zfs discuss - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
8:53PM 21 Segmentation fault / core dump with recursive send/recv
7:52PM 9 Oracle DB sequential dump questions
2:00PM 2 c1t0d0 to c3t1d0
11:50AM 15 ZSF Solaris
3:10AM 0 S10U5: deadlock between ''zfs receive'' and ''zfs list''
3:07AM 109 Quantifying ZFS reliability
Monday September 29 2008
4:08PM 3 zpool error: must be a block device or regular file
Sunday September 28 2008
4:18PM 0 zpool(1) reports free space, but zfs(1) disagrees
3:11PM 4 Unable to use zfs send/receive from NexentaStor 1.0.6 to Solaris 10 Update 5 x86
1:43AM 13 ZFS performance degradation when backups are running
Saturday September 27 2008
11:02PM 12 create raidz with 1 disk offline
3:42PM 7 unable to ludelete BE with ufs
11:30AM 1 [Fwd: Another ZFS question]
Friday September 26 2008
8:38PM 13 zpool import of bootable root pool renders it unbootable
4:33PM 20 ZFS poor performance on Areca 1231ML
9:43AM 2 Scripting zfs send / receive
8:27AM 10 zfs resilvering
Thursday September 25 2008
10:42PM 0 zfs memory accounting
10:21PM 3 RAIDZ one of the disk showing unavail
9:27AM 18 Automatic removal of old snapshots
8:49AM 18 SIL3124 stability?
5:50AM 32 zpool file corruption
Wednesday September 24 2008
9:09PM 6 ZFS dump and swap
6:41PM 9 Which is better for root ZFS: mlc or slc SSD?
1:56PM 0 Can''t remove zpool spare, status says faulted
3:07AM 2 zfs allow interaction with file system privileges
1:49AM 11 ZFS with Fusion-IO?
Tuesday September 23 2008
5:25PM 9 Greenbytes/Cypress
5:14PM 6 ZFS on Hitachi SAN, pool recovery
4:12PM 7 resilver being killed by ''zpool status'' when root
2:03PM 1 Problem: ZFS export drive
Monday September 22 2008
11:11PM 4 unable to share
2:38PM 0 [indiana-discuss] bootfs or findroot in GRUB menu?
1:59PM 9 Slow zpool import with b98
10:15AM 1 bootfs or findroot in GRUB menu?
Sunday September 21 2008
11:55AM 0 Panic + corrupted pool in snv_98
9:54AM 0 Any experience of bulk transfers with zfs send/receive ?
Friday September 19 2008
7:39PM 2 [Fwd: Re: GIS: ZFS question]
3:26PM 9 web interface not showing up
2:31PM 7 Disk Concatenation
1:55PM 2 Inconsistent df and du output ?
3:21AM 0 doing HDS shadow copy of a zpool
Thursday September 18 2008
8:12PM 3 How to remove any references to a zpool that''s gone
4:57PM 2 A couple basic questions re: zfs sharenfs
Wednesday September 17 2008
6:07PM 4 resilver keeps starting over? snv_95
9:16AM 3 zpool with multiple mirrors question
Tuesday September 16 2008
8:09PM 3 iscsi target problems on snv_97
3:33PM 1 Interesting Pool Import Failure
1:09AM 4 I/O statistics on a per-filesystem basis?
Monday September 15 2008
6:11PM 0 ZFS ondisk format
12:07PM 3 ZFS APIs?
11:49AM 17 Tool to figure out optimum ZFS recordsize for a Mail server Maildir tree?
3:21AM 33 A few questions
Sunday September 14 2008
6:37PM 10 ZFS system requirements
Saturday September 13 2008
10:37PM 2 How do I add my own Attributes to a ZAP object, and then search on it?
12:33PM 3 Restore a ZFS Root Mirror
8:50AM 1 Problem with use zfs on Mac OS X and linux
Friday September 12 2008
9:27PM 0 format command confused by pool data ?
5:35PM 9 Do you grok it?
12:19PM 7 ZFS: First use recommendations
Thursday September 11 2008
10:37PM 4 ZFS Panicing System Cluster Crash effect
5:01PM 4 Will ZFS stay consistent with AVS/ZFS and async replication
1:35AM 4 Apache module for ZFS ACL based authorization
Wednesday September 10 2008
11:54PM 3 ZPOOL Import Problem
8:01PM 8 Any commands to dump all zfs snapshots like NetApp "snapmirror"
3:32PM 7 Intel M-series SSD
12:51PM 17 Nexenta/ZFS vs Heartbeat/DRBD
5:20AM 3 zfs import -f not working!
Tuesday September 9 2008
6:51PM 0 mv iSCSI store to another zpool w/o losing original target name
3:24PM 9 Kernel Panic
Monday September 8 2008
6:11PM 2 ZFS send/receive filehandle issue
1:20PM 2 How to release/destroy ZFS volume dedicated to dump ?
8:50AM 7 ZFS Failing Drive procedure (mirrored pairs) - did I mess this up?
6:47AM 0 [ZFS-USAGE] Quary for ZFS
Sunday September 7 2008
8:00PM 6 Dumb Error - Please Help
6:40PM 3 ZFS compression or lack thereof...
2:25AM 6 ZFS over multiple iSCSI targets
12:02AM 1 Joshua P Martin is out of the office
Friday September 5 2008
11:11PM 0 zfs cksum errors
8:42PM 8 ZIL & NVRAM partitioning?
7:17PM 15 Error: value too large for defined data type
5:16PM 3 Snapshots during a scrub
5:14PM 2 ?: any effort for snapshot management
4:28PM 1 ZFS in Solaris 10 5/08
3:16PM 6 resilver speed.
11:40AM 4 A question about recordsize...
8:42AM 2 [install-discuss] Will OpenSolaris and Nevada co-exist in peace on the same root zpool
5:31AM 3 zfs metada corrupted
Thursday September 4 2008
6:18PM 3 Terabyte scrub
6:11PM 4 send/receive statistics
5:59PM 2 Max vol size and number of files in production
4:34PM 2 Explaining ZFS message in FMA
1:39AM 28 x4500 vs AVS ?
Wednesday September 3 2008
11:42PM 0 manual intervention needed on usb pool import
7:57PM 5 Sun samba <-> ZFS ACLs
7:10PM 0 disk UNAVAIL
6:57PM 8 SAS or SATA HBA with write cache
2:20PM 1 faulty sub-mirror and CKSUM errors
9:20AM 9 What is the correct procedure to replace a non failed disk for another?
Tuesday September 2 2008
7:39PM 8 raidz2 group size
12:51PM 0 virtualbox & opensolaris b95 - zfs issue
Monday September 1 2008
4:03AM 1 RFE: allow zfs to interpret ''.'' as da datatset?