Linux Ethernet Bridging - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
6:24AM 1 [Bridge] Linux Bridge + NAT + firewall
Thursday April 26 2007
5:48PM 6 [Bridge] PVST
12:52PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging ppp0 and eth0
Wednesday April 25 2007
4:56PM 7 [Bridge] [PATCH 0/4] Bridge patches for 2.6.22
Monday April 23 2007
2:00AM 0 [Bridge] Update to
Saturday April 21 2007
3:33PM 7 [Bridge] linux bridge does not bridge bpdu packets
Wednesday April 18 2007
5:23PM 16 [Bridge] [BRIDGE] Unaligned access on IA64 when comparing ethernet addresses
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] bridge-utils doesn''t like name "bridge"
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] bridging in linux 2.4.20 kernel
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Static filtering entries in bridging -- linux 2.4.20kernel
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] [?? Probable Spam] Bridge Digest, Vol 43, Issue 22
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] How to test vlan tag under Linux
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] I want to RTFM -- so where''s the FM?
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Rule element "direction" that previously was only part of the interface policy rules is now part of all policy rules.
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] why ./brctl showmacs br0 display nothing?
5:23PM 5 [Bridge] Performance loss with bridging+routing.
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] tracking packets on bridge
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] Bridging over a bonded interface?
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Feature enhancement - Disable unicast flooding
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] UDP Framgment
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Static filtering entries in bridging -- linux 2.4.20 kernel
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: check kmem_cache_create() error
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Bridge Problem: Ping works, nothing else does...
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] useing bridge
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] two fields are missing in brctl output when using /sys
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] strange networking behaviour with a bridge in game
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging and bonding
5:23PM 6 [Bridge] rstp for 2.4 kernel: port state keeps changing
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Need Help
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Multiple bridges in one box
5:23PM 7 [Bridge] VLAN headers disappearing
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Brctl clear mac
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] tagged vlan + bridge: good with xen bad otherwise
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Problem on bridge
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Outgoing Pkt interface
5:23PM 10 [Bridge] [PATCH 0/4] bridge patches
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Recommendation for PCI or PCIe NIC card
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Measuring Bridge Performance (+ebtables/iptables)
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge between ethernet and tuntap problem
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] bridge docs
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] is there RSTP for 2.6 kernel available?
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] bridge wont forward when ip address changes
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Update OSDL/Linux-Foundation maintainer addresses
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] Bridge not working for 2.4.21 kernel
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Help: Bridge and NAT through same NIC?
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] tracking packets through bridge
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] BR2684-rt and brctl
5:23PM 24 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: avoid ptype_all packet handling
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: adding new device to bridge should enable if up
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] About support of 802.1p standard into 2.6 linux Bridge code
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] [Ebtables-user] Bridge IP not anwering
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Bridge IP not answering
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] entery deleted in forward table and no longer added
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] BPDU''s not passing through bridge when STP is disabled
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] tcpdump/pcap problem
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] ARP spoofing.
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] bridge-utils compilation bug
5:23PM 9 [Bridge] Monitor the status of two ethernet interface
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Can bridge be ''seen'' by ip6tables?
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Cross compiling bridge utils 1.2
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] libbridge<->sysfs interface - some bugs
5:23PM 5 [Bridge] recent crashes? Linux kernel 2.6.18-1.2239.fc5 (Linux Fedora Core 5)
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Dead loop: "bridge ended up including itself"
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Want to incorporate IGMPSnoop to "brctl" command...
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Virtual network and bridges
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Linux Bridge + STP + VLAN
5:23PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Problems
5:23PM 5 [Bridge] Help needed about IP class finding in a bridge netfilter module
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Man-in-the-middle scenario within vmware - problem
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] Clarification regarding device matches in bridge-netfilter
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Passing vlan tagged packets through linux bridge(2.6.19)
5:23PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge Digest, Vol 40, Issue 1
5:23PM 10 [Bridge] Passing vlan tagged packets through linux bridge
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] Clear a mac from table?
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] problem bridging
5:23PM 3 [Bridge] STP Loop not blocking
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] LAN-WAN Bridging Problem
5:23PM 2 [Bridge] combination WAP/firewall/router - wired and wireless hosts do not connect
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Bridge & it''s MAC address question
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Problems with Bridging 3 pc''s network
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] problem with bridge on soho router, when lan interface down, all go down
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] How to bridge a eth0 and usb0 device
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: flush forwarding table when device carrier off
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] how to configure RSTP (802.1w) on SUSE 10 (kernel 2.6.13-15)
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Can the bridge MAC be controlled/changed?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] setting STP values via brctl
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge works, but how host is limited
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] bridge physical to several dummy interface
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] bridge - canopy - cisco catalyst 2950
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [ANNOUNCE] bridge-utils 1.2
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Linux bridge and virtual interfaces
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] how do i bridge eth0 with eth1 by bridging?
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] 802.1D/Linux STP issue
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] Link fail over - bridge slow learning !?!
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge Woes
5:22PM 10 [Bridge] Bridge Woes...
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] bridge_list orphans in linux-2.4
5:22PM 9 [Bridge] Is bridgeing possible with kernel 2.6.10
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] port priority bits
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] D-Link cards unable to receive multicast traffic
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Bridge is not bridging.
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] NIC''s binding order
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridging two private lans w/ PPP and brtcl
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] couple of bugs and patches for bridge-utils
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] eth2.100: received packet with own address as source address
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] patch for a message bug
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] transparent bridge and proxies
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] SMP vs UNP performance
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge Digest, Vol 36, Issue 8
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] VLAN handling in br_netfilter.c:br_nf_pre_routing
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Dead loop on virtual device - how to interpret it ?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] SoC - RSTP
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Oops in running multiple eth bridges
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge-MIB and 802.1d linux bridge
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] skb timestamp set in bridge?
5:22PM 10 [Bridge] RFC: [PATCH] bridge vlan integration
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] q-bridge-mib and snmp question
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: random extra bytes on STP TCN packet
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] problems with bridging and dhcp
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Trouble with ARP traffic
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] large packet size doesn''t work
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Problem bridging frames with bridge and real interface MTU > 1527
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] help adding RSTP (802.1w) support
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Re: [RESEND][PATCH] ebtables: clean up vmalloc usage in net/bridge/netfilter/ebtables.c
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: allow full size vlan tagged packets to be bridged
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] packet size
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Minimal transparent bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge utilities GIT repository
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Building 1.1 ?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] WAS Building 1.1? Now - can we get a NAT over a bridge working yet?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] loosing network connectivity
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] setportprio problem with bridge-utils 1.0.6
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridging a wireless/wired LAN and a PPPoE connection
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] wds not needed
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] VLAN translation + PVST+
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging a virtual machine(QEMU) to the LAN
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Is there any possible to realize spanning tree/rapid spanning tree in hardware?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Re: Google SoC proposal (Tadeusz Andrzej Kad?ubowski)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] I want to realize spanning tree , can somebody help me?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Google SoC proposal
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] MAC/ID setting
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Some newbe questions
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Interface Statistics
5:22PM 11 [Bridge] Error in Bridge Settings!!
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge and transparent squid proxy
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Newbie at work - need some advise/guidence please.
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] Network seperation and ethernet bridge...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] 802.1Q tagging
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] [BUG/PATCH/RFC] bridge: locally generated broadcast traffic may block sender
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] bridge+filter+failover+rules&state sync+traffic shaping
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Performance problems on vlan bridge
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Bridge does not stay UP!!!
5:22PM 7 [Bridge] physical interface on a bridge
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Re: Bridge Digest, Vol 31, Issue 6
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Solaris 10 Anyone?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] swithing trunk (tagged 802.1q traffic) with brctl
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] IPS HLBR 1.0 released (off-topic)
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] aoe/vblade on "localhost"
5:22PM 7 [Bridge] No UDP NFS over bridges in Linux 2.6.16.x?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] ebtables: clean up vmalloc usage in net/bridge/netfilter/ebtables.c
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] RE: Rapid Spanning Tree support
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] [PATCH] fix 802.3ad multicast
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Rapid Spanning Tree support
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] When I add br0 (brctl addbr br0), and I show bridge list (brctl show) it''s eth0 which is in the list. It''s a bug ?
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] eth0- can''t enslave to br0, but eth0 is down and not part of a bridge!
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] mac address
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bug(?) in br_device_event causes kernel panic for 2.6.14
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] daemons are dropped
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] htb accounting on bridge interface
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] [PATCH] BRIDGE: Fix faulty check in br_stp_recalculate_bridge_id()
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Performance problem with linux bridge ... compare kernel to
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Interface MAC address assignment
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridging multiple tap interfaces
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Source IP Modified on Broadcast Packet Through Bridge
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] 1 system with 3 bridges
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge kernel panic
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge-utils and sysfsutils version 2.0.0
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] setting the hardware address
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Re: Re: a problem about brctl
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Re: a problem about brctl
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: a problem about brctl
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] ip_sabotage_out crash...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] trouble shooting?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] definite bridging bug in sis 900 driver for kernel 2.6.14
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Lost TCP packet
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] Fix deadlock in br_stp_disable_bridge (2nd try)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] Fix deadlock in br_stp_disable_bridge
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] [] Fix has_bridge_parent undefined with CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Information needed about bridge c code
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Error while trying to setup bridge, appears to be a loop
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] device eth0 is already a member of a bridge; can''t enslave it to bridge Net6
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Multiple "br" interfaces for a single bridge ?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] MSTP implementation - help
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] slow network performance when using bridged interfaces in 2.6.13 compared to 2.6.12.
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge ports needlessly going through learning stage when STP disabled ?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Long delays through bridge
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Bridging EAPOL
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge performance issue
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] ''dhcpcd'' fails when run on wireless-wired bridge device
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Simple list of tun devices?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Backport
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] 802.11 bridging problems
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Up takes 30s - any remedy?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge-util
5:22PM 10 [Bridge] Bridge question
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] <kernel BUG> generated on bridge up/down & other issues
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] [PATCH 0/5] bridge update for 2.6.16
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] 802.1w / RSTP
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Bridging Firewall with Kernel 2.6 failed
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Unable to learn macs on bridge ports
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] i need help for bridge configuration
5:22PM 3 [BRIDGE]A basic question: what''s the relationship of the Rx/Tx packets count between the bridge and its enslaved NIC.
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] mac table updates
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Timer problem
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: [Bridge-utils] some feedback with kernel 2.6.12 FC4
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [2.6 patch] BRIDGE_EBT_ARPREPLY must depend on INET
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge not working with jumbo frames
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Problem with bond interface in bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] BPDU Hello time
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] News about rediff vs 2.4.31 !
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] brctl masking interrupts ?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] new ioctl
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] tcp connection freezes when i dont ping the device first
5:22PM 7 [Bridge] unregister_netdevice: waiting for br0 to become free. Usage count = 1 (
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Please help with bridge
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Question about VLANs, bridges and switches
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Problem of lock when deleting a bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge and lots of VLAN
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Spanning tree code
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] ppp0 to eth0
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] STP with only 2 switches
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Hi everybody
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] how to silence the "br0: port X(ethX) doing something" messages?
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Election of root port
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Problem with Routed mode using br2684ctl tool
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge running slow
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Wireless bridge - revisited
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge benchmarks?
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] bridge firewall problem
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Solaris Bridge Anyone?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Re: [PATCH] TSO fix in br_dev_queue_push_xmit
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging eth0 and tap0 stop working after a while
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] ioctl function definition?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] STP problem
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] rcu_dereference() error in coldfire arch
5:22PM 4 [Bridge]
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Some Questions
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] single briged network internet access problems
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge] IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN-) Bridge incl. GARP, GMRP, GVRP]
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Control using sysfs and Spinlocks
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Hi List (URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge wiki page
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Install instructions
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging with STP seems to learn mac-address on wrong ports
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] combining vlan tagging and spanning tree
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] Bridge not working on arm embedded platform
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (5/6) bridge: add way to flush forwarding table
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] RSTP implementation
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] [PATCH] (6/6) bridge: receive path optimization
5:22PM 6 [Bridge] Strange problem, please help
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (4/6) bridge: prevent bad forwarding table updates
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (3/6) bridge: set features based on enslaved devices
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (2/6) bridge: make dev->features unsigned
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (1/6) bridge: features change notification
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Ip traffic not bridged
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Can it possible to call the bridge ioctl calls from another module code...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Problem with default vlan and stateful bridging (2nd try)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] 2.6.12-rc4-bridge
5:22PM 9 [Bridge] How to disable verbose kernel logs for linux ethernet bridge?
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] How to keep bridge up after reboot
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Introducing latency
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] BCP code ported to pppd 2.4.2
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] STP Explanation (2)
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Possibility of copying over fdb entries.
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] STP Explanation
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Help on Brctl
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] 2.6.12: iptables connection tracking broken on bridge interfaces
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Bridge Digest, Vol 22, Issue 13
5:22PM 7 [Bridge] Multicast
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridging........... necesito entender algo...
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] is possible to create vlan capable switch use linux?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] upgrade 2.4.x to 2.6.x forwarding frame error
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: kernel 2.6.x.y + bridging operational?
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] persistent settings
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] bridge-utils + Linksys WET11
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] SAS: a new security tool patch for bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] STP Explanation (3)
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Linux bridge on linksys WRT54GS running OpenWRT
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] ARP weirdness
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge hub_enabled option
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] connecting PDA (wlan) to Linux laptop with bridged connections (eth + wlan) ...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Transparent shaper with 2.6 kernel
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] 2.6.11/10 (and probably others), usbnet + bridge => massive memory corruption
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] A question about modify bridge source
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge stp problem
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Enable Bridgeing with a unsupported Eth devices
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] stp port state always remains forwarding ...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] path-cost of a port to root if priority and link speed are same ?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Re: Linux Bridging
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Error in usb0 and eth0 bridging on an ARM9 Plattform
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Unexpected behaviour
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Some clients are unable to connect fully to the other side.
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] [PATCH bridge-2.6.11] bridge hub_enabled option
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] PF_PACKET socket
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge problem, please help me
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] ayuda con brige en kernel 2.6
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Security question
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] Benchmarking bridging vs. routing on same hardware/network
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge at start up
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] help setting up a linux bridge with spanning tree to allow multiple vlans accross multiple uplinks
5:22PM 10 [Bridge] Bridge MAC address
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Multi-interface bridge configuration help
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge psudeo vlan interface problem
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Unexpected bridge behavior (Bug? You decide.)
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Code Bridge nf vs. 2.4.29
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge not working...
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Stephen
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] recent 2.6 kernels hang on bridge shutdown
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH/RFC] Reduce call chain length in netfilter (take 2)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] Crash on "brctl stp br0"
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] Better test for libsysfs
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge nf vs. 2.4.29
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] recent 2.6 kernels hang on bridge shutdown - solved
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] [2.6 patch] fix bridge <-> ATM compile error
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Enquiry: Bridge HOWTO
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] max number of enslaved devices
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] creating bridge problem in ANA7711F
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] The problem of bridge+netfilter+nat
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] [PATCH] (4/4) bridge: forwarding table lockless update
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Need help: bridge does not flood ethernet frame with mtu > 1500
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [ANNOUNCE] bridge utilities 1.0.6
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Virtual IP
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] (1/4) bridge: use jenkins hash
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: 2.6.8 bridging with large packets question
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Need help: brctl and isis packets
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] (3/4) bridge: get rid of threaded link for forwarding timeout
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] (2/4) bridge: get rid of unneeded include
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Problems using kernel 2.6
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] has incomplete type ...
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Cannot ping to the board when changing loop configuration
5:22PM 21 [Bridge] tg3 bridge problems
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: LSM hooks for bridge module.
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Utils & 2.6.7 Kernel
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge port states
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Packet loss / performance
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] RE: [Xen-devel] nfsroot and brige (fwd)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Packet loss/performance question
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [EBTABLES][PATCH] fix gcc format warning
5:22PM 21 [Bridge] Re: do_IRQ: stack overflow: 872..
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] bridge: fix gcc format warning
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] do_IRQ: stack overflow: 956 Fwd: Re: do_IRQ: stack overflow: 872..
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Neighbour table overflow
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Neighbour table overflow.
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Transparent bridge trouble
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] two transparent (bridging) firewall
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Fw: Bridge setup problems
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] problem with Honeynet Project''s rc.firewall script
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] Bridge problem
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] netlink message on bridge address change
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] FTP and HTTP Proxy over Bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] FTP and HTTP Passing over bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] linux as a switch
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] kernel support bridging?
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Problem COnnecting AP from Mobile Node
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] problem, vlan and a bridge.
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Setting the interfaces in promiscuous mode
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] sparc64: add bridge failed: Operation not supported
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] Transparently bridge Vlans to eth0
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge address change netlink message
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge / Transparent Proxy
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] ebtables configuration in 2.6.8 kernel
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Problem with bridge/8139too module under 2.4.27?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Ethernet bridge and 802.1Q VLAN , hotmail login error
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] about cpu usage of linux bridge
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge + squid
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Very strange hotmail login error!
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Hotmail login error with bridge
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge doesn''t broadcast properly
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge slow in allowing connection
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Bridge Query...
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] brctl returns 0 on error
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Sorry for bothering Beg for help
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge utilities compatible driver
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Bridge Problem with RedHat and iptables
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] bridge with ppp0
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] 2.4.28 oops
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge and broadcasting (ping)
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] how to install
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] My configuration in Bridge, 802.1Q VLAN, and hotmail login, Thanks to all
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Performance 2
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridge Performance
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] My hotmail login issue is fixed!!
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] improved finding of KERNEL_HEADERS
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] About simple bridging using Fedora Core 2
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] bridge in ''hub'' mode possible?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] One NIC not bridging?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: brctl, Ethernet Bridging, openvpn, Universal TUN/TAP devices
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Recent mail problems
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Bridge + Teql!
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge with ppp0, ppp1,..
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: IPv6 bridging
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Compiling Bridge Utils 1.04
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: Problems using kernel 2.6
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] My eth1 is crazy
5:22PM 3 [Bridge] [PATCH] fix oops when mangling and brouting and tcpdumping packets
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] SUSE 8.1 build failure
5:22PM 14 [Bridge] Any way of knowing a packet''s been defragmented
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] Was SKB receive from a bridge or local?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Bridging between multiple VLANs
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Netfilter hooks
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] fix oops when mangling and brouting and tcpdumping packets (revised)
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge''s STP problem about topology change
5:22PM 4 [Bridge] Bridge performance problem
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] Re: Policy match with a bridge
5:22PM 0 FW: [Bridge] Bridging and Ethernet FCS
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] bridge and ip aliasing on Debian
5:22PM 8 [Bridge] Encrypting Bridge?
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] bridge/nf/ebtables patch for 2.4.27?
5:22PM 1 [Bridge] Non-IP Bridge
5:22PM 2 [Bridge] IPv6 + ip6tables packet bridging?
5:22PM 5 [Bridge] eth1394 interface support?
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5:22PM 0 [Bridge] Re: [Ebtables-user] ebtables rules dont work
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5:22PM 1 [Bridge] [PATCH] update Documentation/networking/bridge.txt
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (10/11) bridge -- compat hooks for new-ioctl interface
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (9/11) bridge -- new ioctl interface for 32/64 compatiablity
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (8/11) bridge -- add sysfs support
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (7/11) bridge -- expose timer_residue function for use by sysfs
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (6/11) bridge -- read forwarding table chunk at a time.
5:22PM 0 [Bridge] [PATCH] (5/11) bridge - fix deadlock on device removal.
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