Rails - Apr 2013

Tuesday April 30 2013
3:36PM 0 Delete original input file after delayed_paperclip processing
9:10AM 2 How to reproduce: CVE-2013-1854 Symbol DoS vulnerability in Active Record
8:21AM 3 Migration from SQLite to PostgreSQL
7:48AM 1 Form question
6:25AM 1 wats this???
Monday April 29 2013
10:39PM 5 How to use scopes in rails to query the database for a subset of information and display it
2:03PM 0 [JOBS] Entry-level-ish Rails Developer and DBA needed - Boston, MA
1:57PM 0 Would you be interested in reading a book on developer's career?
9:35AM 1 ActiveRecord HasAndBelongsToManyAssociationWithPrimaryKeyError
Sunday April 28 2013
7:43PM 13 need help to install Nokogiri
5:07PM 1 Any one @ RailsConf PDX?
11:31AM 2 How to create new tables while running (automatically)
4:05AM 0 bitcoin payment processing
Saturday April 27 2013
6:31PM 1 mysql on different server than rails application
5:20PM 1 bundle.lock and production deploy
4:19PM 3 where exactly are gems?
10:40AM 4 required field for one, optional for another
Friday April 26 2013
8:41PM 0 Question about ActiveSupport::Concern and mongoid model definition
5:06PM 0 rails route_translator utf8
2:33PM 1 Ruby on Rails!! Multiple Positions at MO
10:35AM 1 :with_disabled attribute
Thursday April 25 2013
5:20PM 3 Assigning a variable with an input field
2:37PM 4 What are "pages that require authentication" and why they cannot be cached?
2:08PM 0 Experienced advices for high traffic website / CDN's with origin pull feature ?
12:14PM 1 Are there Edge API documentation as Edge Guide documentation?
8:36AM 5 how to use link_to
4:12AM 3 Getting Rails to work with an existing database instead of a new one
Wednesday April 24 2013
11:09PM 2 Part time rails job for learning experience
9:27PM 1 sending Mail in loop w attachmt -> only 1.mail has the attachment
6:57PM 0 Site navigation using db
6:09PM 1 html form post > database (sqlite)
6:00PM 3 join table naming
11:41AM 1 URGENT:Rails application crashed for 700 request per minute.
9:39AM 1 rails one to one association
8:19AM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many associations
7:56AM 3 My rails app keeps on crashing and required server restart.
Tuesday April 23 2013
11:42PM 4 New open source tool: Pull Request Roulette
9:52PM 3 running bundle sometimes installs other gems than ones specified in Gemfile
5:48PM 3 Learningrails.com problem
2:59PM 4 Examples of long AND WELL-WRITTEN Ruby scripts
12:57PM 0 Authenticating against external and then internal databases in rails
12:22PM 3 Fetching gem metadata from http://rubygems.org/.Unfortunately, a fatal error has occurred. Please se
Monday April 22 2013
10:57PM 0 Using rack-offline with the asset pipeline (images not cached)
8:55PM 3 New to Rails / Dont know PHP. Advice?
7:58PM 3 how to pass parameter to pdf(wicked_pdf)
6:34PM 2 [JOBS] Looking for a RoR Developer with 5+ years experience (NYC)
5:33PM 0 We are offering the following opportunitie in our office in Campinas, SP, Brazil: Ruby Developer
3:27PM 0 Engine isolated by multiple namespaces.
3:06PM 1 user has ability to suggest to admin
2:44PM 0 Announcement of new ROR application
12:08PM 0 Multiple namespaces for an Engine
10:31AM 0 setter method in rails 4 beta 1
10:06AM 4 after assets compiled locally bootstrap drop-down list does not work, no errors seen
6:10AM 1 How to use Json
Sunday April 21 2013
9:39PM 0 Rails 3.2 initializers load order causes failures when config.cache_clases == true
12:57PM 0 Нужен ли такой гем?
11:26AM 5 Where to find info about seed.rb, db:seed functionality?
Saturday April 20 2013
8:53PM 1 params in nested resources
6:31PM 3 Learning ROR testing
7:36AM 0 Coffee-rails beta railtie dependency
6:13AM 2 How to delete project ROR
Friday April 19 2013
11:15PM 1 How do I work with an EXISTING database?
5:16PM 0 Rails asset pipeline -- can't get max-age to set
4:05PM 0 OT: looking for a domain name registrar (ICANN-accredited, not a reseller)
3:03PM 7 How to get value from Javascript Input in Ruby Controller?
1:45PM 4 How to fit an ER model into Rails? (help an old procedural programmer)
9:55AM 1 rails authentication to devise
6:00AM 7 Forcing browser redirects on a Ruby on Rails application
2:13AM 4 Pass variable to action
Thursday April 18 2013
11:17PM 1 Missing :bucket option (S3), while it is defined in production initializers.
8:05PM 0 Tickets for EuRuKo 2013: Calling All Ruby Brigades!
12:17PM 0 [Rails 3.2] class in lib does not override class in engine
6:04AM 1 how to take spesific colums from database
4:10AM 2 Request with Content-Type: "application/json" add extra parameter.
2:23AM 1 assert_select_jquery
Wednesday April 17 2013
6:22PM 1 I have done my first open source project, star rating gem for rails apps
3:29PM 4 enforce https for every page
2:07PM 3 Help me with choosing relations between tables
12:36PM 3 Some javascript help needed
12:15AM 2 Conditional respond_to doesn't do redirect
Tuesday April 16 2013
7:51PM 6 Asset not precompiled error even though log shows it compiled
7:20PM 1 An error occurred while installing jk-ferret (, and Bundler cannot continue.
2:04PM 1 Rails Developer Intern to Full-Time
1:56PM 2 updaing a page continuously using ajax
1:50PM 4 Better way for creating menu n rails, whe can i read about this?
12:23PM 0 Job as RoR back/end developer in International Gaming company in Berlin
11:25AM 2 MyApp/lib/ directory: How to deal with it?
10:30AM 2 Rough sketch for a website
8:49AM 3 [JOBS] (Snr. / Lead) Ruby Developers – you’re invited to join an fantastic VC backed Cloud business!
7:30AM 2 how named routes work ?
Monday April 15 2013
9:38PM 3 No validation_context methods in Rails API. What for are they?
8:22PM 10 Fail to pass id to foreign table
3:53PM 0 mounting engine in namespace
7:18AM 6 using angular and cancan in Rails application
5:43AM 0 update image name paperclip s3
1:24AM 2 Dynamically generating models and/or migrations at runtime
12:19AM 2 Dynamic creation of models and/or tables in Rails
Sunday April 14 2013
10:26PM 7 How to initialize variables automatically on application bootstrap?
8:21PM 0 CANCAN and angular
4:35PM 0 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
4:13PM 2 How todiffer if params are set through form or through url
3:27PM 1 Using ActiveRecord to add data on record load
Saturday April 13 2013
8:26PM 3 Cannot reach http://localhost:3000 after starting Ruby on Rails server
4:11PM 0 How key-based cache expiration works for has_many relationship?
11:24AM 4 Where to put plugin images in Rails application?
10:52AM 0 Are you a Rubyist looking to re-locate to London, UK?
10:12AM 0 How to find chat recipients in FAYE chat?
9:19AM 2 running rails on my linux mint
8:22AM 12 Ruby on Rails installation
12:56AM 4 Join table query error
Friday April 12 2013
11:36PM 0 Hi - - Ruby On Rails - Requirement - kansas City
10:33PM 0 [project] ResearchMatch open source project
6:02PM 1 ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'rails' (>= 0), here is why: Unable to download data from
3:48PM 1 weird SASS problrm in production
12:12PM 1 What is the meaning of the method to_param?
12:12PM 0 Rails Log user in after view rendered
11:22AM 4 rails named scopes and sql injection
10:04AM 0 How to iterate over an application route set?
2:39AM 0 Transcoding SJIS HTTP post parameters
2:08AM 1 How to convert data MongoDB to Sqlite3
Thursday April 11 2013
8:29PM 0 Need help to find Ruby on rails developers
1:54PM 0 [ActiveRecord] Attribute aliasing is driving me nuts :-)
Wednesday April 10 2013
5:41PM 0 When we have a rails beta2 or rc1?
5:05PM 2 button_link_to with :target _blank ?
3:31PM 2 Help me the error after replace sqlite3 by using MongoDb and MongoId
9:36AM 1 Regarding Uploading & Editing & Saving Docments In a Rails Application !
8:53AM 1 Per form field_error_proc
8:43AM 0 Gsoc
8:40AM 0 Extra characters rendered in view that cannot be found! A possible bug in rendering engine?
8:29AM 3 yaml not escaping break line in double quoted string
Tuesday April 9 2013
9:31PM 0 GSOC 2013 project - Web-based console
8:06PM 0 Active Record and IBM_DB
7:10PM 0 JRuby's Google Summer of Code 2013!
3:04PM 2 Getting Started
11:39AM 0 ROR - UK - Market update
10:06AM 2 Defining routes problem
8:49AM 3 Real-time events with WebSockets and fallbacks?
8:33AM 1 Help me bout gem 'acts_as_api' in RoR
Monday April 8 2013
9:58PM 0 Safely persisting query parameters in Rails 3.1
5:23PM 2 Do you run rspec tests in production?
4:41PM 1 cattr_accessor and Thread.current prblems
3:34PM 0 Re: Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
11:12AM 0 Require RoR Developers
6:07AM 2 Rails app + Apache Passenger + Postgres : memory consumption
Sunday April 7 2013
10:00AM 0 ResearchMatch open source project for universities
Saturday April 6 2013
9:17PM 1 Looking for help on contributing to Rails
5:48AM 5 update_attriubtes meets "Can't mass-assign protected attributes" problem
2:18AM 2 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
Friday April 5 2013
11:37PM 1 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
9:40PM 2 Exporting a Postgres database to CSV without superuser privileges
8:39PM 0 Mobile-Computer App Idea (Unique, I Know) - Seeking Developer
5:58PM 2 How to manage data in MongoDB
5:53PM 2 recommendations for setting chef and capistrano with rackspace ?
4:39PM 0 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
4:22PM 0 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
4:16PM 0 Re: reques for an project tutorial for beginners
4:07PM 0 Re: reques for an project tutorial for beginners
3:26PM 1 Re: How to create 10000 pseudo data for Testing in RoR
1:46PM 0 90-minute Ruby 2.0 Webinar?
1:50AM 3 Redirect_to without reload?
Thursday April 4 2013
5:18PM 4 rendering instance value to partial views from controller
2:38PM 4 heruko performance vs shared hosting performance
2:32PM 1 Confusion over Postgres usernames/passwords/databasenames
12:14PM 9 What is Javascript-Runtime for?
12:11PM 1 Start to using Bootstrap with RoR
9:19AM 1 Error in controller Namespace of Route --Rails
6:29AM 9 Dynamically create databases?
5:29AM 2 Help me with :only in Route of Rails
Wednesday April 3 2013
7:58PM 2 strange behavior with active relation any? method
9:56AM 1 validates uniqueness scope allow_blank/allow_nil -> validation error
9:31AM 1 Mysql::Error: MySQL server has gone away
5:35AM 1 Help with error messages
Tuesday April 2 2013
9:54PM 3 invoking helper method in controller and view breaks the separation of concern?
8:15PM 0 [JOB] Senior Rails Developer, Hoboken, NJ
2:34PM 4 gmaps4rails: undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class
1:43PM 8 Help with single page application structure
9:48AM 4 respond_with conditions
Monday April 1 2013
9:07PM 4 How to set exception in client side validation gem
8:10PM 1 Revisiting deployment on a dedicated server
1:53PM 0 I wrote an Upgrade to Rails 4 ebook
1:21PM 1 'rails c' command throws back error
4:31AM 2 Storing Postgres data in a variable