dovecot - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
9:00PM 5 quota warning - take 2
2:34PM 13 SQL mail storage
12:56PM 0 Version Numbering and releases
12:27PM 1 convert plugin failing
Friday March 30 2007
9:27PM 3 prefetch + static + deliver
7:30PM 3 Using Dovecot LDA with Sendmail
3:46PM 4 make failed in doc/wiki
3:07PM 41 1.0.rc29 released
2:46PM 0 Security hole #3: zlib plugin allows opening any gziped mboxes
2:03PM 6 [PATCH] Split sql drivers from lib-sql to plugins
Thursday March 29 2007
11:55PM 1 sieve-body extension support for deliver LDA''s sieve plugin
11:43PM 14 MANAGESIEVE patch v4 for dovecot 1.0.rc28
10:32PM 4 Freebsd 4 error DSN stat=Service Unavailable after dovecot install
9:55PM 1 Forbidding folder delete
8:15PM 2 dovecot-ldap for active directory 2003 r2
7:50PM 1 who owns dovecot files and dirs?
6:30PM 1 locking question
3:28PM 5 uiddir mailbox format with benchmarks
1:37PM 0 Help with Virtual user setup.. need pointers
11:02AM 1 passwd-file contents are not being used
4:26AM 2 dovecot mmap() complaints: No such device
3:00AM 3 can''t receive mail from other hosts
Wednesday March 28 2007
9:04PM 2 How do I check the release #?
8:47PM 1 Bug-report for rc28: Mailbox isn''t a valid mbox file
8:45PM 4 Mailbox isn''t a valid mbox file
7:58PM 1 auth server refusing connections intermittently
7:21PM 0 Removing users maildir DOVECOT+LDAP
7:17PM 4 vpopmail "last auth" question
7:13PM 5 assertion failed (1.0-rc27)
5:57PM 1 transfer files from Plesk qmail to Dovecot and Postfix
5:47PM 1 Deliverm, vpopmail, and valias
5:07PM 7 imaptest10 and stalled messages
3:52PM 3 PAM auth problem
1:37PM 1 problem with POP3 mail location when using namespaces
11:35AM 3 Multiple IP(or Host) listen in dovecot.conf.
11:10AM 3 Allow/disallow mail access based on group membership
10:34AM 2 chroot and raw logging
9:37AM 2 ssl with openwrt OS
8:49AM 2 ignoring some subfolders [potential wishlist]
12:46AM 52 Version numbering
Tuesday March 27 2007
11:23PM 0 rc29 and documentation changes
9:57PM 3 rc28 : can''t set quotas with userdb + passwd file
7:40PM 7 odd behavior with Dovecot LDA
2:46PM 4 Building problem on FreeBSD with GSSAPI
1:59PM 18 [ rc28 ] dict{} seems to be ignored
12:29PM 1 recent master-settings.c and main.c changes breaks dovecot on my system
8:12AM 2 LDAP group quota support
5:37AM 2 gssapi auth issue...
3:53AM 3 Sync of read message status between squirrelmail and outlook express
Monday March 26 2007
9:56PM 7 proxy host specified as fqdn in userdb
8:35PM 1 Odd error message
8:20PM 2 imaps listen only at localhost
6:44PM 4 Custom Mail Directory for some users
4:34PM 20 MANAGESIEVE patch v3 for dovecot 1.0.rc28
11:59AM 1 authentication process fails when starting 2nd dovecot
9:03AM 2 Rpm builders: Dovecot spec file
6:29AM 4 Unwanted INBOX. prefix issues
4:28AM 16 New mail not appearing consistently in Outlook 2003
Sunday March 25 2007
10:16PM 1 dovecot authentication & exim in rc27
12:52PM 2 assertion failure with nopassword
12:27PM 3 anonymous mailing list archive configuration?
10:49AM 3 Multiple delivery with LDA+sieve
12:36AM 1 Design docs in wiki
Saturday March 24 2007
6:39PM 3 LDA bouncing mails after upgrade
7:26AM 3 deliver: -m, sieve and -n
Friday March 23 2007
11:13PM 2 idxview: Fatal: file hdr read() 41984 != 1170103198
9:18PM 2 Dovecot LDA Logging
8:55PM 18 1.0.rc28 released
8:10PM 2 Copy to sent mail timeouts
6:08PM 3 Dovecot LDA issues
5:41PM 0 ssl on embedded device
3:49PM 2 multiple instances of dovecot on one machine
11:25AM 1 Possible bug with removing e-mail when user over fs quota
9:33AM 1 maildirsize problem?
Thursday March 22 2007
6:19PM 5 netapp/maildir/dovecot performance
4:23PM 3 --with-vpopmail compile errors
3:26PM 13 rc2x seems to break Pegasus Mail
10:33AM 1 Preparing for sharing with ACLs
8:11AM 1 tilde in mbox:, when used in non-system user db
2:35AM 11 1.0.rc28 / v1.0 plans
12:15AM 6 Timeouts connecting via POP3
Wednesday March 21 2007
11:56PM 0 How does vpopmail support works?
11:38PM 6 Solaris Dovecot dovecot dovecot-1.0.rc27
7:51PM 2 Exceptions to MyNetworks
7:47PM 7 Getting more spam
6:50PM 1 mail looping
5:45PM 3 lock file on embedded device
2:28PM 17 Unexpected behaviour when deleteing a big mailbox
12:42PM 1 Double homedirs and tilde problems in case of chroot in passwd-file / static dbs.
9:30AM 3 home_location or smth like that
4:01AM 4 Thanks!
Tuesday March 20 2007
11:01PM 0 Anonymous edits enabled again in Wiki
10:29PM 14 compiling dovecot on aix gcc 3.3.2
8:07PM 1 The perfect Courier -> Dovecot conversion tool
4:43PM 0 Sieve: Conversion script for procmail recipes.
3:00PM 2 Wiki needs updating: Dovecot LDA + Dovecot Sieve + Exim
2:48PM 7 a <blush> build/install question
11:39AM 1 pop3 seems to be down sometimes
11:26AM 9 Stalled imaptest10 process
7:23AM 1 Outlook client timeouts on sending mail
5:45AM 2 invalid mbox
4:46AM 1 [Re: Dovecot - with LDAP auth backend]
2:46AM 2 Throttling Logins
1:10AM 0 RHEL5 and dovecot version
Monday March 19 2007
11:37PM 3 Adding ", S=size" to new message files when using "dirsize"
9:58PM 1 userdb static and doubled homedir problem
7:38PM 2 Index files in .imap directory
5:14PM 9 Best way to migrate from Qpopper to Dovecot
3:52PM 0 Courier''s courierpop3dsizelist - uid convert
2:54PM 4 PHP implementation of dovecotpw passwords
2:39PM 4 Doubled mails and UIDs
1:56PM 2 dovecot + ldap
1:31PM 2 rc27 assert, mbox format
12:59PM 2 Convert UW folders to Dovecot folders ?
8:57AM 1 Dovecot - with LDAP auth backend
8:52AM 9 Dovecot ''suicide''
5:54AM 1 using sieve plugin
Sunday March 18 2007
8:26PM 3 authenticating with LDAP and SSL
4:12PM 1 connection refused
4:06PM 1 Login processes and a new performance/security compromise [was: Re: pre-1.0.rc27: Index and mbox fixes]
1:47AM 5 Kerberos
Saturday March 17 2007
5:59PM 13 M-Box benchmark
12:12AM 17 deliver to subfolder with dovecot''s LDA
Friday March 16 2007
2:57PM 1 unable to connect to auth server
2:41PM 1 BUG: Unexpected input from auth master:
1:28PM 3 crypt missing (configure problem)
1:01PM 10 corrupted transaction log error resulting in multiple deliveries
12:38PM 2 Lazy expunge
8:35AM 1 sasl authentication via dovecot
Thursday March 15 2007
6:45PM 2 running DC and UWIMAP on the same box
6:17PM 4 LOCKD errors
5:13PM 1 pop3 uidl when migrating from mbox to maildir
2:35PM 6 [PATCH 0/5] fix gcc warnings in CVS HEAD
12:46PM 1 Bug in dovecot 1.0 rc27
11:23AM 1 convert_mail plugin doesn''t work
11:18AM 5 flock problems with index files and passwd-file
10:46AM 1 [PATCH] fix gcc warnings in 1.0rc26
10:26AM 3 Warn before overquota
6:43AM 1 Problems with seen flag on OS X mail
12:19AM 5 wiki -> txt
Wednesday March 14 2007
11:10PM 1 mbox and pop3, maildir and imap
10:25PM 0 imap-login (proxy) Connection queue full
8:26PM 8 One user having reproducible IMAP issues
8:25PM 2 login authentication
7:52PM 1 Newbie NFS question
6:47PM 1 Courier keywords - anyone even tried?
6:38PM 1 Newbie index infrastructure and location questions
3:58PM 1 userdb-vpopmail.c bug in rc27
3:51PM 5 Benchmarking CVS HEAD vs. v1.0
2:17PM 1 Issue with pop3 & phpList
1:36PM 4 Variable %h not recognized in userdb_mail (passwd-file)
1:13PM 4 solaris 10 + dovecot (1)
12:53PM 1 help with basic setup
12:30PM 5 Sieve plugin - install help - filters ignored
Tuesday March 13 2007
10:40PM 1 HTML mails
9:41PM 13 Postfix+Dovecot+LDAP
9:14PM 4 Connection closed by foreign host.
7:01PM 7 1.0.rc27 released
6:40PM 1 quota - dict - username = ''(null)''
4:01PM 7 Alerts and pre-authenticated connections
4:01PM 12 tb-negative-fetch workaround
3:03PM 1 Dovecot for "push email"
11:40AM 4 error with virtual users
10:12AM 2 imap connection problems
5:35AM 5 Timed Out or Disconnect Errors on emails with attachments
Monday March 12 2007
9:50PM 8 Problems fetching mail
6:01PM 11 index performance issues
4:29PM 3 Search not working?
3:33PM 0 separate partition for index/uidlist - Thanks
3:14PM 2 Password encoding
2:40PM 4 imap + unmounted home disk
1:49PM 7 Quota and Trash
Sunday March 11 2007
5:40PM 10 separate partition for index/uidlist
4:23PM 3 in memory indexes?
2:15PM 0 No subject
2:15PM 0 No subject
2:15PM 0 No subject
2:15PM 0 No subject
2:15PM 0 No subject
1:50PM 1 MySQL database structure
1:40PM 0 (no subject)
1:16PM 8 Enable pop3 / pop3 and imap
3:00AM 4 imaptest updates
1:17AM 4 Dovecot Convert
Saturday March 10 2007
8:08PM 3 dovecot and pine tab-completion
7:45PM 24 pre-1.0.rc27: Index and mbox fixes
1:08PM 2 Upgrade from 0.99 to 1.0
7:05AM 2 logging volumes
Friday March 9 2007
9:47PM 1 RV: deliver configuration
9:18PM 1 deliver configuration
7:19PM 0 Vexim with LDA delivery
5:35PM 10 Prayer, Maildir and Folders whose names begin with "."
4:40PM 1 Dovecot''s Sieve Support
4:10PM 1 global_script_path and virtual users
4:03PM 7 mail archive
1:54PM 12 Convert plugin mbox to maildir has no effect
11:57AM 3 "ldap_result() failed: Can''t contact LDAP server" log messages
5:56AM 1 any way to find last login time?
2:15AM 5 Dovecot Stable Version
12:34AM 11 Dovecot vs Couir-IMAP
12:04AM 1 Message mixing after switchover from mbox to maildir
Thursday March 8 2007
10:02PM 2 Coredump in dovecot-auth on gss auth
7:23PM 2 Problems with different mail clients
7:13PM 1 Auth mechanism variable expansion?
5:29PM 1 dovecot sasl auth (pam) + postfix doesn''t work...
4:17PM 2 deliver(redacted): Mar 08 10:13:03 Fatal: postmaster_address setting not given
12:51PM 7 1.0rc26: ssl_verify_client=yes ?
9:16AM 4 Proposal: RSS-Feed
9:14AM 1 Different passwords for different IP-Addresses/protocols?
9:11AM 4 Seen this behavior before?
Wednesday March 7 2007
1:22PM 7 Time moving backwards error
11:39AM 1 dovecot-ldap.conf - Active directory
10:26AM 2 Nokia 6680 and Dovecot
10:03AM 1 Wish to improve logging
9:19AM 1 Warning: I/O leak
9:08AM 1 Changed CONTROL= path causes POP3 to fail, whereas IMAP is working (rc25 & rc26)
3:37AM 1 sporadic problem using ldap authentication
2:50AM 1 Question about auth-master, deliver, and SQL maps
12:28AM 14 1.0.rc26 released
Tuesday March 6 2007
9:05PM 5 Config questionsabout various login parms
8:57PM 4 Public kudos to Timo
5:33PM 1 Error: child 469 (imap) killed with signal 6 (with rc25)
1:20PM 0 No subject
1:20PM 0 No subject
Monday March 5 2007
10:15PM 4 Bug: mbox-sync-parse.c: line 228
8:51PM 4 File descriptor leak in 1.0rc2[45]?
3:39PM 1 Kolab: Can I use Dovecot instead of Cyrus?
11:52AM 2 Driving quota out of a database.
10:58AM 6 imap core dump with rc25
9:21AM 1 new crashes: is the index/mail cache endian neutral?
6:36AM 1 Plugins in Python?
Sunday March 4 2007
11:11PM 1 messages lingering in .Trash/new instead of .Trash/cur
3:38PM 1 Migration
Saturday March 3 2007
11:37PM 1 Dovecot Deliver
10:11PM 4 Unable to authenticate system users in Dovecot 1.0rc25
7:07PM 13 dovecot with postfifx with 200 users in /etc/passwd as local user
2:52PM 2 Dovecot Deliver to Folders
11:43AM 0 Dovecot ignoring Quotas
10:10AM 2 mbox_min_index_size panics at index-storage.c:368
Friday March 2 2007
9:46PM 0 Fwd: logging of socket authentication
8:49PM 4 Using auth_bind_userdn causes uid to be improper case
6:17PM 7 dovecot forward multipart problem
5:14PM 4 MBOX to MAILDIR conversion
4:12PM 9 Newbie questions: Load-balanced Dovecot with NFS storage
3:53PM 4 Upgrade dovecot - rpm or spec
2:41PM 1 logging of socket authentication
1:30PM 3 rc25: need_space assert, core
1:02PM 1 Stopping certain users from using IMAP, or POP3, etc.
12:36PM 3 Doing %var-substitutions in a plugin...
9:09AM 2 auth problem with secure authentication (cram-md5)
7:29AM 1 Some question about "auth default", "auth default_with_listener" and others
1:32AM 5 maildirsize corruption
12:19AM 12 1.0rc25: double INBOX folder (weird)
Thursday March 1 2007
9:02PM 4 user_global_uid - tricky to set
4:43PM 2 Struggle with Postfix/Dovecot-auth and SASL
4:10PM 2 dovecot-example.conf glitches
2:23PM 8 Timeout while logging in
1:03PM 29 1.0.rc25 released
1:03PM 2 automaticly move expunded emails to trash Folder
1:01PM 1 Deleting when Over Quota
11:31AM 1 Dovecot Plugins - ACL
10:15AM 7 Thunderbird : open() failed with index file /home/XYZ/mail/.imap/Trash/dovecot.index: Not a directory
9:38AM 2 How to Prevent IMAP Folders being moved, deleted or renamed