Xen users - Jan 2013

Thursday January 31 2013
5:36PM 3 Xen LVM reducing HVM MS Windows guest disk
3:26PM 1 slow or freeze execution in debian wheezy with xen 4.1.3
Wednesday January 30 2013
4:07PM 1 Remus
10:33AM 34 Questions about PVH in Xen 4.3 unstable
5:25AM 0 Xen 4.2.1. Intel Integrated VGA passthrough. BSOD in Windows guests.
12:06AM 5 Xen 4.3 unstables and Xen 4.2 patches for VGA PassThrough (NVIDIA)
Tuesday January 29 2013
6:47PM 3 Xen 4.2.1. BSOD in Windows guests with VGA passthrough
3:46PM 14 linux stubdom
2:38PM 0 Xen Document Day : Thank You & Stats
9:01AM 6 Why did RHEL drop Xen support?
7:38AM 0 trouble with gfx_passthru=1 + intel vid card
Monday January 28 2013
6:12PM 0 Re: Boot XCP from USB Stick - Anybody already did it - How might this be done ?
4:17PM 0 programmatically copying and running scripts inside the DomUs
7:34AM 0 Xen Document Day is on today
4:22AM 3 {Beginner's question}: Invoking hypercalls from domU PV guest domain
1:28AM 5 xl nat and wrong IPs
Sunday January 27 2013
11:01AM 4 Using both NAT and Bridge networking on the same host
Friday January 25 2013
7:27PM 0 2MB/sec speeds on dom0 when at least one windows guest is running
5:49PM 3 Xen IBM X3400 boots dead
4:28PM 3 Xen 3 + Eucalyptus 3.1.2
4:23PM 4 Can't run a proprietary program on a xen domU : No such file or directory
4:08PM 3 Bug on xen-create-image
1:21PM 0 Upgrade Xen 4.0.1 to the current version 4.2.x
9:18AM 3 No network after restore of PV domU
Thursday January 24 2013
10:00PM 5 SuSE 11: Converting from xm to xl
8:29PM 0 CLI: Using xm to display guests' description field
5:43PM 0 update problems with Centos 5.9 on dom0??
5:30PM 1 Failed to run command `/sbin/load_policy': No such file or directory
Wednesday January 23 2013
5:31PM 3 Configuring Xen, XENCONSOLED_LOG_GUESTS property
8:23AM 3 Ubuntu domU
6:07AM 1 Dom0 memory size
Tuesday January 22 2013
9:09PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Security Advisory 35 (CVE-2013-0152) - Nested HVM exposes host to being driven out of memory by guest
7:04PM 2 Re: Problems to start a xen DomU using a logical volume.
4:31PM 2 large Oracle DB hosting ?
4:09PM 0 Problems running xen-tools on guest
12:38PM 0 Next Xen Document Day : Monday, Jan 28
12:02PM 1 Xen Security Advisory 35 (CVE-2013-0152) - Nested HVM exposes host to being driven out of memory by guest
12:02PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 34 (CVE-2013-0151) - nested virtualization on 32-bit exposes host crash
6:05AM 2 Windows 7 install BIOS not fully compliant when memory >3600
2:45AM 3 Is there a method to check my machine support VT-d without checking bios
Monday January 21 2013
11:32PM 4 A Windows Server 2008 64bit VM on CentOS5 64bit
9:38PM 5 domU eth0 missing after reboot
8:40PM 2 size units in xen-create-image, and other newbie doubts
5:55PM 0 Method to check whether compiled FLASK file is compatible with Xen version
10:17AM 2 XCP online resize vdi
Sunday January 20 2013
2:31AM 10 iscsi on xen
Friday January 18 2013
6:31PM 8 migrate from physical disk problems in xen
4:12PM 0 Xen at Eucalyptus 3.1.2
8:47AM 2 Windows Guest clock differences
8:35AM 3 How to use libvirt with XL
6:03AM 3 Unable to boot Guest Domain
Thursday January 17 2013
3:59PM 0 XCP 1.1 SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_46 The VDI is not available [opterr=VDI already attached RW] issue
12:26PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 27 (CVE-2012-5511, CVE-2012-6333) - several HVM operations do not validate the range of their inputs
9:56AM 0 Xen 4.1 kernel error on the IBM x3650 M4
5:30AM 4 Install Xen-unstable in fedora8 Error
Wednesday January 16 2013
8:19PM 3 Network Interface Question
7:26PM 0 Re: [oss-security] Xen Security Advisory 41 (CVE-2012-6075) - qemu (e1000 device driver): Buffer overflow when processing large packets
5:24PM 1 Running a script on xm create
3:29PM 3 iscsi
2:50PM 1 Xen Security Advisory 41 (CVE-2012-6075) - qemu (e1000 device driver): Buffer overflow when processing large packets
2:50PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 40 (CVE-2013-0190) - Linux stack corruption in xen_failsafe_callback for 32bit PVOPS guests.
12:44PM 1 Re: Re : Max hard disks supported by XCP 1.6
8:49AM 3 Max hard disks supported by XCP 1.6
Tuesday January 15 2013
1:22PM 2 Custom Kernel + XEN 4.1
10:47AM 0 (no subject)
2:13AM 0 Hardware Reset non-FLR PCI card
1:03AM 1 make dist error - libxenctrl permission denied
Monday January 14 2013
11:21AM 3 Xen bridge allows to sniff traffic destined to other domUs in same dom0
3:56AM 3 Memory missing
Sunday January 13 2013
7:34AM 2 HVM domU stuck with no state flags
4:13AM 4 Xen and nvidia
Saturday January 12 2013
1:58AM 0 Troubleshooting PCI Passthrough with Radeon HD 7970
Friday January 11 2013
2:43PM 9 Usage of SDL vs. VNC
1:32PM 0 general protection fault: 0000 [#1] SMP in module qemu-dm
11:00AM 9 Fwd: [User Question] Correct XSM/FLASK ruleset for oxenstored
9:00AM 15 Please help estimate number of the domUs
Thursday January 10 2013
11:01PM 1 Ever increasing time offset for HVM domain / Huge amounts of drift
7:45PM 0 How to I mount a DVD in my windows server 2012
5:18PM 4 Xen Domains disappear after reboot, destroy, shutdown, etc
2:30PM 0 XCP 1.6 on Intel Modular Server MFSYS25 NIC detect problem.
9:18AM 2 Different weights to 2 VMs but still showing same CPU utilization
5:53AM 0 Free Benchmarking Tools Reg.
Wednesday January 9 2013
9:33PM 1 libxl_list_domain: Permission denied
7:23PM 0 Slow OVMF start
6:30PM 5 vCPUs and Weight/Caps
5:43PM 1 4.2.1 make world error, no target clean
1:18PM 1 Xen Security Advisory 33 (CVE-2012-5634) - VT-d interrupt remapping source validation flaw
8:58AM 12 vTPM setup problem on the emulator
8:36AM 2 xl cdrom commands do not work when VM created with empty cdrom
Tuesday January 8 2013
8:14PM 0 error = Please choose either DHCP or static usage, not both!
7:59PM 0 Pool Master Crash - Slave VMs
5:12PM 4 XCP Debian 7 - Routed mode
12:13PM 0 Upcoming CFP deadlines & travel stipends for Xen talks at industry events
Monday January 7 2013
6:02PM 0 Xen on iMac(Ubuntu 12.04)
12:42PM 4 Xendomains always broken for me, nobody else?
10:21AM 21 Security support for debug=y builds (Was Re: Xen Security Advisory 37 (CVE-2013-0154) - Hypervisor crash due to incorrect ASSERT (debug build only))
10:21AM 0 Security support for debug=y builds (Was Re: Xen Security Advisory 37 (CVE-2013-0154) - Hypervisor crash due to incorrect ASSERT (debug build only))
7:07AM 2 Help
Sunday January 6 2013
10:47PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 95, Issue 8
7:41PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 95, Issue 8
5:16PM 4 Need A 30,000 Foot View Of XCP
7:34AM 5 Lots of IOAPIC or GSI related errors
Saturday January 5 2013
6:22PM 0 xenstored and xend cannot start (no gntdev found)
6:01PM 4 HVM Guest Reboots Dom0
Friday January 4 2013
9:23PM 1 Re: XenServer Q & A
6:29PM 3 Xen 4.2.1 boot failure with IOMMU enabled
5:12PM 10 Unstable NFS mount at heavy load.
4:01PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 37 (CVE-2013-0154) - Hypervisor crash due to incorrect ASSERT (debug build only)
1:27PM 1 failed to run xen3.x
11:34AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday January 3 2013
5:54PM 12 XCP Question
3:23PM 6 Dom0 log and disk space management
9:30AM 0 Fwd: [Beginners question]- Compilation error while trying user program from dom0
9:12AM 2 Offline XCP docs
6:02AM 2 [Beginners question]- Compilation error while trying user program from domU
1:41AM 1 Passing "allow_unsafe" appears not to workaround protection for CVE-2012-2934
Wednesday January 2 2013
11:13AM 3 Reboot remote XCP instance via KVM-switch without root access
2:47AM 0 Xen 4.2.1 Make World Failed
Tuesday January 1 2013
8:38PM 17 Failure in creating PV guest VM
9:39AM 1 Error Processing Drive