Rails - Aug 2011

Wednesday August 31 2011
9:30PM 4 Issue with asset pipeline helper with Rails 3.1 final release.
8:16PM 1 Subtle problem with Dragonfly and geometry command
6:38PM 0 Rails educational levels
6:12PM 6 3.1 development and the asset pipeline
5:18PM 8 with_options and Rails 3
5:15PM 1 Browser using cached JavaScript assets despite them being modified in Rails 3.1
3:59PM 1 godaddy
3:39PM 0 has_one association with polymorphic flavor?
2:04PM 29 Routing Question
1:57PM 0 ERB and binding in template
1:10PM 0 Problem deserialising attribute between 1.9.2-p290 and p180
12:42PM 2 Rails 3 - Require - Path Not Found
10:01AM 1 arel
9:53AM 9 undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class in rails 3.0.0
9:22AM 1 Problems with Omniauth and SSL
3:16AM 5 Polymorphic Associations
1:22AM 5 3.1rc8 - posting files in a test no longer works
Tuesday August 30 2011
11:40PM 4 skinning the app
10:28PM 13 New actions on command
8:45PM 2 Rails 2 to 3 routes question
7:40PM 1 Counld not open GVIM
6:53PM 5 localhost3000 can not open
6:36PM 2 Extending Active Record - Rails 3 -
3:42PM 2 I'm stuck at rails installer, please help me
3:39PM 3 Rails Model
12:56PM 0 [Developers for remote Hire] 3 devs available at Ainstainer
8:07AM 0 Rails ActiveRecord and Postgres table partitioning
6:35AM 4 Retrieving entire zipcodes for a city using GOOGLE API
4:23AM 0 Rails 3: How to identify after_commit action? (create/update/destroy)
3:25AM 1 Rails Inline Form
1:38AM 4 redirect_to with params for a nested resource?
1:32AM 0 Problem saving associated models
12:39AM 8 Post checkbox value using ajax
Monday August 29 2011
11:50PM 1 Extending update through checkboxes
11:38PM 0 Oct 6th RoR MeetUp in San Francisco - Looking for an additional Ruby Speaker !!
9:07PM 2 rails vs. nodejs
6:52PM 0 Should I duplicate the value of a related Model in the other Model for indexing with Sphinx?
6:20PM 6 ApplicationController vs Helpers
4:04PM 32 Weird assignment problem, very confused :(
4:02PM 1 jquery datepicker not working with nested forms rails 3
4:02PM 2 [haml] simple question that would make my life a lot better
3:09PM 3 Model relationships
12:27PM 7 :onchange in rails 3
10:43AM 6 Having an Action Mailer that doesn't mail.
9:08AM 1 How to get the path name of route .
3:04AM 0 Is there Ruby code convention metric tool?
Sunday August 28 2011
8:08PM 0 Update form after changing model with migration
5:52PM 4 Best form in pulling the last two records from a dataset in active record
5:29PM 2 Is a bad practice to do this while testing with Rspec?
5:01PM 4 How do I change the name of a label in a form?
4:01PM 12 Error wit errrs
1:56PM 6 Local timezone issues
11:16AM 6 Class Variable
4:48AM 1 Page Caching, CSRF, and Loading a form via Ajax
Saturday August 27 2011
7:42PM 6 Creating a related object before validation
3:03PM 2 Rails 3.1 and mongo_mapper
2:56PM 2 Difference in passenger and rack
12:25PM 0 calender_date_select
12:16PM 5 Full URLs in Rails logs
12:06PM 5 iphone and android with RoR 3.x
10:03AM 1 Nokogiri XSD validation issues
7:35AM 3 Active Record Question
5:27AM 5 image override*
Friday August 26 2011
8:22PM 17 strings issue
7:31PM 0 Issue with scruffy
5:22PM 2 Observer for checkbox
4:29PM 3 call a controller action from another controller
4:06PM 6 Nokogiri gem issues
3:59PM 2 Double Render Error
2:28PM 1 XML template render problem after upgrade to 3.0.10
12:27PM 1 gem installation issues
11:31AM 2 Prevent Infinite loop in Self-Join Association
9:57AM 3 Opening classes in tests makes rake gone wild
8:53AM 2 how to convert Date to this json format
8:46AM 0 fragment cache erorr - view 2 times
7:50AM 1 Problems with AJAX and bind
5:33AM 4 installing rails2 with existing rails3
Thursday August 25 2011
9:34PM 2 Toggle Shipping Address
8:19PM 1 rails consultant available in Boston
8:12PM 7 decoding someone elses code what is this?
7:19PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Developer, San Francisco, CA | 70-110k
7:07PM 1 How to write link_to method to Rails route globbing
7:01PM 1 autotest + test unit + rcov examples?
5:39PM 1 ruby on rails 3, active record, how to address data
5:27PM 7 How to safely embed JSON object in HTML document
5:06PM 3 activerecord model belongs_to and validates_associated duplicate validation
4:53PM 2 Get an object from the encoding reference
4:34PM 9 Use find with a variable
4:29PM 1 Devise + Forem: undefined method weeks on Fixnum
3:32PM 4 jQuery makes the Delete link stop working
3:21PM 2 Problem with rails generaterspec:install, Error-Message: no such file to load, sprockets-railtie (loadError)
2:53PM 0 Dkim Generator..
2:24PM 3 ActiveRecord searching in batch (with find_by_sql)
1:15PM 0 Rails 3.0 Fleximage Error Errno::EACCES
11:06AM 0 file 'lib' not found How can I fix it?
4:47AM 0 Trying to use radio_button with a (possibly new) collection
3:26AM 3 How to get the currently required controller name
2:39AM 3 passing intance variable from controller application_controller.rb to view template
Wednesday August 24 2011
9:26PM 4 Get selected value from a collection_select
6:36PM 3 Moving js to vendor/assets/javascripts/ is not picked up
5:22PM 8 call a controller method from model
4:59PM 0 TypeError (Mail is not a module)
3:54PM 3 has_many through association
3:18PM 0 ROR opportunity in Vermont
3:14PM 3 How to connect Ruby with MySQL (XAMPP)?
1:39PM 1 changing the button
11:45AM 0 method for explicit class loading in Rails 3 requested
10:17AM 2 undefined method `collect' for 1:Fixnum
9:56AM 9 PGError: server closed the connection unexpectedly
9:22AM 5 Application not accesible
5:42AM 0 TypeError: Mail is not a module
2:02AM 1 How can I get "Completed" benchmarks?
Tuesday August 23 2011
8:50PM 1 Migration problem in Rails.3.1rc6 and JRuby
7:49PM 13 Is OSX Lion a valid choice yet? Any issues?
7:11PM 2 Where is WillPaginate::Finders ???
5:12PM 0 Recém-Licenciado - Programador Ruby On Rails
5:07PM 0 Need Ruby on Rails - Developer /Lead Developer / QA , Irvine, CA , Long Term Contract
4:35PM 4 Serving HAML assets outside of controllers
4:05PM 1 searching tables for a pattern that is in some other text
1:43PM 8 has_secure_password hashes always unique
12:28PM 5 Remove or hide the port number 3000 from the URL
11:08AM 4 Redirecting to a form from the controller
11:00AM 0 Requirement- Ruby on Rails Developer / London, UK
7:55AM 7 Timezone Issues after upgrade
7:26AM 2 Continuous Integration
3:26AM 14 Rails 3 Success and Never giving up
2:37AM 3 jeditable make entire table row editable
1:27AM 12 remove a table with migration
1:21AM 2 HTTP Basic Auth Popup
12:50AM 1 Rails 3 and script/generate
Monday August 22 2011
8:39PM 0 Paperclip nested resources problem
7:18PM 2 How do I generate the Rspec file for an already existing model in Rails 3?
7:08PM 0 multiple foreign keys in one table reference the same table column
3:47PM 0 Authlogic and Authlogic-OID Question
12:30PM 2 how to put the form in index action
12:25PM 1 Jquery to rails 3
11:48AM 5 Routing error (route not found) but only for destroy action.
11:47AM 2 getting the results of another person in the same controller
11:01AM 4 how can I rewrite this route ?
10:05AM 1 has_many :through behaviour trouble
9:58AM 3 search engine
9:39AM 6 Trouble with Ruby on Rails
8:25AM 1 Shocking Easy Google First Page RankingUsing The Backlink Syndication! Up To 250k+ Unstoppable, Uncontrollable! The Secrets Revealed!"
6:59AM 2 friends i am a beginner in ruby on rails help me i need trier
2:31AM 0 Rails practise
Sunday August 21 2011
5:00PM 4 Radio_button_tag syntaxis with more parameters
3:36PM 1 Preventing LibXML from encoding all special characters to their html form?
2:25PM 0 Kiss Metrics Ruby API
2:21PM 2 juggernaut server
12:50PM 6 Ajaxy popups
12:15PM 0 The great way to integrate Google Closure to rails
7:31AM 0 creating rubygem from assets
6:49AM 0 problem with typo6.0.8
3:12AM 0 basic http authentication
1:48AM 1 Why cant I get this to work?
12:45AM 0 Re: AJAX and select
Saturday August 20 2011
11:22PM 4 methods generated for an AR field: what do they do?
11:14PM 2 how to compare time?
9:26PM 1 Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.1.0.rc4)
9:20PM 0 polymorphic_url
8:32PM 0 Re: AJAX and select
8:25PM 2 Manual test works Cucumber test fails
5:11PM 4 trouble installing 1.9.2
3:14PM 2 Rails 3.1 without breaking
2:53PM 4 Implement the schema.rb for updating the database
1:21PM 0 Newbie: Different context and associations for one model
12:35PM 3 basic routing question with HABTM
7:26AM 2 [Linux] Error installing rails "activemodel requires activesupport"?
6:37AM 0 undefined method `comment_count' for YouTubeG
6:16AM 0 New Authorization gem announce -- Six
1:25AM 3 Which is the best ruby version for OS X lion?
12:07AM 0 Resource update from external site
Friday August 19 2011
11:18PM 1 ActiveModel, run after & before callbacks separately?
5:25PM 0 find_by_sql Method
2:16PM 1 Business hours structure
1:00PM 1 How to post a file via HTTP as multipart/form-data to Facebook?
12:36PM 0 Rails 3.1 reversible migrations and change_table
11:33AM 0 Problem with installing rails plugin (restful_authentication)
10:59AM 1 problem with generate scaffold_controller(bug?)
10:46AM 2 Scanning a document through scanner using ROR
8:30AM 3 Merge Attribute after Rails find query
8:12AM 7 Problem while creating a new record
6:49AM 7 Pagination doesn't work with will_paginate. Could anyone help with this?
5:17AM 8 blog creation
3:54AM 0 Sortable Nested Set for Rails 3.1.rc6 (Jquery + Nested set gem) released
12:49AM 0 Question about query
Thursday August 18 2011
9:20PM 2 Conflicts with Scriptaculous and jQuery
8:58PM 3 newbie: handling a method error
6:25PM 1 How to get all urls of my application?
6:24PM 2 LDAP Models
5:48PM 2 Math with table rows
5:44PM 1 namespaces as "scope :module"
5:39PM 7 difference between <%= and <%"
5:29PM 3 Rails 3 - Production Environment
4:40PM 5 How to navigate between view using select
4:35PM 0 Fedena 2.1 is released
4:31PM 1 Rails 3.1rc6 assets / precompile change
3:52PM 1 need 2 lines of code in Ruby
3:51PM 1 How to disable rails from serving images in rails 3.1
3:09PM 2 How to pass an ERB template as string?
2:05PM 2 rails 3.1 select multiple with serialized data
11:00AM 2 Trivial SQL query - how to do it with ActiveRecord?
9:41AM 1 how render to file
8:57AM 0 I18n and routing: bug?
8:36AM 1 Multiple Errors with RRD and Rake
6:40AM 1 multiple fields_for behavior
6:36AM 9 RJS error rails 1.2.3 + firefox 4 and above
5:18AM 1 Please explain how Today and Tomorrow work (TimeZone?)
2:19AM 0 matching each subdomain to a different controller.
Wednesday August 17 2011
10:32PM 6 String column -> Text, 255 limit?
10:31PM 1 Faye server with rails 3.1
10:30PM 7 Opening a folder for file selection
8:50PM 0 fulltime job oppurtunity
8:20PM 0 [JOB] Rails and Oracle Engineer w/Clearance in D.C. area
6:23PM 9 how to work in group?
4:45PM 2 Getting started problems
4:38PM 0 Teleport 1.0.1
3:42PM 7 request.post? returns false on POST request
3:35PM 2 newbie: what am I doing wrong? (syntax error)
2:37PM 3 file uploading controller
2:26PM 4 How to use Oniguruma in ruby 1.9.2?
2:14PM 1 has_many :through, collection<<(object) and duplicates.
12:01PM 7 autoloading LoadError: Expected known_ip.rb to define KnownIp
8:51AM 1 Rails 3 :- Need for Authentication with devise and cancan backend mysql
8:13AM 0 An AngelList-like (but much crappier) project, now open sourced!
6:53AM 0 Ruby gurus... are you also a yoga guru?
4:07AM 0 Looking For New Project Maintainer(s)
1:47AM 0 Override respond_with globally
Tuesday August 16 2011
9:59PM 0 AUTO: Scott Hughes is out of the office. (returning 08/25/2011)
9:56PM 2 How to save break line in text (at my model)?
9:55PM 0 question regarding link_to vs link_to_remote
8:32PM 8 ActiveRecord (not Rails!)
8:10PM 0 Couldn't access /test/fixtures/namespaces/users.yml on test/unit/namescapes/user_test.rb
7:29PM 1 Multiple tests of a record
6:28PM 0 Searchlogic OR condition
5:18PM 1 Need Ruby on Rails Developer
5:16PM 2 Mailer failure: ArgumentError: A sender (Return-Path, Sender or From) required to send a message
4:40PM 13 why callback does not work
3:45PM 0 libxml-ruby error
3:27PM 8 --> this web page isnot availabe
11:56AM 1 Why don't I get the correct error messages?
8:49AM 9 Rails Looping with different attributes
8:37AM 7 left menu for Fedena Project
2:03AM 4 JQuery dialog not works
Monday August 15 2011
11:09PM 10 Best way to create an endless Background job?
9:55PM 3 - WEBrick server refuses to launch
9:50PM 0 Rails 3 app breaks Rails 2 app
9:46PM 3 how to get list of Active record fields in database order ?
8:41PM 5 Change_column Oracle index limit
7:57PM 9 newbie: before_create :setuniqueno
7:53PM 2 gmaps4rails
4:21PM 2 respond_with with templates and http status when creating an object
3:21PM 0 Rails 3.1 Where to put some application.coffee code ? file tree
2:19PM 0 How can a User delete another User? | Devise + CanCan
12:12PM 3 Rackspace, Engine Yard, Heroku, etc. - Which do you recommend?
12:10PM 2 Delayed_Job: code working fine without .delay / with .delay it fails. Why?
11:25AM 2 Asset Pipeline pre-processing doesn't clear the cache when dynamic erb is used
6:59AM 0 Railskit
Sunday August 14 2011
11:08PM 0 Validation errors from associated models
9:16PM 0 Import CSV directly to Database Rails 3.x
6:58PM 5 Puzzled with form on multiple table rows
6:29PM 10 RegExp error:
6:17PM 1 Rspec in rails console
6:05PM 0 Access to asset_path in a model in 3.1
4:33PM 0 Convention (not for RoR API)
2:10PM 1 belongs_to + :inverse_of + accepts_nested_attributes_for causes stack overflow on save
9:33AM 2 Best Rails install for production.
5:03AM 0 problem of creating a new project
4:56AM 2 What Is Wrong With Code - I am beginner- Time Limit Exceed Problem
3:27AM 1 Rails 3 - small route question
12:33AM 3 Building a webservice with ruby on rails
Saturday August 13 2011
9:59PM 10 sessions store
8:34PM 6 How to create a custom time select form element?
3:22PM 2 can't get jquery_ujs to work
2:44PM 0 Rails 3.1 , jQuery, link_to to a partial without reloading page
10:08AM 3 How to make an AJAX call to different domains in Ruby on Rails 3.0
9:50AM 3 Problems with Loading Encrypted Data from Fixtures
7:29AM 1 Paperclip - could not find generator.
7:05AM 0 Creating a blank template handler for Rails 3.1?
Friday August 12 2011
8:07PM 2 routes question
7:26PM 0 Library not found for class Digest:SAH2 -- digest/sha2
7:16PM 1 Query with 2 relationship with one model
6:59PM 0 call method dynamically on active record association
6:45PM 1 Getting nil value when setting an on Join model via a has_many :through relationship
4:11PM 4 Rails 3.1rc5 , @font-face (in assets scss) and firefox
1:59PM 0 Tip: Nested attributes need a reload before you can trust them
1:40PM 0 Join many models to update a field of one model using attributes from another model non related directly
1:08PM 8 Need some help with regular expression
1:06PM 3 different ways of getting the data from db
9:36AM 0 Rails 3 Template Handlers
9:15AM 1 image uploadin error
8:22AM 0 [Rails 3.1] How to create a (not typical) gem?
8:15AM 9 What is Ruby on Rails able to do?
7:24AM 1 How to add new column into table when server is running?
6:35AM 3 How to call ruby script using AJAX?
5:10AM 3 Newbie of ROR
Thursday August 11 2011
9:58PM 12 Validates attributes that aren't even being changed
7:40PM 4 HELP: I can not install sqlite3 (evil gem)
7:21PM 8 Set value in controller from a form
6:36PM 0 Rails 3.1.0.rc5 server won't start
5:39PM 1 questions about rails log benchmark numbers
4:40PM 0 JRuby + Rails3 + Unit Tests = "Log" issue?
4:39PM 5 Controller integer param converted to string in 3.1rc5
4:15PM 5 Where is my data?
4:03PM 3 Ruby: Array slice out of range?
3:00PM 5 Building a Browser Game: write a method for counting the "points" - using this method in links
2:58PM 0 Problems with functional test and legacy tables
1:16PM 0 Basic Quiz, Answer The Question Correct Next Page, in Ruby
11:25AM 4 Long polling (comet) on Rails
11:09AM 10 Install Ruby 1.9.2 and rails
11:03AM 0 Opportunity to work in a startup - Noida - RoR - Product Based
9:53AM 1 ror basics
6:13AM 3 i need code
5:58AM 0 how does force_ssl works (Rails 3.1)
4:19AM 1 How to secure file access using Carrierwave + S3 hosted on Heroku
1:49AM 2 Inflector Issue?
1:32AM 0 Call for speakers DevDays 2011 Sydney
12:52AM 17 f.collection_select: what are the parameters?
Wednesday August 10 2011
10:31PM 0 Write to file with a Generator
9:37PM 7 Nested Attributes and Radio Buttons -- any way to do this?
8:38PM 1 [JOB] Senior Rails Developer, New York City | 120-140k
8:10PM 1 Rake seems to have stopped working.
7:42PM 3 Join Table Validation Question
7:37PM 0 sql query in a more "rails 3 way"
6:54PM 4 Simplify code on method about 4 models
6:47PM 2 Puzzling error
6:15PM 3 javascript_include_tag error
4:55PM 0 (Job) Ruby on Rails in NJ area,New Jersey
4:42PM 3 STI Devise, remove sign up for admin
4:39PM 0 Correct MVC pattern for Model sending an IM message
3:35PM 1 Help with Custom Mail Header
3:31PM 1 custom methods routing - rails 3
3:20PM 6 Where is the Rails-way to place view that is not related to any specific controller?
2:11PM 2 basic of ROR
1:22PM 2 Passing a variable with render
11:27AM 4 Counter gem out there?
11:15AM 2 image upload problem
2:43AM 1 Copy Directory in a generator:
12:39AM 3 Helpers X Partial
Tuesday August 9 2011
9:34PM 0 gem install mysql2 :: Error cannot find -lmysqlclient_r
9:14PM 0 How to merge multiple 'having' clause relation in rails 3
9:08PM 2 step-wise refactoring and has-one
8:56PM 1 Adding elementos into a collection
6:25PM 2 junction table question
6:09PM 5 A single column with foreign keys from Multiple tables
5:34PM 3 raw sql query-update
5:09PM 2 Devise AssociationTypeMismatch
4:59PM 0 Passenger running Rails site on GlusterFS
4:13PM 8 Question about mechanize and input type image
3:17PM 0 Uglifier on 3.1
2:54PM 5 Bundle Install failing on deployment
2:17PM 2 Question about rails generate controller
12:49PM 4 Nesting select and text_field in radio_button
9:37AM 0 ActiveScaffold - custom show action
9:25AM 11 How can I update a div value using Ajax but calling a function on the OnChange?
6:29AM 5 Sqlite 3 install error on Heroku, Rails 3.1
5:36AM 3 wrong number of arguments (2 for 0..1)
12:56AM 0 Senior Motivated Front-End Ruby Guy SF DIRECT HIRE
12:52AM 5 weird problem when updating to RC5
12:32AM 0 Unexpected Results Testing validates :presence => true
Monday August 8 2011
11:01PM 2 How to remove git
10:38PM 4 CanCan doesn't work on this model
10:24PM 1 Problem upgrading to Rails 3.1 using capistrano.
8:44PM 2 newbie needs help with associations
7:33PM 0 How do I route to a public folder?
6:10PM 11 Invoking browser from Ruby script with URL argument: How?
4:58PM 5 will_paginate appending escape=false to every page URL?
2:47PM 0 Hebrew locales for devise and rails_admin
12:18PM 0 Active Scaffold and macromedia flash
10:04AM 0 [Rails 3.1] Naming and generation of dynamic routes (route globbing)
9:25AM 1 config.action_controller.include_all_helpers = false NEW
8:55AM 12 Rails Join 2 table
8:12AM 1 help me to understand STI...
3:34AM 1 How do I select the include order of CSS/SASS files?
2:35AM 1 using bundler while developing a gem.
Sunday August 7 2011
8:51PM 1 get an arbitrary collection from gems?
7:18PM 3 New field does now show in browser
6:50PM 3 accessing a variable from an each loop
5:49PM 1 Browser caching of javascript files
2:21PM 8 Ruby on Rails to power 13,000 schools with 7million+ students in Kerala, India
12:45PM 2 About the present method in rails, how to use?
4:55AM 9 How can I disable Rails 3.1's ActiveRecord Query Caching?
3:02AM 0 jquery UI with rails 3.1
Saturday August 6 2011
7:53PM 3 Question About Forms
7:26PM 0 Ruby-on-Rails developer for a social shopping website (freelance long term contract)
6:38PM 2 Photo album using RoR
6:20PM 7 Accessing datetime elements from hash passed to method
4:46PM 6 Question about link_to
2:59PM 2 Tutorials
11:52AM 1 Need a rails developer for a project
11:16AM 2 rails 3 inflection
10:25AM 2 No javascript runtime on Heroku
10:21AM 3 Activerecord joins models
9:28AM 3 devise users/sign_out not working
9:21AM 3 Can't destroy record
8:07AM 6 Newbie, are these associations right?
7:41AM 1 Twitter related issue
7:24AM 5 How to write console output into Text file in Ruby?
Friday August 5 2011
11:59PM 6 "bundle install" fails because of git gem
10:21PM 1 Why does Rails 3.1 store static assets in Rails.cache?
9:15PM 3 dynamic content in text_field
6:33PM 3 Windows 7 WAMP + Ruby on Rails Apache Errors
5:32PM 7 Prevent user from abusing form
5:09PM 5 Best Mongo Framework to work with Rails
1:34PM 4 postgres default values don't work with active record
12:23PM 0 Problem with db:migrate in rails 3.1 with mysql
11:45AM 4 Escape pound key in url with globbing
10:33AM 3 Create action from a button?
10:22AM 1 carrierwave tutorial
10:07AM 1 uploading picture
8:54AM 1 Upload and display image
4:10AM 3 form_tag and button_to bug?
1:58AM 0 Ruby Midwest 2011 - Speakers Announced & New Group Rates
Thursday August 4 2011
9:20PM 1 Creating form for associated has_many model
9:08PM 0 [OT] RubyConf Arg 2011
7:35PM 3 #create tests fail when I add FriendlyId to my model
6:52PM 2 Namespaces and nested resources
6:32PM 4 upload zip file with paperclip
5:46PM 0 RubyConf Uruguay, CALL FOR PROPOSALS
4:48PM 1 ec2 versus engineyard, clarrifications
4:47PM 3 how to upgrade
2:53PM 0 The trial of former Egyptian Minister of Interior to kill protesters
2:34PM 0 Access parent app's helper methods from rails engine
1:19PM 2 ruby-odbc unixODBC ubuntu
11:13AM 4 Help to render partial from fieds_for with nested attributes
9:56AM 0 How to ping twingly
9:43AM 1 problem with mailer in rails 3
9:26AM 1 how to create a mailer
8:14AM 1 GitHub - How to resolve this issue of preventing push to origin?
8:12AM 4 Problem in migrating a database to Heroku
8:01AM 1 Facebook/Twitter Share Button on RoR
7:09AM 2 Metal - How can i do to implement the same effect in Rails3?
6:47AM 4 How to keep the rails server always ON?
Wednesday August 3 2011
11:15PM 1 Abstract, modules and inheritance question
10:44PM 1 Dynamic Inline CSS
6:08PM 1 Gem and/or meta_where problem
5:30PM 3 Help simplifying code by removing some if's
4:21PM 5 passing size for image_tag to view via model
4:05PM 3 rake error while db:migrate
3:21PM 0 Rails 3 testing with xhr
3:13PM 1 Routing problem
2:45PM 2 Malformed CSV Error
8:28AM 2 how-to sorting after group_by ?
7:13AM 2 FYI: Heroku Cedar, pg, openssl, omniauth, troubles and a solution
7:00AM 14 [root :to => "home#index"] not working
4:57AM 1 Looking for way to test for an unsaved record in Rails 3
1:15AM 3 One controller, multiple models, how to create ?
Tuesday August 2 2011
11:28PM 2 Nested Rotues
10:36PM 0 [JOB] Rockstar Ruby on Rails Developer - San Francisco
10:16PM 1 NoMethodError in Store#index
7:38PM 2 removing instance variables in partials?
7:30PM 3 How to install new version of SQLite in the bundle?
7:29PM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer, New York City to 140k
7:01PM 0 business intelligence software
6:44PM 2 PDF format of Rails Guides
4:15PM 0 Stitch over asset pipeline
3:15PM 0 t.references question regarding migrations..
2:26PM 2 ror +auth_token + c#
1:59PM 7 image path save in mysql database
1:47PM 2 resource create action with json
1:11PM 0 Tools/gems for A/B testing
11:16AM 4 Error while installaing Rails: [Errno: EINVAL]
10:55AM 3 How can i get The MAC address
10:09AM 1 Parse rails object into Javscript
9:16AM 1 posts go poof!
9:10AM 1 Problems with fixtures and HABTM
8:56AM 16 How to design and write my first blog using RoR?
8:27AM 4 What do we mean by this code if written in Gemfile
8:23AM 2 Heroku deployment issue
5:49AM 1 Rails 3.1 jasmine testing
1:48AM 0 jrails plug in and rails 3 compatibility
12:56AM 2 Rails site and search engine
Monday August 1 2011
9:20PM 5 Newbie Model Question
8:07PM 0 [Job postings] RoR developers telecommute
6:50PM 1 Rendering json with default options.
6:44PM 6 Query controller using two resources
6:39PM 2 No column information caching?
4:28PM 0 ActiveRecord:: DangerousAttributeError only in console
3:56PM 3 confused by logic....would love a hand.
2:59PM 5 About fuzzy search ....
1:38PM 3 How to call the Ruby Script using HTML?
10:07AM 1 Where to store site-wide email
2:45AM 0 algorithm for finding a list of matches
12:13AM 3 Limit number of requests per second