Xen users - Jun 2012

Saturday June 30 2012
9:32PM 4 CPU Load Averages Significance
7:30PM 3 gitco and centos 5.8.
2:50PM 0 XEN PV Linux performance
Friday June 29 2012
10:16PM 0 VM Capacity on Intel's X.86
8:26PM 0 unubscribe
3:32PM 4 live migration iscsi and lvm
1:44PM 2 ioports and irq parameter will not consider with xl, but xm does
11:35AM 3 xen sound card emulation
10:58AM 2 Request for review: Ubuntu Community Xen Docs
7:11AM 2 GPLPV msi installer does nothing during setup
Thursday June 28 2012
7:50PM 10 Error: Boot loader didn't return any data [pygrub boot debian wheezy alpha1 netinst ISO]
5:20PM 8 GPLPV, clock drift and PVUSB in Windows XP HVM
3:03PM 0 [SOLVED] Systeminterrupts and DComLaunch eat a lot of CPU in Windows 7 HVMs
1:05PM 1 git xen 4.2
8:23AM 3 Fwd: Problems migrating Windows guest from Virtualbox to xen
6:24AM 1 XenCenter: Deleting VM's
Wednesday June 27 2012
8:31PM 3 Xen block device online resizing
5:23PM 2 uninstall xen 4.1.2
5:02PM 3 Debian/Ubuntu for XCP
11:31AM 3 [XEN][Ubuntu's Linux bridge replaced by OVS problem using XEN]
10:41AM 1 provisioning virtual machine
Tuesday June 26 2012
11:01PM 7 Which one to use: Xen HV, Xen Cloud Platform, or Citrix XenServer?
3:25PM 4 resources
8:57AM 3 Virtual address to physical mapping in Stubdomain
8:56AM 0 Document Day : Thank you and Stats
7:59AM 1 Re: VGA passthrough
1:44AM 0 Re: [Xen-API] Installing XCP from USB thumb
Monday June 25 2012
5:17PM 2 Unable to make xen tools from xen-unstable 4.2
5:04PM 0 xl and console problems with pv-grub?
2:37PM 0 xenpm, idle states, intel eist and other bios settings
2:28PM 4 XVA.PY Trouble
12:45PM 0 Failed to start Xendomains
8:37AM 0 enable EPT table
Sunday June 24 2012
2:34PM 11 Xen 10GBit Ethernet network performance (was: Re: Experience with Xen & AMD Opteron 4200 series?)
11:48AM 17 PCI Passthrough, Radeon 7950 and Windows 7 64-bit
10:34AM 0 VGA Passthrough broken for two vga cards in current change set
Saturday June 23 2012
7:14PM 7 GPLPV xennet bsod when vcpu>15
9:49AM 5 emulated rtl8139 driver, openvswitch, and offload
9:14AM 2 Xen 4.1 with tmem / xm save -> crash
6:01AM 0 XCP Guide Updates
3:49AM 1 XenSummit 2012
2:19AM 7 VGA passthru troubleshooting
Friday June 22 2012
5:45PM 19 HVM help please
4:15PM 3 xen multi remote desktops
1:58PM 5 VT-d CPU resources
9:37AM 5 cpu pinning not working correctly in xen-4.2 unstable
7:35AM 1 How to enable MSI-X interrupts for VM in XenServer6.0
Thursday June 21 2012
9:31PM 6 Basic Network Bridge
11:49AM 0 Xen Document Day: June 25, 2012 on IRC freenode #xendocs
11:27AM 5 how to take over console from another user?
4:33AM 7 GRUB boot parameters: dom0_mem
3:47AM 4 Recommended Reading for Xen Hypervisor?
Wednesday June 20 2012
4:58PM 1 Xen 4.2 Release?
4:49PM 2 INFO required: xen linux kernel
3:57PM 0 xen dom0 reboot when windows hvm started
6:05AM 1 giving IP and internet access to guest VM
3:25AM 2 "No text console available" when trying to get the console of a just created VM from a template on XCP
Tuesday June 19 2012
11:32PM 5 Error:bridge-utils are not installing
10:00PM 1 Xen to XenServer
6:17PM 0 Security vulnerability process, and CVE-2012-0217
3:06PM 7 Making a WAP
10:18AM 1 Time sync on 4.x
Monday June 18 2012
10:51PM 0 windows server networking with network-route(XEN HVM)
9:28PM 1 xen 4.2 web interface
6:22PM 5 Gplpv drivers make reset raid controller
2:06PM 9 netback (Network backend) in domU
Sunday June 17 2012
4:12PM 2 ARM on X86
10:10AM 1 Protect data inside domU
Saturday June 16 2012
11:28PM 15 Installing XCP from USB thumb drive
11:24PM 8 Nested Virtualization: XCP-1.5 on VirtualBox 4.1.16
6:40PM 0 Need Help
11:43AM 2 Online resizing disk Windows Dom U
9:15AM 4 Forking time in Xen
Friday June 15 2012
5:25PM 1 Assistance in determining cause of intermittent domU crashes --stack trace(s) provided.
10:21AM 23 What do you do for Xen 4.2?
8:16AM 0 centos 6 in HVM not work
Thursday June 14 2012
10:12AM 0 xen live migration over ssh tunnel
9:41AM 6 Very slow VBD writes in domU under Linux 3.3, ok under 3.0.x
8:41AM 1 network-bridge working in HVM but not PV
6:35AM 11 PV privilege escalation - advisory
3:46AM 0 xcp network bug in ubuntu 12.04
2:57AM 1 Problem with network in DomU with SLES 11 SP2
Wednesday June 13 2012
3:16PM 0 iscsi DS3512 XS 5.6 sp 2
2:41PM 3 Xen or XCP
1:24PM 3 Which QEMU device-model to use for Windows HVM guests???
9:21AM 0 XCP 1.5 BETA BUG: Slow shutdown - Win2008 Server
8:07AM 2 Info related to linux-2.6-xen
4:40AM 0 how can i stop vlan broadcast with openvswitch?
4:00AM 9 IO is a big difference between the "file" and "phy"
Tuesday June 12 2012
11:16PM 1 When using xl toolstack stuff left in xenstore at /local/domain/0/backend
2:47PM 2 about 10 min time between dom0 anb domU
12:22PM 3 domU loses incoming network after period of inactivity
12:03PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 9 (CVE-2012-2934) - PV guest host DoS (AMD erratum #121)
12:03PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 8 (CVE-2012-0218) - syscall/enter guest DoS
12:02PM 2 Xen Security Advisory 7 (CVE-2012-0217) - PV privilege escalation
1:50AM 0 suspend hibernate not working 3.4 kernel
Monday June 11 2012
9:22PM 1 newbie totally at a loss with debian VM not starting up: Unable to find partition containing kernel
1:40PM 1 XEN Installation
9:07AM 0 Install of virtinst and virt-manager for CentOS5.8
2:48AM 5 xcp + ubuntu + openvswitch VLAN problem
Sunday June 10 2012
11:17PM 6 xen i/o errors
2:12PM 0 Slow IO in domU
5:48AM 1 HVM vs PV - conversion
Saturday June 9 2012
9:05PM 0 bad mmio size, MMIO emulation failed, and other issues
3:03AM 11 The future of para-virtualization
Friday June 8 2012
5:17PM 6 PCI passthrough to PV guest - domU kernel panic when using iommu=soft
3:44PM 6 the simplest example to start
1:32PM 3 cannot boot guest VM
11:19AM 0 New Xen Wiki Front page
7:44AM 0 How to build tmem and tmem tools in dom0?
6:56AM 4 win-pvdrivers Compile Error
3:59AM 2 xapi + ubuntu 12.04 out of memory crash
Thursday June 7 2012
5:16PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
2:45PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
1:15PM 12 reboot on booting xen-unstable
1:14PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
10:54AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
10:52AM 1 network is only connected for a while when the domU is started
9:24AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
9:09AM 3 xcp beginner questions
Wednesday June 6 2012
10:02PM 2 Suspected network problem after domUs come online
9:51PM 0 Can't attach an ISO to a PV VM on Ubuntu 12.04 dom0
7:09PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
3:35PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
2:57PM 0 Volunteers wanted to help with list moderation
2:18PM 3 XCP nut monitoring
10:12AM 0 Submit a Proposal to Speak at XenSummit North America 2012 before the CFP Deadline, June 15th!
8:35AM 3 About 10GE performane on domU (with xen3.4.4)
7:26AM 4 Lock domU on start
Tuesday June 5 2012
6:38PM 2 pygrub: reboot causes on_poweroff instead of on_reboot
6:11PM 1 xend error in logs file
3:59PM 0 Lock dom0 on start
1:49PM 0 Xen detects duplicated device for SLES 11 DomU
3:51AM 1 need your help with xcp vlan
3:35AM 8 xen tutorials?
12:03AM 2 Any tips on dealing with a super hung XAPI process?
Monday June 4 2012
8:10PM 3 Hardware requirements for Xen
6:29AM 1 hi
Sunday June 3 2012
9:16PM 10 Xen unstable fails to build on ubutnu 12.04
3:29PM 1 need to load uhci_hcd with acpi=off
5:45AM 1 Xen on a laptop
Saturday June 2 2012
8:35PM 1 Redundant setup across two datacenters with two XCP hosts
Friday June 1 2012
5:54PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
10:19AM 0 Proposals/changes for a new Wiki Front-Page - need input/mods/creative proposals
9:18AM 2 why can't i install parted on CentOS distributed with XCP ISO binary?
9:15AM 2 installation and configuration documentation for XCP
4:01AM 2 Xen on CentOS 6.x?