samba - May 2009

Sunday May 31 2009
12:18PM 0 Smbd startup failure caused by a failure to create an NT token for the guest account
10:00AM 1 Finding logged users with smbstatus
8:10AM 1 My Documents: Music shows, Pictures not so much
5:36AM 1 Is building a load balance setup like this workable?
Saturday May 30 2009
10:30PM 2 logon script
1:33PM 0 ctdb with samba and filesystem
1:13PM 1 Printer Question
Friday May 29 2009
8:58PM 1 RPC fault code DCERPC_FAULT_OP_RNG_ERROR received from host
8:40PM 1 Kerberos with delegated domain
8:08PM 1 Problem with reboot of machine with openLDAP
8:04PM 0 netlogon_creds_server_check failed. Rejecting auth request from client
8:04PM 0 Failed search for base: sambaDomainName=MUC, sambaDomainName=MUC, dc=...
7:47PM 6 Problems starting Server 2008 x64 after added to samba domain
10:56AM 0 Samba Mapped Shares Question
7:28AM 1 feature request: winbind use cached credentials more agressively
6:56AM 0 solution: wbinfo -K not working
12:33AM 0 Issue with logging into an old Samba Domain
Thursday May 28 2009
5:13PM 0 wbinfo -K not working
5:04PM 1 New certs on {lists,bugzilla}
4:55PM 0 samba sessions dying - NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER
3:46PM 0 smbstatus output documentation
12:54PM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
11:52AM 0 Could not fetch local SID
9:59AM 1 Strange problem with Samba as AD member
9:40AM 1 Strange msdfs connection problem
9:16AM 0 Wrong message "Your password has expired"
6:13AM 0 Samba getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
2:37AM 1 net groupmap woes
12:57AM 1 App fails writing file but zero length file on Samba server
Wednesday May 27 2009
10:03PM 0 Samba trouble with connecting to domain
9:55PM 2 domain admin cannot admin pc
9:42PM 0 Samba File Transfer Problem
6:07PM 2 Having problems with Samba and openLDAP Groups
5:51PM 1 disconnect a user
4:12PM 1 NFS mounted samba share
3:37PM 1 samba and ADS: some users are "invalid"
3:30PM 0 NT4 Machine Accounts/passwords expiring
3:29PM 1 Trying to join RHEL to Win2k3 Active Directory domain.
2:22PM 2 Winbind lost domain
Tuesday May 26 2009
5:20PM 2 Problem with Centos 5.3 + Samba 3.0.33 +AD (2k3)
4:47PM 1 PDC/BDC Problem
9:23AM 3 Permissions and security
Monday May 25 2009
7:36PM 1 Samba Configuration
3:30PM 1 samba samba two way trusts and winbind
Saturday May 23 2009
9:23AM 2 interface with samba from application
Friday May 22 2009
4:16PM 5 Vulnerabilities reported by Qualys scan
12:24PM 1 Samba Registry Configuration- Cannot open smbconf
11:31AM 0 Problem when compiling samba 3.3.4
11:17AM 2 empty authentication string sent so samba-server
Thursday May 21 2009
6:28PM 2 Best Way to Securely Mount SMB/CIFS Shares
12:17PM 1 Error in smbldap-populate
Wednesday May 20 2009
10:55PM 2 Client driver installation
11:30AM 0 SAMBA V. 3.2.3 to ActivDirectory sign on
7:13AM 1 fs_acl_xattr und vfs_acl_tdb in Samba 3.3/3.4
12:23AM 1 Re: read/write multiplexed support
Tuesday May 19 2009
10:38PM 1 Samba and Migration to an existing LDAP backend
4:22PM 0 language charset configuration problem´╝ü
3:36PM 1 user cannot logon to domain although log says "auth succeeded"
2:40PM 0 smbd + winbindd = "lot of /var/log/messages"
1:14PM 2 14.4G samba filesystem limit?
12:32PM 1 multiple domain info entries problem
10:21AM 3 Samba Panic
7:53AM 1 "The network name cannot be found" error message
6:58AM 1 Problems with one thread excessive CPU usage.
6:20AM 2 valid users VS users in conf
Monday May 18 2009
9:17PM 2 now I really may have a problem, yuck
8:12PM 2 Surprising/Unexpected result after deleting and re-adding a user on our Samba domain
3:34AM 0 Re: [smbd][PATCH] Writing EAs when overriding files
1:45AM 3 Please translate M$ speak: create a new organizational unit
Sunday May 17 2009
3:37AM 0 Compiling on OpenSolaris 2008.11
Friday May 15 2009
8:45PM 0 problem with samba saving credentials
4:56PM 0 broken swat when using socket, v3.2.8
3:39PM 0 Fwd: Changing owner/group on samba share
3:29PM 0 Upgrading cert on and later today
2:36PM 2 Changing owner/group on samba share
2:13PM 4 Timing in a script
1:27PM 1 Newbie question - force file permission to user's secondary groups.
1:12PM 1 3.3.4 2008 Domain Join Error
10:44AM 2 krb5 configuration generation
Thursday May 14 2009
9:11PM 0 how to debug permission denied errors
8:29PM 4 authenticate Linux users to AD on Windows 2003R2
7:49PM 0 Secure client to Windows server
5:59PM 0 2003 server member of a SMB3 domain
8:33AM 1 parameter default devmode missing in man pages and other docs
6:50AM 1 Samba User password problem
12:20AM 2 Moving premises, new server at new building
Wednesday May 13 2009
9:45PM 0 Samba and cross forest domain trust
12:25PM 1 Basic Samba Server Global Options
7:59AM 0 Users cannot loggon domain
12:46AM 1 force user broken - 3.2.11
Tuesday May 12 2009
6:34PM 0 Using more than one user names, are not allowed
3:24PM 0 Intermittently Get "Target filesystem does not supportlong file names" when copying file to Samba share
1:31PM 0 Winbind generating alot of "Failure Audit" on windows domain controller
1:31PM 2 Multithreaded SAMBA/Winbind
1:31PM 3 Samba and ACL and automatic inheriting
1:31PM 1 Samba 3.3.x - "The system cannot log you in due to the following error: Procedure number is out of range"
1:31PM 3 Copying of large file is failed
1:31PM 0 MS SQL Server 2005 with Windows Authentication via Samba+LDAP PDC
10:05AM 0 odd link on
8:06AM 5 Move PDC to another server
5:14AM 5 TYPO: The Official Samba 3.2.x HOWTO and Reference Guide
5:09AM 0 Samba 3.0.24 Upgrade to any further version -> fail
Monday May 11 2009
10:32PM 0 nuther 3.0.x to 3.3.x question
5:36PM 1 Simple question regarding smbpasswd
4:01PM 3 Intermittently Get "Target filesystem does not support long file names" when copying file to Samba share
3:17PM 2 Solaris 10 (sparc) and samba issue
2:41PM 1 Upgrading to 3.3.4 from 3.0.34
12:34PM 8 Users can't login on Samba+Ldap
10:46AM 1 Problem with machine smb+winbind
8:08AM 1 multiple winbind instances
4:07AM 2 secrets.tdb and Samba 3.0.28 -> 3.3.4 migration
3:55AM 0 Test post via gmane
Sunday May 10 2009
3:50PM 2 LDAP - valid users = @group
12:34AM 1 current master browser UNKNOWN
Saturday May 9 2009
3:06PM 3 net vampire and WIn2003 AD
9:07AM 1 Samba machine's account migration
5:33AM 0 not adding non-broadcast interface tun0
3:14AM 2 question "add user script"
Friday May 8 2009
2:54PM 0 Samba4: Full schema problems
9:08AM 3 Fw: HP Laserjet Printer Installation
9:01AM 1 Clear file locks when connection dies
4:57AM 0 Intermittently Get "Target filesystem does not support long file names" when connecting to samba from Windows 2003 R2 Servers
12:28AM 0 error while building samba with cifs upcall
Thursday May 7 2009
11:19PM 2 Samba and LDAP
9:51PM 3 group mapping question
7:00PM 0 Problem: User authentication stopped working
1:45PM 0 No Reading files possible from Samba over Fuse mounts
11:41AM 0 winbind: Failed to create BUILTIN\Administrators
10:54AM 0 Unable to find tun interface
Wednesday May 6 2009
10:16PM 0 problems with samba as pdc.
9:31PM 1 WinXP user password not accepted - very strange !!!
7:43PM 0 Win2008 TS and Samba question
7:31PM 1 PDC and "group" question
6:35PM 0 Kerberos tickets problem
4:24PM 1 Kerberos and 2008 AD troubles
2:04PM 0 Forcing Windows Kerberos tickets be used for authentication to a samba share
1:52PM 0 Using kerberos authentication without AD
1:38PM 0 (assunto em branco)
12:45PM 4 Windows 7 RC
12:39PM 0 Groups are not recognized any more
10:50AM 1 Samba group management understanding
9:12AM 3 NTFS Attributes
8:54AM 1 password change not working after OS update
1:16AM 1 Error when subscribing to list
Tuesday May 5 2009
9:36PM 0 Machine Login
7:33PM 1 Domain Server Problem, continued
2:13PM 1 Whats is the most stable distro for a DC
2:09PM 2 samba on a mipsel board
1:31PM 2 winbindd stays at 100% CPU having joined a domain
12:13PM 0 default log level
11:53AM 2 samba on mipsel board
10:30AM 0 winbind, ntlm_auth and multiple AD domains
10:14AM 3 file locking options in smb.conf
1:13AM 2 Domain Server Problem
Monday May 4 2009
10:23PM 0 Re: Automatic reply
8:33PM 2 unable to map to share
2:35PM 1 Samba share of a NFS mount
12:20PM 2 bad encryption type in AD domain authentication
12:01PM 0 Issue creating read-only files and not being able to change back to read/write
7:14AM 0 Avoiding running net ads
Saturday May 2 2009
11:15PM 2 working file server, but logs filling with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
3:44PM 0 Cannot read files with smbfs
Friday May 1 2009
5:58PM 0 Share create modes
5:54PM 0 Question on proper handling of usernames
4:56PM 2 Automating the Samba Install
3:06PM 2 pam_winbind: user needs new password
2:43PM 4 ctrl-alt-del to change password
5:01AM 0 Is it OK to turn off client signing in SAMBA?