in OpenNMS.
12:00PM 1 Asterisk & Websockets
7:31AM 1 asterisk debian package and digium repository
Monday August 6 2012
10:43PM 4 Showing the name of the called number at the source IP Phone, how?
10:31PM 1 Background, Playback wave files in asterisk
6:40PM 1 Block outbound calls based on IP address
5:59PM 1 Asterisk 1.6 and Outbound SIP Proxy configuration
1:48PM 2 Kamailio 3.3.x and Asterisk 10.7.0 Realtime Integration Tutorial
8:57AM 0 SIP register refresh time
8:03AM 2 asterisk.ctl file
Sunday August 5 2012
11:26PM 0 Background, Playback wave files in Asterisk 1.8.11-cert1
5:52PM 3 Voice Mail beep / tone detection
Saturday August 4 2012
6:09AM 0 Message could not be delivered
12:11AM 1 Suggestion of Server Specifications for Asterisk
Friday August 3 2012
9:42PM 1 Talk detection during call
9:19PM 0 Scheduled Maintenance for Asterisk Project community services
8:24PM 1 Unplanned Asterisk community service outage
12:10PM 1 Voicemail full.
7:49AM 1 asterisk realtime database structure
4:27AM 6 Asterisk realtime don't support 'n' as extension's next priority
Thursday August 2 2012
5:24PM 1 Originate call from cli does not work for SIP line...
12:45PM 1 DTMF transmission problem
12:28PM 1 can't get libpri/PRI to work
2:27AM 4 html/js/flash/air SIP clients?
Wednesday August 1 2012
5:45PM 2 Problem with callfile and CDR
3:15PM 1 Asterisk Dahdi Iaxmodem
2:52PM 0 Planned service outage for community services on August 2, 2012
1:54PM 0 CallerID
1:31PM 0 Call Completion Supplementary Services (CCSS) sound files?
12:11PM 1 app_swift 3 and asterisk fails with undefined symbol: swift_port_close
10:24AM 0 16kHz sampling
6:05AM 2 Problem provisioning Cisco SPA303