samba - Dec 2007

Monday December 31 2007
9:10PM 2 HTTP authentication
2:48PM 1 Samba and AD login Problem
10:24AM 2 Driver installation fails on samba server
10:21AM 0 Samba Problem
9:53AM 0 [problem for] compile Samba + Mysql (pdbsql)
Saturday December 29 2007
3:14PM 1 Migrate SMB/LDAP to new server
Friday December 28 2007
10:33PM 4 A simple stand-alone scenario but "public" share doesn´t work
7:07PM 2 Problems with Samba and Active Directory
5:49PM 2 Access to shares too slow
5:27PM 0 [Fwd: Re: password]
2:06PM 3 password
9:35AM 0 where is my PC in the workgroup
6:24AM 0 Auditing files on samba shares
6:20AM 1 auditing changes in shares
Thursday December 27 2007
11:48PM 0 Can't get users from AD tree
10:22PM 1 Fw: printer admin option replacement on stand alone (not domain) print server running version 3.0.25
10:18PM 1 print command is ignored after upgrade
8:36PM 1 printer admin option replacement on stand alone (not domain) print server running version 3.0.25
7:26PM 1 How can I remove these log entries 'Failed to create Users' and 'Failed to create Administrators'
5:22PM 1 Samba + LDAP cannot get account from NT4
12:54PM 0 Problem with Windows 2000 share.
11:31AM 1 upgrade from 3.0.26a to 3.0.27 fails
10:59AM 3 optimizing samba for 2000 users
Wednesday December 26 2007
11:34PM 1 Can I limit my browsing of share between clients?
11:07PM 1 Samba 3.0.28 uploading printer driver fails with error couldn't find service ::{2227a280-3aea-1069-a2de-08002b30309d}
Tuesday December 25 2007
10:10PM 2 Simple File I/O benchmark tool for NT clients
Monday December 24 2007
9:48PM 0 Changing Domain name and NT trust relationships
6:34PM 0 is there a known exploit of Samba "reply_netbios_packet()" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability please ?
Sunday December 23 2007
4:25PM 2 irritating log warnings
Saturday December 22 2007
11:51PM 1 Shares are not persistent
1:41PM 1 mount.cifs and Posix acls
1:28PM 0 slow browsing problem
6:55AM 0 Why do my samba shares (using ZFS) not immediately refresh when I make a change to them via CIFS?
4:29AM 0 Automatic printers don't quite work...
Friday December 21 2007
8:56PM 0 notepad: LocalizedResourceName=
8:14PM 2 Single Sign On, authentication, and Windows XP Home
7:21PM 0 Inconsistent behavior with XP pro clients
2:01PM 0 Failing to compile Samba with native ldap support (Solaris/AIX/..) and active directory support
1:28PM 2 Using "include" for shares between servers
1:26PM 2 Congratulations
1:07PM 1 Simple Samba PDC - tdbsam limitations?
8:40AM 1 Password expired
7:51AM 0 malloc problem on smbd
2:05AM 0 CIFS Duplicating the Mount Point
Thursday December 20 2007
11:14PM 6 samba 3.0.28 and dropboxes
8:37PM 3 difficulty setting up Samba PDC.. please help... out of ideas
4:56PM 0 Complicated upgrade problem
2:39PM 0 Samba Browsing List
11:46AM 2 re: editposix setup
10:33AM 0 reload smbd by smbcontrol and current smbd behavor
8:05AM 1 Giving access only to a particular share from an IP (hosts allow)?
5:26AM 0 Call timed out: server did not respond...
4:20AM 4 Unanswered question
12:13AM 0 pdb_multi - any docs?
Wednesday December 19 2007
7:11PM 0 editpostfix setup
6:58PM 0 Authentication issue?
5:42PM 0 Problems printing
2:54PM 0 "force create mode" not enforced from linux client
2:39PM 1 write list and valid users
2:37PM 1 Problems adding a NTSp6a machine to a SAMBA PDC Domain + LDAP: sambaPrimaryGroupSID
2:13PM 0 (no subject)
1:24PM 2 Invalid request size nsswitch/winbindd
12:49PM 3 IDMAP RID problems and documentation
11:01AM 2 speed and connection problems after samba upgrade - RH 5 -> RH 5.1, samba 3.0.23c -> 3.0.25b
3:15AM 0 Why `net join --ipaddress --server' failed to join domain but `net join --workgroup' could?
12:52AM 0 problems upgrading from 3.0.10 to 3.0.25b-0.4?
12:16AM 3 Problem with ACL and Samba
Tuesday December 18 2007
6:51PM 1 File name symbols
5:15PM 2 SAMBA ADS integration - windows user account rights
3:28PM 2 Enabling Profiles
1:08PM 1 kernel log (smbfs): smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-2, breaking
8:31AM 1 Prevent drag and drop within Samba shares
8:18AM 0 Samba won't connect to new users ...
7:50AM 1 Samba PDC with Terminal services
7:02AM 3 Vista Sync (offline file) and Samba Problem
3:20AM 1 Cannot join domain with error: ads_connect: No logon servers
12:58AM 1 Problem with date created attribute
12:44AM 0 Samba-Active Directory only returns default group
Monday December 17 2007
9:40PM 0 (no subject)
7:57PM 1 problem with samba 3.0.28/Solaris 8/smbclient
6:40PM 0 stand alone winbind deamon services via apis
5:46PM 0 net sam setworkstations !logic
5:02PM 2 Problem joining linux box to active directory domain
3:55PM 1 3.2 Compile Error.
8:09AM 1 samba passwords and ldap + telnet..
3:45AM 2 samba version
1:14AM 2 accessing samba over the internet with dreamweaver
12:46AM 1 3.0.24 to 3.0.28 upgrade, lost printers (name length?)
12:28AM 1 ntconfig.pol not even being loaded
Sunday December 16 2007
3:13PM 1 samba upgrades deletes printer driver pointers
8:34AM 0 shares mount but not visible under My Computer in XP
Saturday December 15 2007
7:05PM 1 Is 'force user/group' misbehaving?
12:11PM 0 ExcludeProfileDirs and broken roaming profiles
2:43AM 1 errors when copying large directories to/from samba/windows
2:02AM 1 Setting up PDC using Linux
Friday December 14 2007
9:18PM 0 Winbind nss Secondary Group not showing
8:12PM 1 performance problem with windows 2003 client
7:21PM 2 Deny a User from a specific Host
3:26PM 2 unauthorized acess attempt
2:59PM 1 SLow cups printing, lots of get-printer-attributes
9:52AM 0 Samba BDC Problems
7:13AM 0 samba-ldap + dot domain
3:21AM 0 Reading a file being written to
1:25AM 0 Win95 sees files; XP not
1:17AM 1 mapped drive name question
Thursday December 13 2007
11:04PM 0 Adding Samba Server to Windows AD Domain
1:37PM 0 error net rpc group addmem
1:07PM 1 rpcclient enumdrivers "result was WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER"
8:56AM 1 NetUserGetGroups query
8:05AM 1 a brand new PDC
5:59AM 1 Password problem
1:06AM 1 Problem copiyng files between folders
Wednesday December 12 2007
9:52PM 1 Tearing my hair out:
8:21PM 1 vfs_ChDir fails, even though the share is read-write for that user
7:35PM 0 Cannot see trusted domains (getfacl or setfacl)
3:55PM 0 Changed UID - CIFS mount now failing with error 13
2:56PM 0 samba 3.0.26a and dropboxes
1:52PM 0 Not able to see files on Win XP (service pack 2)
10:31AM 0 Cannot find Domain Master Broswer
6:38AM 2 Yikes! FreeBSD samba-3.0.26a_2, 1 is forbidden: "Remote Code Execution...
12:50AM 2 Vista SP1-rc1 appears to break against Samba-3.0.27a
Tuesday December 11 2007
11:54PM 5 SAMBA under window?
10:00PM 1 Reproducible Printer Properties PANIC in Samba 3.0.22-25 (CIFS/9000 A2.03.01)
5:52PM 0 debian etch/ubuntu gutsy packages?
5:25PM 1 Winbind and groups
1:30PM 2 net rpc group error
11:13AM 1 ntlm_auth only supports ntlmv1 and not ntlmv2 ?
7:41AM 0 problems using auth_ntlm_winbind_module
Monday December 10 2007
9:38PM 0 auto run
8:18PM 0 Samba Winbind results caching
7:50PM 5 Can not add a new NT Workstation to a new (vampired) samba domain
7:38PM 0 ldapsam_getsampwsid: Unable to locate SID
6:14PM 1 [Problem] [Centos 5] Samba-3.0.23c-2 login authentication problem
6:01PM 0 Internationalization clarification needed
5:35PM 0 Error: session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)
4:21PM 1 [SECURITY] Buffer overrun in send_mailslot()
3:12PM 0 password authentication stops but can be restarted
10:40AM 1 Samba+LDAP Group mapping
8:26AM 1 Recycle VFS
12:16AM 0 windows oddity related to alternate data streams
Sunday December 9 2007
10:35AM 4 scannedonly samba anti-virus vfs module
2:52AM 0 vscan + clamAV Ubuntu\Debian
Saturday December 8 2007
2:19PM 0 uploading printer driver using APW changes printer share name
Friday December 7 2007
6:57PM 0 Guest access from Windows clients in a domain
6:46PM 2 getent passwd not adding users
6:32PM 0 newbe question
3:36PM 1 Samba logfile rotation on AIX
3:08PM 1 ADS Users + Permissions...
12:22PM 2 Permissions
11:23AM 0 Migrating PDC: SID problem on 3.0.22
10:58AM 1 winbind reporting incorrect groups
7:10AM 0 Good idea, but no reply: what to do.
Thursday December 6 2007
8:53PM 1 security = user, LDAP, and adding users to ACLs
4:35PM 7 time server = yes
12:50PM 1 Windows Vista file copying over openvpn
12:17PM 0 [POSIX ACLs] Only ACE rules from Samba Primary Group are applied.
10:17AM 2 How to repair corrupt ntprinters.tdb?
1:59AM 0 How to get the users ang groups on the WINDOWS 2003 ADS
1:29AM 1 missing packaging/Fedora/
Wednesday December 5 2007
11:43PM 0 FW: 3.0.27a, ubuntu server7.10 auth issues
11:35PM 1 Is Samba PDC + NT4 DOM Trust using NTLMv2 possible?
8:39PM 0 configuration variables not parsed %L %U %m
8:10PM 2 print server and logs
6:17PM 1 Does anyone know why sometimes a PDC appears in the Network neigborhood, and sometimes it doesn't?
5:04PM 0 Cannot access share]
4:50PM 1 AD returns only one group for all users
3:49PM 0 smbtorture w/ samba 3.0.27a
1:00PM 0 Cannot access share
12:59PM 0 About Samba-Vscan error messages
1:11AM 8 3.0.27a, ubuntu server7.10 auth issues
Tuesday December 4 2007
10:37PM 1 winbind users not getting groups. idmap backend problem?
8:41PM 0 keytab file issues
5:48PM 0 SMB printing via port 445 through an SSH tunnel
5:44PM 3 My Documents Folder Redirection to Samba Share
2:31PM 0 configuration needed to load roaming profiles off of a BDC?
10:18AM 1 Is there any API in the samba suite for the program?
Monday December 3 2007
11:17PM 1 SCO 6 and Samba
10:30PM 0 problem with roaming profiles
9:06PM 1 smbd problem with inotify
8:59PM 0 Can not open secrets.tdb. Win XP can't access Mac OSX 10.5.1.
7:36PM 0 User Multiple Groups in Standalone Mode with LDAP Backend
7:04PM 3 Speed vs Windows systems issue
4:48PM 1 ntlm_auth issue
4:41PM 1 version 3.0.27a unix passwd sync nor working any more
4:10PM 1 How to make "Add permission" for folder in system with ntacl support? Part 2
3:39PM 0 Change Domain Name?
3:30PM 2 Samba using AD as a directory server
12:48PM 1 AD issue....
9:38AM 0 Unable to access user properties in Samba 4
4:36AM 1 Samba Mount Problem
1:01AM 1 Moving Roaming profiles between domains
Sunday December 2 2007
7:08PM 0 Accessing a samba share with authentication in a external LDAP server
8:04AM 1 Making a public drive where admin has write access
Saturday December 1 2007
9:03PM 0 [3.2.0pre1] net ads join fails with NT_STATUS_NOLOGON_WORKSTATION_TRUST_ACCOUNT
7:43AM 1 Samba AD & LDAP
1:01AM 0 ADS - Not recognizing Domain Admin group membership (from 1 workstation only)