Xen users - Jul 2012

Tuesday July 31 2012
2:14PM 1 Document Day : Thank you and Stats
1:25PM 0 Error: (12, 'Cannot allocate memory')
8:22AM 0 Build xen source 4.1.2 on centos5.8
Monday July 30 2012
11:19PM 0 Xend highly uses CPU with multiprocessor setup
9:19PM 0 XEN 4 LiveCD Debian Wheezy HowTo
4:03PM 3 Anyone managed to build 4.1.2 from source on Debian Squeeze?
3:50PM 3 Xen networking disconnect
3:42PM 0 HVM bsod CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT on i7-3930K
8:51AM 0 Re: Xen Document Day Today! - Correction the IRC channel is #xendocs
8:48AM 0 Xen Document Day Today!
2:20AM 1 Xen domains save and restore
Sunday July 29 2012
7:03PM 0 xen / xencenter - no mouse or keyboard on HVM, PVM works?
4:32PM 4 xen network and samba
10:01AM 0 Xen networking experiment (with custom scripts and OpenVSwitch)
Friday July 27 2012
9:25PM 2 pvops pv on hvm kernel config?
2:39PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 10 (CVE-2012-3432) - HVM user mode MMIO emul DoS
12:04PM 4 3.5.0 dom0 crash on boot
3:48AM 1 help! how to cancel my email account from xen-users' list
Thursday July 26 2012
8:26PM 2 xm top shows high CPU load on domU when passed PCI NICs after hypervisor update
5:21PM 1 converting HVM ubuntu 10.04 desktop 64 bit to Paravirtualised
3:30PM 1 Xen Security Advisory 10 - HVM guest user mode MMIO emulation DoS
5:08AM 0 Dom0 dom0_max_vcpus and xend-config?
2:21AM 2 xen vcpus=2 do not work
Wednesday July 25 2012
11:45PM 1 Instant panic+reboot when starting HVM on PowerEdge R815s
7:40AM 2 xen manager
5:06AM 2 dom-0 pin or schedule high?
Tuesday July 24 2012
9:37PM 1 Problems with HVM S3
3:51PM 8 no /dev/xvda for domu
1:11PM 3 Crash on Debian6
11:27AM 3 [Debian] XenHypervisor 4.0 - Gigabit
Monday July 23 2012
7:44PM 1 centos.org 5 Installation_Guide-en-US/ch02s04.html#s2-steps-make-cd
7:25PM 0 Compiling on i686 results in errors, suggestions?
4:03PM 0 Xen Document Day: July 30th, 2012 on IRC freenode #xendocs
3:26PM 1 Advice/hints on debugging a xen/auditd kernel issue.
11:49AM 4 configure.ac not correct with test about libm ? (patch included)
10:50AM 9 Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init.
Sunday July 22 2012
4:16PM 20 Kernel crash with acpi_processor, cpu_idle and intel_idle =y
1:28PM 1 Linux-grsecurity on Xen dom0
Saturday July 21 2012
6:52PM 1 xcp-xapi console problems with xencenter
Friday July 20 2012
11:22AM 0 pvgrub replacements
9:59AM 2 X not working under xen
8:44AM 4 Problem MTU > 1500
7:56AM 0 RuntimeError: Unable to find partition containing kernel
4:07AM 2 qemu
2:36AM 0 Simple question on making libvirtd listening on tcp port
Thursday July 19 2012
5:59AM 0 XAPI faild and cannot connect
Wednesday July 18 2012
5:37PM 0 Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-install options, are important?
2:41PM 0 Microsoft cluster over Xen
2:30PM 7 Does anybody here uses IPv6 for DomU?
9:00AM 0 xen 4.1.2 build with perfomance counters files
Tuesday July 17 2012
9:21PM 0 pérdida de conectividad de los guest Xen
8:22PM 0 lost connection to DomUs
4:47PM 48 Xen 4.2 TODO / Release Plan
2:49PM 10 XENBUS: Waiting for devices to initialise:
11:50AM 8 Xen bridged network - problem
6:31AM 0 iommu=soft for Broadcom NICs PCI-passthru
4:32AM 2 Xen with VGA Passthrough on desktop Ubuntu system
1:57AM 0 ubuntu 12.04 + xcp vnc error
Monday July 16 2012
10:00AM 0 4G limitation for PV domU when PCI-passthru is applied
3:32AM 0 virt-install flags affect my hvm performance?
2:09AM 0 how to use ballooning in xen for domu
Sunday July 15 2012
6:37AM 2 Certain PCI passthrough devices don't work
Saturday July 14 2012
2:52AM 3 Xen VGA PassThrough - GTX 860 card - big size for VGA BIOS
Friday July 13 2012
9:28PM 4 Installer hanging HVM Solaris 11 or OpenIndiana 151a
6:32PM 1 Add in card GPU pass through causing built-in video artifacts
2:21PM 9 win2008 crashes unde xen
7:14AM 1 virt-install says ERROR POST operation failed: xend_post: error from xen daemon: <Fault 3: 'ubuntu-first-test'>
Thursday July 12 2012
8:07PM 5 best kernel
5:02PM 0 server 2008R2 freezeing on reboot
4:34PM 1 cpu leveling on opensource xen on sles
1:14PM 0 Nvidia VGX (GPU hypervisor) with Xen
11:21AM 2 invalid kernel errors while booting newly installed guest OS
10:08AM 7 Debian dom0, windows domU, problems joining NT domain
9:36AM 8 While installing guest OS, having error "Invalid kernel"
5:35AM 2 how to know whether a vm has been startup
Wednesday July 11 2012
4:09PM 0 How to convert windows 2003 from XenServer to Xen
11:27AM 0 Performance Tooling for HV-machine
7:28AM 12 99% iowait on one core in 8 core processor
7:15AM 7 Virtualization and monitoring
Tuesday July 10 2012
7:39PM 3 Best dom0 for GPU pass through?
8:25AM 1 Query Regarding Xen Server feature
Monday July 9 2012
11:39PM 0 Centos 5 compile Xen doubts?
8:52PM 2 Storage Resource RAID & Disk type
8:40PM 1 Xen processor time scheduling
2:50PM 3 Using LibXC
12:23PM 0 How to verify hardware compatibility for XCP 1.5beta
8:01AM 1 Disk images
3:25AM 3 Trim support for domU
Sunday July 8 2012
6:48PM 1 VNC console only shows black screen on HVM guest running on Xen 4.1 with Ubuntu 12.04 as Dom0
3:57PM 4 Debian Squeeze - XEN and PCI Passthrough
Saturday July 7 2012
4:35PM 0 How to read text buffer after kernel crash?
Friday July 6 2012
4:57PM 10 Can't write to floppy image (fda)
4:34PM 0 Multiple copies of ISO showing up under hosts
Thursday July 5 2012
10:23PM 7 USB2.0 in Windows7 GPLPV Guest
8:11PM 3 Can't ping guest, but guest can ping me.
3:38PM 0 Unable to start xen-unstable 4.2
12:05PM 0 convert a VM of Xen Open Source to the format OVF
12:00PM 0 Convertir une VM de Xen open Source au format OVF
9:33AM 1 dom0_mem=max:xxx required after linux 3.3 on AMD
Wednesday July 4 2012
7:18PM 1 Virtualized NIC in Xen
9:51AM 0 General Linux VM question regarding Xen support
7:42AM 2 How to pass more then one USB device to HVM guest?
Tuesday July 3 2012
4:42PM 0 Virtual Machine Manager question
9:19AM 5 ACM in xen-4.12 doesn't work?
6:36AM 0 CentOS 6.2 Migration Error
6:05AM 0 Kenerl reboot after enabling XSM/ACM module on xen4.1.2
12:17AM 3 Kronos - VPN and Apache
Monday July 2 2012
3:45PM 4 Mini-OS Xenstore Permissions
1:09PM 4 Xen EFI boot how to?
12:12PM 0 Regarding XVP nat traversal
2:44AM 0 radeon R100 MC microcode problem
Sunday July 1 2012
4:54PM 0 xen 4.1 netbsd-6 dom0 hang on e4400 core2duo
12:59PM 5 leap second mess
12:04PM 0 Interfaces are disconnected during start/shutdown
2:28AM 0 CentOS 5/6 DomU network receive path stops, with xen 4.1 and Fedora16 dom0