rsync - Mar 2009

Tuesday March 31 2009
11:36PM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6240] New: rsync 3.0.x -x/--one-file-system regression?
9:09PM 0 Typo in rsync man page
3:51PM 2 Help With File transfer of files named "Apple*" + Lacie 5Big RAID
12:22PM 0 synchronizing hard linked trees
9:09AM 2 verbosity: list files without summary?
Monday March 30 2009
9:50PM 1 is it possible to continue rsync after network interruption?
12:20PM 2 Why are files synced again and again when not using -a?
Sunday March 29 2009
4:16AM 2 ssh & rsync equivalence?
Thursday March 26 2009
11:03PM 2 best rsync for use with windows (client) and long file names
7:42PM 2 rsync questions
6:38PM 0 Rsync : weird behavior on CentOS 5.2
5:16PM 1 Vista Junctions
2:30AM 0 rsync error on Win Server 2008
Wednesday March 25 2009
9:46PM 1 Pipe creation problem: From Java app using rsync + ssh on windows with cygwin
Tuesday March 24 2009
10:21AM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6209] New: rsync exiting suddenly
Monday March 23 2009
5:05PM 0 bwlimit only on server side
Sunday March 22 2009
3:26PM 2 "rsync --delete" won't delete certain files
8:00AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send
Saturday March 21 2009
10:36PM 1 Trouble with -e ...
6:34PM 1 Weird rsync or shell problem?
1:07PM 1 Protocol of checksums generated with -c option?
11:59AM 0 RsyncFTP: Graphical user interface for rsync (announcement)
Friday March 20 2009
7:23PM 0 Rsync checksum false negative's
Thursday March 19 2009
3:56PM 2 Problem with exclude folders
4:37AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6197] New: Perms/owner/group modifiers for "show" filters
Wednesday March 18 2009
4:20PM 0 rsync -a --inplace signals "permission denied" on read-only files
3:38PM 1 Is it possible to make rsync VMware split .vmdk's aware?
Monday March 16 2009
9:59PM 2 Rsyncd and Environmental Paths
9:08PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6191] New: rsyncd path does not support environmental variables
5:53PM 1 Question about the --backup option;
6:09AM 1 --disable-iconv default configuration
Sunday March 15 2009
5:24PM 0 Rsync is failiing
Saturday March 14 2009
9:44PM 1 AARGH! I can't make rsync not copy dirs with --files-from option
3:58AM 1 dynamic bandwidth allocation
1:04AM 1 Rsync Over SSH (Windows XP)
Friday March 13 2009
8:32PM 0 Bugs list?
4:52PM 1 --log-file-format seems to be ignored?
12:28PM 0 rsync compiling question
2:12AM 3 rsync flags freebsd
Wednesday March 11 2009
3:24PM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6183] New: rsync error file too large (27)
12:41PM 1 bandwidth issue
5:19AM 1 --exclude=/ seems not to work as I want
4:17AM 0 rsyserr is occasionally dropping receiver messages
3:20AM 0 Odd issue with locked directories and Mac OS X
Monday March 9 2009
12:23AM 1 How to exclude directories from getting their metadata updated? (Macintosh HFS+ with rsync 3.0.5)
Sunday March 8 2009
11:07AM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6175] New: write last transfer status when timeout or other error happens
1:14AM 1 comments with '#' in --files-from
Friday March 6 2009
8:06AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6169] New: Syntax Error in "ssh-basic.test" script
7:21AM 1 Problems while transferring big files
Wednesday March 4 2009
2:43PM 3 Sync files not folders non recursively
1:35PM 3 Converting file system
Tuesday March 3 2009
7:15AM 1 On which side these errors are?
4:58AM 1 Does "--files-from" do anything useful?
Monday March 2 2009
9:53PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6151] New: --safe-links can be fooled by adding extra slashes to the path
3:53PM 1 rsync ignores --force and will not delete non-empty directories from destination (HFS+ -> FAT32)
2:24PM 6 How to speed up rsync when haveing lots of files
1:59PM 1 Exclude files only (only sync folders)
8:13AM 2 how rsync calculate Tranfer rate ??
1:27AM 1 Conflicting timestamps in rsyncd.log