zfs discuss - Sep 2010

Thursday September 30 2010
7:36PM 2 dedup status
6:33PM 0 ZFS Raidz2 problem, detached drive
6:05PM 0 rpool issue
3:34PM 3 Cannot destroy snapshots: dataset does not exist
1:34PM 6 "zfs unmount" versus "umount"?
6:08AM 2 Unusual Resilver Result
Wednesday September 29 2010
10:16PM 10 Resliver making the system unresponsive
7:09PM 5 Migrating to an aclmode-less world
4:30PM 0 Fwd: Is there any way to stop a resilver?
3:36PM 7 Is there any way to stop a resilver?
2:31PM 2 rpool spare
Tuesday September 28 2010
3:18PM 0 Jeff Bonwick leaves Sun/Oracle
2:22PM 0 ZFS Issues and cpu panics
9:20AM 4 ZFS flash issue
Monday September 27 2010
7:00PM 12 drive speeds etc
5:14PM 4 way to find out of a dataset has children
4:30PM 3 My filesystem turned from a directory into a special character device
11:23AM 1 file level clones
11:16AM 17 HP ProLiant N36L
10:13AM 4 Resilver endlessly restarting at completion
Sunday September 26 2010
2:17PM 15 Long resilver time
12:50PM 3 fs root inode number?
Saturday September 25 2010
9:23PM 6 zfs send/receive?
4:54PM 4 dedup testing?
Friday September 24 2010
7:34PM 5 Data transfer taking a longer time than expected (Possibly dedup related)
6:29PM 0 Spares cannot be released
5:33PM 3 Any zfs fault injection tools?
5:26PM 1 What is "dedupditto" property on zpool?
7:41AM 33 zfs proerty aclmode gone in 147?
12:48AM 3 Kernel panic on ZFS import - how do I recover?
Thursday September 23 2010
10:36PM 9 Dedup relationship between pool and filesystem
6:33AM 23 non-ECC Systems and ZFS for home users (was: Please warn a home user against OpenSolaris under VirtualBox under WinXP ; ))
5:00AM 8 Growing a root ZFS mirror on b134?
2:25AM 4 When Zpool has no space left and no snapshots
12:20AM 0 ZFS Tutorial at USENIX LISA ''10 conference
Wednesday September 22 2010
8:46PM 2 scrub: resilver in progress for 0h38m, 0.00% done, 1131207h51m to go
8:43PM 1 Feature differences between Solaris 10 9/10 and build 147
5:23PM 4 What is l2cache setting?
5:22PM 2 ZFS COW and simultaneous read & write of files
2:06PM 15 Pools inside pools
Tuesday September 21 2010
3:48PM 6 Sliced iSCSI device for doing RAIDZ?
12:24PM 0 ZFS snapshot size vs. ZFS send/recv
Monday September 20 2010
6:03PM 5 create mirror copy of existing zfs stack
2:35PM 10 Cannot access dataset
Sunday September 19 2010
1:10PM 8 Please warn a home user against OpenSolaris under VirtualBox under WinXP ; )
12:42PM 1 Howto reclaim space under legacy mountpoint?
7:37AM 3 moving rppol in laptop to spare SSD drive.
Saturday September 18 2010
9:44PM 2 Zpool import Problem ZFS-8000-EY
8:08PM 7 How to fsck the spacemap?
4:59PM 3 ZFS checksum errors (ZFS-8000-8A)
7:37AM 6 space_map again nuked!!
Friday September 17 2010
8:25PM 0 can ufs zones and zfs zones coexist on a single global zone
12:32PM 17 resilver that never finishes
9:53AM 3 ZFS Dataset lost structure
1:08AM 8 Best practice for Sol10U9 ZIL -- mirrored or not?
Thursday September 16 2010
3:21PM 1 recordsize
12:36PM 5 Replacing a disk never completes
8:55AM 0 ''primarycache'' and ''secondarycache''
Wednesday September 15 2010
10:45PM 1 Compression block sizes
7:27PM 3 ZFS on solid state as disk rather than L2ARC...
12:25PM 2 ZFS file system without pool
7:20AM 0 recreating stack (zpool and zfs) once hardware snapshot is taken.
12:56AM 2 Unwanted filesystem mounting when using send/recv
Tuesday September 14 2010
8:13PM 3 What is the "1000 bit"?
1:59PM 9 dedicated ZIL/L2ARC
10:55AM 3 How to set zfs:zfs_recover=1 and aok=1 in GRUB at startup?
Monday September 13 2010
11:28PM 2 zfs compression with Oracle - anyone implemented?
5:26PM 3 Proper procedure when device names have changed
3:40PM 1 ZFS archive image
2:49AM 5 file recovery on lost RAIDZ array
Sunday September 12 2010
6:05PM 6 Has anyone seen zpool corruption with VirtualBox shared folders?
5:10PM 3 Hang on zpool import (dedup related)
3:24PM 3 Failed zfs send "invalid backup stream".............
Saturday September 11 2010
9:24PM 6 ZFS online device management
5:23AM 5 Solaris 10u9 with zpool version 22, but no DEDUP (version 21 reserved)
Friday September 10 2010
7:26PM 0 What append to ZFS bp rewrite?
7:23PM 0 [osol-code] What append to ZFS bp rewrite?
12:56AM 3 zpool upgrade and zfs upgrade behavior on b145
Thursday September 9 2010
8:07PM 7 How to migrate to 4KB sector drives?
8:04PM 37 resilver = defrag?
4:38PM 9 NetApp/Oracle-Sun lawsuit done
3:00PM 5 NFS performance near zero on a very full pool
6:46AM 0 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 59, Issue 13
1:14AM 15 performance leakage when copy huge data
Wednesday September 8 2010
11:37PM 1 Forgot username
8:20PM 1 NFS performance issue
1:21PM 5 Solaris 10u9
Tuesday September 7 2010
8:58PM 8 Configuration questions for Home File Server (CPU cores, dedup, checksum)?
3:59PM 3 zpool create using whole disk - do I add "p0"? E.g. c4t2d0 or c42d0p0
1:26PM 4 onnv_142 - vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root
Monday September 6 2010
3:53PM 37 Suggested RaidZ configuration...
9:56AM 7 mdb -k - I/O usage
1:44AM 1 zpool question
12:18AM 2 Newbie question
Friday September 3 2010
2:31AM 1 possible ZFS-related panic?
Thursday September 2 2010
8:17PM 3 Information lost? Does zpool create erase volumes
4:34PM 6 How to rebuild raidz after system reinstall
1:42PM 1 What forum to use with a ZFS how-to question
1:18PM 5 what is zfs doing during a log resilver?
10:18AM 2 Algorithm of block size estimation
Wednesday September 1 2010
8:04PM 0 stmf corruption and dealing with dynamic lun mapping
10:29AM 0 Disk on Module (DOM) for NAS boot drive?