Rails - Sep 2011

Friday September 30 2011
8:30PM 0 I18N -> Internationalization -> yml auto generate!
7:49PM 1 Asset pipeline: css file in lib/assets/stylesheets
6:00PM 7 Playing an MP3 through Ruby on Rails in chrome using send_file
5:46PM 2 I have problem installing rails
5:41PM 0 Trying to get send_file to work with audio files.
5:22PM 4 Simple question
4:37PM 1 how to delete heroku deployment
4:35PM 9 Redmine MySQL rake command issue
4:15PM 1 RoR running on Localhost but not on Heroku
3:16PM 5 Rails on Netbeans 6.9.1
12:57PM 2 gsubbing on a view/symbol
5:02AM 8 Heroku application error
3:00AM 1 ubygems.rb file - is error?
1:48AM 1 Related combobox
1:39AM 6 Rails 3.0 + jQuery Datepicker. Edit value
12:56AM 3 includes from a table that does not have an id field
Thursday September 29 2011
8:25PM 4 codeigniter new comer
5:16PM 5 fubar and Gemfile.lock
3:52PM 1 Rails 3.1, Thin, threadsafety broken?
7:41AM 4 Where to store some static data needed for the app
4:45AM 2 constant variable
2:41AM 0 assets:precompile doesn't work
Wednesday September 28 2011
8:04PM 1 Work at fastest growing Silicon Valley Ruby on rails development company. We are Ruby on Rails Guru and poised to become the world's best RoR development company.
7:28PM 8 newbie trying to understand include
2:09PM 13 First time with Ruby - how to print "Hello World!" via web-server
1:34PM 0 Accreditations?
1:23PM 1 Rails 3.1 How to use CDN-hosted jQuery libraries vs assets pipeline
12:26PM 5 Resource deletion fails in rails 3 without javascript turned on
12:18PM 2 DOUBT
12:03PM 1 localhost and Paypal
11:41AM 2 Replacing MySQL with MariaDb
11:00AM 3 filters defined in :before_filter does not seem to get fired when ajax requests are made to the methods in the :before_filter
10:59AM 3 Error : bundle install
10:20AM 0 How to extend a rails 3 generator
3:57AM 0 Ruby Midwest 2011: Giveaways this week! Workshop by Groupon! Register now!
Tuesday September 27 2011
8:30PM 2 Spatial data in rails on postgresql without "BIG adapter"?
8:17PM 0 422 Error when using JMeter for load testing
8:04PM 3 Warning: Don't implement an ActiveRecord model called Specimen
6:50PM 0 Suggest application
5:54PM 0 ActiveRecord 3.0.10 how to overwrite initialize from association ?
10:43AM 0 accepts_nested_attributes_for is not working for uniqueness
7:28AM 1 Rails 3 Migration
7:16AM 0 has_many with :finder_sql returns [nil]?
6:41AM 1 Rails 3.1 assets path for video player Flash script 'player.swf'
5:01AM 1 Basic Authentication
12:30AM 1 Super Easy RoR installer for Windows
Monday September 26 2011
8:25PM 3 Update Ruby version on already running Rails app
7:55PM 1 Instalation help
7:36PM 1 Im New, help appreciated
7:05PM 0 rail 3+ activemerchant: Get data from association class
6:58PM 0 [JOB] Front-End Web App Developer, Pasadena, CA | 80-130k
6:18PM 2 undefined method `options' for #<EventMachine::HttpClien
4:30PM 3 acts-as-taggable-on
2:18PM 1 published_at on Heroku/PostgreSQL
1:40PM 5 Problem with drop down in form
1:38PM 1 ActiveRecord::SessionStore and session_id?
10:00AM 1 network of volunteer rubists for humanitarian projects
9:02AM 0 error installing linecache19 gem on ubuntu
7:43AM 1 Page not rendered after reload
7:29AM 1 Agregate (sum) by date
7:11AM 1 Supported Database List for rails 3.x
3:07AM 0 packaging a controller as a gem for re-use?
2:34AM 2 streamline DB: 128341ms to below DB:200
Sunday September 25 2011
11:17PM 0 application.html.erb never renders
10:45PM 2 ExecJS::RuntimeError in Users#index when doing second demo...
10:30PM 1 find_by_id and find_by_email methods are not available to me
9:57PM 0 [solved] blueprint haml and rails 3.1
5:55PM 0 ajax problem when switching from prototype to jquery
5:39PM 4 checkbox use question
5:35PM 0 Active Record .push() problem
5:02PM 0 How to handle image file data in a RoR web service/client?
4:50PM 0 sql.update
12:56PM 0 paperclip content_type error
7:28AM 2 better looking routes
4:52AM 2 View performance of rails app
2:44AM 3 alternate better way to write
Saturday September 24 2011
5:00PM 1 How to transfer HTML data to a XML file
12:56PM 4 NoMethodError in XXXXXXXXXController#create
11:16AM 0 Redirecting devise after login
6:06AM 0 RVideo raw_duration not returning value
6:04AM 4 Heroku Slugsize shot up drastically
Friday September 23 2011
9:20PM 1 Rails 3.1.0 how to pass the full url of an image asset ?
8:47PM 1 Simple Association
7:14PM 0 request.remote_ip
3:30PM 4 Could not find a valid gem 'activerecord-mysql-adapter' (>= 0) in any repository
9:14AM 1 Need hint. Refresh sortable-list after draging element
8:52AM 0 Barry Flower is out of the office.
2:52AM 2 jQuery Plugin Authoring with CoffeeScript
12:28AM 0 Possible to disable prepared statements on postgres?
Thursday September 22 2011
11:54PM 4 OmniAuth and Rails 3.1
11:02PM 2 Need to hire a ruby developer
9:42PM 10 how to create pgsql sequence from controller?
8:27PM 1 Problem with development mode and "cached" array in lib file
8:17PM 0 problem with catch all route catching redirects to external websites
6:53PM 0 error with mongo on ruby
6:43PM 0 Re: find_by_email dynamic method returning nil
6:32PM 9 Referral generation and tracking
5:21PM 2 find_by_email dynamic method returning new
1:05PM 1 very new to rails
1:01PM 1 warning: class variable access from toplevel
12:34PM 0 What can persuade you to hire Junior Ruby devs with significant PHP experience?
7:17AM 0 My first rails production app
1:52AM 2 Model that belongs to Person or Company
1:25AM 0 rails version release ntoes
Wednesday September 21 2011
10:39PM 4 Beginner issue - databases reference
9:10PM 4 rubyzip with Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.1 - require 'zip/zip' fails
7:21PM 0 hooking into `to_prepare` in a Railtie *after* the files have been reloaded (in dev)
6:58PM 3 custom action in Rails 3
4:26PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers needed in Greenwich CT
3:31PM 0 Running out of Rubyist.......
2:49PM 5 problem with submit button in rails 3
2:43PM 0 problem with jquery validation in rails
1:33PM 5 bundle install rmagick error in unix
11:02AM 0 Popup window in Rails 3.1
8:54AM 1 Active Admin
7:29AM 3 Secure Subdomain
5:48AM 7 retrieve app from github?
Tuesday September 20 2011
10:29PM 6 AR type mismatch problem
7:14PM 8 Rails and CKEditor
6:08PM 0 data entry in a tabular format
5:14PM 0 Url Port for Rails Instance
5:00PM 1 New date format in gemspec breaks older rubygems version
1:40PM 1 jquery datagrid + rails 3 app
12:47PM 3 Search Gems
11:30AM 11 Sorting an array using relationships
11:29AM 4 System-wide db-driven config
10:24AM 1 What is the correct behaviour when manually specifying which fixtures to load?
9:59AM 0 What's the difference between mattr_accessor and cattr_accessor in ActiveSupport?
7:50AM 19 how do I install git on OSX 10.6.8?
6:42AM 4 ERROR: Run
1:37AM 1 Duplicated content in rails
12:27AM 4 rails 3.1 authentication
12:10AM 1 jQuery draggable not working in RoR 3.1
Monday September 19 2011
8:41PM 1 ApiBuilder: XML and JSON builder in one
8:17PM 17 ERROR: While executing gem
8:09PM 0 Weird Parameter Encoding issue in Production Rails 3.1.0
6:41PM 2 How to put Rails applications on the www.
6:10PM 3 generating html files
5:10PM 0 spam from the group
4:21PM 2 can't convert Symbol into Integer rails textfieldtag
4:14PM 2 rubys fejlesztoi allas
12:59PM 4 problem with replacing div with partial page
12:41PM 2 Multi threading in heroku rails3 project ?
12:13PM 4 Invite Friends
12:13PM 7 how to get instance variables in another action in rails 3
12:04PM 18 RUBY on Rails CMM level company does not have much employees
11:17AM 27 Installing Rails Help!
11:12AM 14 gmaps4rails "acts_as_gmappable" error
10:44AM 1 Rails and UJS guide - not having much luck
10:21AM 3 page div with partial html page problem
7:29AM 5 how to use ym4r and geokit together
5:56AM 3 Editors in Rails
Sunday September 18 2011
11:19PM 12 3.1 asset pipeline + Capistrano troubles
10:21PM 0 Vice President of Engineering (Cloud, Ruby, Flex, Unix)
8:21PM 1 Gems - Performance Issues
7:56PM 0 Webinar: Ruby on Rails: Automating with Chef, Capistrano, Git, Puppet & SVN #rormeetup
7:56PM 0 SF BASE MeetUp Group: Ruby-on-Rails at Rapleaf with Mixbook (Oct 6th) #rormeetup
7:43PM 1 Apache vs Nginx POST
6:26PM 2 Only one side of join table is being saved
5:50PM 4 Best Practices in Error Reporting
5:11PM 4 partials and render_to_string
4:39PM 1 rake aborted
3:40PM 0 bundler (1.0.18) Impasse
4:30AM 0 how to split, remove part of data in column with spreadsheet gem
1:25AM 9 Rails 3 and postgresql
1:13AM 0 Two Separate Issues: rails generate
12:55AM 4 HELP!! "Could not find a JavaScript runtime " ERROR
12:49AM 2 tables association and accessing them in views - newbie question
Saturday September 17 2011
10:57PM 1 Authlogic saves users with blank password.
1:31PM 0 joining and array with a table in ActiveRecord
6:45AM 6 Collecting failed validations
5:00AM 7 error with select helper
2:07AM 1 ACL and User grouping
Friday September 16 2011
10:29PM 2 How do you unsubscribe from this group
9:01PM 2 Find a record in a find array
7:35PM 0 streaming XML in rails 3.1 with ruby 1.9.2
4:18PM 6 postgres set-up
3:34PM 1 multiple language application
12:56PM 4 belongs_to not working as
11:05AM 4 Saving Google Map Image
10:49AM 2 ActiveRecord Object check based on Date field
10:42AM 0 Reading cookies from functional tests
10:37AM 0 Auto login to social networks
Thursday September 15 2011
11:44PM 2 How to check custom model for compatibility with Rails
9:56PM 1 Some, but not all, routes not available
9:42PM 15 Params being made nil inexplicably
8:38PM 3 Help with default resource routes using id arguments
1:49PM 0 streaming with rails 3.1 and ruby 1.8.7
1:26PM 2 Dragonfly and Zip uploads
10:38AM 7 Browser compatibility Issue : Upload and Preview using Paperclip
10:02AM 1 bypass defualt scope.
8:46AM 0 Adding modules in engines
8:30AM 3 Google+ API for Ruby
Wednesday September 14 2011
11:48PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer - San Francisco, CA
10:58PM 0 heroku and beanstalk server
8:15PM 2 How to fetch a field through few tables.
6:06PM 0 Overload assets/views of a mountable engine?
4:02PM 2 Rails 3 Validation for special values
3:28PM 0 Rails 3.1 Engine Sprockets
2:27PM 1 Error in Gem update or install
11:58AM 5 rjs error TypeError: element.getElementsByTagName is not a function in rails 3+jquery
11:46AM 1 jqgrid plugin + rails 3 app
11:39AM 5 My mate did rake db:drop on producation , can any please help urgently
11:16AM 8 Large database table issue
9:19AM 0 modifying parent's validator in child model
3:49AM 0 how can I get the stack trace for a 500 error to show up in test.log?
Tuesday September 13 2011
9:47PM 5 mywebsite/admin/categories point to show.html.erb?
7:36PM 2 carmen issue
5:22PM 5 model association question
5:02PM 2 splitted class into separate table activerecord
4:58PM 3 need clarification on session
3:46PM 1 Heroku failed to push: fatal: sha1 file '<stdout>' write error: Invalid argument
3:29PM 4 Changing adapters in ActiveRecord does not change the generated sql
3:27PM 0 q: cookies, expire
3:25PM 1 how to use google charts in ruby on rails
3:16PM 4 Questions on scopes
2:58PM 3 Refactoring controllers with multiple functions per action
2:56PM 1 Dynamic css files using scss
1:22PM 1 ruby on rails installation problem
1:19PM 0 Ruby Midwest 2011 - Give Aways & Pricing Changes!
12:47PM 0 session sharing rails3 & php
11:27AM 2 help me, I can't run
10:50AM 4 How to merge routing constraints based on objects?
10:46AM 6 What are ways to embed php wiki engine into Rails app?
10:00AM 3 Accessing Rails helper method with_output_buffer
9:42AM 0 need help with session
9:27AM 2 foreign key referencing nonprimary key
12:13AM 1 "Isn't precompiled" message while compiling
12:07AM 1 bundle install ignoring :git?
Monday September 12 2011
10:04PM 0 New to rails, model design advice needed
7:33PM 0 Migrate column from text to binary (PostgreSQL)
7:05PM 0 How to get the image_path in production without the asset host?
6:21PM 1 q: sessionstore, after_sign_in_path_for , id is nil
5:53PM 4 Storing form data in xml file
5:31PM 5 Reusing the model to write a CLI
4:24PM 0 Job Opportunity
12:44PM 0 Rspec error while running jruby -S rake spec
12:27PM 1 Startup City 2011 (September 24th,Mumbai)
11:58AM 1 New to Rails relationship route problem
11:26AM 0 Converting media to m4v format using ffmpeg
9:18AM 2 chunk
9:06AM 4 EngineYard deploy - Vanilla Database
7:04AM 4 Problem in installing rails 3.1.0
3:37AM 10 check_box not passing 0 when unchecked?
Sunday September 11 2011
10:10PM 2 How to recursively count threads belonging to a chain of forums
3:31PM 2 Ruby Koans
3:17PM 5 question about a where condition
12:18PM 7 installing ruby gems
11:52AM 3 newbie: rails3 session & access via php
10:57AM 5 Weird Error when Adding ShareThis Hovering Buttons to Rails
7:46AM 2 where to use colon (:) and where to not use it?
5:29AM 8 Paperclip saving/retrieving files above public/
4:58AM 3 bundle install question
4:24AM 12 Library management system in ROR
1:36AM 4 searching the an array of objects
Saturday September 10 2011
10:16PM 4 problem using mysql 5.1 with RoR 3.1
3:28PM 2 hosting ror app using xampp on windows OS
2:15PM 1 rbenv and cap deploy
11:18AM 4 Finding HTML attributes with jQuery in Rails 3.1
9:28AM 4 Rails development advice
12:49AM 5 OpenID advice
Friday September 9 2011
11:41PM 2 Passing arrays between controllers/views
10:13PM 0 off topic -- modules in sinatra
1:31PM 4 Rails Hosting
12:53PM 0 Heroku, oauth, redirects and ajax
10:19AM 12 rails 3.1 assets:precompile deployment
9:54AM 9 Captcha conception
9:41AM 0 Mysql::Error error in acts as solr plugin
8:25AM 2 acst_as_solr error
7:41AM 0 How to use custom gem and call custom gem method into Rails 2.3 Application
7:29AM 5 Changing the controller and action before that will be loaded.
6:10AM 1 i need help.please anyone can help me out witth this.
5:20AM 0 respond_with and ajax
Thursday September 8 2011
11:29PM 10 Image upload with progress bar
7:25PM 0 using node.js for pushing data
7:05PM 1 Magic Multi Connections gem + Rails 3.1
6:48PM 4 TCPServer in 1.9.2
3:56PM 3 Asset link in production is incorrect
2:32PM 3 Newbie | Installing mysql2 gem
1:09PM 0 help with csv
1:04PM 8 acts_as_solr problem ActsAsSolr::SearchResults:
12:43PM 0 Uninstall everything in local repository of gem.
11:44AM 1 hash assignment (1.9.2)
10:00AM 1 Where to place your custom code or library.
8:37AM 3 Maths with in Rails
7:38AM 9 unable to download file greter than 1GB
4:04AM 1 Best way to view all attributes of object?
Wednesday September 7 2011
11:18PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Contract 6-12 months in NYC
10:03PM 1 Atom Feeds, Rails 3.1
7:08PM 4 jquery and ajax query in rails 3
4:42PM 1 Log ActiveRecord queries to DB table in Rails 2.3
2:10PM 0 WANTED: CTO / Lead Developer for Spin Off in Cologne / Germany
1:59PM 15 Good rails 3.1 book
1:54PM 19 Unable to use mysql with rails
1:01PM 8 hosting ror app in XAMPP
12:10PM 0 Ru3y Manor - London Conference
11:20AM 3 Method get of ActionController::TestCase ignores routes.rb?
11:01AM 0 Translate month name
10:55AM 6 FactoryGirl doesnt produce unique names?!
10:10AM 0 SocialStream: a core for building social network sites
9:17AM 0 Ruby Webservice giving "POST not supported" error when using datanoise-actionwebservice gem
8:21AM 2 Installing the openssl on CentOS
8:07AM 0 Problems with Rails page cache
5:45AM 0 "You are being redirected" page
3:20AM 3 Problems with Rails server/mysql2 gem
Tuesday September 6 2011
8:42PM 0 high volume write DB
8:02PM 0 Is it possible to manage multiple non-related Models from a Rails form?
5:56PM 0 Ruby On Rails Development Opportunity
5:45PM 2 SSL routes and functional tests
5:22PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Developer, Silver Spring, MD | 90-130k
5:19PM 6 Character encoding problems.
1:54PM 8 Ajax and rails 3 UJS (jquery)
1:37PM 0 accepts_nested_attributes_for issue
1:00PM 0 RubyInline and load problem with rails
12:19PM 1 Database Connection
11:54AM 3 Best way to model rules in Rails?
11:52AM 3 how it works with Proc object?
7:11AM 1 Default Session Values
12:35AM 2 singleton active record
Monday September 5 2011
11:37PM 0 advanced scopes
8:44PM 0 How to display controller specific javascript in rails 3.1?
8:34PM 2 Asset pipeline question
8:12PM 4 rails 3.1.0 server bombs - no javascript runtime. Ideas?
7:51PM 2 Contributing to Ruby on Rails - Some problems to start
6:11PM 8 In Rails 3.1 Model.count() ignores :include - no outer join in generated SQL
4:32PM 2 advice upgrading to rails 3.1 from 2.3
3:40PM 5 How to iterate an array of hashes and return the interested array
3:30PM 2 form remove submit buton.
3:16PM 7 Ruby on Rails - Setting up a Solr server with Sunspot for production
1:32PM 2 Form helper: attribute as an array
1:29PM 2 I’m crazy about rails
10:31AM 2 Can't upgrade Rails - Failed to build gem native extension.
9:03AM 3 ActiveRecord Object Comparision
6:12AM 2 Anyone know URL max length?
1:06AM 0 JS template engines with Rails... opinions?
Sunday September 4 2011
9:38PM 4 same html elements rendering twice on page
9:15PM 1 Linking failure in stylesheet_link_tag in production mode with asset pipeline enabled
8:29PM 6 How do I make "rake db:migrate" work properly?
6:53PM 2 Encoding error
5:31PM 1 polymorphic association
5:25PM 0 Rails/Phusion Not Working Right
4:59PM 4 rails 3.1.0 getting a javascript error?
9:53AM 0 CCAvenue in rails3
5:07AM 9 [Learning] How much ruby should one know before learning Rails?
2:08AM 2 has_many :through basic fubar
Saturday September 3 2011
11:05PM 6 how do I structure gem to avoid LoadError in my Rails project?
2:20PM 0 actual request-received time?
1:10PM 0 I am using nested_form , but it doesn't work..
1:27AM 1 Use Rails Bootstrap to create a boilerplate project and kickstart development
Friday September 2 2011
9:36PM 0 Business development Query and Quote
9:29PM 1 Need help with radio buttons.. Never seen this before
7:22PM 1 can't compile assets on prod due to asset_host config && SSL requirement
6:58PM 3 rspec error: `inherited': You cannot have more than one Rails::Application (RuntimeError)
6:22PM 4 Encoding error in sent mails
6:05PM 0 OPEN JOB in NYC (either contract or perm) for Senior Web Developer / Ruby on Rails Developer
5:24PM 3 problems with oracle xe server connection
3:13PM 4 You have already activated rack 1.3.2, but your Gemfile requires rack 1.2.3.
1:46PM 4 rspec post with file
1:35PM 1 ActiveRecord concurrency issue getting next sequence value and inserting record
12:15PM 0 rails internationalization problem
11:43AM 1 problems with rails 3.1.
9:15AM 2 Rails 3.1 asset pipeline
8:35AM 13 before filter question
7:27AM 0 How to set cell style using SimpleXlsx::Serializer
5:58AM 1 Git Issue for change repository
4:06AM 0 Rails developer for small startup
3:33AM 1 Rails 3.1.0 File Upload Rspec Test
Thursday September 1 2011
11:20PM 2 Do I need only Ruby on Rails?
7:02PM 7 couldn't find file 'jquery' rails 3.1 stable mountable engine
10:10AM 1 How can I get the URL to an asset in the asset pipeline outside of my views?
9:54AM 0 searching for [Beijing-based Back-end Developer (RUBY ON RAILS SENIOR ENGINEER)]
8:25AM 5 Rails 3 POS Software for touch interface with jQuery
8:18AM 0 do you think it's the best solution?
7:43AM 1 Configuring the rails 3 on lighttpd web server.
6:22AM 7 Unit Testing Model Validations
4:52AM 2 Partial Page update and related combobox
3:36AM 2 Custom ActiveRecord Error Message
1:10AM 0 Encrypt/Decrypt files using Carrierwave to store in S3