samba - Jul 2008

Thursday July 31 2008
11:31PM 9 Samba & Vista
10:34PM 0 domain trust relationship with AD 2003 and user profile and home directory problems
6:07PM 1 re: smb server attached to san
5:05PM 1 Joining Samba host to a Windows DOMAIN
4:29PM 0 Serious memory leak found in samba4-0.0-alpha4, function smb2_connect
3:08PM 1 Group quota does not work Windows XP, but works in Windows Vista
2:28PM 1 PDC cannot become master browser; cannot change passwords
1:36PM 0 Unable to access server with IDMAP_RID in place - samba 3.2.0
1:00PM 1 Samba 3.2.0: Unable make document Help
9:25AM 1 Setting (exposing) FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE for a share
3:31AM 0 Scanning Trusted Hosts - Winbindd
Wednesday July 30 2008
10:44PM 0 SAMBA + ADS + Kerberos Problem...
10:40PM 1 Samba / ACL / File System Permissions Active Directory & winbind
8:53PM 2 unable to map windows to unix groups
7:02PM 1 oplocks OS X
5:08PM 0 samba disregarding lock of files
3:29PM 4 panic action on samba 3.2
12:22PM 5 move_driver_to_download_area: Unable to rename samba3.2
10:07AM 0 Must re-join to domain after server reboot
2:41AM 3 Sharing Printer Stop Working: error writing spool : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
12:27AM 2 "posix locking = no" - is it dangerous?!
Tuesday July 29 2008
8:26PM 2 problem upgrading 3.0.23->3.0.26
4:26PM 1 Re: SAMBA / CUPS
4:14PM 1 samba 3.2 breaks ppp winbind plugin
2:38PM 0 smbd/service.c:make_connection(1191) Samba can't connect toservice and unable to run "preexec"
12:48PM 1 Samba with apps clipper very slow
11:41AM 1 Difference between "create mask" and "force create mode"
2:46AM 2 Troubles with PDC move
2:45AM 2 Hi I am vinod, I want to set up simple Samba PDC using tdbsam password backend. samba is installed on fedora 8 GNU/Linux. my network is about 30 windowsXP Pro. SP-2 static IP addressed machines. total no users about : 40 my network is : 192.168.1. sa
1:18AM 0 Unable to connect to shares problem - solved!
1:05AM 2 msdfs root = yes is the default???
Monday July 28 2008
8:33PM 4 samba password hashes exposed to ldapsearch
7:27PM 0 Unable to connect to shares - Error about 'Domain Controller'
5:58PM 4 Mutli-Homed Subnetting - Advice please
5:07PM 1 Share directory empty
3:34PM 1 Problems authenticating Ubuntu 8.04 client (gdm) against Samba (Ubuntu 8.04) domain server
3:07PM 1 Owner and Group ignored over preference to ACLs
2:15PM 4 weird Windows profile creation
1:45PM 0 Vanishing work group on samba 2.2.8
10:25AM 0 smbcontrol xxxx reload-config doesn't work and other details samba 3.2
7:15AM 0 samba oplocks
12:19AM 1 Windows stations don't recognize each other
Sunday July 27 2008
5:59PM 1 Problems to join domain (clients XP send false SID !)
5:56PM 1 Samba server suddenly stopped working
9:32AM 1 Winbind problem
Saturday July 26 2008
5:35PM 0 smbclient ( 3.0.31 ) can not connect to 3.2.0 server and vice versa
2:36PM 2 Samba + LDAP integration
Friday July 25 2008
9:49PM 1 Rename to open file doesn't work, why?
4:22PM 1 oplocks
3:28PM 6 help
2:21PM 0 Re: Samba 3.2 and trust relationships
1:34PM 1 v3.2.0 and MS-DOS: Directories must be upper-case??
10:14AM 1 deny file storing through a name filter
7:37AM 0 Samba 4 - Cannot change password Policy
Thursday July 24 2008
7:26PM 1 The specified network name is no longer available
6:05PM 1 Samba 3.2.0 using CUPS -- Print Spooler not clearing out printed jobs
3:44PM 2 User profile changes logging into domain
2:53PM 1 Samba 3.2 experiences
10:25AM 0 Delay in 'logon home' being set
Wednesday July 23 2008
8:53PM 1 No connection after upgrade to 3.2.0
4:32PM 3 Trouble authenticating to Samba shares with Win 2k3 ADS
3:44PM 2 Different "printer preference dialog" between windows and samba
3:33PM 0 oplock problem with teracopy (oplock_timeout_handler)
3:20PM 1 Performance and disconnect troubles on winbind after samba upgrade
2:48PM 0 Simple configuration I always have trouble with
1:59PM 0 Samba 3.2.0, AIX 5.3 and HACMP failover
1:58PM 0 Access Samba share with Vista problem
1:17PM 1 smbd4winsr-1.0.6-29.src.rpm high cpu load
10:49AM 1 smbclient does not connect anonymously localy on fresh install
10:39AM 0 v3.0.24 without vscan-clamav
8:25AM 1 domain user part of unix group problem
7:17AM 0 File/directory renaming denied but write access is okay with Samba/LDAP PDC
Tuesday July 22 2008
9:51PM 0 Binding to a single hostname/address on a multihomed host
9:10PM 3 Large Backups to Windows
5:59PM 2 Samba 3.2 PDC - Creating Zone Identifier files and not able to read/write/delete them.
4:48PM 1 start server script after logon
4:40PM 1 Acess from windows to share get closed..
2:10PM 1 Winbind panic - bug #5551 not completely solved in version 3.0.31?
12:57PM 1 Samba and LDAP install on FreeBSD
10:20AM 0 3.0.28a VFS Problem 2
10:06AM 0 3.0.28a VFS Problem
9:57AM 1 trustdom station can no more connect after upgrade to 3.2.0
9:34AM 1 gpl v2&v3 and plugins/backends
7:29AM 0 Samba with SSo
4:24AM 0 smbtorture: testing p-cifs over gfs
Monday July 21 2008
9:09PM 3 Building Samba 3.2.0 on Solaris with Sun compiler
8:21PM 0 using UPN instead of samaccountname with winbind
7:25PM 0 samba3, kerberos, ldap
3:29PM 3 Impossible to access folders
10:21AM 3 winbind dead
5:13AM 1 How can we let all the clients determine we have changed the share's permission
2:06AM 1 "the specified network name no longer exists"
Sunday July 20 2008
5:07PM 2 Error setting initial password for a user when using LDAP as backend and trying to set Samba and Unix password to the same value
5:27AM 2 How to inform all the daemons I have modified the smb.conf file
4:30AM 0 How to Samba + PAM?
2:24AM 0 Migration from Win2003 to Samba
Saturday July 19 2008
4:03PM 0 Autochange name in path
3:00PM 0 unlink in samba 3.0.28a
4:46AM 0 how to inform all the deamon processes I have edit the smb.conf file
Friday July 18 2008
8:28PM 0 Getting login timings from logs
6:33PM 3 winbind/idmap/AD problem?
3:05PM 2 Samba 3.2 on FreeBSD
2:57PM 2 WINS name resolution doesn't work
1:50PM 1 AD-Shares not accessible with 3.0.31
1:34PM 1 why is Winbind dead ??
1:28PM 1 Samba 3.0.31 logs to wrong file
1:20PM 3 winbind looses connection to DC in 3.0.30
12:07PM 1 smbcontrol 3.0.30 looks for pidfile in the wrong place
8:44AM 5 samba group rights problem (Domain Admins not working)
8:41AM 0 Setup of a new PDC with Samba 3.2.0]
Thursday July 17 2008
6:29PM 0 Samba PDC: Integrating Password Policy
5:48PM 2 read only user
3:06PM 3 Slow Samba writes over NFS
1:12PM 7 my first samba set-up gives me a headache
9:28AM 1 heimdal and windows compatibility up-to-date informations
5:39AM 0 samba-vscan-clamav on access virus scanner for Samba
5:20AM 2 Problems connecting to a NAS via Samba/Cifs Protokol
3:37AM 0 Domain MEmber Groups
1:07AM 0 Interdomain Trust, wbinfo works on both servers, getent doesn't work on one server
Wednesday July 16 2008
10:22PM 0 samba-vscan-clamav -realtime file scanning on Samba server
8:43PM 1 net user error
6:34PM 1 Help making Samba a DFS host (not root!)
5:50PM 1 LDAP with posix account (userPassword only)
5:49PM 0 security=server authentication via vista
5:00PM 1 Samba authentication to AD server
4:59PM 1 Sporadic Homedirs lost
3:09PM 1 "remove from freelist" errors in syslog and msdfs strangeness
2:37PM 2 Windows Samba problem
1:48PM 0 trusted domain issue with 3.2.0
9:10AM 0 samba 3.0.25a/3.0.30/3.2.0
4:11AM 0 algorithmic rid base problem
4:01AM 2 Join Server to Domain Fails
Tuesday July 15 2008
10:15PM 2 Problem with moving PDC to new server
8:47PM 2 xp/2003 explorer freezes browsing shares on Samba 3.2 ipv6 hosts
4:56PM 1 Problem trying to join SAMBA as a Domain Member
2:42PM 1 SLES10 SP1 3.0.28 - Excel files set read-only after recent updates
2:21PM 2 SAMBA and VLAN
Monday July 14 2008
10:06PM 1 Linux Authentication Ideas
8:08PM 1 Weird error in winbind log
6:03PM 1 Getent troubles.
4:04PM 0 Authenticating against samba passdb using PAM
2:49PM 1 Replacing a Samba server
2:23PM 2 Windows XP Files Disapearing
Sunday July 13 2008
2:46PM 0 net group user /add /domain
11:45AM 1 forced change of initial password
Saturday July 12 2008
4:49PM 1 Ubuntu 8.04 Server and Samba 3.2.0
Friday July 11 2008
6:44PM 3 Samba 3.2 RPMs
6:39PM 0 Cannot display location
2:51PM 2 Setup of a new PDC with Samba 3.2.0
1:37PM 1 unable to run login scripts in [netlogon]
3:12AM 2 Automatic Integrated Windows Auth (IWA) in firefox & nautilus
Thursday July 10 2008
11:30PM 0 failed to create kerberos keytab with samba-3.2.0 [solved (sort of)]
10:54PM 1 Solaris 10 + Samba + LDAP - how to?
9:22PM 0 Samba 3.0.31 Available for Download
7:21PM 0 unable to load netlogon scripts
6:59PM 2 Samba 3.2.0 on Ubuntu
3:20PM 0 AUTO: Luc Sainte-Marie en Vacance // In vacation (returning Sun 07/13/2008)
3:12PM 1 DC outage
2:25PM 0 Win2000 SP4 + Vmware 3.5: unable to brownse shares on Samba fileserver
12:06PM 3 charaters problem
6:11AM 4 Distributed Setup Suggestions
Wednesday July 9 2008
7:34PM 1 rpcclient 'adddriver issue HP Deskjet 1220C
5:15PM 2 login fails if smbusers is used to map domain admin to root.
4:29PM 1 Install error when trying to install ver 3.2.0
12:57PM 0 does samba respond to partial write andx request?
12:32PM 0 Is there any othere software like samba?
12:30PM 0 problem printing from windows using Adobe Acrobat since I upgraded, from samba 3.0.30 to samba 3.2
10:52AM 1 Correct remedy for winbindd sulking on 3.0.30?
9:02AM 0 Regarding `creating lame upcase/lowcase table' message
8:31AM 1 winbindd high CPU usage
7:02AM 0 Samba winbind under Solaris 8 and Bash shell
12:16AM 3 Common MS Office and samba file share issue
Tuesday July 8 2008
11:14PM 0 Report this to, ldap_initialize error
7:54PM 0 something like cache (not reload everytime)
6:28PM 0 unable to join a NT4 Domain since 3.0.28a
5:10PM 1 How to handle multi process open smb.conf at the time
10:55AM 0 Let IIS 6 access a Samba share on Linux
7:03AM 1 Slackware 12.1 + Samba 3.0.28a + a lot of users
4:31AM 3 Samba Primary Domain Controller in RHEL 5
1:29AM 1 smb_filetype_to_mode : filetype out of range
Monday July 7 2008
9:01PM 1 Winbind syslog errors and Domain Local Groups
8:34PM 0 ldap user enumeration
4:21PM 0 Samba stalls
2:16PM 0 Problem with winbind
1:16PM 1 Vista SP1-rc1 appears to break against Samba-3.0.27a
12:36PM 0 Samba Browsing problem in Fedora 9
12:20PM 0 Samba and ADS Trust.
9:12AM 3
8:08AM 0 still unable to compile samba-3.2.0 under solaris 8
Saturday July 5 2008
6:44PM 1 compiling 3.2.0 on freebsd 7.0 release fails
3:49PM 1 net rpc shutdown does not work
Friday July 4 2008
5:48PM 0 Samba 3.2 Directory Permissions Urgent Help
1:48PM 0 Joining RHEL5 server as member of win2003 domain fails - RHEL4 works
9:04AM 5 Samba v2.2.12 NTLM versions?
8:43AM 0 unable to compile samba 3.2.0 under Solaris8
8:12AM 1 winbind and remote users
7:38AM 1 Samba 3.2.0 doesn't compile under Solaris8
5:16AM 2 samba.spec for RHEL(4,5) for version 3.2.0
Thursday July 3 2008
9:53PM 1 Comment from a Samba user
7:50PM 1 Security tab is no longer available in Windows clients.
5:48PM 0 configure: error: Active Directory support requires ldap_initialize
4:43PM 2 update to cifs-mount-3.2.0-24.1.122 from .121 broke mount.cifs
3:05PM 2 No responde al ping
1:30PM 0 Policies Windows Client over SAMBA PDC SERVER
12:38PM 0 Samba pdc with ldap & samba3-3.0.25c-34 on CentOS 5
11:53AM 1 Policies on Windows Cliente XP
8:19AM 2 Error building Samba 3.2.0 with gcc 2.96
Wednesday July 2 2008
7:58PM 2 Solaris 10 and Samba 3.2 - internal error
5:04PM 0 Storing homes and profiles on a filer
4:33PM 2 [3.2.0] Off by one error
4:06PM 2 Make Test on Samba 3.2.0
2:29PM 1 RE: samba 3.0.25a
1:22PM 6 smbclient sending ICMP unreachable destination host(administratively prohibited)
1:14PM 4 samba + slave OpenLdap (read-only)
1:11PM 1 simple command to check domain membership
12:02PM 1 Samba update
9:12AM 1 libtalloc on samba-3.2.0
2:48AM 2 Linux update knobbles Samba
Tuesday July 1 2008
11:50PM 5 Samba 3.2 Ldap problem
7:25PM 2 Samba 3.2.0: error while loading shared libraries:
3:59PM 13 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0 Available for Download
3:20PM 1 Local GID conflicted with domain GID. Samba can't connect to shares
1:57PM 2 tilde username