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2011 May 02
Problems with Rterm 2.13.0 - but not RGui
...t;defaultPackages") was not found Notice: "C:/Programmer/" is the Danish equivalent of "C:/Program Files". The first error "Adgang n?gtet" is directly translated to "Access denied". Any suggestions as how to fix this? Kind regards, Stefan McKinnon Edwards
2008 Feb 27
Mailing list <-> forum gateway
...f this is the place, then that is fine. I just don't want to see the questions anymore, and I don't want to unsubscribe either (the list itself is great as-is). So lets please not turn this into an "Alan is a great big newbie-hating spawn-of-Satan jerk" thread, OK? -- Alan McKinnon alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com
2008 Mar 19
i'm working in a government. It's SD.NET. Nobody would know about it Code: linux-c5xy:~ # wine --version wine-0.9.57
2013 Apr 03
Deviance in Zero inflated models
Dear list, I am running some zero inflated models and would like to know what the deviance of the models. Unlike running a normal GLM where the deviance is displayed in the summary all that is displayed in a summary of the zero inflated model is the log likelihood. I hope this isn't a read the manual question, and if it is I apologize for wasting your time, but if you could still send me a
2008 Jan 18
Uninstalling Wine...
Hi, I'm a bit out of my depth here but I've installed Wine (on Ubuntu 7.10) and then installed Dragon but the Dragon installation has gone pear-shaped and now I can't re-install it or un-install it. Is there any procedure for un-installing the whole shooting matching, wine and all, and starting again from scratch? Is it enough to delete the .wine folder or is it more complicated
2007 Oct 10
Help - VB on Suse Linux & Wine
Hi Am a newbie trying to work on Suse Linux. I've already installed Wine and am trying to run a Visual basic(which uses Access as database) program through it but when i launch the program i get Runtime Error 3706,ADO could not find the specified provider. Can anybody please help me. I tried installing MDAC but it doesnt wrk still. Help
2007 Sep 06
I have downloaded Ububtu abd used Add/Remove to install Wine. I can not get it to work. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2008 Feb 22
Windows Kernel & Executive implementation
Hello everyone, my name is Volodymyr, I am driver developer mostly doing stuff for Windows. I discovered that WineHQ project does not have support for drivers (am I wrong?). In other words, quite a big amount of applications will fail to function properly, because many of them are using helper device drivers to get some extended functionality. I can just mention RegMon, FileMon, TDIMom, and
2008 Mar 15
Problem with PowerBuilder 6-based app
Hello to all; I'm looking for somebody who has tried powerbuilder 6-based apps in the newest versions of Wine (currently I'm using v0.9.57 in Debian Etch). Well, the situation is: I want to use a Sybase-based database management system, using Sql Anywhere 10 as the DB server and a powerbuilder-based app as the client. So I get the Anywhere 10 version for GNU/Linux, configure it and
2006 Oct 12
Cannot start Photoshop
I have installed Photoshop 7 via winetools. However, I cannot start it: dotancohen@ubuntu:~$ photoshop detecting Wine version... done. Drive C: is /home/dotancohen/.wine/drive_c Wine 0.9.7 wine is executed as wine Parameters are dotancohen@ubuntu:~$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Adobe/Photoshop\ 7.0/
2008 Mar 13
How should I educate myself in order to code for WineHQ?
I consider myself not having any real programming experience. I've went through 5 weeks long basic courses for each of these scripting languages. So no real programming experience to fall back on and I basically can't do anything useful with any of these languages anyways. Matlab PHP+MySQL bash But I want to learn just enough to be useful for the Wine project. And thus enable me to see
2008 Feb 22
Web Forums
We have launched a web forum front end to this mailing list. I wanted to notify the subscribers of this list to that fact. If you prefer, you can now use this website to browse and post to the list. Your posts will still be mailed out to the list, and posts to the list will appear in the forum. You can continue to use the mailing list as you always have if you
2010 Jul 26
Specification Testing in Binary Choice Models
...9;lmtest' package which includes several tests of specifications, but, as the lmtest package is for *l*inear *m*odels, I am not sure if its results are also valid for non-linear glm's. Specifically, functions that could perform Logit and Probit specification tests described in Davidson and McKinnon (1984) would be most helpful. Thank you, Amirreza [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2007 Jun 08
Setting windows pathet
How do I add to the windows PATH in wine. Have done some googeling but all I can get is stuff about setting Linux path. Regards, Ben -- Ben Edwards - Bristol, UK If you have a problem emailing me use (email address this email is sent from may be defunct)
2007 Jun 11
Cannot maximise or resize window.
I want to run s7raw on Kubuntu fiesty It is a small single .exe program that can be run in windows without installing. I first installed the version of wine in the ubuntu repos and have since upgraded to the most recent version available in the winehq repos but get the same problem with both versions. I
2007 May 24
updating wine version?
I have stuck with an older version of wine because it ran everything wine-compatible that I needed and didn't give me any trouble, but the newest WOW update won't even let me into the log in screen and the only fix I have found and not tried is to switch to a newer wine version (although that seems to be crashing a lot for people, but that looks more like a WOW problem than a wine
2006 Nov 14
Debugging Onyx install
Hi all, I have a helpdesk ticketing system app called Onyx that the company requires me to use. It doesn't install, and isn't listed in AppDB. If I run the installer with "WINEDEBUG=+loaddll,warn+all" I get this error: fixme:odbc:SQLConfigDriver ((nil) 1 "SQL Server" (null) 0x7e4ad4fc 300 0x7e4ad4fa) trace:loaddll:free_modref Unloaded module L"c:
2009 Aug 02
WoW: Low FPS
When I start wow and get logged into my character, my FPS will be high, like 75, then after 30 seconds or less maybe, it will drop for 20 FPS. I've tried all the fixes I read about on the WoW WineHQ page and thats how I got up to 75 fps for that short while (before, it was like 35 fps, which dropped to 15 fps) Some info on my setup: Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit) Kernel 2.6.28-14-generic Wine 1.1.26
2012 Mar 16
Host Key verification issue
Hello, I have script that I run remotely on a server, using ssh config with a 'command' call in the authorized keys file. I can successfully run this from one of my servers, but when I try from 2 other machines, I receive a Host Key Verification Failed error. When I remove the 'command' from the call from authorized keys on the remote server, I can successfully connect to the
2007 Jun 18
Sybase ASA 9 fails to start
...eads: process tid prio (all id:s are in hex) 0000000a 0000000c 0 0000000b 0 00000008 (D) C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 9\win32\dbeng9.exe 00000010 -1 0000000f 0 0000000e -1 <== 0000000d 0 00000009 0 -- Alan McKinnon alan at gmail dot com