samba - Apr 2012

Monday April 30 2012
10:24PM 3 upgrade
9:14PM 1 Secure Network Transport HOWTO
9:12PM 1 Bringing up interface causes smbd to become unresponsive on that subnet
8:52PM 1 Thank-you to Samba developers
12:46PM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.5, 3.5.15 and 3.4.17 Security Releases Available
7:53AM 0 winbind stop working after some hours
7:50AM 3 winbind stop working
Sunday April 29 2012
6:54PM 0 Copy tdb files from big endian system to little endian system?
6:35PM 0 Does the "refuse machine password change" account policy work?
11:54AM 1 Element not found
9:27AM 1 Samba4 with Posix ACL's
12:51AM 0 smb.conf: per group config for multiple group environment
Saturday April 28 2012
10:31AM 1 s3fs proposal
9:32AM 0 cannot populate with smbldap-populate
5:46AM 1 SMB2 write performace slower than SMB1 in 10Gb network
2:53AM 1 Problems ldap authentication for Samba 3.5.11-2-1
Friday April 27 2012
7:40PM 1 Tools
6:13PM 0 Samba4 how to list all members of a group
5:23PM 0 creating file on share getting "premission denied" on a linux client
4:38PM 1 Problem adding sambaGroupMapping
4:20AM 1 select periodically returns 0 then read ETIMEDOUT
Thursday April 26 2012
3:47PM 1 Printer support in Samba4
1:31PM 1 mutex.tdb locking errors on Solaris 10
10:07AM 1 NFS quotas on Solaris 10
9:56AM 0 Smaba : name of root change
Wednesday April 25 2012
8:59PM 0 Samba 3.5.12 Rejects Connection via NetBIOS Name for Out-Of-Workgroup Clients
2:17PM 1 smbldap-tools-0.9.7-1
2:04PM 3 Semantics of "smb ports = 0"
12:53PM 1 3.2.7 vs 3.5 locking logic/mechanism - locking denied to non-owners
12:30PM 1 What is a substitute for those parameters in Samba4
6:44AM 0 Samba shows strange behavior
12:09AM 5 Solaris 10 Samba share will not show all directories
Tuesday April 24 2012
5:12PM 1 Upgrading from 3.2 to 3.5
4:11PM 0 Samba Registry
1:00PM 0 fetch_share_mode_unlocked no share_mode record around (file not open)
10:28AM 1 smbd error
3:20AM 3 Synchronizing multiple samba servers
1:06AM 1 Cannot see usb external drive shares
Monday April 23 2012
10:35PM 1 Samba4 primaryGroupID attribute
7:01PM 0 Howto find if a user has tickets
6:40PM 0 samba winbind error "host is not configured as a member server"
4:51PM 2 GPO
4:36PM 1 Strange groups problem with 2003 AD
5:50AM 1 Disable AD checking per share in smb.conf [sec=unclassified]
12:42AM 1 Can't authenticate any more, KVNO mismatch? (alpha 17-19)
Sunday April 22 2012
6:29PM 1 SMBD Crash
12:37PM 1 Cannot access share tevent_req_timedout
4:03AM 1 android cifsmanager requires group read permissions on samba server
Saturday April 21 2012
4:36PM 0 Cannot join domain with samba-3.6.4
12:23PM 0 SWAT problem
Friday April 20 2012
7:22PM 1 wbinfo -a works against other domains, but can't use other dom creds for a share
Thursday April 19 2012
10:21PM 1 SMBD not running
4:18PM 0 Samba 3.6.3 & LDAP errors in logs
2:35PM 0 Building issue with GPFS and ctdb under RHEL 5.x
2:20PM 1 Samba 3.0.33 works, 3.5.4 doesn't
8:29AM 1 Samba4: use samba-tool to reactivate account for 30 days
12:29AM 0 I get a "GET_DFS_REFERRAL, Error: STATUS_NOT_FOUND" error when I try to access my shares
Wednesday April 18 2012
9:49PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 5.4 is ready for download
8:06PM 1 ACLs behaving differently on Samba 4 / Ubuntu 12.04 / Bind 9.81 between ZFS and EXT4 file systems
5:17PM 0 Samba Winbind Standalone issue Failed to join domain
8:08AM 2 Win7: File Type Association get lost
7:45AM 2 I have created a gui frontend for smbclient
5:15AM 0 ctdb: user creates duplicated session
2:16AM 0 Samba latest version for AIX5.3
Tuesday April 17 2012
10:41PM 4 Destination share larger than windows source
9:20PM 0 CTDB panics when vacuuming serverid.tdb
8:32PM 1 Preventing brute force password attacks
8:18PM 1 transfer roles
6:43PM 0 FW: Regd Security patches for Red hat linux
6:39PM 0 samba 3.6.4 smbd dies on solaris 10 sparc64
6:26PM 0 Problems with roaming user profiles
5:20PM 3 Custom SAMBA4/OpenChage ZEG applicance
2:36PM 0 Disable the Windows default user when connecting to a share (if possible)
7:59AM 1 nmbd eats cpu for breakfast after upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6
4:11AM 0 Problems with samba as PDC
3:22AM 1 Partially transferred files keep locked for a while after client disconnected ungracefully
12:45AM 1 CVE-2012-1182 patches
Monday April 16 2012
6:48PM 2 Samba Standalone Server LDAP Issue
2:14PM 1 After Samba upgrade, trust relationship always fails
2:01PM 0 Groups on AD and LDAP samba configuration
1:18PM 2 Problems accessing Windows shares 3.5.8 vs 3.6.3
Sunday April 15 2012
8:02AM 0 Samba auth error messages / hints ?
Saturday April 14 2012
5:13PM 2 Configuration of idmap_ldap "No backend defined"
5:18AM 0 testjoin happy but kerberos broken
3:38AM 1 I get a client not found in kerberos database in samba4 alpha18
Friday April 13 2012
10:55PM 1 NTLMv2 issues
7:50PM 0 issue with win7 access samba server running on AIX
7:42PM 0 issue with samba on NTLMv2
3:17PM 0 Problem with samba as a member of AD with a trusted domain
10:49AM 2 SerNet has created an open source Samba4 appliance for early testing
7:15AM 1 SSHA password modified without smbpasswd
Thursday April 12 2012
5:24PM 0 Can mkdir on samba share but not copy directory from local disk to samba share
5:21PM 2 Samba 3.6.4 on Solaris - groups for user inconsistent
4:32PM 1 Installing Samba on RedHat Linux 5.3
12:04PM 0 user map Problem with security= ADS after upgrade form 3.5.13 to 3.6.4
9:21AM 1 Restricting access to [homes]
8:52AM 4 Samba 3.6.4 segfaults on guest authentication
Tuesday April 10 2012
6:51PM 0 Adding idmap backend = idmap_rid... and possible consequences
3:28PM 1 Samba4 Localization
3:21PM 3 [Announce] Samba 3.6.4, 3.5.14 and 3.4.16 Security Releases Available
12:43PM 6 trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed
12:21PM 0 idmap config range problem
Monday April 9 2012
11:02PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 112, Issue 3
10:57PM 1 I cannot access my shares in samba4 alpha 19
4:57PM 3 UID/GID mapping consistency across at least two Linux machines
3:26PM 1 SAMBA 3.5.11 joined to Active Directory not asking for login and password denying user access
1:08AM 4 Transfer speed
Sunday April 8 2012
11:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.30 tdb copy question sid uid/gid-mapping
Thursday April 5 2012
9:22PM 0 Configuring idmap backends
7:09PM 1 help to install samba
3:18PM 0 Samba 3 Windows 7 Temporary Profile on 2nd Login
2:55PM 4 CTDB and Pacemaker - last mile!!! - CTDB complains cluster IP is not a public address
Wednesday April 4 2012
2:48PM 0 Won't execute LOGON.CMD? *SOLVED*
1:33PM 1 Samba4 high cpu load
10:06AM 1 (no subject)
8:56AM 0 difefrent logon and samba logon home directories
7:38AM 1 sambaHomePath usage
6:15AM 1 Samba4 internal DNS problems with smb.conf
Tuesday April 3 2012
4:23PM 0 Won't execute LOGON.CMD?
2:21PM 1 Can CTDB respawn Samba?
10:49AM 1 macro characters with pdbedit ?
6:43AM 0 Lock in dir
Monday April 2 2012
4:50PM 3 Samba4 how to get a reverse dlz zone
2:52PM 4 Chown
Sunday April 1 2012
4:14PM 2 samba4 DNS error when joining domain