samba - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
9:04PM 2 Samba does not change UNIX password after OpenLDAP server upgraded
8:26PM 0 nmbd problem
2:37PM 0 vfs audit, ext_audit and full_audit
2:02PM 1 Samba + LDAP + IIS = massive memory usage
12:18PM 0 Linking bin/swat error
12:11PM 2 PDC: Linux Client can't join the domain.
10:48AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.4.0pre1 Available for Download
7:10AM 0 PDC With samba und OpenLDAP...strange behavior
Wednesday April 29 2009
5:24PM 1 Controlling network printer
9:10AM 2 [Announce] Samba 3.3.4 Available for Download
3:32AM 2 net join: Failed to parse NTLMSSP packet
Tuesday April 28 2009
11:01PM 0 [Fwd: Re: linux -> windows special characters in filenames problems]
8:49PM 0 select network interface
6:03PM 0 ldapsam + IE7 = Broken MS Office 2003/2007
5:02PM 5 linux -> windows special characters in filenames problems
4:04PM 0 Samba and Solidworks (cat and dog)?
2:50PM 1 Samba with AD/winbind - recurring message
2:27PM 0 Re: select network interface
12:39PM 2 attempted upgrade this weekend
12:39PM 1 Bad performance when accessing Linux from Windows XP because of too many QUERY_FILE_INFO requests
12:39PM 0 stop winbind writes to disk
12:39PM 1 Samba configuration options when using with FUSE file system
12:38PM 1 4TB samba display 140GB in Windows
12:38PM 0 Created/modified times updated as well as accessed time
12:38PM 1 broken link on
10:30AM 1 low memory!
10:04AM 1 Samba + LDAP
8:45AM 0 delay to login to the domain
8:28AM 1 User friendly URLs to shares
7:08AM 0 ACL problem under FC9
4:06AM 3 Low cost additional storage on a Samba server
Monday April 27 2009
5:15PM 0 net usersidlist
4:53PM 1 users home folders not accessable - access denied
3:29PM 1 CORRECTION: net ads join fails
2:13PM 0 net ads join fails
2:06PM 0 When will bug #6291 be fixed (force user)?
1:44PM 1 Samba ACL and Office 2007
1:02PM 2 no backend defined for idmap config
12:16PM 0 Error message : call_nt_transact_ioctl(0x90060)
7:48AM 4 Poor performance when accessing Linux from Windows XP because of too many QUERY_FILE_INFO requests
7:20AM 0 smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1003)
5:03AM 2 help - file permission
Sunday April 26 2009
7:40PM 1 How to make fully working samba backup/migration?
6:31PM 1 Netlogon Service Privileged Account
Saturday April 25 2009
8:26PM 1 samba as a domain-member(using clustering with ctdb)
8:21PM 1 Changing users home directory location
9:45AM 3 Bug in sernet RPM's postun?
12:11AM 0 Strange Log messages after Samba upgrade
Friday April 24 2009
11:25PM 0 Change a Samba PDC to BDC on the fly?
8:48PM 0 Winbind errors result in no logins!
5:39PM 5 ACLs set in Windows not honored
4:15PM 1 default printer selection based upon computer a user logs into
2:46PM 2 Authentication
11:45AM 3 Query configuration parameters
11:06AM 5 some question about BDCs
Thursday April 23 2009
9:53AM 4 Tool to extract LDAP
3:39AM 1 Did I screw up my PDC on this Terminal Services problem?
3:25AM 0 Administrator can not see network shaes
3:17AM 3 With a PDC, is homes mapping automatic?
2:30AM 0 problems using smbpasswd to enable/disable workstations trusted accounts
Wednesday April 22 2009
4:03PM 1 problem with groups when adding windows workstation to domain
2:16PM 1 smbclient fails when LDAP server is down
10:50AM 0 Mixed Win98 and WinXP Pro
10:33AM 0 [Release Planning 3.3] Samba 3.3.4 will be delayed
7:06AM 1 Samba with legacy LDAP
1:14AM 2 samba and the application of MS patch KB852004 - madness may follow
Tuesday April 21 2009
11:53PM 0 Fw: install problem
6:51PM 0 Unable to browse Samba share by hostname from certain clients...
5:53PM 1 blocking file locks
5:15PM 1 Simple Permission Issue
11:39AM 2 A question about BDC's
11:38AM 1 Writing operations to a Samba share fail
4:22AM 1 Samba 4 compile error
2:46AM 1 error 1310 when installing to a Samba share
12:55AM 1 Samba not closing connection
Monday April 20 2009
5:18PM 0 Solaris 9 / AD support
10:15AM 2 Getting mad with group permissions
Sunday April 19 2009
3:35AM 1 3.3.3 blocks writing of files ~1.55GB or greater from Windows XP
1:06AM 1 Question about how to reduce samba 3.3.3 install size or why it has been increased dramatically from 3.0.34 to 3.3.3
Saturday April 18 2009
9:06AM 0 [Release Planning 3.3] Samba 3.3.4 planned for April 22, 2009
Friday April 17 2009
9:30PM 1 Intermittent user authentication problem
7:20PM 0 Samba Print Server problem
2:07PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.11 Maintenance Release Available
Thursday April 16 2009
6:16PM 2 Question about BUILTIN\Administrators and BUILTIN\Users nested groups in 3.3.3
12:20PM 0 unable to manage users with uermgr
4:14AM 2 Problem with Samba and Windows Terminal Server 2008
Wednesday April 15 2009
7:46PM 0 roaming profile corruption with windows xp client and samba PDC
5:17PM 1 Failed to join win2008 domain when "server ldap signing is required".
4:26PM 0 RE: Fox Pro DBF open problems Solved.....FOLLOW UP
2:27PM 0 Ldap & socket error messages
1:05PM 1 Duplicating directory list: Samba, DFS, and XP
10:41AM 4 [Release Planning 3.4] 3.4.0pre1 will be delayed
6:44AM 2 samba machine accounts problem
Tuesday April 14 2009
9:43PM 2 where is the machine name used?
5:14PM 3 CIFS hang
4:52PM 0 Samba 3.2.10: WinXP SP2 trouble
2:33PM 1 set up for Active Directory
10:26AM 0 Fwd: Directory permissions
Monday April 13 2009
1:52PM 0 Samba Won't Obey pam_limits restrictions
9:55AM 1 smbpasswd
7:58AM 5 HP Laserjet Printer Installation
Sunday April 12 2009
4:26PM 0 Re: stale timestamp hell‏
12:57PM 0 Unable to join to domain: The username could not be found. [solved]
Saturday April 11 2009
8:26PM 1 stale timestamp hell
7:44AM 2 Re: samba Digest, Vol 76, Issue 10
Friday April 10 2009
8:48PM 0 Nested groups are completely missing
7:38PM 0 [samba4][LDAP]: memberOf: attribute type undefined
3:52PM 1 Users cannot rename, delete files on AD-member Samba server
1:30PM 1 directory permission problems
12:39PM 1 Occasional loss of connection between Windows clients and Samba under stress
11:15AM 2 Some questions about Samba and LDAP
Thursday April 9 2009
11:56PM 0 Windows ACL Wonkiness
5:59PM 0 Can't join to domain, Google-fu has failed me
8:40AM 0 libnss_wins and arp ?!
Wednesday April 8 2009
10:59PM 2 request for a security problem
10:29PM 0 usrmgr.exe does not show any Samba groups
7:39PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.6.0 released
7:33PM 0 Samba 3.0.28 not enforcing password expiration
5:29PM 1 Dynamic Home Shares
4:48PM 0 Failed to join domain
4:34PM 1 Samba 3 versions
11:12AM 0 Samba Undesirable Behavior
Tuesday April 7 2009
6:42PM 1 Samba PDC and Kerberos
5:54PM 1 Impossible to join my samba server to active directory domain
1:11PM 0 smbmount ignores noatime
12:47PM 1 Update on
12:09PM 0 Unable To Access Samba Share From Linux But Can From Windows
11:25AM 0 ntlm challenges not working
6:41AM 0 Problem with nmbd
6:36AM 0 Mailing list netiquette reminder / update
Monday April 6 2009
11:14PM 3 nss_wins: create_builtin_users: Failed to create Users
11:11PM 1 winbindd: idmap_init: Ignoring domain
8:45PM 1 Is it permissible to file bugs on old versions?
6:56PM 1 (no subject)
4:24PM 0 SAMBA PDC / Server 2003 Shares - Error 1728 on clients - Error C002001D on Server 2003
4:15PM 0 samba windows-2-unix group mapping troubles
8:46AM 0 Security ADS and clearcase
6:49AM 2 Query related to samba-3.2.6 and Last Access Time stamp.
Sunday April 5 2009
5:44PM 1 Unix Extensions and "force create mode"?
1:10PM 0 Migration samba to AD
12:47PM 0 can not join linux box to PDC, windows works
Saturday April 4 2009
8:21PM 2 Updating samba4 from git
Friday April 3 2009
7:42PM 0 Slow XP to samba transfer
3:00PM 0 looking for multi-thread samba client application code example
8:36AM 7 ntlm hashes..
5:10AM 0 Where do I get ldapsmb-1.34b.tar.bz2? to build suse 3.3.3 rpm??
3:27AM 1 is it possible to share files with windows 2003 r2 ad ?
2:52AM 2 migrating Samba PDC to a new server
2:43AM 1 nss_wins: Failed to create Users
2:40AM 5 idmap uid range missing or invalid
Thursday April 2 2009
2:58PM 1 A question about BDC
8:28AM 0 Fw: Query - How do i configure CIFS protocol for sharing a printer to windows client
Wednesday April 1 2009
11:48PM 1 Clarification of 'administrator' config w/ldap
4:25PM 0 Question about USRMGR.EXE and user profiles.
4:03PM 3 questions about bug 5535
3:27PM 5 Fun with permissions
2:05PM 0 Strange access behaviour
1:51PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.3 Available for Download
1:50PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.2.10 Available for Download
1:01PM 5 Samba + LDAP = SLOW Help plesase
12:04PM 0 Bugzilla Bug 5810
11:48AM 0 new user cannot logon to one computer in the domain
9:01AM 0 how to log file/path in vfs_full_audit
2:07AM 0 try to join win2k3 r2 pdc
12:11AM 2 Question about multiples logins at the same time