Xen users - Dec 2011

Friday December 30 2011
3:00PM 0 PCI or VGA passthrough and function level reset (FLR)
10:58AM 4 snapshots (without lvm)
9:37AM 0 [xcp] As for mounting the vm disk image file
7:02AM 1 PCI/VGA passthrough and function level reset (FLR)
6:20AM 3 regarding xen installation
Thursday December 29 2011
10:44PM 1 XCP - corrupted VDI footer ?
10:17PM 0 XCP - iscsi problems
5:58PM 4 BalloonWorkerThread issue
Wednesday December 28 2011
6:43PM 1 How to use kexec on xen 4.0.3 ?
6:39PM 0 xm vcpu-set problem & question
5:58PM 1 The Spice Protocol
Tuesday December 27 2011
11:21PM 0 Memory information in 'xl list' output
9:14PM 1 XCP Documentation for upgrading ??
2:11PM 3 Does Xen Driver Domain support HVM DomU?
12:46PM 1 Netfilter QUEUE (NFQUEUE) Support on XEN based VPS
Sunday December 25 2011
7:39AM 10 Xen is 37x slower in processing a loop
2:23AM 0 Xen PVHVM on Linux works with VGA PassThrough
Friday December 23 2011
6:51PM 3 XCP
Thursday December 22 2011
9:36PM 1 Cannot prevent memory reclamation from Dom0
12:13PM 4 graceful windows guest shutdown/restart
10:14AM 6 Error starting updated Debian servers
9:49AM 6 ssh to console
9:03AM 0 incomplete wiki page
6:36AM 4 Xen 3.2-1 (Debian) migration Windows 2003 HVM from Intel to AMD and vice versa
3:03AM 4 why errors happen when two vms start concurrently ?
2:21AM 0 XEN Center lost a XEN Server
1:55AM 5 fedora install
Wednesday December 21 2011
6:58PM 0 xen not freeing up memory once a VM is removed
Tuesday December 20 2011
4:58PM 1 Xen Networking
1:46PM 1 Error: Boot loader didn't return any data! (ubuntu 8.2 hardy release)
1:23PM 0 [XCP] Update patches for XCP vs. XenServer
11:58AM 0 Setting VIF model in XCP
11:01AM 10 Problem booting xen 4.1.2 on Athlon 64 X2
10:16AM 1 How to make image of existing windows 7
12:35AM 0 domU has a better networking than dom0
Monday December 19 2011
11:50AM 0 NUMA question
11:47AM 5 Ethernet/iSCSI related System Crash (Xen dom0).
8:21AM 7 XCP, about Graphic Display
4:21AM 1 pbd-plug failing when attaching an SR that was introduced
Saturday December 17 2011
1:53PM 12 xl and vifname
2:39AM 0 Make generic 686 CPU flags be compatible with 64 bit mode
Friday December 16 2011
10:59AM 0 Our pyxs library is now opensource
10:19AM 2 SysRq over serial console, anyone?
Thursday December 15 2011
8:13PM 0 [GPLPV] TCP-stack leaks unpaged memory pool on Windows 2008 Standard
7:20PM 0 Secondary GPU Pass through HDCP in Windows 7?
6:36PM 0 Remus does not synchronize to back-up disk
6:02PM 0 Xen dom0 crash log
4:17PM 4 using maxmem
Wednesday December 14 2011
7:26PM 19 Disk IO tuning
5:58PM 0 Xen 4.0 debian fails to create any device and start any instance
Tuesday December 13 2011
9:27PM 6 openSUSE 12.1 does not have complete xen rpms
8:35PM 10 Dom0 on USB Stick
5:07PM 1 Xen HVMs run VERY slowly on SAN box
10:49AM 6 BSOD with GPLPV windows drivers
5:10AM 0 Are Debian squeeze dom0 kernels subject to this same IPv6 GSO problem?
Monday December 12 2011
8:18PM 0 Compiling xen tools without external downloads?
6:27PM 0 Re: Is this possible? Multi user Xen system with
4:28PM 4 Xen-4.2-unstable cannot find yajl-devel
2:27PM 0 Migration issues
2:47AM 0 Remus config error
Sunday December 11 2011
3:33PM 4 PV Drivers dropping all packets with 802.1q headers
Saturday December 10 2011
6:57AM 0 How to enable remus support for jeremy's xen.git xen/stable-2.6.32.x
5:43AM 5 Missing xenbr0 on XEN Dom0 - CentOS 5.7 X64
1:16AM 1 Re: create LVM-based domU using more than one volume group
Friday December 9 2011
4:33PM 0 Observations building a Linux distro testing Xen cluster
2:25PM 0 VT-d issues (network & kernel panic)
1:53PM 0 List of event channels being used in dom0
9:26AM 3 xen the i / O performance, network performance is only 20-30% of the real machine?
7:43AM 0 PV Ubunut with some network issues
Thursday December 8 2011
5:47PM 1 Failure to start X windows in Dom0 under Xen 4.1.2
3:23PM 0 synchronizing clock on pvops domU
Wednesday December 7 2011
11:47PM 0 Australian Open Stack User Group inaugral meet up
7:43PM 3 Is this possible? Multi user Xen system with VGA output?
11:25AM 8 vnc stops working after a while
11:16AM 10 Strange memory issue
7:35AM 8 DomU pygrub issue - OSS Xen to XCP
4:42AM 1 XCP Debi an - ISCSI support?
Tuesday December 6 2011
8:23PM 1 Building Xen From Source on Debian Squeeze
7:57PM 14 XCP 1.5 availability
2:20PM 0 number of VCPU doesn't change after changing the config file or using the command "xm vcpu-set"
Monday December 5 2011
5:03PM 0 problem with vlan on xcp 1.1
7:08AM 5 Ubuntu 11.04 shutdown Problem
6:44AM 1 Regarding :-GPU pass through and VGA pass through
Friday December 2 2011
10:46PM 5 [XCP] Slow Printing
7:22PM 1 Windows HVM DomU support
3:37PM 1 Xen Memory Management
9:25AM 8 Xen networking troubles
7:53AM 0 Xen Day Boston 2011
Thursday December 1 2011
8:42AM 3 How to solve "Error: Boot loader didn't return any data"