zfs discuss - Nov 2007

Friday November 30 2007
1:23AM 0 ISCSI LUNs changing size and losing ACLs
Thursday November 29 2007
4:18PM 10 ZFS write time performance question
3:22PM 0 install notes for zfs root.
1:04PM 1 Multiple ZFS partitions on overlapping region of USB stick
12:08PM 2 Changing all the underlying device names...
7:20AM 15 x4500 w/ small random encrypted text files
Wednesday November 28 2007
9:59PM 0 open source ZFS documentation
8:10PM 1 ZFS write frequency
3:58PM 2 Lock when booting on SATA disk with ZFS
3:25PM 0 PROPOSAL: Open Solaris Forensics Toolkit Project
1:38PM 22 xVm blockers!
2:27AM 0 [storage-discuss] SAN arrays with NVRAM cache : ZIL and zfs_nocacheflush
Tuesday November 27 2007
11:45PM 0 running both client and server on the same server
10:58PM 2 Expanding a Harware RAID 5 Array vdev in ZFS?
6:17PM 0 zpool detech hangs causes other zpool commands, format, df etc.. to hang
2:22PM 4 SAN arrays with NVRAM cache : ZIL and zfs_nocacheflush
7:52AM 40 Trial x4500, zfs with NFS and quotas.
2:41AM 5 odd slog behavior on B70
Monday November 26 2007
9:29PM 0 snapshot rollback problem ?
8:34PM 4 some ZFS issues
4:21PM 2 ZFSboot : Initial disk layout
Sunday November 25 2007
2:45AM 2 Corrupted pool
Saturday November 24 2007
4:53AM 0 Some questions about Intent Log Devices
Friday November 23 2007
10:07AM 1 R/W ZFS on Leopard Question -or- Where''s my 40MB?
Thursday November 22 2007
9:07PM 3 Questions from a windows admin - Samba, shares & quotas
8:11PM 3 ZFS & Lustre
6:27PM 4 cifs server?
5:17AM 9 Home Motherboard
2:55AM 9 ZFS layout recommendations
12:48AM 4 User-visible non-blocking / atomic ops in ZFS
Wednesday November 21 2007
8:11PM 5 Problem with sharing multiple zfs file systems
6:34PM 7 iSCSI target using ZFS filesystem as backing
3:09PM 2 offlining a storage pool
Tuesday November 20 2007
11:13PM 2 which would be faster
6:48PM 1 snv-76 panics on installation
6:02PM 1 raidz2 testing
4:02PM 1 NFS performance considerations (Linux vs Solaris)
3:58PM 5 Why did resilvering restart?
12:17PM 16 ZFS snapshot GUI
3:42AM 0 Indexing other than hash tables
2:27AM 2 reslivering
2:20AM 2 Oops (accidentally deleted replaced drive)
Monday November 19 2007
11:33PM 4 raidz2
10:53PM 0 [storage-discuss] OpenSolaris Wish List - Questions about ZFS prioritized resilvering
12:07PM 1 Recommended settings for dom0_mem when using zfs
5:20AM 0 Solaris 8/07 Zfs Raidz NFS dies during iozone test on client host
Sunday November 18 2007
8:09PM 1 exporting a zfs pool from SPARC to x86
12:16PM 4 pls discontinue troll bait (hold on!)
Saturday November 17 2007
3:16AM 16 pls discontinue troll bait was: Yager on ZFS and ZFS + DB + "fragments"
12:35AM 11 slog tests on read throughput exhaustion (NFS)
Friday November 16 2007
10:30PM 19 zpool io to 6140 is really slow
6:57PM 0 Need a 2-port PCI-X SATA-II controller for x86
3:19PM 0 ZFS children stepping on parent
1:23PM 1 How to destory a faulted pool
12:49PM 1 Slightly Off-Topic: Decent replication on Solaris using rNFS.
9:52AM 0 ZFS mirror and sun STK 2540 FC array
Thursday November 15 2007
11:13PM 3 read/write NFS block size and ZFS
11:04PM 0 zfs mount -a intermittent
9:53PM 0 ZFS implimentations
5:19PM 0 [fuse-discuss] cannot mount ''mypool'': Input/output error
3:39PM 1 ZFS snapshot send/receive via intermediate device
3:22PM 2 cannot mount ''mypool'': Input/output error
2:01PM 6 ZFS for consumers WAS:Yager on ZFS
6:05AM 2 internal error: Bad file number
Wednesday November 14 2007
5:40PM 7 How to create ZFS pool ?
3:01PM 2 Is ZFS stable in OpenSolaris?
11:16AM 0 iSCSI on ZFS with Linux initiator
8:02AM 0 space_map.c ''ss == NULL'' panic strikes back.
Tuesday November 13 2007
5:32PM 3 zpool status can not detect the vdev removed?
5:25PM 0 in a zpool consist of regular files, when I remove the file vdev, zpool status can not detect?
11:25AM 12 zfs on a raid box
9:20AM 1 Securing a risky situation with zfs
6:57AM 42 ZFS + DB + "fragments"
2:28AM 0 zdb internals?
Monday November 12 2007
3:32PM 3 Intent Log removal
12:35AM 1 Missing zpool devices, what are the options
Saturday November 10 2007
8:00PM 2 Best hardware
3:19PM 0 FW: Zvol ignores size argument on SXU4 + 127111-03 && 127728-02
3:18PM 0 Adding devices to a zone on SXU4 + 127111-03 && 127728-02
Friday November 9 2007
7:14PM 11 Count objects/inodes
12:21AM 3 Major problem with a new ZFS setup
Thursday November 8 2007
9:21PM 5 mdb ::memstat including zfs buffer details?
11:08AM 1 3rd posting: ZFS question (case 65730249)
7:56AM 8 ZFS + DB + default blocksize
Wednesday November 7 2007
11:02PM 0 Having some odd ZFS performance issues
9:33PM 4 Error: "Volume size exceeds limit for this system"
6:20PM 8 Suggestion/Request: ZFS-aware rm command
3:42PM 1 zpool: 98% and zfs 100% usage !?
10:08AM 1 CIFS and user-visible snapshots
1:33AM 0 Space consumed by zfs metadata
12:49AM 5 Slow file system access on zfs
12:46AM 0 ZFS accessed via nfs is slow
Tuesday November 6 2007
9:56PM 2 Partial ZFS Space Recovery
11:49AM 1 ZFS and clustering - wrong place?
Monday November 5 2007
7:33PM 2 Unreasonably high sys utilization during file create operations.
11:22AM 3 Filesystem Community? [was: SquashFS port, interested?]
9:26AM 0 [Fwd: [Fwd: MySQL benchmark]]
Sunday November 4 2007
11:24PM 1 SXDE vs Solaris 10u4 for a home file server
2:21PM 1 How to clear an old ZFS fault?
6:10AM 2 ZFS and Veritas Cluster Server
3:17AM 7 Status of Samba/ZFS integration
Saturday November 3 2007
11:59PM 3 zpool.cache
2:45PM 0 CIFS/SMB in (Open)Solaris kernel
Friday November 2 2007
8:10PM 11 Recommended many-port SATA controllers for budget ZFS
7:14PM 2 ZFS Jumpstart integration and the amazing invisible zpool.cache
6:20PM 2 What is the correct way to replace a good disk?
4:29PM 7 Force SATA1 on AOC-SAT2-MV8
2:16PM 3 Backport of vfs_zfsacl.c to samba 3.0.26a
4:02AM 0 New versions of ZFS SMF services - snapshots & backups
2:02AM 0 Odd zpool status error
1:15AM 1 How does Resilver works?
Thursday November 1 2007
8:36PM 28 ZFS very slow under xVM
4:37PM 6 first public offering of NexentaStor
3:08PM 2 Internal Drives
6:25AM 3 the number of mount points
12:05AM 1 ZFS Training