dovecot - Feb 2007

Wednesday February 28 2007
8:31PM 1 permissions problem reading INBOX
8:12PM 1 Force "lower case" Folder Creation?
5:59PM 1 stability?
4:05PM 1 1.0rc_15 - imap-login disappearing
3:27PM 1 relay-ctrl works
1:03PM 1 Migrating to dovecot: non-empty mboxes
3:22AM 1 how to configure quota in horde
Tuesday February 27 2007
10:19PM 3 rc23 Problem - Assertion Failed
10:04PM 0 Capability dropping support patch
8:48PM 1 Fwd: RE: pid stamp on log entries?
7:13PM 2 Dovecot rc23 and rc24 freeze after authentication
4:57PM 0 Solaris problem & exim. Please ignore it.
1:50PM 1 dovecot-auth (1.0rc24) on Solaris seems broken.
10:05AM 2 quota - dict permission denied
Monday February 26 2007
11:31PM 1 Lower case flag characters ??
8:14PM 2 Certs file
7:40PM 1 pid stamp on log entries?
4:19PM 0 dovecot and ldap
2:45PM 2 Quota stored in LDAP
2:06PM 2 fs quota - what I am doing wrong?
Sunday February 25 2007
7:02PM 0 Updated SHA256 patch
Saturday February 24 2007
10:16PM 2 problem with NFS from Microsoft Windows Services for Unix
7:25PM 1 Bigcrypt password patch
5:25PM 1 (auth) killed with signal 11
3:48PM 1 openssl mkcert problem
2:58PM 2 SHA256 password patch
1:19AM 2 POP Problem
Friday February 23 2007
9:28PM 1 Setting up an email server
7:33PM 0 Simple patch
4:52PM 1 Sieve Vacation
11:39AM 0 Migration from courierpop3d (younger versions)
8:38AM 1 Event on Logout
7:06AM 1 rc19 - (_view_lookup_uid_range): assertion failed
6:09AM 2 Still issues with new message count...
2:30AM 3 Move deleted to trash
1:23AM 1 mail-log: Same log entry when one deletes/undeletes an e-mail.
Thursday February 22 2007
10:58PM 1 Strange new mail count
9:54PM 0 out-of-tree plugins and installed header files
6:48PM 5 1.0.rc24 released
6:10PM 3 Mixing POP and IMAP
2:03PM 0 Dovecot Quota + LDAP
11:19AM 1 Final LDAP issues
2:43AM 1 Understanding fcntl() error messages
Wednesday February 21 2007
5:26PM 4 Solaris/SSLonly/Lots of Users
3:59PM 2 Dovecot on Solaris x86?
3:22PM 1 Help with mysql-dspam-plugin
2:48PM 2 pop3_lock_session
1:56PM 1 segv when Mailbox is in inconsistent state, please relogin.
10:35AM 1 auth_user setting?
7:47AM 1 login and plain-md5 in sql query
6:32AM 1 False "new mail" warning from Thunderbird, using RC23
Tuesday February 20 2007
10:54PM 1 crash in mail_cache_transaction_reset on rc22
8:49PM 2 Convert plugin
6:39PM 1 Reading mail for Virtual and Real LDAP Users
1:15PM 3 rc22 segv when over quota
12:34PM 0 Apple Mail/Tiger Bug came up on the pf mailing list. . .
12:09PM 3 1.0.rc23 released
10:45AM 2 relocating indexes.
8:53AM 2 critical performance problem
8:45AM 1 Dovecot losing .mailboxlist files
4:00AM 1 Run fetchmail after login?
Monday February 19 2007
11:33PM 2 NTLM oddities
11:32PM 0 mbox assert crashes finally fixed?
10:32PM 2 startup script under FreeBSD 6.2 / dovecot-1.0rc22
10:04PM 0 Dovecot authentication problem
7:57PM 2 Replacing qmail + vpopmail with: sendmail + dovecot.
7:05PM 1 Replacing qmail + vpopmail with: sendmail + dovecot
6:51PM 1 Weird Issues with latest nightly (pre-rc23)
11:06AM 3 Crash: index-mail.c: line 790
Sunday February 18 2007
8:49PM 1 Possible Bug in quota-fs.c
4:47PM 1 MySQL question
Saturday February 17 2007
10:21PM 1 LDA plugins mail_plugin_dir
9:58PM 0 [Fwd: wrong dovecot GID while upgrading]
8:10PM 1 wrong dovecot GID while upgrading
4:51PM 2 LDAP auth load? (looking for advice)
2:34PM 1 upgrade from 1.0rc7
1:09PM 5 1.0.rc23 tomorrow
7:52AM 1 master password 'username contains disallowed character: 0x2a'
12:53AM 1 Reply-To header
12:44AM 2 Going nuts
Friday February 16 2007
11:14PM 1 filtering out LIST cruft?
3:53PM 1 Can't login in IMAP server
2:44PM 0 Where is auth_dovecot
9:43AM 1 Son't have IMAPS
12:35AM 2 My "fighting spam" article is live!
Thursday February 15 2007
8:42PM 1 Index Prob
8:08PM 2 domain truncated
7:42PM 1 Dovecot forward problems
5:56PM 4 I keep getting password mismatches
4:37PM 2 Wiki to doc/ in tarball
4:04PM 1 [Fwd: Compiler warnings]
3:14PM 1 Dovecot proxy question (hostname instead of ip)
1:18PM 1 strange LDA error
8:23AM 1 maildir and the separator for subfolder
4:15AM 1 Last login fields
1:45AM 1 Dovecot not responding
12:29AM 0 OT: looking for plugin developer
Wednesday February 14 2007
10:24PM 3 severe performance problem (mail cache related?)
4:46PM 0
3:18PM 1 .bz2 plugin?
3:09PM 3 DoveCot compression to save HDD space
2:01PM 1 who limit the process deliver number?
10:48AM 3 quota warning
8:33AM 1 Question about migration from tpop3d mbox -> Dovecot maildir
7:10AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Is it 1.0 yet?]
Tuesday February 13 2007
10:54PM 2 trash plugin sql
8:46PM 5 Is it 1.0 yet?
4:33PM 1 Chdir Permission Denied
3:22PM 0 Apple mail
2:53PM 2 Some users cannot login
2:08PM 2 lda quota in sql works but is ignored
12:48PM 1 Problems to put dovecot-ldap.conf working
9:45AM 1 error message after migration UW --> DOVECOT
2:01AM 1 pop3 via tls
Monday February 12 2007
9:59PM 1 PAM, NSS, and a new blocking=yes setting
9:55PM 1 Error message in logs
8:25PM 1 Problems with HUP'ing dovecot
8:23PM 1 incorrect quota reporting with dict quota
3:19PM 1 dovecot and libnss-ldap
8:38AM 5 dead bodies stacking up in Drafts folder
Sunday February 11 2007
7:17PM 1 Sieve Vacation virtual support?
6:42AM 2 [Fwd: Disable a User's email account]
Saturday February 10 2007
8:00PM 3 Reproducible duplicate messages bug with
3:38PM 1 where is the subfolders
11:58AM 1 Differences between IDLE when Maildir vs. wel the "mail" folder is used
9:55AM 1 help needed - dovecot-ldap authentication
3:14AM 1 mbox and dual-use folders?
3:01AM 1 Different classes of user
Friday February 9 2007
5:57PM 1 auto-detection of user mailbox type - followup
5:42PM 1 selective logging
12:48PM 1 Problem moving emails with attachments or HTML links
10:38AM 5 resilience suggestion
10:24AM 1 MD5-CRYPT passwords in a MySQL Database
9:50AM 0 LSUB * error solved on rc22
5:55AM 1 Rawlogs in freebsd?
1:41AM 1 info deleted messages imap
12:53AM 2 quota interferes with dovecot
12:10AM 1 Feature Request
Thursday February 8 2007
9:23PM 2 I wrote a managesieve server for Dovecot
4:27PM 1 Compiler warnings
3:12PM 1 Lda does not query pgsql
1:53PM 1 deliver LDA permission problem
5:59AM 2 migration question: "imap server directory"
3:30AM 1 why is there email in my mbox file?
Wednesday February 7 2007
5:11PM 1 mail_location and storage type
4:41PM 0 negative quota usage causes over-quota messages with dictionary quota backend
4:21PM 1 sieve plugin
4:01PM 1 PLAIN-MD5 password scheme with salt?
9:50AM 1 Folders compat. problem ?
12:38AM 1 imap crashes on deleting an e-mail with no message-id.
12:12AM 3 OTP?
Tuesday February 6 2007
10:22PM 1 Default domain name
9:06PM 2 POP3 UIDL
4:16PM 3 1.0.rc22 released
6:50AM 1 Problem with vpopmail auth
Monday February 5 2007
11:09PM 1 LDAP auth_bind=yes in rc21 = goodness
8:39PM 2 master user
7:10PM 2 Nitpicking: rc21 startup banner says rc19
6:09PM 1 Big problems after upgrade from beta8 (FC5) to rc21
4:07PM 2 --log-error and the mysterious "not starting" problem
3:40PM 1 URGENT: specify mailboc location
12:19AM 2 SSL error is it due to a self certified certificate?
Sunday February 4 2007
10:08PM 1 Problems enabling quota on MacOS X
Saturday February 3 2007
4:03PM 2 Trailer message
2:02PM 1 GSSAPI authentication behind HA servers
11:26AM 1 POP3-Proxy error
9:55AM 2 IMAP/POP3 server with proxy feature
4:30AM 2 error on pop3
Friday February 2 2007
9:25PM 1 minor kerberized dovecot build issue
7:58PM 1 Compile without GSSAPI disables SSL?
4:33PM 2 broken attachments with pop3
4:23PM 1 Strange Error in RC19
2:18PM 4 1.0.rc21 released
1:05PM 2 1.0.rc20 released
10:35AM 1 lstats on all files in Maildir when opening an e-mail.
3:47AM 1 mailbox corruption by pop3 access
Thursday February 1 2007
11:44PM 3 Planning a dovecot deployment: issues and questions
7:43PM 1 dspam plugin
7:24PM 1 leaking file descriptors? imap-login: inotify_init() failed
1:48PM 1 pop3 not working properly in 1.0.r19
1:22PM 0 Multiple Trash patch for DSPAM plugin
6:44AM 0 Making POP3 not retrieve deleted messages
4:12AM 1 mail_log plugin, log throttling and killing of the IMAP child.
3:38AM 2 start dovecot at boot
1:39AM 2 Indexing Performance Question (was tpop3d vs dovecot)
1:25AM 0 Mail Answered status flag in pine stopped working in rc19