Gluster users - Nov 2014

Friday November 21 2014
6:55PM 0 rmtab file is a bottleneck when lot of clients are accessing a volume through NFS
11:12AM 0 Ethernet port choice
3:16AM 0 Re: [Gluster-devel] In what kind of circumstance, the changlog of a file will become 0xFFFFFFFF
12:03AM 0 No such file or directory in logs
Thursday November 20 2014
10:01PM 0 Community meeting minutes 19-Nov-2014
7:00PM 0 Gluster Community invited you to GlusterFS Future Features: Discussion on BitRot
9:47AM 0 recreate volume from brick
Wednesday November 19 2014
4:41PM 0 NFS crashes - bug 1010241
4:26PM 0 Which version of GlusterFS do you recommend?
4:20PM 0 v3.6.1 vs v3.5.2 self heal - help (Nagios related)
Tuesday November 18 2014
9:53PM 0 heal questions
6:48PM 0 Glusterfs virtual memory growing up
4:27PM 0 GlusterFS 3.5.3 and 3.4.6 released
12:05PM 0 Sparse Files and Heal
10:54AM 0 gluster volume heal <datastore> info question
7:02AM 0 glusterfsd process thrashing CPU
Monday November 17 2014
7:57PM 0 REMINDER: Gluster Community Bug Triage meeting Tuesday at 12:00 UTC
5:57PM 0 Glusterfs Iptbale confusion
Sunday November 16 2014
5:53AM 0 Monitoring Nagios
Saturday November 15 2014
6:30PM 0 Move one brick to new host
5:58AM 0 Three Datastores on the same hosts/Disks
Friday November 14 2014
5:43PM 0 Problem in Benchmarking Glusterfs with Bonnie++ on CentOS 6 machines
Thursday November 13 2014
5:47PM 0 Stupid question re multiple networks
11:01AM 0 Glusterfs backlogs
Wednesday November 12 2014
5:55PM 0 Gluster Community meeting 12-Nov-2014 minutes
1:05PM 0 Planning for GlusterFS 3.7 and 4.0
12:17PM 0 GlusterFS - Did you know? document
11:39AM 0 Maintainer for release-3.6 [WAS : Wanted: maintainer for release-3.6!]
8:07AM 0 Issue with server reboot / shutdown
Tuesday November 11 2014
9:51PM 0 Why is xfs recommended?
3:56PM 0 disperse configuration example
9:05AM 0 REMINDER: Gluster Community Bug Triage meeting today at 12:00 UTC
7:07AM 0 Graceful way to kill a brick process
5:51AM 0 socket time out in fio benchmark
Monday November 10 2014
6:49PM 0 RHEL 5 Repo Broken
6:17PM 0 Mount problems when secondary node down
4:58PM 0 SNMP monitoring
12:00PM 0 GlusterFS 3.6.1 available now
11:03AM 0 [Gluster performance tuning]how to determine the value of performcance.cache-size
1:47AM 0 How to auto-sync the new add brick in type replica?
Sunday November 9 2014
11:53AM 0 How about replacing old versions in Bugzilla by "deprecated"
9:55AM 0 self-heal daemon not running
Saturday November 8 2014
10:20AM 0 glusterfs crashed lead by with BD xlator
2:49AM 0 info heal-failed shown as gfid
1:12AM 0 Competing directories with brick
Friday November 7 2014
11:57PM 0 Linux Foundation VAULT CfP
8:23PM 0 Geo-replication fails on self.slave.server.set_stime() with OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
5:21PM 0 Installing glusterfs 3.6 client on EL7
12:50PM 0 Gluster 3.3 replace-brick
9:38AM 0 How to auto-sync the new brick, after it has been added to a replica volume?
Thursday November 6 2014
7:30PM 0 Gluster Ssurvey closing tomorrow
11:12AM 0 healing never ends (or never starts?) on replicated volume with virtual block device
9:32AM 0 logfile flooding
9:30AM 0 mount the same volume with native FUSE and NFS
4:31AM 0 Glusterfs-Client occupies many many RAM
1:16AM 0 Self Heal Performance
Wednesday November 5 2014
10:06PM 0 Basic Gluster Questions
8:49PM 0 authentication to management socket?
8:35PM 0 Installing GlusterFS 3.4.x, 3.5.x or 3.6.0 on RHEL or CentOS 6.6
11:46AM 0 glusterfs-server 3.6 rpm package
9:03AM 0 GlusterFS 3.5.3beta2 is now available for testing
8:52AM 0 [commercial ] Openings in Red Hat.
5:51AM 0 Re: [ovirt-users] Slow resync with GlusterFS Replication
Tuesday November 4 2014
8:14PM 0 Please vote for Dockit for #dockerhackday on Twitter
11:07AM 0 Gluster Community Bug triage meeting
7:18AM 0 Req# Vote for Dockit @ Docker Global Hackathon
Monday November 3 2014
11:17PM 0 iowait - ext4 + ssd journal
9:37PM 0 REMINDER: Gluster Community Bug Triage meeting this Tuesday at 12:00 UTC
12:58PM 0 How to increase size of volume?
5:41AM 0 iowait issues
5:14AM 0 Re: REMOVEXATTR warnings in client log
2:08AM 0 Recommended xfs mount options
Saturday November 1 2014
1:00PM 0 Marking bugs as a Feature Request, and listing all requested features
4:16AM 0 Question re Gluster peers , replication and redundancy