zfs discuss - Jan 2007

Wednesday January 31 2007
9:42PM 0 Zpooling problems
9:11PM 20 ZFS inode equivalent
1:58PM 4 ditto==RAID1, parity==RAID5?
Tuesday January 30 2007
7:27PM 0 yet another blog: ZFS space, performance, MTTDL
6:12PM 1 unable to boot zone
5:59PM 3 Export ZFS over NFS ?
2:30PM 2 Actual (cache) memory use of ZFS?
1:00PM 4 restore pool from detached disk from mirror
8:52AM 2 Need Help on device structure
Monday January 29 2007
10:21PM 20 hot spares - in standby?
9:45PM 1 Problems adding drive
9:17PM 3 dumpadm and using dumpfile on zfs?
8:12PM 3 ZFS panics system during boot, after 11/06 upgrade
Sunday January 28 2007
3:58PM 2 bug id 6381203
Saturday January 27 2007
1:34AM 10 zfs rewrite?
Friday January 26 2007
10:36PM 2 data wanted: disk kstats
7:58PM 0 A little different look at filesystems ... Justlooking for ideas
6:57PM 3 A little different look at filesystems ... Just looking for ideas
4:58PM 10 UFS on zvol: volblocksize and maxcontig
3:26PM 18 Project Proposal: Availability Suite
2:16PM 70 ZFS or UFS - what to do?
2:02PM 5 bug id 6343667
1:43PM 11 multihosted ZFS
Thursday January 25 2007
10:50PM 4 high density SAS
10:05PM 3 Folders vs. ZFS
7:21PM 2 patch making tar multi-thread
3:10PM 27 can I use zfs on just a partition?
10:54AM 3 ZFS brings System to panic/freeze
8:14AM 4 zfs / nfs issue (not performance :-) with courier-imap
Wednesday January 24 2007
11:39PM 3 Why replacing a drive generates writes to other disks?
6:56PM 0 Re: Converting home directory from ufs to zfs
5:42PM 4 Can you turn on zfs compression when the fs is already populated?
2:50PM 0 unsubscribe
2:20PM 4 Solaris-Supported cards with battery backup
1:29PM 14 panic with zfs
3:30AM 77 Thumper Origins Q
Tuesday January 23 2007
11:05PM 3 Some questions I had while testing ZFS.
9:31PM 3 On-failure policies for pools
5:49PM 5 need advice: ZFS config ideas for X4500 Thumper?
3:50PM 10 zpool split
7:39AM 0 ZFS ARC blog
1:23AM 0 Understanding ::memstat in terms of the ARC
Monday January 22 2007
10:32PM 8 Synchronous Mount?
10:12PM 5 file not persistent after node bounce when there is a bad disk?
7:32PM 1 Re: Re: External drive enclosures + Sun Server for
7:28PM 1 ZFS block squashing (CAS)
6:48PM 1 zpool overlay
5:49PM 7 ZFS on PC Based Hardware for NAS?
4:40PM 0 Almost lost my data
5:16AM 1 Enhance 1U eSATA storage device and Solaris 10?
Saturday January 20 2007
1:59AM 78 External drive enclosures + Sun Server for mass storage
Friday January 19 2007
9:52PM 2 periodic disk i/o upon pool upgrade
9:44PM 0 ZFSroot hanging at boot time with os nv54
7:13PM 0 Re: [osol-discuss] Possibility to change GUID zfs pool at import
4:24PM 5 Backup/Restore idea?
11:32AM 0 HELP please!!!! zfs can''t open drives!!!
10:39AM 6 zpool dumps core with did device
5:46AM 1 Raid Edition drive with RAIDZ
2:27AM 18 Cheap ZFS homeserver.
Thursday January 18 2007
11:10PM 3 ZFS patches for Solaris 10U2 ?
10:37PM 1 question: zfs code size statistics
5:43PM 2 How to reconfigure ZFS?
10:55AM 72 How much do we really want zpool remove?
9:02AM 2 VxVM volumes in a zpool.
Wednesday January 17 2007
11:38PM 0 MTTDL blogfest continues
2:30PM 4 I only see 5.33TB of my 7.25TB zfs-pool. Why?
8:21AM 3 Implementation Question
Tuesday January 16 2007
4:02PM 41 Heavy writes freezing system
Monday January 15 2007
4:55PM 5 Mounting a ZFS clone
3:34PM 4 iSCSI on a single interface?
9:44AM 11 Eliminating double path with ZFS''s volume manager
3:33AM 1 Seven questions for a newbie
1:08AM 8 Multiple Read one Writer Filesystem
Sunday January 14 2007
2:58AM 1 zfs umount -a in a global zone
Saturday January 13 2007
7:30PM 16 ZFS and HDLM 5.8 ... does that coexist well ?
4:52PM 8 question about self healing
4:05PM 2 Extremely poor ZFS perf and other observations
3:49AM 4 On the SATA framework
Friday January 12 2007
8:48PM 0 another blog: space vs U_MTBSI
2:54PM 1 Raidz and self-healing...
11:42AM 1 SXCR 55
11:41AM 4 Replacing a drive in a raidz2 group
10:32AM 6 optimal zpool layout?
2:40AM 0 OT: How does them coll ZFS demos are made
2:00AM 0 N.J. suspected as source of stench MORE ...
Thursday January 11 2007
11:38PM 0 blog: space vs MTTDL
5:55PM 1 Rebel: ''We aided bin Laden escape''
12:36PM 4 Help understanding some benchmark results
11:21AM 5 use the same zfs filesystem with differnet mountpoint
4:07AM 3 ZFS entry in /etc/vfstab
Wednesday January 10 2007
4:26PM 38 RAIDZ2 vs. ZFS RAID-10
4:26PM 3 [Fwd: Re: ZFS and storage array]
4:26PM 0 Re: [osol-discuss] Difference between ZFS checksum
4:26PM 4 Resizing lun.
4:26PM 25 ZFS related (probably) hangs due to memory exhaustion(?)
4:26PM 2 zfs clones
4:26PM 4 Solaris crashes when ZFS device disappears
4:26PM 2 using veritas dmp with ZFS (but not vxvm)
4:26PM 0 I have a disk wedged in a zpool.
4:26PM 9 ZFS over NFS extra slow?
4:26PM 5 Can ZFS solve my problem?
4:26PM 9 Differences between ZFS and UFS.
4:26PM 2 zfs internal working - compression question
4:26PM 7 using zpool attach/detach to migrate drives from one
4:26PM 4 Checksum errors...
4:26PM 5 Fix dot-dot permissions without unmount?
4:26PM 10 Deadlock with a pool using files on another zfs?
4:26PM 1 Solaris 10 11/06
4:26PM 1 zfs services , label and packages
4:26PM 2 Saving scrub results before scrub completes
4:26PM 1 Why does disable loading of zfs module in boot causes
4:26PM 3 Remote Replication
4:26PM 0 system hang during resilvering a degraded pool
4:26PM 1 Lots of snapshots make scrubbing extremely slow
4:26PM 4 [osol-discuss] Re: bare metal ZFS ? How To ?
4:25PM 0 ZFS and HDS ShadowImage
4:24PM 0 Resending with headers....Fwd: Re: Proposal: zfs create
4:24PM 0 delete my account...Fwd: Re: Proposal: zfs create -o
4:24PM 0 [Fwd: zfs discussion forum bug]
4:24PM 0 [Security-discuss] AW: AW: AW: Proposal for new basic
4:23PM 6 [osol-discuss] Best. Solaris Tees. Ever.
4:22PM 0 [nfs-discuss] Re: zfs pool based on nfs files. possible?
4:22PM 1 [website-discuss] [boyd-adamson@usa.net: A minor
4:22PM 0 [boyd-adamson@usa.net: A minor mailing list config problem]
4:22PM 1 [driver-discuss] [Fwd: Re: ZFS on SATA in my SPARC Ultra
Tuesday January 9 2007
6:19PM 3 ZFS on my iPhone?
4:59PM 17 Samba and ZFS ACL Question
4:35PM 3 ZFS remote mirroring
7:36AM 0 re: Noemi
12:21AM 2 ZFS Hot Spare Behavior
12:06AM 2 ZFS reference
Monday January 8 2007
8:36PM 23 Adding disk to a RAID-Z?
8:04PM 7 Puzzling ZFS behavior with COMPRESS option
7:50PM 6 hard-hang on snapshot rename
5:00PM 11 Question: ZFS + Block level SHA256 ~= almost free CAS Squishing?
4:02PM 4 Distributed FS
11:02AM 11 NFS and ZFS, a fine combination
6:01AM 32 Limit ZFS Memory Utilization
Sunday January 7 2007
11:28PM 3 HOWTO make a mirror after the fact
7:12PM 2 Can someone explain this acl behavior?
Friday January 5 2007
6:14PM 4 zfs pool in degraded state, zpool offline fails with no valid replicas
3:10PM 19 Solid State Drives?
Thursday January 4 2007
11:17PM 2 odd versus even
12:27PM 14 ZFS --> Grub shell
12:21AM 2 zfs recv