asterisk users - Mar 2012

Friday March 30 2012
6:16PM 2 keep dst cdr record if context change
5:20PM 0 any enum test number of tree?
5:00PM 2 Free calls to the uS question
3:22PM 3 T.38 gateway patch against Asterisk
9:14AM 3 concurrent channels limit
Thursday March 29 2012
11:52PM 0 How to force codec transcoding?
8:05PM 0 Asterisk 10.3.0 Now Available
8:04PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
7:09PM 1 Mute DTMF
5:58PM 1 DAHDI works, but returns CHANUNAVAIL ??
2:33PM 1 AGI variables being wrong
1:41PM 1 SIP jitter and packlost channel variables
12:44PM 2 IVR functionalities: saying the numbers, saying the date, ... etc
12:43PM 1 Types of bridging
2:45AM 0 asterisk-users Digest, Vol 92, Issue 43
Wednesday March 28 2012
8:31PM 1 Realtime mapping for 'queue_log' found to engine 'odbc', but the engine is not available - why not?
9:49AM 0 Asterisk and chat
5:13AM 0 Is Asterisk Support RFC-5168
2:27AM 0 How to stop ringing when incoming PSTN call is answered externally?
Tuesday March 27 2012
1:27PM 0 Best Way to Send Fax on Sangoma ?
12:06PM 0 chan_sip.c:3641 retrans_pkt: Retransmission timeout
11:25AM 1 Dynamic hint from db?
11:09AM 0 Fwd: Re: Authentication: username and password, also to be from the LAN
8:59AM 2 Outbound DID: in sip.conf or dialplan or db?
6:25AM 0 Cdr Logs modify Disposition on Unsuccessful call
12:02AM 2 T.38 troubles
Monday March 26 2012
10:41PM 1 Collaboration Call Center Integrated with Asterisk "web and email"
5:11PM 1 Authentication: username and password, also to be from the LAN
3:47AM 1 Settings problems of Asterisk as client
Sunday March 25 2012
8:56AM 9 Routing premature media to the calling channel
Friday March 23 2012
9:26PM 0 Adding custom SIP Headers in SIP Response
9:10PM 1 Silent Monitoring and Meetme
3:02PM 0 ITSPA 2012 Award for Open Source VoIP Projects
10:31AM 2 [OT] FreePBX + Trunk over VPN + Local LAN
9:30AM 3 How to add prefix in Extensions.Conf
Thursday March 22 2012
10:50PM 4 Official numbering plan - where to get?
10:11PM 0 AgiOperations.getData--- all digits doubled
3:27PM 5 Problem installing asterisk 10.1.3 on SUSE
11:31AM 1 Freepbx and Http proxies
10:57AM 1 Sip insecure
Wednesday March 21 2012
7:04PM 4 Asterisk generating backtrace
3:36PM 2 Bridging an Answered call in Asterisk with another call
12:45PM 3 8-span TE820 card and interrupts
12:27PM 4 fallback to default extension
10:21AM 0 Using asterisk as a waiting queue for agents registered to an outside IPBX // Display problems
7:09AM 0 AMR Codec with Asterisk
4:36AM 2 All circuits are busy now on outgoing trunk call
Tuesday March 20 2012
4:11PM 0 Outgoing trunk is restricted to g.729 but need ulaw
3:36PM 1 Cut off + sign in telephonenumber
12:02PM 2 ODBC connection does not reconnect after network interruption
9:15AM 1 Which SIP phone "comply" with COLP feature
1:38AM 1 Caller id on follow me
Monday March 19 2012
10:48PM 0 FW: Distinctive Ring on parked call timeout
10:43PM 0 Distinctive Ring on parked call timeout
9:35PM 1 Voicemail: Tool to check the voicemail, and sending it to email
8:51PM 0 Dynamic Hints?
4:20PM 3 unsubscribe
3:41PM 1 Asterisk ring tone in the background after call sucessfully answered.
1:24PM 1 Remove Dynamically Created Parking Lots
1:09PM 0 Call Parking and billing seconds
12:37AM 1 Park Bug?
Sunday March 18 2012
11:25PM 1 FOP2 in Digium repository?
6:53PM 1 INVITE retransmission by 1.8... (Steve Murphy)
2:22PM 1 10.2.1 res_fax : "Unexpected command after page received..."
12:46AM 0 INVITE retransmission by 1.8...
Saturday March 17 2012
10:40PM 0 EWS Calendar support
5:41AM 0 Ulaw
Friday March 16 2012
7:13PM 1 wct4xxp Interrupts not detected with dahdi 2.6, but working ok with 2.5
5:28PM 1 a2billing script
Thursday March 15 2012
10:05PM 0 AST-2012-003: Stack Buffer Overflow in HTTP Manager
10:04PM 0 AST-2012-002: Remote Crash Vulnerability in Milliwatt Application
6:52PM 1 Asterisk 1.8.4 polycom sp650
5:20PM 0 Asterisk 1.4.44,,, 10.2.1 Now Available (Security Releases)
4:44PM 1 disable dahdi pri
3:45PM 7 Reliable SIP Trunk Provider
3:29PM 1 External callerid issues using Q931 against Toshiba Strata
3:04PM 1 Caller ID not working in DAHDI 2.6.0
12:54AM 1 Asterisk 10 and AMR?
Wednesday March 14 2012
8:30PM 0 Grandstream GXP20XX BLF lamps stop working soon after a phone reboot.
7:13PM 2 Getting Remote UNIX connection disconnected
5:49PM 1 Normal ringing tone for the caller, while call waiting.
5:31PM 1 Polycom CX3000 IP with Asterisk?
5:27PM 1 libpri error??
11:02AM 0 how to debug udp daemon of asterisk
Tuesday March 13 2012
9:51PM 3 Getting Mac Address on connected IP phones
5:53PM 0 ISDN, overlap and open dialing plans (Olivier)
5:38PM 2 Low cost BRI gateway
2:30PM 3 DAHDI_SPANCONFIG failed on span 1: No such device or address (6)
1:37PM 0 ISDN, overlap and open dialing plans
12:50PM 2 how to show used "wrong password"
10:58AM 1 How can I get SIP/SDP values to a variable?
7:37AM 2 Installing Dahdi, libpri of different versions in one pc
2:09AM 2 remote UPDATE command
Monday March 12 2012
10:52PM 12 Rate sheet "normalization"
7:39PM 1 Very slow faxing with Fax For Asterisk
6:04PM 6 Capacity of single instance of Asterisk
Sunday March 11 2012
7:40PM 0 Transparent Elastix 2.2 fax receiving problem
12:05PM 1 "alaw = 1-2" in system.conf (dahdi) not working in UK
Saturday March 10 2012
8:27PM 4 AGI and retreiving data, how to use this data in extensions.conf
4:42PM 2 DAHDISendCallreroutingFacility
3:36PM 0 CBeyond SIP/connect and Asterisk 1.8
3:34PM 0 selling against ms lync
9:18AM 1 SPA3102 asterisk signaling
Friday March 9 2012
9:16PM 2 dreaded one-way audio with nat=yes
8:18AM 3 app_rpt
Thursday March 8 2012
11:33PM 1 Using the h and DeadAGI
8:52PM 0 Latency in ConfBridge conferences
5:45PM 0 [ Re: [asterisk-dev] Proposal for DAHDI-trunk: deprecate old kernels]
4:28PM 0 Fwd: Do you know how Asterisk came to be?
3:32PM 1 Commercial SSL certs on Asterisk with Polycom phones for encrypted calls using TLS and SRTP?
8:40AM 2 Processed Call Counter
8:15AM 1 Asterisk proces memory increase
Wednesday March 7 2012
10:51PM 1 [Slightly OT] Audiocodes Mediant Failover Routing with Asterisk
9:41PM 3 IVR: Dealing with database and returned variables
9:40PM 1 Multi-record SRV records
4:03PM 1 Finish ChanSpy() when channel spied hangs up
10:44AM 1 MeetMe or ConfBridge live meeting Streaming to the internet.
9:29AM 1 Asterisk Problem With Logger
12:28AM 4 Ongoing attack from
Tuesday March 6 2012
5:05PM 2 Compiling asterisk with mysql support
12:22AM 1 Group write permissions /etc/asterisk/.
Monday March 5 2012
4:41PM 4 Link2VoIP going out of business! Now what?
2:54PM 1 Call notification on IP Telephone
1:40PM 0 Asterisk 10.2.0 Now Available
1:40PM 0 Asterisk Now Available
12:34PM 4 RPM availability -- [asterisk-announce] Asterisk Now Available
10:47AM 1 sip tls problem
10:41AM 1 asterisk channel.c: Channel allocation failed
6:37AM 2 configure my voip provider
Saturday March 3 2012
7:17PM 2 sip proxy
Friday March 2 2012
6:46PM 1 No compatible codecs, not accepting this offer
3:32PM 3 Problem with ReceiveFax
11:35AM 3 use of Read cmd with AGI
9:53AM 1 Asterisk and SQL Server (MS SQL) - Asterisk doesn't close connections in pool
6:57AM 1 ph_tor3_e1.c
6:22AM 2 Asterisk CDRs
12:35AM 2 Digium FXS specifications and limits Question
Thursday March 1 2012
9:04PM 1 Difference between busy / unavailable greetings in an environment with call waiting
6:11PM 0 Fujitsu or Mitel PBX's
6:06PM 1 using AMI and Telnet to place calls
10:32AM 6 SS7 Disposition
10:05AM 2 Line noise/hiss on Openvox A400P card on FXO
8:40AM 0 AMI: Local Channels
7:31AM 0 for help