zfs discuss - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
2:26PM 8 Sidebar to ZFS Availability discussion
Saturday August 30 2008
10:42PM 0 ZFS filesystems vanish from pool on reboot !
7:56PM 6 EMC - top of the table for efficiency, how well would ZFS do?
Friday August 29 2008
10:11PM 1 ZFS noob question
3:19PM 16 Proposed 2540 and ZFS configuration
12:25PM 3 Repairing a Root Pool
10:29AM 9 ZFS, Kernel Panic on import
Thursday August 28 2008
4:25PM 3 xVM GRUB entry incorrect with ZFS root
1:42PM 4 liveupgrade ufs root -> zfs ?
1:23PM 0 trouble with resilver after removing drive from 3510
1:11PM 8 eWeek: corrupt file brought down FAA''s antiquated IT system
11:28AM 0 ZFS boot reservations
11:06AM 2 zpool import sees two pools
8:45AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Review for 6729208 Optimize macros in sys/byteorder.h (due Sept. 3)]
8:08AM 47 Availability: ZFS needs to handle disk removal / driver failure better
Wednesday August 27 2008
8:29PM 5 Subversion repository on ZFS
6:08PM 22 ZFS Pools 1+TB
5:50PM 1 Can a iSCS-targetI and CIFIS-share co-exist?
7:59AM 8 [Fwd: File system size reduction]
1:00AM 1 df output for ZFS
Tuesday August 26 2008
11:12PM 8 ZFS boot and LU
4:33PM 0 ZFS + Alternate boot
3:11PM 0 Sun Case #66059709
2:57PM 1 ZFS Memory Usage - System out of Memory
2:49PM 2 Problem using zfs on external HDD
12:53PM 2 NFS shares don''t come back online with pool
12:40PM 0 Corrupted data in a mirror, can''t detach it
12:29PM 0 zpool is getting checksum errors
10:54AM 5 Problem w/ b95 + ZFS (version 11) - seeing fair number of errors on multiple machines
9:10AM 3 ZFS automatic snapshots 0.11 Early Access
Monday August 25 2008
8:02PM 0 Q : relayout disks
7:02PM 5 Unable to import zpool since system hang during zfs destroy
2:00AM 3 about variable block size
Sunday August 24 2008
7:07PM 1 [Q] Am I misunderstanding snapshotting and zfs send/recv or is it really this complicated?
4:16PM 4 Can ZFS delete snapshots automatically?
4:06AM 95 ZFS hangs/freezes after disk failure, resumes when disk is replaced
12:01AM 1 Interesting screwup. suggestions?
Friday August 22 2008
8:30PM 5 Upgrading my ZFS server
5:54PM 2 zpool autoexpand property - HowTo question
5:38PM 0 boot device != zfs root pool device : Is it possible?
12:39PM 2 Couple of ZFS panics...
11:55AM 21 zpool import hangs
6:34AM 9 Possible to do a stripe vdev?
4:15AM 36 Best layout for 15 disks?
Thursday August 21 2008
4:51PM 3 ZFS handling of many files
12:55PM 6 error found while scubbing, how to fix it?
9:08AM 0 filter disk names from a ZPool
Wednesday August 20 2008
11:31PM 0 Question: Disable ACL on ZFS filesystem
6:11PM 9 ZFS with Traditional SAN
5:41PM 10 SSD update
4:59PM 1 [indiana-discuss] [Fwd: beadm: Unable to activate opensolaris-x (build 95)]
4:23PM 8 Help! Possible with b80 and newest ZFS?
11:04AM 9 ARCSTAT Kstat Definitions
10:20AM 2 ETA on zpool vdev removal?
5:17AM 15 CF to SATA adapters for boot device
Tuesday August 19 2008
5:16PM 5 Setup idea
Monday August 18 2008
6:04PM 9 OpenSolaris installer can''t be run, if target ZFS pool exists.
2:43PM 3 Zfs and mpxio - device name changed
11:06AM 24 shrinking a zpool - roadmap
Sunday August 17 2008
10:35PM 3 ZFS commands hanging in B95
Saturday August 16 2008
1:41AM 14 C code for reading ZFS ACL
Friday August 15 2008
11:02PM 4 Moving a ZFS root to another target
8:48PM 6 zpool detach from degraded mirror : why "only applicable to mirror ..." ?
10:30AM 0 installing OpenSolaris not easy-how does someone simply upgrade snv94 t
6:32AM 5 Live resize/grow of iscsi shared ZVOL
Thursday August 14 2008
7:49PM 4 Jumpstart + ZFS boot: profile?
10:23AM 1 Mac Mini (OS X 10.5.4) with globalSAN
Wednesday August 13 2008
4:52PM 2 marvell88sx patch
12:58PM 6 ZFS + MPXIO + SRDF
12:05AM 11 GUI support for ZFS root?
Tuesday August 12 2008
8:31PM 4 Thumper, ZFS and performance
2:17PM 2 ZFS, SATA, LSI and stability
12:05PM 1 URGENT: ZFS issue - can''t import in degraded state
1:24AM 14 integrated failure recovery thoughts
Monday August 11 2008
5:09AM 6 ZFS configuration and performance questions.
2:04AM 17 x4500 dead HDD, hung server, unable to boot.
Sunday August 10 2008
7:52PM 0 (no subject)
7:18PM 2 How to zpool add a logical partition
11:18AM 15 corrupt zfs stream? checksum mismatch
Saturday August 9 2008
1:26AM 0 ZFS write pauses and how TXG groups work
Friday August 8 2008
2:38PM 1 [install-discuss] lucreate into New ZFS pool
7:42AM 2 resilver in progress - which disk is inconsistent?
Thursday August 7 2008
8:47PM 5 Poor ZFS performance when file system is close to full
4:16PM 4 Shared ZFS in Multi-boot?
2:44PM 27 FW: Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 hang when drive removed
11:20AM 21 Kernel panic at zpool import
Wednesday August 6 2008
8:01PM 2 zfs crash CR6727355 marked incomplete
5:31PM 1 Strange burstiness in write speed with a mirror
5:31PM 16 ZFS on 32bit.
4:56PM 0 zfs status -v tries too hard?
1:20PM 54 more ZFS recovery
12:49AM 0 ZFS cache flushes and 6540 disk array - fixed
Tuesday August 5 2008
9:00PM 3 force a reset/reinheit zfs acls?
7:59PM 4 Block unification in ZFS
6:59PM 7 Checksum error: which of my files have failed scrubbing?
1:11PM 0 implications of using whole disk and other OS
12:36PM 5 OpenSolaris+ZFS+RAIDZ+VirtualBox - ready for production systems?
11:31AM 0 ZFS and disk partitioning
Monday August 4 2008
8:26PM 2 Can''t see files on client
6:58PM 0 NexentaStor API & Windows SDK published
5:18PM 16 zpool upgrade wrecked GRUB
3:30PM 9 Zpool import not working - I broke my pool...
8:53AM 1 S10u6, zfs and zones
3:46AM 8 help me....
1:56AM 1 how to make two disks of one pool mirror both readable separately.
Sunday August 3 2008
6:44PM 1 Scrubbing only checks used data?
5:19PM 0 Setting up a zpool that can attached to a failover zone
7:31AM 2 ZFS vs FAT
Saturday August 2 2008
8:51PM 4 checksum errors after online''ing device
3:40PM 2 Compress a Root Pool?
1:46PM 13 are these errors dangerous
6:02AM 1 Pogo Linux ships NexentaStor pre-installed boxes
12:56AM 6 Booting from a USB HD
12:53AM 1 How to get a file''s crtime attribute from a znode?
12:33AM 5 Disabling disks'' write-cache in J4200 with ZFS?
Friday August 1 2008
11:12PM 6 ''legacy'' mount after installing B95
10:45PM 1 Announcing the OpenSolaris Storage Summit
9:43PM 1 Diagnosing problems after botched upgrade - grub busted
8:12PM 3 ZFS with Samba and the "previous versions"-tab under Windows explorer
5:11PM 0 What''s the best way to get pool vdev structure information?
9:35AM 3 ButterFS
5:25AM 9 Replacing the boot HDDs in x4500