zfs discuss - Dec 2006

Friday December 22 2006
10:50PM 0 Re: Difference between ZFS and UFS with one LUN froma SAN
5:09PM 1 Re: Difference between ZFS and UFS with one LUN froma SAN
3:28PM 6 Re: Difference between ZFS and UFS with one LUN froma SAN
Thursday December 21 2006
9:15PM 13 Re: zfs list and snapshots..
3:28PM 12 Difference between ZFS and UFS with one LUN from a SAN
11:18AM 1 Why root zone can''t be on ZFS for upgrade ?
5:55AM 33 What SATA controllers are people using for ZFS?
12:50AM 2 ZFS
12:24AM 0 [security-discuss] Re: Thoughts on ZFS Secure Delete - without using Crypto
Wednesday December 20 2006
11:32PM 0 [security-discuss] Re: Thoughts on ZFS Secure Delete - without using Crypto
9:31PM 1 Very strange performance patterns
7:57PM 3 B54 and marvell cards
4:51PM 1 Advice Wanted - sharing across multiple non global zones
1:38PM 2 Honeycomb
1:48AM 4 Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zfs-discuss
Monday December 18 2006
7:06PM 3 ZFS on Mac - new sighting
3:23PM 66 Thoughts on ZFS Secure Delete - without using Crypto
2:13PM 0 destroying large file system takes too much time
1:35PM 1 zfs/fstyp slows down recognizing pcfs formatted floppies
1:14PM 4 The size of a storage pool
6:45AM 0 ZFS not appearing after b54 kernel install
5:24AM 0 [Fwd: ZFS File System Makes it to Mac OS X Leopard]
Sunday December 17 2006
1:22PM 0 Gordon
Friday December 15 2006
11:17PM 8 Some ZFS questions
8:31PM 8 How to get new ZFS Solaris 10 U3 features going from Solaris 10 U2
8:02PM 56 ZFS in a SAN environment
6:53PM 17 Instructions for ignoring ZFS write cache flushing on intelligent arrays
4:59PM 9 ZFS with Samba Shadow Copy
3:28PM 9 Disappearing directories
3:08PM 3 ZFS works in waves
2:37PM 4 ZFS and ISCSI
5:23AM 7 Corrupted pool
Thursday December 14 2006
9:29PM 2 ZFS questions
7:39PM 1 Solaris 11/06 + iscsi integration
4:47PM 0 ztest - ZFS developer maintained test suite
2:05PM 2 How does zfs mount at boot? How to let the system not to mount zfs?
12:02PM 1 ZFS NFS/Samba server advice
Wednesday December 13 2006
5:26PM 1 ZFS gui to create RAID 1+0 pools
6:49AM 8 ZFS on a damaged disk
1:22AM 2 ZFS behavior under heavy load (I/O that is)
12:11AM 4 Monitoring ZFS
Tuesday December 12 2006
10:18PM 4 ZFS and write caching (SATA)
6:31PM 1 Performance problems during ''destroy'' (and bizzare Zone problem as well)
6:30PM 23 ZFS Storage Pool advice
6:13PM 15 SunCluster HA-NFS from Sol9/VxVM to Sol10u3/ZFS
5:04PM 7 Sol10u3 -- is "du" bug fixed?
3:53PM 8 Kickstart hot spare attachment
1:34PM 3 ZFS Corruption
8:36AM 2 How to do DIRECT IO on ZFS ?
5:26AM 8 Doubt on solaris 10 installation ..
Monday December 11 2006
11:52PM 17 Uber block corruption?
8:41PM 6 zfs exported a live filesystem
4:49PM 0 weird problem
2:58PM 6 Can''t destroy corrupted pool
9:10AM 0 Dale advice
5:26AM 1 doubt on solaris 10
4:24AM 2 Need Help on ZFS.
Sunday December 10 2006
10:00PM 1 need help to install flash player for solaris 10.
4:31PM 0 Kelly advice
12:50PM 0 Lockhart advice
10:31AM 2 hardware planning for storage server
6:11AM 0 Gee advice
Friday December 8 2006
11:29PM 2 zpool mirror
2:19PM 22 ZFS Usage in Warehousing (lengthy intro)
10:20AM 4 Vanity ZVOL paths?
3:06AM 0 Re: [nfs-discuss] A Plea for Help: Thumper/ZFS/NFS/B43
Thursday December 7 2006
10:18PM 3 Re: zpool import takes to long with large numbers of file systems
9:27PM 6 ZFS compression / ARC interaction
3:38PM 8 System pause peculiarity with mysql on zfs
3:00PM 1 ZFS bootability target
1:01PM 22 A Plea for Help: Thumper/ZFS/NFS/B43
11:38AM 2 Limitations of ZFS
Wednesday December 6 2006
3:35PM 12 ZFS failover without multipathing
8:03AM 19 Creating zfs filesystem on a partition with ufs - Newbie
4:05AM 3 Shared ZFS pools
Tuesday December 5 2006
4:01PM 15 weird thing with zfs
7:13AM 8 need Clarification on ZFS
Monday December 4 2006
10:11PM 4 ZFS on multi-volume
4:10PM 0 fwd: Lacey
2:47PM 26 ZFS related kernel panic
Saturday December 2 2006
5:08AM 7 replacing a drive in a raidz vdev