zfs discuss - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
10:27PM 0 Terrible ZFS performance on a Dell 1850 w/ PERC 4e/Si (Sol10U6)
6:31AM 4 new labelfix needed
Monday August 30 2010
10:05PM 15 4k block alignment question (X-25E)
4:02PM 24 Intermittent ZFS hang
12:33PM 5 pool died during scrub
11:27AM 0 Snapshot size as reported by the USED property
3:09AM 2 Postmortem - file system recovered
Saturday August 28 2010
3:25PM 1 mirrored pool unimportable (FAULTED)
2:22PM 0 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 58, Issue 117
11:39AM 4 ufs root to zfs root liveupgrade?
8:55AM 1 ''sync'' properties and write operations.
1:07AM 5 native ZFS on Linux
12:54AM 8 zfs lists discrepancy after added a new vdev to pool
Friday August 27 2010
11:13PM 7 zfs set readonly=on does not entirely go into read-only mode
3:15PM 0 labelfix binary for sparc
3:14PM 0 Unrecoverable error in zpool and finding faulty hardware
12:27PM 10 zpool status and format/kernel disagree about root disk
5:04AM 27 VM''s on ZFS - 7210
1:16AM 4 ZFS with SAN''s and HA
Thursday August 26 2010
9:06PM 0 zfs/iSCSI: 0000 = SNS Error Type: Current Error (0x70)
6:44PM 2 Write Once Read Many on ZFS
Wednesday August 25 2010
7:29PM 8 ZFS Storage server hardwae
6:44PM 4 slog and TRIM support
6:34PM 3 shrink zpool
5:42PM 2 Cloud Storage
12:41PM 4 System hangs during zfs send
8:32AM 6 (preview) Whitepaper - ZFS Pools Explained - feedback welcome
4:45AM 5 Dedup - Does "on" imply "sha256?"
Tuesday August 24 2010
11:05PM 7 SCSI write retry errors on ZIL SSD drives...
Monday August 23 2010
4:41PM 21 ZFS offline ZIL corruption not detected
12:49PM 0 deduplication: l2arc size
Sunday August 22 2010
4:22AM 7 dedup and handling corruptions - impossible?
Saturday August 21 2010
8:30PM 0 OpenStorage Summit
5:14PM 8 ZFS with Equallogic storage
5:25AM 1 Upgrade Nevada Kernel
12:53AM 5 Root pool on boot drive lost on another machine because of devids
Friday August 20 2010
9:06PM 0 lots of errors in logs?
Thursday August 19 2010
8:33PM 5 Halcyon ZFS and system monitoring software for OpenSolaris (beta)
1:14PM 0 Unable to mount legacy pool in to zone
8:46AM 0 Zpool scrub and reboot.
Wednesday August 18 2010
6:02PM 5 Cant''t detach spare device from pool
4:56PM 4 2TB drive will not work on motherboard
8:48AM 10 Networker & Dedup @ ZFS
7:16AM 14 Solaris startup script location
7:15AM 1 Kernel panic on import / interrupted zfs destroy
6:10AM 2 Please help destroy pool.
12:20AM 15 ZFS Group Quotas
Tuesday August 17 2010
2:30AM 6 How do I Import rpool to an alternate location?
1:58AM 39 64-bit vs 32-bit applications
12:53AM 4 Narrow escape with FAULTED disks
Monday August 16 2010
3:21PM 1 JET and ZFS ?
1:23PM 2 Replaced pool device shows up in zpool status
Sunday August 15 2010
11:59PM 2 Is the error threshold for a degraded device configurable?
11:30PM 3 ZFS pool and filesystem version list, OpenSolaris builds list
7:30PM 6 Help! Dedup delete FS advice needed!!
2:50PM 1 send/recv reads a lot from destination zpool
3:09AM 0 Zpool import hangs, disk label issues
Saturday August 14 2010
1:56PM 6 ZFS automatic rollback and data rescue.
3:32AM 2 Compress ratio???
Friday August 13 2010
8:43PM 32 ZFS development moving behind closed doors
8:39PM 136 Opensolaris is apparently dead
7:19PM 15 NFS issue with ZFS
4:35PM 3 Moving /export to another zpool
12:37AM 2 Need to convert or remove some "un-removable" drives
Thursday August 12 2010
9:51PM 2 User level transactional API
4:39PM 2 EMC migration and zfs
1:35PM 0 ZFS data from snv_b134 to fbsd
7:46AM 1 Degraded Pool, Spontaneous Reboots
7:17AM 0 Optimizing performance on a ZFS-based NAS
6:41AM 1 File system ownership details of ZFS file system.
6:27AM 6 one ZIL SLOG per zpool?
2:16AM 1 ZFS p[erformance drop with new Xeon 55xx and 56xx cpus
12:26AM 5 Backup zpool
Wednesday August 11 2010
11:21PM 2 How to obtain vdev information for a zpool?
8:22PM 1 BugID 6961707
7:52PM 24 ZFS and VMware
7:40PM 1 Performance Testing
5:54PM 0 strange permission problem with sharing over NFS
4:52PM 2 autoreplace not kicking in
8:05AM 3 Need a link on data corruption
2:02AM 0 OT-ish: Solaris 11
Tuesday August 10 2010
10:40PM 13 Raidz - what is stored in parity?
6:50PM 7 zfs replace problems please please help
3:38PM 10 Problems with big ZFS send/receive in b134
1:39PM 2 Global Spare for 2 pools
9:05AM 0 ZFS OpenSolaris and FreeBSD
6:19AM 11 RAID Z stripes
Monday August 9 2010
7:15PM 0 General storage handling question
5:21PM 2 Directory tree renaming -- disk usage
3:55PM 2 ZFS with EMC PowerPath
Sunday August 8 2010
5:59PM 0 Unable to import ZFS pool after disk issues
Saturday August 7 2010
3:00PM 13 PowerEdge R510 with PERC H200/H700 with ZFS
Friday August 6 2010
11:29AM 4 Disk space on Raidz1 configuration
10:44AM 7 Best usage of SSD-disk in ZFS system
7:18AM 3 Reconfigure zpool
2:01AM 9 zpool ''stuck'' after failed zvol destory and reboot
Thursday August 5 2010
7:34PM 0 Errors upgrading 2009.06 to dev build 134
4:18PM 0 ZFS / Network tuning recommendations for iSCSI
Wednesday August 4 2010
11:13PM 4 Splitting root mirror to prep for re-install
6:55PM 3 How to identify user-created zfs filesystems?
6:50PM 2 vdev using more space
10:22AM 1 ZFS performance Tuning
7:05AM 5 Corrupt file without filename
6:58AM 4 Logical Units and ZFS send / receive
2:55AM 1 [install-discuss] Installing on alternate hardware
Tuesday August 3 2010
6:14PM 1 snapshot space - miscalculation?
5:52PM 13 ZFS Restripe
5:02PM 0 Which ZFS events/errors appears in FMA?
4:37PM 3 LTFS and LTO-5 Tape Drives
4:27PM 2 When is the L2ARC refreshed if on a separate drive?
9:52AM 8 problem with zpool import - zil and cache drive are not displayed?
Monday August 2 2010
9:49PM 4 Using multiple logs on single SSD devices
8:45PM 4 Possible to save custom properties on a zfs file system?
3:48PM 8 pool scrub clean, filesystem broken
Sunday August 1 2010
3:56AM 8 Adding ZIL to pool questions