asterisk users - Jan 2013

Thursday January 31 2013
5:56PM 0 (SOLVED) Call parking in a multi-tenant system
4:11PM 0 3Com 3101SP phone on Asterisk?
7:25AM 3 OT - Chan-mobile -Bluetooth dongle on remote LAN workstation
1:57AM 1 IVR Menu Sounds
Wednesday January 30 2013
6:21PM 3 Asterisk Messaging Refuses To Work!
5:26PM 5 sip register peer (the quest for near 100% availability)
6:28AM 2 #!/usr/bin/php -q unknown command
Tuesday January 29 2013
7:44PM 1 Auto Provisioning
4:01PM 0 Modify from header for anonymous call
11:58AM 1 Fast AGI library/support for C & C++
10:34AM 2 round-robin in asterisk 1.4
Monday January 28 2013
6:06PM 1 Configuration Required for Remove Queue Member
1:55PM 3 RPM updates
Saturday January 26 2013
2:06PM 1 Complex Call Distribution
4:52AM 1 asterisk 11's app_page options
Friday January 25 2013
4:39PM 1 How to implement "priority queuing" within a single queue ? [SOLVED]
4:22PM 2 How to implement "priority queuing" within a single queue ?
4:09PM 2 Quoting error with gotoiftime
2:20PM 1 Frames with invalid timing info
1:09PM 0 CEL / CELGenUserEvent via AGI / no error and no cel entry
Thursday January 24 2013
10:43PM 0 (no subject)
8:44PM 5 "clicking" sound with alaw codec
6:12PM 0 Planned maintenance for community services on January 24, 2013
6:11PM 1 How to assign the button on the IP Phone
4:46PM 7 question on SIP trunk and AMI to place call
3:34PM 2 g723 transcoding
3:03PM 1 How to assign the button on the IP Phone to a feature?
2:30PM 2 Asterisk 11 / Missing Application SetCallerPres
10:11AM 1 How configure asterisk server extension.conf.
9:37AM 3 DECT Solution
2:13AM 2 Uninitialized variable in main/pbx.c?
Wednesday January 23 2013
10:32PM 2 Asterisk 11 with t38modem 2.0: "488 Not acceptable here"
9:58PM 1 DAHDI: How to supress notification of changing CallerID on transfer?
5:20PM 3 Is there a need to secure RTP ports?
5:04PM 1 Problems with 'i' extension
4:33PM 0 Digium Phones. Can BLF keys be made to function during conversation?
10:09AM 1 Execute a script outside Asterisk
9:41AM 2 Realtime vs Static Files
3:23AM 1 DPMA and Sending fake auth rejection for device
2:36AM 0 2. Re: Does Asterisk support remove header from sip message?
Tuesday January 22 2013
11:22PM 2 Asterisk voicemail minimum length / silence settings
10:27PM 5 Integration with Social Media, Email and Web call center
10:25PM 0 Asterisk 11.2.1 Now Available
10:24PM 0 Asterisk 10.12.1 Now Available
10:24PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
8:27PM 4 Asterisk, Digium phones, and voicemail.
7:26PM 0 Audio not decrypted between Asterisk and encrypted client
9:40AM 2 Blind transfer behavior - Asterisk 1.8 and 10
7:57AM 1 two steps when calling from web!
7:54AM 2 Details process to configure Asterisk in CENTOS
3:38AM 4 Google voice with no voice
Monday January 21 2013
11:22PM 1 Queues and distributed device state over WAN
10:10PM 1 Function DB_KEYS()
10:07PM 2 MoH with message on intervals
7:34PM 0 Planned service outage for community services on January 21, 2013
6:03PM 8 Capture queue agent drop and put caller back in queue
5:35PM 0 Minimal pass-through T1 configuration?
1:21PM 2 OT - Desktop SIP phone with OpenVPN client
7:22AM 1 Does Asterisk support remove header from sip message?
Saturday January 19 2013
1:25AM 2 recrding calls
Friday January 18 2013
8:32PM 0 'Slower but cleaner' G711 option
7:26PM 1 Any timeframe for the release of the Asterisk 11<->Lumenvox connector bridge?
5:44PM 0 Voicemail and recordings storage: best practices
4:06PM 3 Annoying delay after main server goes down
3:22PM 2 rtptimeout: how to detect it in dialplan?
3:22PM 0 Only silence trying to play streaming MOH
5:26AM 2 Delay in call asterisk
3:28AM 1 Open source asterisk GUI options
Thursday January 17 2013
11:32PM 2 Mail list settings?
11:26PM 0 fw: Re: Conf Bridge
8:42PM 0 Email and web chat call center
8:05PM 3 Need Help
8:02PM 1 Conf Bridge
4:29PM 1 How to give users the capability to set CDR userfield for some calls
12:29PM 0 How to exclude non-queue calls from recording ?
11:27AM 2 Question about "directmedia" or "canreinvite" in sip.conf
8:54AM 1 g729 codec over SIP Trunk between CCM and Asterisk
Wednesday January 16 2013
9:44PM 1 N Priority in Mysql
6:20PM 1 Issue after upgrade to 1.8.20 - Unable to connect to remote asterisk message on service asterisk start
1:28PM 1 Asterisk 11- Answer with [m=image 0 udptl t38] and Call Drop
11:29AM 1 OT - Which Call Center class wireless headet with bluetooth connectivity ?
12:06AM 2 special conference room
Tuesday January 15 2013
9:02PM 4 Getting UDPTL (SIP): Transmission error: Resource temporarily unavailable
8:58PM 1 Call parking in a multi-tenant system
7:11PM 0 Planned service outage for community services on January 16th, 2013
6:32PM 0 Asterisk, DNS SRV, 1.8
3:08PM 0 Reporting Utility
3:08PM 0 Telephony card in Thecus N4800
11:01AM 1 POSTing recorded audio stream
9:05AM 1 AGI command
8:59AM 0 param sayduration of mailbox
4:36AM 1 Followme Killing Asterisk
Monday January 14 2013
10:29PM 1 gtalk only working with ulaw???
9:22PM 0 Asterisk 11.2.0 Now Available
9:21PM 0 Asterisk 10.12.0 Now Available
9:21PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
3:42PM 0 Asterisk 10.12.0 - Final Maintenance Release of Asterisk 10
3:33PM 8 block one number in incoming calls
7:33AM 0 asterisk is responding with 200 ok to Subscribe.
6:23AM 1 php programming for working with asterisk
Sunday January 13 2013
2:17AM 2 Recorded reminders
Friday January 11 2013
9:06PM 3 How often to restart Asterisk...
3:50PM 2 Single = sign and double == sign.What is the difference and when to use the two properly?
3:34PM 2 FW: Correct auth, but based on stale nonce received from
11:35AM 4 Set Language for VoiceMailMain
10:22AM 2 Which tool to edit custom reports from CDR and queues logs ?
8:22AM 1 Undefined problem Asterisk problem
1:28AM 1 Playing music through VoIP handsets while on hook
Thursday January 10 2013
10:32PM 0 Manager event for hint subscribe
7:22PM 1 Segmentation fault after upgrading from asterisk-10.5.0 to asterisk-11.1.2
5:00PM 2 Asterisk
2:23PM 4 Call Disconnected by Caller or Agent
2:03PM 1 Your thoughts and opinions on Asterisk 11 for production use
1:04PM 0 403 for SUBSCRIBE methos
Wednesday January 9 2013
6:16PM 13 DIDForSale spam
3:05PM 6 IVR platform for a mobile operator
6:06AM 0 .call file retry issue in Asterisk-10.11.1
Tuesday January 8 2013
3:24PM 7 Streaming/Recording audio
11:36AM 1 Monitor extensions status.
7:14AM 0 Asterisk 11; WEBRTC firefox nightly build fingeprint
Monday January 7 2013
10:17PM 1 echo from channel bank
9:57PM 5 IAX2 support of video
8:10PM 5 Paging unit suggestions
6:22PM 7 Outoing Calls Motif Google Voice Calls Ring After Pick-up
1:30PM 0 Member stay busy after hangup a call in queue
Sunday January 6 2013
11:36PM 1 Malicious traffic comming from
9:18AM 2 PRI (Primary-NTT)
1:55AM 1 Get CONNECTEDLINE info from other Asterisk system via IAX2
Saturday January 5 2013
10:16PM 3 Limit registration concurrency per friend
1:37AM 8 Detect Low Quality Calls - Realtime
Friday January 4 2013
10:45PM 2 Calender and EWS with shared calenders
8:56PM 1 Unable to build DAHDI
3:16PM 0 Asterisk + Huawei K3765
2:21PM 0 T38MaxBitRate issue on fax passthrough
2:17PM 1 Polycom IP6000 upgrading and looping
1:39PM 2 MaxCallBR Peer Setting
10:26AM 0 WebM / VP8 support
Thursday January 3 2013
9:13PM 3 faxdetect on/off on the fly?
5:47PM 5 Moving User Agent To Remote Location
3:38PM 1 Build asterisk for VIA C3
3:13PM 2 Verizon SIP "trunking" Field Trial
11:08AM 0 Asterisk 11.1.2 Now Available (Security Release)
6:23AM 1 User busy issue in A400P 4 FXO card
Wednesday January 2 2013
11:39PM 3 DAHDI: How to know since when it is used? How to shutdown after max time?
11:08PM 0 Telecom Best Practices
10:49PM 8 Auto ban IP addresses
10:45PM 0 Speaking opportunities at Digium Asterisk World/IT Expo - Miami Beach - 1/31 and 2/1
9:24PM 0 AST-2012-015: Denial of Service Through Exploitation of Device State Caching
9:23PM 0 AST-2012-014: Crashes due to large stack allocations when using TCP
8:30PM 3 Asterisk as answering machine
3:27PM 0 Asterisk 1.8.11-cert10,, 10.11.1, 10.11.1-digiumphones, 11.1.1 Now Available (Security Release)
2:55PM 6 Asterisk for Razberry Pi
2:01PM 3 Dialing out and recording
Tuesday January 1 2013
12:29AM 0 Question on Confbridge menu item dialplan_exec