samba - May 2012

Thursday May 31 2012
7:03PM 0 Samba and admin users performance
6:24PM 1 Tangential Issue: idmap backend = ad and Active Directory 2008R2
12:50PM 0 Git pull
9:21AM 0 Problem with policy between samba and LDAP
8:17AM 1 nfs mount disables AD permissions
Wednesday May 30 2012
7:52PM 2 Secondary DNS - samba 4 domain
11:13AM 0 Setting up DNS on a joined samba4 DC to W2003 Domain
10:37AM 1 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 5.5 is ready for download
10:29AM 1 Samba 4 analyse
9:51AM 0 samba 3.6.4 + office 2010 -> deny write 0x3019f
5:21AM 2 Prevent Samba clients from changing group ownership?
4:34AM 1 how to check memory leakage in samba
12:02AM 1 BUILD Systems for Samba 4.0 (python-based waf in particular)
Tuesday May 29 2012
10:41PM 4 idmap backend = ad and Active Directory 2008R2
8:21PM 1 wbinfo -u - Error looking up domain users
5:44PM 0 Samba4+windows 7
3:15PM 1 Windows 7 attempting to access Samba over port 80
9:50AM 0 After update to 3.6.1 -> smbd dies often ? massive brl and lock database cleanup scheduled log entries
6:54AM 0 Winbind + Local Unix groups mixing
Monday May 28 2012
4:17PM 2 Samba4 alpha >20 version: Samba & smbd daemons !
3:36PM 0 samba4 alpha 21 kerberos problems
3:06PM 1 Domain with status DISCONNECTED
2:45PM 2 a user getting prompt via netbios
1:01PM 1 git
11:11AM 0 Different create mask for subdirectory?
7:46AM 1 Can add users to ACL for a file on Win7 Security Dialog, but not WinXP??
Sunday May 27 2012
7:21PM 1 PDC How to change workstation setting?
10:04AM 1 printers problem windows xp
Saturday May 26 2012
3:16AM 1 Splitting up directories with Samba variables
Friday May 25 2012
6:24PM 0 errors during samba 3.6.5 compile
12:38PM 0 Enabling winbind idmap_hash module
10:56AM 1 Problem joining to a Samba PDC (Probably caused by "unix charset")
7:54AM 1 3.2.15 sys_get_vfs_quota -- failed for mntpath[ a device ] bdev [ a device ] qtype[4] id[513]: Invalid argument
Thursday May 24 2012
8:25PM 2 exported LDAP DB > file > smbpasswd?
5:52PM 2 GPFS on Linux exported via Samba to Windows Clients, locking issue
4:16PM 0 Lots of NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION errors, harmless?
1:39PM 2 Samba / LDAP : map uid to another field ?
1:30PM 3 cannot execute .exe files from a share
1:23PM 0 Could not find node to take over public address
1:23PM 0 Samba compilation issue - trick
10:30AM 1 Samba 4 Re-provisioning
8:14AM 1 Samba4 : Problem setting folder and file permissions from windows box
8:06AM 2 Samba as member of multi domain AD (nss/pam)
5:41AM 0 Is it possible to use quorum for CTDB to prevent split-brain and removing lockfile in the cluster file system
Wednesday May 23 2012
5:35PM 1 Can't join samba4 as domain controller
3:03PM 1 share access issue smbd/service.c:988
2:13PM 3 Linux to Windows Interoperability
1:56PM 2 multi home dir locations
1:48PM 1 AD / new auxiliary class / vb script
12:21AM 0 NNTP server for Samba newsgroup
Tuesday May 22 2012
9:52PM 0 Does Samba4 support Cross forest trusts
7:18PM 0 Some what breaking security model in Samba; LDAP + SMB shares
6:49PM 0 ctdb issue: existing header for db_id 0xf2a58948 has larger RSN 1 than new RSN 1 in ctdb_persistent_store
9:44AM 2 samba4 (The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed )
7:56AM 1 Samba4: winbind separator
6:37AM 2 Samba4 - create a new auxiliary classe in AD
Monday May 21 2012
4:17PM 1 3.6.5 and "not_defined_in_RFC4178@please_ignore" error
3:20PM 1 Grant only one AD group to samba share ?
1:55PM 2 Can't populate LDAP directory with smbldap-populate
Sunday May 20 2012
3:32PM 1 Basic questions regarding Samba capabilities
Saturday May 19 2012
11:05AM 1 Fwd: pam_mount configuration for users home directories from server to client
9:34AM 2 Samba4 DNS - Adding CNAME
Friday May 18 2012
6:06PM 3 Password problem
3:25PM 0 Annoying: libreoffice doesn't understand smb:// protocol
10:52AM 0 Is there anything like cifs autofs for windows?
6:18AM 1 Solaris 11 ZFS - acl_xattr still needed ?
Thursday May 17 2012
10:18PM 3 Samba compilation issue
11:54AM 1 Edit security/permissions of Windows share from Linux client?
Wednesday May 16 2012
10:09PM 0 [SOLVED]
8:52PM 2 Trouble with mount.cifs while smbclient works (Ubuntu 12.04)
1:58PM 0 Installing Samba on RedHat Linux 5.3
12:56PM 1 mount.cifs Is it possible to have a file owned by the user who creates the file?
11:26AM 0 Samba4 winbind and .gvfs share mounting in Nautilus problem
2:28AM 3 Samba4 for AD using existing LDAP, Kerberos, and Bind Setup.
Tuesday May 15 2012
9:54PM 1 would like to use samba3 pdc, no ldap account backend db, but use ldap for authN
9:24PM 0 spoolss not found Samba S4FS install.
6:50PM 4 Backup
5:02PM 1 Need secure version of samba for RHEL5 server.
1:35PM 1 Mac to windows File name conversion
9:40AM 1 cross-compile samba4
2:38AM 1 Samba 3.4.17 -Solaris10_U10- make- Fatal error with talloc
Monday May 14 2012
3:48PM 2 idmap_ad partially stopped working after upgrading Samba from 3.4.3 to 3.6.3
Sunday May 13 2012
6:30AM 1 Samba4 LDAP: how to write to idmap.ldb
Saturday May 12 2012
3:47PM 3 Windows 7 often creates new user profiles
11:17AM 1 getting files and ACLs from a fileshare in Python
Friday May 11 2012
7:00PM 0 Should BDC have same local SID as the Domain SID?
2:07PM 0 samba PDC + ldap: segfault in uid_to_sid/_nss_ldap_getpwuid_r
12:59PM 1 Setting up Samba and CentOS 6.2 IPA
12:52PM 0 CTDB daemon crashed on bringing down one node in the cluster
10:39AM 2 cannot set gpfs:sharemodes to yes
6:19AM 2 samba home folder share
Thursday May 10 2012
6:31PM 1 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED on previously created files
4:21PM 1 requesting help setting share permissions
2:25PM 0 3.6.5, Windows 2008 R2, not_defined_in_RFC4178@please_ignore
7:44AM 1 samba4 migration problems
Wednesday May 9 2012
5:54PM 6 "file not found" under high-contention
4:38PM 1 Mixed profiles - how to?
1:01PM 2 AD and SAMBA
12:28PM 1 : Server's root name change when log-in
8:13AM 2 Technical problems with samba 3.5.11 and access 97 .mdb
8:02AM 0 Tecnical issue with samba and .mdb file
Tuesday May 8 2012
8:38PM 1 Samba authenticating against Windows Active Directory
3:01PM 0 Samba audit logging not working as expected
2:33PM 1 Quota
Monday May 7 2012
5:21PM 0 Nt acl inherit on samba4
5:12PM 1 Samba4: fileserver and Posix ACL's
4:21PM 7 How to build Samba4 using static linked libraries
3:35PM 1 unknown files of samba server
2:38PM 0 Samba4 alpha17 seems to lose users
6:17AM 1 samba ADS security mode not accesible by work group computer
2:21AM 0 I get a kinit: Client credentials have been revoked while getting initial credentials
Sunday May 6 2012
9:59PM 1 security mask for extended ACL permissions / change of create mode for Samba
3:14PM 1 transfer users after samba upgrade to new server
2:15PM 2 New unexpected behaviour when joining a domain
8:13AM 0 Cannot mount users home directories from a samba server
Saturday May 5 2012
9:00PM 1 samba-3.5.15 croaks linking pam_winbind
2:18AM 0 About Samba running in a Solaris 11 Express container
Friday May 4 2012
7:23PM 0 Samba4 Can't join client to domain (Ubuntu 12.04 DC)
6:05PM 1 samba(3.6.4), with LDAP backend and sambapasswordhistory issue
3:51PM 1 s3 connect to s4 ads woes, need guidance..
2:17PM 1 Help with migration
1:24PM 1 Help Required
11:46AM 2 configuring a backup domain server
8:42AM 1 after joining the domain the server loose the domain controller
Thursday May 3 2012
2:01PM 2 template homedir and idmap_ad
12:59PM 2 testing samba 4 alongside samba 3
12:45PM 1 Linux Samba NFSv4 ACLs mapping
9:08AM 1 Samba4 oplocks: LibreOffice and Word file locking
8:15AM 0 Logon at domain after upgrade
7:32AM 2 username map not working to 3.6.3 (security =ADS)
4:41AM 0 Win7 and samba 3.5.8 mount issue
Wednesday May 2 2012
6:23PM 1 Login Attempt Resets Password in smbpasswd
2:52PM 1 User's home folders
1:02PM 0 version
12:57PM 1 inherit acls
2:56AM 0 net ads join error message "Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: Client not found in Kerberos database"
Tuesday May 1 2012
9:32PM 0 samba with pacemaker in AD environment
7:12PM 0 NEW: Samba4 Project Status Wiki