samba - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
7:50PM 1 nfs vs. cifs based on my usage profile
6:55PM 0 smbd/nfsd interaction, slowness and increasing performance questions
5:51PM 1 data corruption in samba 3.4.3 ?
3:49PM 0 windows XP cant browse network
2:35PM 2 How to access shares via HTTP (apache2)
9:29AM 0 winbind authentication mystery
7:53AM 1 authentication issues
5:39AM 0 is_myname("mystation") returns 0
Wednesday December 30 2009
9:31PM 1 Samba4 A11 Provision Fails on 389-DS - Fedora 12
7:43PM 2 web client for samba
5:00PM 2 Users from trusted domains get "Your Password expires today" in 3.4.3
11:54AM 1 Matlab not working when run of a samba 3.4.x share
11:52AM 2 Windows 7,
6:21AM 0 Fedora 11 can't browse local LAN for file shares
3:47AM 0 Aks : 2 setup , 1 work ... 1 fail
Tuesday December 29 2009
9:47PM 2 LDAP and samba
4:11PM 0 Possible alternate solution to "Trust relationship between this workstation...."
1:58PM 0 samba4: "net ads join" fails (samba4 DC)
1:42PM 1 DNS update via trusted machine account
7:10AM 1 FW: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
6:14AM 0 aMSN segfaults at login after configuring my home network
3:34AM 1 HI
1:28AM 0 Problem upgrading...
Monday December 28 2009
4:42PM 0 Samba4 and Squid3 with ntlm_auth ... more information
3:52PM 2 Samba4 and Squid3 with ntlm_auth
3:41PM 0 question : PDC setup
10:54AM 10 samba 3.3 for opensuse 10.2
10:26AM 1 Samba PDC and Windows XP clients - login timeout after 15 minutes
6:04AM 1 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
12:29AM 1 NTLMv2 in Sun's 'official' Samba 3.0.37?
Sunday December 27 2009
11:23PM 1 slow printing from windows xp to a samba print share
Saturday December 26 2009
7:54PM 0 (no subject)
3:15PM 1 gidNumber of the Domain Admins group with LDAP
3:09PM 0 Problem using smbldap-groupadd / net group add
Friday December 25 2009
10:25PM 1 how to get a qemu Windows XP guest to connect to a Samba domain
9:50PM 0 Happy Holidays ! New Samba Team Blog post (#3) is published.
Wednesday December 23 2009
8:08PM 0 PPTP ntlm_auth-helper problem?
6:13PM 0 samba vfs: recycle bin doesn't work with osx machines
2:41PM 0 Re :Re: dns lookups for SRV kerberos
1:53PM 0 Samba in win neighborhood Update
1:47PM 0 assistance with setting up a samba share.
9:37AM 1 net rpc user add produces duplicate SID
2:19AM 1 sendfile
12:00AM 2 Can't create file.
Tuesday December 22 2009
11:35PM 1 share CUPS printer/scanner in Debian system with Windows computers in home network
9:54PM 3 Samba and Rsync
4:55PM 0 Re :Re: dns lookups for SRV kerberos
3:44PM 2 getent passwd problem
9:43AM 8 Illegal instruction: 4 (core dumped) when running testparm & [sn]mbd with default config
5:41AM 0 long file name not supported
4:07AM 2 config backend = registry; printers not shown
3:44AM 1 Absolute path of file transferred using samba
Monday December 21 2009
8:18PM 3 Looking for Windows port
4:31PM 4 Fw: W2KSP4 Problem
Sunday December 20 2009
10:51PM 1 [patch] swat status page - add share path support
5:34PM 2 Samba + Vscan
4:53AM 0 Access Denied w/LDAP backend
Saturday December 19 2009
3:58PM 3 Samba + Cups 2200 Laserjet printer
Friday December 18 2009
11:46PM 0 srvtools -- are these really useful?
6:48PM 2 new user can't log
3:37PM 0 Sharing violations on XP host
3:15PM 4 Cannot see server in win Neighborhood (again)
2:43PM 0 Samba4 Provisioning Segfault
3:57AM 0 Ques on samba internals
3:49AM 0 Fw: Re: nmbd won't start
12:31AM 4 nmbd won't start
Thursday December 17 2009
9:15PM 0 File corruption with two Samba servers
9:01PM 0 Changing groups on files
8:38PM 2 samba password complexity help?
2:41PM 0 samba cifs
10:20AM 1 Opening "Printers and Faxes" crashes explorer.exe on Vista x64
10:04AM 0 wbinfo: different groups on different machines
9:59AM 0 Samba over Ssh, prob with Windows
5:57AM 1 Configure a linux client to be a member of a Samba Domain and allow users from Domain to sign on.
Wednesday December 16 2009
11:16PM 0 [SPAM: 4.3] Re: samba4 size
8:13PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 2.9.0 released
7:37PM 2 Problem with Snow Leopard and Samba
6:34PM 1 Migrating an NT4 domain to a Samba PDC - How to limit users access to only certain machines?
5:15PM 2 mac client: folder copy problem
3:34PM 4 Issue Joining Win7 to Samba Domain (tried wiki instructions)
2:10PM 0 Write-only share and "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED closing remote file" error
10:45AM 3 UNIX accounts needed for machine accounts?
10:38AM 0 Strange problem: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
5:06AM 3 Windows 7 machine trust accounts expiring
Tuesday December 15 2009
11:35PM 1 samba4 size
8:10PM 0 problems when trying to upgrade from Samba4 alpha 8 to alpha10
7:22PM 0 Kerberos authentication when accessing samba domain member when PDC is also samba
7:10PM 3 samba with full audit and trash
6:20PM 2 SerNet package spool directory
4:51PM 0 smbclient(3.4.2) needs credentials to view all shares
3:03PM 1 How can I find my files in a shared folder?
2:30PM 1 Auitomatic Password synchronisation
2:23PM 0 Automatic password syncronisation.
12:56PM 2 [Announce] Samba 3.5.0pre2 Available for Download
10:26AM 7 kerberos configuration in samba
9:26AM 0 winbind issue with samba 3.3.9
8:50AM 1 IOZone: Number of outstanding requests..
5:33AM 0 Samba for iPhone
2:23AM 1 Max Multiplex
Monday December 14 2009
5:17PM 0 samba caching a broken krb5.conf.NETBIOSDOMAINNAME
2:23PM 2 Dynamic updates to "interfaces" parameter doesn't work
9:56AM 0 How is "Canonicalized pathnames" bit handled by samba server??
9:45AM 0 Saving text files over 188 lines messes up file
9:29AM 2 Cross compiling for ARM with some errors
Sunday December 13 2009
9:05PM 0 Network problem (?)
12:32PM 0 Sharing Troubles
Saturday December 12 2009
11:43PM 1 Domain login and logouts
11:55AM 0 smbtree errors
Friday December 11 2009
10:42PM 0 samba4 Alpha 10
7:57PM 2 Starting from scratch... and Active Directory
2:48PM 0 no access from a Windows XP client
2:48PM 0 Samba write permissions being set incorrectly on FreeBSD 7.2
12:29PM 1 Unable to access shares with capital letters in OpenSUSE 11.0 using samba-3.2.4
11:44AM 1 Limit users storing BIG files
11:38AM 0 explorer.exe 80-100%
9:49AM 1 samba4 newuser probs
12:54AM 2 disabling extended security attributes
Thursday December 10 2009
7:13PM 0 mv renames the wrong file
3:21PM 1 dns lookups for SRV kerberos
1:40PM 1 Samba PDC LDAP and LDAP Aliases
11:58AM 1 ldap passwd sync problem with slave ldap server
5:46AM 0 samba-3.3 cross compiling error on mips64-octeon-linux
Wednesday December 9 2009
5:47PM 0 Cloning the samba+openldap pdc server for use in another network
4:47PM 1 VFS full_audit problem
4:03PM 0 user cannot logon to domain although log says "auth succeeded" (fwd)
3:01PM 0 Mangled Names, Directory Listing and Access Failure, Unix-to-Unix
1:02PM 2 Windows Server 2008 R2 backup with windows server backup
10:43AM 0 winbind and samba 3.3.9
12:40AM 1 Regedit
Tuesday December 8 2009
3:03PM 0 how to lock print driver options?
2:55PM 1 wbinfo / Could not convert sid to gid / uid
8:25AM 1 A qustion about samba
Monday December 7 2009
8:40PM 0 pam_winbind adding "BUILTIN+users" secondary group to non-AD account?
6:35PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.9.0.RC1 released
11:28AM 2 License agreement
8:48AM 2 Windows 7 + Samba domain issues
8:43AM 0 LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT upon new user creation in s4/OpenLDAP
8:00AM 1 Joining winXP SP3 in samba 3.3.9 + openldap backend, why does't work?
Saturday December 5 2009
12:14PM 0 swat help
Friday December 4 2009
10:08PM 0 can not write to subfolders of samba share, just the root of it
9:11PM 1 smbtorture config issue?
2:14PM 1 Is this the wrong forum for Samba4 DRS questions?
12:36PM 1 fedora-ds and smb4 (a9)
11:18AM 3 drive mapping for one user
10:08AM 1 Getting Windows XP drivers from print$
Thursday December 3 2009
10:42PM 1 Samba from Sunfreeware and
10:32PM 0 Strange problem with full_audit breaking getxattr.
8:53PM 0 Samba4 Directory Replication
7:44PM 0 Samba4 / Debian Sid
4:39PM 1 Winbind + SSH + AIX - Connection to aixserver01 closed by remote host
2:31PM 2 Active Directory DNS Registration
1:51PM 1 How small can a compiled smbd/nmd be?
12:08PM 1 A question about samba and quote
10:29AM 1 nmbd fails to start
10:12AM 1 Setting loglevel for specified clients?
8:25AM 1 Samba does not allow access to share with another user
6:49AM 6 One way Samba
5:44AM 0 samba group access
1:58AM 0 Prevent non domain computer to access samba shares.
Wednesday December 2 2009
6:50PM 1 acl_tdb
6:44PM 0 unsuscribe
5:01PM 0 smbclient, meaning of workgroup/master table
3:55PM 1 CIFS and ghost files.
11:08AM 0 syslog messages
9:19AM 2 User executional bit set when creating/modifying file on linux server from linux client
6:51AM 2 Ldap replication
Tuesday December 1 2009
4:01PM 1 Encryption
3:03PM 1 Upgrading to Vista with Samba 3.0.28a
2:44PM 1 nmbd startup fails
1:03PM 0 Mapping 'emails' to realms
8:26AM 1 Password Change from Windows machines ("You do not have permission to change your password")