rsync - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
5:10PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6307] New: --remove-source-files removes files if source and destination are the same
9:48AM 0 Only backup deleted files/dirs
7:47AM 0 Using --files-from with a pipe
Wednesday April 29 2009
10:19AM 1 Slowness and sparse files
8:14AM 1 problems with rsync and novell nss volumes
Tuesday April 28 2009
12:35PM 1 rsync fails with "Permission denied" errors on random files over NFS
Monday April 27 2009
5:05PM 0 Rsync (cwrsync) log file
10:18AM 1 "rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes" on mounted share
9:56AM 1 [Code study]should we remove if (motd && *motd) section?
2:33AM 1 [Code study]append_mode definitions
Sunday April 26 2009
3:42PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6293] New: rsync crashes when transferring files
Friday April 24 2009
8:46PM 0 how to put -ii output in log file and not on screen?
Thursday April 23 2009
5:40PM 1 Excluded directories at rsync (was "--filter, missing in action")
12:09PM 2 --filter, missing in action.
2:05AM 0 rsync- buffer overflow/broken pipe with critical filename-lenght using cwrsync at server-side
Wednesday April 22 2009
2:14PM 1 [PATCH] allow to disable SLP with runtime option
7:54AM 2 [Code study] lp_motd_file defination? Help
6:26AM 2 purge-empty-dirs and max-file-size confusion
Tuesday April 21 2009
12:48PM 0 Overwrite the log-file in rsync3.0.5
6:58AM 0 detect moved files
6:47AM 2 Any program flow or software spec for Rsync
2:40AM 2 looking for superlifter souce code and related information
Monday April 20 2009
8:47PM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6280] New: (Bug incl. PATCH) Linux mknod does not work when syncing fifos and sockets from Solaris
Saturday April 18 2009
9:02PM 8 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6276] New: crtimes.patch does not preserve creation dates on Mac x86_64 only
Friday April 17 2009
7:32PM 2 Error messages 3.0.6pre1
5:12PM 2 Disaster recovery option for file server
8:56AM 1 Overwrite the rsync log-file in rsync3.0.5 ??
2:50AM 1 Buffer Cache Thrashing
Thursday April 16 2009
8:57PM 1 --remove-source-file problem
2:59PM 1 Unable to transfer between win32 (interix) and FreeBSD
2:41PM 0 rsync randomly and silently skips files
1:54PM 1 rsync and quota in Linux
11:40AM 2 rsync windows acl
2:13AM 1 How many differs in rsync algorithm from Andrew Tridgell's thesis
1:23AM 0 Using rsync for a backup program but having trouble getting --exclude-from to wor
Wednesday April 15 2009
8:26PM 2 Using rsync for a backup program but having trouble getting --exclude-from to work properly
5:04PM 0 ssh authorized_keys rsync problem
8:42AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6262] New: single-file rsync fails without further options set
Sunday April 12 2009
10:49PM 0 Rsync 3.0.6pre1 released
Saturday April 11 2009
11:37PM 0 Rsync 3.0.5 sometimes hangs copying local disk to other local disk (Solaris 9)
3:42PM 0 sudo make check fails on OSX
Friday April 10 2009
8:25PM 1 linux Rsync + windows rsync + unexpected connection close
6:23PM 3 Local disk rsync
Thursday April 9 2009
7:16PM 3 Help creating incremental backups using --backup-dir.
Wednesday April 8 2009
4:14PM 1 Rsync Runs Out of Space Because of Temp File
3:19PM 3 order transfers by file size
2:26PM 2 double-side synchronisation
Tuesday April 7 2009
8:36PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6251] New: security: rsync executes remote commands
Monday April 6 2009
10:28AM 1 "--times" does not transfer full modification time
10:28AM 1 Does rsync use md4 or md5?
Friday April 3 2009
10:24AM 1 "Invalid argument (22)" & "Operation not supported (95)" ???
Thursday April 2 2009
6:44AM 2 cryptic output with itemized option
Wednesday April 1 2009
8:40AM 1 include/exclude tutorial
6:24AM 1 What could this be? Transfer error code 16
5:27AM 1 itemized option (-ii) with --log-file and --log-file format