zfs discuss - Sep 2006

Friday September 29 2006
8:37PM 4 Snapshotting a pool ?
7:36PM 0 mirror issues
4:09PM 5 please remove my ignorance of raiding and mirroring
2:15PM 6 Fastest way to send 100gb ( with ZFS send )
1:17PM 1 moving fs from a dead box
5:43AM 2 How to make an extended LUN size known to ZFS and Solaris
Thursday September 28 2006
3:29PM 13 jbod questions
2:55PM 15 mkdir == zfs create
9:49AM 2 Question: vxvm/dmp or zfs/mpxio
Wednesday September 27 2006
9:09PM 2 Question: created non global zone with ZFS underneath the root filesystem
4:53PM 6 destroy pool by id?
2:30PM 5 Automounting ? (idea ?)
8:04AM 1 incorrect link for dmu_tx.c in ZFS Source Code tour
Tuesday September 26 2006
7:57PM 13 Metaslab alignment on RAID-Z
1:21PM 6 panic during recv
Monday September 25 2006
9:10PM 0 Good PCI controllers for Nevada?
8:23PM 0 Recommendations for ZFS and databases
8:14PM 1 Customer problem with zfs
3:50PM 0 [Fwd: RESEND: [Fwd: Queston: after installing SunMC 3.6.1 ability to view the ZFS gui has disappeared]]
9:32AM 0 Permissions on snapshot directories
8:10AM 13 problem ZFS / NFS from FreeBSD nfsv3 client -- periodic NFS server not resp
Saturday September 23 2006
9:59PM 1 Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zfs-discuss
Friday September 22 2006
6:53PM 2 I''m dancin'' in the streets
6:05PM 8 slow reads question...
1:38PM 4 Info on OLTP Perf
9:36AM 11 Newbie in ZFS
12:37AM 5 Building large home file server with SATA
Thursday September 21 2006
8:56PM 1 [Fwd: Queston: after installing SunMC 3.6.1 ability to view the ZFS gui has disappeared]
8:08PM 4 how do I find out if I am on a zfs filesystem
1:16PM 0 ZFS Available Space
11:25AM 2 zfs gets confused with multiple faults involving hot spares
10:27AM 4 zpool wrongly recognizes disk size
8:29AM 8 live upgrade incompability
Wednesday September 20 2006
11:44PM 5 Veritas NetBackup Support for ZFS
2:04PM 2 is there any way to merge pools and zfs file systems together?
10:45AM 2 Some questions about how to organize ZFS-based filestorage
Tuesday September 19 2006
9:40PM 4 Disk Layout for New Storage Server
7:30PM 1 zfs scrub question
3:00PM 1 ztune
1:42PM 0 Pool shrinking
9:22AM 5 Possible file corruption on a ZFS mirror
4:40AM 4 slow zpool create ( and format )
Monday September 18 2006
3:45PM 7 drbd using zfs send/receive?
3:05PM 1 zpool iostat
9:24AM 22 ZFS and HDS ShadowImage
9:08AM 0 Physical Clone of zpool
2:30AM 1 zpool df mypool
Sunday September 17 2006
8:29PM 2 ZFS layout on hardware RAID-5?
7:56PM 12 Re: low disk performance
5:22AM 1 mounting during boot
Saturday September 16 2006
1:24PM 0 versioning with zfs like clearcase is this possible?
Friday September 15 2006
7:45PM 1 no automatic clearing of "zoned" eh?
7:43PM 8 reslivering, how long will it take?
6:00PM 0 how to hide files on zfs or a bug
2:17PM 1 [Blade 150] ZFS: extreme low performance
11:22AM 1 Archiving on ZFS
1:35AM 2 zfs panic installing a brandz zone
Thursday September 14 2006
8:11PM 13 Access to ZFS checksums would be nice and very useful feature
4:16PM 1 Remounting ZFS formatted disk after system reinstall
5:50AM 1 any update on zfs root/boot ?
Wednesday September 13 2006
10:55PM 7 Importing ZFS filesystems across architectures...
10:36PM 2 zfs and Oracle ASM
9:27PM 0 how to list clones for a snapshot
6:04PM 2 Loss of compression with send/receive
5:40PM 8 zpool always thinks it''s mounted on another system
5:14PM 16 Comments on a ZFS multiple use of a pool, RFE.
2:38PM 10 Snapshots and backing store
1:46PM 2 when zfs enabled java
1:11PM 0 zfs receive kernel panics the machine
10:52AM 0 ''zfs mirror as backup'' status?
7:44AM 38 ZFS imported simultanously on 2 systems...
Tuesday September 12 2006
9:41PM 2 How to NOT mount a ZFS storage pool/ZFS file system?
8:59PM 5 marvel cards.. as recommended
5:40PM 11 Memory Usage
5:24PM 1 sys_mount problem
3:58PM 6 System hang caused by a "bad" snapshot
1:21PM 8 Bizzare problem with ZFS filesystem
Monday September 11 2006
11:46PM 95 Proposal: multiple copies of user data
8:02PM 7 ZFS API (again!), need quotactl(7I)
7:10PM 5 zfs share=".foo-internal.bar.edu" on multiple interfaces?
11:20AM 4 ZFS and free space
Sunday September 10 2006
5:06PM 0 For those looking for an SATA add-on card...
3:11PM 0 mountrootadm
5:28AM 6 Corrupted LUN in RAIDZ group -- How to repair?
Saturday September 9 2006
5:52PM 3 Used space accounting - problem with snapshots
6:47AM 3 SATA hot plug correction
2:34AM 10 Hotswap not working
Friday September 8 2006
12:41PM 2 ZFS on production servers with SLA
12:18PM 6 ?: ZFS and jumpstart export race condition
11:44AM 2 zfs assertion failure
8:38AM 1 Problem with ZFS''s performance
Thursday September 7 2006
8:38AM 5 Performance problem of ZFS ( Sol 10U2 )
Wednesday September 6 2006
6:28PM 0 ZFS automatic snapshots SMF service updated
3:23PM 2 creating zvols in a non-global zone (or ''Doctor, it hurts when I do this'')
12:07PM 9 datasets,zones and mounts
11:37AM 7 zoned datasets in zfs list
11:00AM 25 How to destroy a pool wich you can''t import because it is in faulted state
9:38AM 0 How to flush ARC cache?
Tuesday September 5 2006
11:55PM 10 Need input on implementing a ZFS layout
6:33PM 3 ZFS issues too much IOs
5:48PM 14 ZFS forces system to paging to the point it is unresponsive
Monday September 4 2006
11:24AM 1 zfs panic: assertion failed: zp_error != 0 && dzp_error != 0
8:59AM 55 Re: Recommendation ZFS on StorEdge 3320
6:39AM 6 ZFS uses 1.1GB more space, reports conflicting information...
5:58AM 14 ZFS causes panic on import
Saturday September 2 2006
1:00AM 2 Need some input on a theoretical situation
Friday September 1 2006
10:21PM 2 Need Help: Getting error "zfs:bad checksum (read on <unknown> off...)
7:58PM 4 create ZFS pool(s)/volume(s) during jumpstart instalation
7:35PM 1 default ACLs on ZFS - possible to disable?
4:53PM 2 Question: Looking for ways on copying zfs filesys between disks
1:03PM 11 zfs clones
12:37PM 1 Changes during zpool import