samba - Nov 2007

Friday November 30 2007
11:22PM 0 I have got a problem.Pls help me:D
10:13PM 0 fedora binaries
10:02PM 3 Vista over VPN loses connection with workgroup
7:40PM 0 Multiple connections
4:58PM 2 blocked ports 445 and 139 make printer-shares very slow
10:01AM 1 Limit connections on per file basis
6:54AM 0 Unable to change password in windows - SAMBA_LDAP_PDC - SOLVED
6:34AM 0 ERROR: string overflow in safe_strcpy
5:46AM 1 Group Polic Software Install Packages located on SAMBA share
2:57AM 1 PDC Ldap adding computers to domain
Thursday November 29 2007
6:58PM 1 DFS, WAN links and file syncing
5:44PM 0 Win XP Off Line Files "Access Denied" Samba 3.1.1
5:06PM 1 Problem with Samba cutting dir listings short
10:06AM 1 Copy file from Vista to samba share
9:12AM 1 help me (log.nmbd is to big)
8:14AM 1 Problem with samba 3.0.14a-3sarge9 on Debian Sarge
4:56AM 2 Mount point of Samba Share
2:24AM 1 Can't logon to Samba server
12:58AM 1 RPMS and SRPM for RHEL-5/CentOS-5 available
12:53AM 0 Configuring Samba for Fedora Directory Server
12:51AM 0 (no subject)
12:11AM 1 access to samba shares through the web
Wednesday November 28 2007
10:24PM 2 smbclient printout
8:58PM 0 Citrix Web Interface requires unix and windows passwords to match - never mind
8:41PM 0 Citrix Web Interface requires unix and windows passwords to match.
6:25PM 0 NETBIOS browse by name
5:51PM 1 GUI Interface
4:34PM 1 Subject: Query a Windows 2003 AD server for specific
4:23PM 2 samba profiles on a second samba server
4:20PM 0 findsmb works on mac osx but not linux
3:45PM 0 acl inherit
1:15PM 2 Re: samba Digest, Vol 59, Issue 28
11:13AM 3 DFS root in homes possible?
10:36AM 1 Problem listing files in a folder
8:33AM 2 Change in smbclient between 3.0.24 and 3.0.25c breaks third party app
3:57AM 1 Browsing Samba shares thru Windows XP very slow
3:47AM 0 ldap_simple_bind: Can't connect to the LDAP server - Invalid argument
3:00AM 0 Winbind runs great for a while then dies with "read from socket failed!"
Tuesday November 27 2007
7:26PM 0 Samba problems with versions >= 3.0.25b
7:20PM 1 Read Write Permission
7:12PM 2 How to move a PDC
6:05PM 4 Windows clients losing connection to Samba 3.0.27 PDC on FC7 i386
4:42PM 0 Default POSIX ACLs masking later permission edits
3:52PM 0 Transistive problem with AD logins via winbind
2:21PM 1 Unable to change password in windows - SAMBA_LDAP_PDC
8:58AM 3 Big problems with 3.0.24-6etch6 Debian packages
8:37AM 0 samba to execute "useradd" by itself
4:13AM 2 "map to guest" in share definition?
Monday November 26 2007
11:18PM 1 LDAP logonHours problem
10:59PM 2 Point-and-Print driver problems with unprivileged users on XP
9:29PM 0 Upgraded from 3.0.24 to 3.0.27a now no admin permissions
8:55PM 3 [samba pdc] serverbased profiles doesnt load at winxp login
6:52PM 1 Pls delete this off the internet IMMEDIATELY
6:17PM 0 Query a Windows 2003 AD server for specific information
5:37PM 0 Winbind / AIX 5.3 returns incomplete user informations
5:05PM 1 DFS enumeration on a Samba hosted DFS tree.
3:39PM 0 samba profiles
3:16PM 2 NTConfig.POL
2:30PM 0 useradd scripts
1:26PM 0 slow perf without winbind nested groups = no and ldpa backend
Sunday November 25 2007
8:58PM 1 NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS errors sporadically occurring
12:47PM 0 Compiling dynconfig.c with make command
12:43PM 0 FW: Please if you advise
7:09AM 0 _net_auth2: creds_server_check failed Error
Saturday November 24 2007
7:50PM 2 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid xxxx (3.0.26a)
4:00PM 3 Share root directory appears in subdirectories. (Well, can't actually see it but can cd into it, even if its not there.) (Serious bug?)
1:47PM 1 Strange file permissions
Friday November 23 2007
2:50PM 0 Strange Inheritance of folder rights in Version 3.026a
2:35PM 1 serverbased profiles doesnt load at winxp login
1:31PM 0 Strange folder smb_krb5 in lock directory of version 3.026a
1:26PM 2 Question on number of winbindd demons
10:47AM 0 multiple users one /home question
8:23AM 1 smb.conf question. multiple /home/shares
Thursday November 22 2007
11:08PM 0 Dealing with DLL name overlap in Win32 printer drivers under SAMBA
7:18PM 3 Solaris 9 Winbind "ls -l" hangs - group mapping
6:10PM 0 samba. openldap e centos [EXCUSE ME]
6:10PM 0 samba, openldap e centos
5:59PM 2 Wondering if there is an option like banner
4:40PM 1 Installation problem of SAMBA 3.0.23a on HP-UX 11.23
2:30PM 0 Windows share issues
2:08PM 0 Filesize information differs with different samba client
11:36AM 2 Samba PDC windows XP logon scripts
Wednesday November 21 2007
7:45PM 0 Cannot join Samba server to the ADS domain
4:07PM 2 Access control question.
3:38PM 3 connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor
2:37PM 0 LDAP logonHours failure
9:29AM 0 make_connection: connection to IPC$ denied due to security descriptor after upgrade
9:08AM 1 samba as a pdc, Unable to change passwd htrough Windows clients.
5:30AM 3 what is the recommended samba version on solaris?
5:14AM 2 samba as a pdc problems
4:30AM 2 Samba 3.0.27a Available for Download
Tuesday November 20 2007
11:17PM 0 Debugging assistance request
10:02PM 0 smb signing is incompatible with share level security !
9:15PM 1 Public printing and private sharing?
6:58PM 4 SETGID not being inherited
6:53PM 1 Configuring samba users with existing ldap (pdbedit -Lv <uid>)
6:53PM 1 Re: Different printer drivers ...
5:36PM 2 No longer able to browse windows share via Nautilus
2:40PM 1 number of processes (501) is over allowed limit (500)
2:28PM 0 samba & msdfs
5:14AM 3 winbind caused "ls -l" hang on solaris 8
Monday November 19 2007
10:07PM 5 DNS problem?
8:35PM 0 Transfer a Domain Machine Account
5:13PM 1 Samba Fatal Error: GID range full!! (max: 20000)
4:20PM 1 OT: Automount, LDAP and AD
4:04PM 2 PDC Profile problem
3:35PM 1 Re: Different printer drivers ...
3:35PM 2 What is the maximum size for a Samba share?
3:28PM 5 Howto modify samba printer ACLs without Windows?
3:18PM 0 What is the maximum size for a Samba share
9:33AM 1 [Fwd: Kickoff time expired, how to change?]
8:50AM 1 zfs/acl problem samba 3.0.25a on Solaris 10 U4 (no additional patches)
5:25AM 1 Question about printer sharing
2:23AM 0 Different printer drivers requesting different credentials
Sunday November 18 2007
10:37PM 0 Samba users not working
9:13PM 0 smbmount fails when trying inside a SSH tunnel
3:46AM 1 Automatically adding users to Member Server
Saturday November 17 2007
1:23PM 0 generate_parm_table python script bug fix
12:15PM 1 net use h: /home syntax?
2:22AM 0 Mounting shares with spaces in names?
12:07AM 0 Will this binary work on solaris x86?
Friday November 16 2007
8:18PM 0 Round-robin DNS and session disconnects
6:50PM 1 3.0.27a out monday.
6:43PM 0 Is there a PAM setup for libsmbclient?
5:00PM 4 force ntlm
4:05PM 2 Domain server unavailable
11:19AM 0 Problems mounting a DOMAIN share, rather than a COMPUTER share
10:41AM 1 Samba PDC issue
8:25AM 0 NMBD Segfault on Ubuntu 6.06
Thursday November 15 2007
11:03PM 0 Vista Ulimate joining Samba-Domain
10:08PM 3 RE: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
9:31PM 0 Sometimes users can't connect to the samba shares
8:55PM 0 smbstatus
4:49PM 0 Cannot rename and/or delete files from windows clients
4:46PM 2 Strange NT_STATUS_PASSWORD errors after upgrade to 3.0.26a
3:55PM 9 Samba unable to bind to LDAP server
3:09PM 0 [SECURITY] CVE-2007-5398 - Remote Code Execution in Samba's nmbd
3:09PM 0 [SECURITY] CVE-2007-4572 - GETDC mailslot processing buffer overrun in nmbd
1:02PM 1 can samba authenticate against non domain/server?
8:58AM 0 First user can't find profile
7:18AM 0 Logon Failure connecting to windows share over ppp vpn
6:59AM 1 Winbind password problem
3:39AM 1 2GB limit
Wednesday November 14 2007
11:51PM 1 problem with net rpc vampire
11:03PM 1 Winbindd
10:53PM 0 passwd settings for smbldap-passwd
10:20PM 1 swat password lost
9:50PM 2 lib/util_str.c:safe_strcpy ERROR: string overflow by 1
9:36PM 0 FreeBSD 4.11 -> 6.2 Oplocks issue..
9:08PM 5 Non-registry problem: Slow printing
8:04PM 0 problems with groups, winbind authenticating a centOS 4 machine to AD
7:20PM 0 Can't print until printing locally
6:38PM 1 Migrating a smbpasswd domain controller to LDAP
2:39PM 3 Fileserver integrated into windows domain, plus linux clients needed
2:03PM 2 net ads join must use AD Administrator account ?
12:51PM 2 Samba as PDC and file server using ACLs
12:28PM 4 Creating a group share
11:42AM 0 fcntl_lock: lock failed at offset 0 count 1 op 13 type 0 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
11:08AM 1 Explorer window does not update
1:01AM 0 Domain Control Query via Howto
Tuesday November 13 2007
10:48PM 1 Can't get samba to start.
10:37PM 5 Samba clients disconnect periodically
4:56PM 0 roaming profiles behavior
1:59AM 0 Setting Samba to Listen on VMWare Interface
12:33AM 3 Mac client
Monday November 12 2007
7:32PM 0 make_connection: connection to ipc$ denied due to security descriptor.
6:06PM 0 Kickoff time expired, how to change?
5:55PM 1 help with security
9:54AM 1 wbinfo -u - do I need to worry?
7:51AM 4 Maximum number of files per folder
1:36AM 0 Cannot change ACL from Windows Explorer
Sunday November 11 2007
8:04PM 0 When I activate "csc policy = disable" the "root preexec" scripts stop working
5:25PM 0 "target.INK" - resource not available
7:26AM 0 Samba Crash with nobody user account
Saturday November 10 2007
5:23AM 0 get_sam_group_entries: Failed to enumerate domain local groups!
5:13AM 1 winbind doc error?
Friday November 9 2007
10:46PM 1 smbldap-passwd fails
9:57PM 2 Heartbeat and secrets.tdb
9:55PM 1 Re: binary does not run on samba-3.0.26a
8:16PM 1 help with Nitrobit Policy
6:12PM 2 Mapped username then gets mapped to "Anonymous"
5:47PM 1 multi-subneted network browsing problem
4:27PM 0 samba writes to disk each 5 minutes...
4:24PM 1 A device attached to the system is not functioning.
3:44PM 0 De-duplication vfs plug-in?
3:19PM 2 SMB Shares with subversion backing store
3:09PM 1 User connexions stats
11:25AM 4 Joining a win2k3 ads fails
1:43AM 1 Password expiry with LDAP
Thursday November 8 2007
7:18PM 1 nmbd keeps trying to contact IP Address on wrong network
6:54PM 1 Getting an error when joing a windows 2003 domain controller
6:13PM 1 Windows bombarding Samba looking for share that does not exist
5:44PM 2 map user homes to a windows share
5:18PM 0 Samba and Cups AllowUser - not working.
3:53PM 2 hide unreadable files
11:06AM 1 Printing; privileges separation
7:35AM 0 samba ldap windows acl
7:33AM 1 sambaUserWorkstations (with LDAP) not working with Groups of Computers ?
5:18AM 0 Windows vista
Wednesday November 7 2007
11:34PM 0 Samba PDC, Win XP, and audit logging?
9:51PM 0 Unwanted file permission changes
7:14PM 0 smbd always opens files for writing?
7:10PM 2 tdb search optimization
6:27PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.1.0 released
6:25PM 3 net rpc join -U root error
5:36PM 0 samba, winbind and pam
3:46PM 1 Using idmap backend = ad
3:13PM 1 Incomplete dir listing (ext2fs / FreeBSD)
2:44PM 1 Smbldap-populate error
1:15PM 1 File renaming doesn't work if only case changes
2:55AM 0 Re: binary does not run on samba-3.0.26a
2:36AM 1 weird smbclient authentication problem NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
Tuesday November 6 2007
8:48PM 0 Windows VISTA and Samba v2.2.2
5:54PM 0 Problem of Last Modification Time on files modified before last Daylight saving
5:31PM 0 Machine account LCT field not updated in smbpasswd 3.0.26a/Solaris
4:58PM 0 problem with windows when join domain
4:06PM 1 multiple domains and one PDC w/ ldap?
2:50PM 0 working add printer command
2:31PM 0 samba --with-quotas
10:59AM 0 authenticate using
9:12AM 0 problem with SAMBA as PDC
Monday November 5 2007
8:11PM 0 question about smb flag2
5:57PM 0 Samba 3.0.26a, windows 2k3 r2 SFU, problems with auth/nss
4:46PM 1 smbldap_tools error
4:08PM 2 Hosts leaving domain without reasons...
3:40PM 1 use of pam_filter with LDAP
2:05PM 0 Error looking up domain groups
2:03PM 1 logon script to start a website
1:31PM 1 Problems with Samba and ACLs
11:19AM 1 the system cannot find message text for message number 0x%1 in the message file for %2
10:33AM 0 Create/Modified stamp issue
10:33AM 1 Logon drive
4:41AM 2 Disable USB storage
Sunday November 4 2007
8:11PM 0 Domain logon through VPN with WINS
2:52PM 1 share without authentication - how?
12:50PM 0 Enabling interpretation of desktop.ini and alphabetical sorting when icons are grouped by type
Saturday November 3 2007
7:18PM 0 Statistics on shares
5:03AM 2 Samba server as a Primary Domain controller with LDAP
Friday November 2 2007
9:15PM 0 password sync does not work
9:11PM 2 smbpasswd and 8 character limit
6:41PM 0 Mounting windows home dir's with samba
4:20PM 0 Domain password server not available
3:51PM 0 Samba Hung Process ("D state") and hung system
2:28PM 2 where samba store user's passwords ?
1:17PM 0 Winbind Offline Login
12:33AM 0 Authenticates on lan but not through VPN
Thursday November 1 2007
7:00PM 0 PDC promotion and getlocalsid errror
6:27PM 0 Member server - group and user mapping with winbind
5:54PM 0 ADS WINBIND WIN2K3 usernames with dots
5:12PM 1 Promoting Samba BDC to PDC
3:43PM 2 ACL changes on Samba NT 4.0 Member Server
3:33PM 0 File permissions issue: different behavior between samba and unix
2:27PM 1 Jonathan Parr presents
1:56PM 0 Accessing usershares on Redhat EL 5
10:27AM 0 samba in ADS problem
1:02AM 0 Samba and Dual Core Utilization