zfs discuss - Jul 2010

Friday July 30 2010
11:25PM 0 Fwd: Read-only ZFS pools [PSARC/2010/306 FastTrack timeout 08/06/2010]
6:35PM 2 zvol recordsize for backing a zpool over iSCSI
Thursday July 29 2010
10:00PM 3 Moved to new controller now degraded
4:50PM 2 snapshot question
1:07PM 5 zfs upgrade unmounts filesystems
1:06PM 0 TRIM support added
8:44AM 3 ZFS acl and chmod
8:41AM 2 [osol-discuss] ZFS read performance terrible
12:23AM 21 ZFS read performance terrible
Wednesday July 28 2010
11:11PM 6 Fwd: zpool import despite missing log [PSARC/2010/292 Self Review]
7:41PM 4 How can a mirror lose a file?
5:23PM 4 zfs allow does not work for rpool
3:54PM 0 COMSTAR iscsi replication - dataset busy
1:32PM 4 root pool expansion
5:37AM 4 raidz2 + spare or raidz3 and no spare for nine 1.5 TB SATA disks?
Tuesday July 27 2010
5:36PM 1 zfs destroy - weird output ( cannot destroy '''': dataset already exists )
12:55PM 1 ZFSroot & LiveUpgrade
8:20AM 2 orignal raidz code required
7:21AM 4 core dumps eating space in snapshots
Monday July 26 2010
6:01PM 25 Mirrored raidz
3:51PM 0 modified mdb and zdb
12:32PM 3 FreeBSD 8.1 out, has zfs vserion 14 and can boot from zfs
7:28AM 0 ZFS Volume Issue
Sunday July 25 2010
1:12PM 4 ZFS compression
10:49AM 1 VMGuest IOMeter numbers
Saturday July 24 2010
8:39PM 0 ARC/VM question
6:20PM 2 Filesystem hang when 100% full
4:40PM 1 ZFS v10 crisis alert - has a zfs subdirectory disappeared?
12:21PM 2 Severe ZFS corruption, help needed.
Friday July 23 2010
6:03PM 1 Random system hang build 134
4:10PM 2 ZFS volume turned into a socket - any way to restore data?
9:31AM 4 Increase resilver priority
9:24AM 2 physically removed a pool - how to I tell it to forget the pool?
7:11AM 30 NFS performance?
4:38AM 1 Existing zpool, add new disk to create raidz
Thursday July 22 2010
9:54PM 1 zfs add -r output
Wednesday July 21 2010
9:10PM 5 Optimal Disk configuration
8:38PM 20 Confused about consumer drives and zfs can someone help?
8:15PM 3 File cloning
4:42PM 5 L2ARC and ZIL on same SSD?
2:56PM 5 slog/L2ARC on a hard drive and not SSD?
2:47PM 10 CPU requirements for zfs performance
1:13AM 3 zfs fails to import zpool
Tuesday July 20 2010
1:24PM 0 zpool import issue
10:12AM 16 zfs raidz1 and traditional raid 5 perfomrance comparision
10:09AM 5 How does zil work
12:26AM 9 Tips for ZFS tuning for NFS store of VM images
Monday July 19 2010
9:38PM 0 Unable to mount root pool dataset
9:38PM 4 Getting performance out of ZFS
4:42PM 2 corrupt pool?
4:06PM 3 how to create a concat vdev.
4:06PM 22 zfs send to remote any ideas for a faster way than ssh?
3:11PM 8 Deleting large amounts of files
8:28AM 6 Performance advantages of spool with 2x raidz2 vdev"s vs. Single vdev
Sunday July 18 2010
10:45PM 3 Trou ble Moving opensolaris to new HD
9:39PM 4 Move Fedora or Windows disk image to ZFS (iScsi Boot)
8:15PM 27 Help identify failed drive
9:59AM 1 zpool access hangs
Saturday July 17 2010
11:19PM 3 raidz capacity osol vs freebsd
2:17PM 5 disaster recovery process (replace disks)
9:25AM 3 fmadm warnings about media erros
Friday July 16 2010
9:38PM 6 Lost zpool after reboot
6:32PM 8 1tb SATA drives
5:24PM 12 Recommended RAM for ZFS on various platforms
12:54PM 1 ZFS mirror to RAIDz?
12:01AM 1 Making a zvol unavailable to iSCSI trips up ZFS
Thursday July 15 2010
6:47PM 1 ZFS bug - CVE-2010-2392
12:01AM 3 zfs send : invalid option ''R''
Wednesday July 14 2010
11:45PM 3 Who owns the dataset?
9:07PM 5 Solaris Filesystem
7:58PM 13 preparing for future drive additions
3:28PM 4 invalid vdev configuration meltdown
9:59AM 2 How to calculate space consumption of some snapshots
9:51AM 0 zfs clone but destroy impossible in os2009.06 (b111)
7:33AM 0 ZFS + WebDAV + AD integration
7:10AM 6 Is there any support for bi-directional synchronization in zfs?
Tuesday July 13 2010
10:11PM 0 ZFS Status Graph?
9:18PM 0 question re how data is stored in L2ARC cache
5:45PM 2 zfs root flash archive issue
5:44PM 2 ZFS list snapshots incurs large delay
1:22AM 2 ZIL SSD failed
12:26AM 2 ZFS snapshot zvols/iscsi send backup
Monday July 12 2010
11:10PM 7 How do I clean up corrupted files from zpool status -v?
10:06PM 3 Need ZFS master!
4:45PM 3 Recovering from an apparent ZFS Hang
9:12AM 0 Zfs pool / iscsi lun with windows initiator.
Sunday July 11 2010
4:51AM 17 Encryption?
12:43AM 2 zpool scrub is clean but still run in checksum errors when sending
Saturday July 10 2010
7:53PM 5 Cache flush (or the lack of such) and corruption
5:53AM 4 Scrub extremely slow?
12:55AM 2 block align SSD for use as a l2arc cache
12:00AM 20 Debunking the dedup memory myth
Friday July 9 2010
10:08PM 1 ZFS, IPS (IBM ServeRAID) driver, and a kernel panic...
9:49PM 11 zfs send/recv hanging in 2009.06
9:00PM 4 resilver of older root pool disk
12:57PM 3 spreading data after adding devices to pool
1:33AM 0 Lost ZIL Device - FIXED
1:29AM 3 zfs snapshot revert
12:43AM 2 snapshot out of space
Thursday July 8 2010
9:21PM 3 zfs send, receive, compress, dedup
8:55PM 6 zpool spares listed twice, as both AVAIL and FAULTED
1:10PM 13 Should i enable Write-Cache ?
1:33AM 113 Legality and the future of zfs...
Wednesday July 7 2010
10:52PM 14 SATA 6G controller for OSOL
8:57PM 6 1068E mpt driver issue
5:09PM 2 ZFS crash
12:51AM 4 Lost ZIL Device
Tuesday July 6 2010
10:08PM 24 zpool throughput: snv 134 vs 138 vs 143
5:35PM 4 ZFS fsck?
5:02PM 3 Help with Faulted Zpool Call for Help(Cross post)
4:56PM 2 Legacy MountPoint for /rpool/ROOT
4:51PM 2 Consequences of resilvering failure
3:31PM 10 Remove non-redundant disk
Monday July 5 2010
2:21PM 5 never ending resilver
11:56AM 3 zfs hangs with B141 when filebench runs
Sunday July 4 2010
2:54AM 1 Mounting NTFS problem
Saturday July 3 2010
12:09AM 0 Hang ZFS due to asyncronous delete?
Friday July 2 2010
7:53PM 14 NexentaStor 3.0.3 vs OpenSolaris - Patches more up to date?
5:30PM 0 rpool issue
7:01AM 4 pool wide corruption, "Bad exchange descriptor"
6:18AM 6 Using a zvol from your rpool as zil for another zpool
4:12AM 4 zfs - filesystem versus directory
Thursday July 1 2010
10:58PM 3 confused about lun alignment
10:01PM 3 zpool on raw disk. Do I need to format?
6:45PM 4 Mix SAS and SATA drives?
6:17PM 20 Expected throughput
5:08PM 1 Help destroying phantom clone (zfs filesystem)
3:57PM 2 ZFS on external iSCSI storage
3:30PM 4 Checksum errors with SSD.
1:17PM 1 optimal ZFS filesystem layout on JBOD
8:33AM 5 dedup accounting anomaly / dedup experiments